Im so done with people’s shit right now ok?

DYLAN WAS INJURED OK. HE IS HURT. ALL YOU HATERS SAYING HE DESERVES THIS NEED TO REEVALUATE YOUR FUCKIN LIFE. I don’t care if Dylan stole the artifacts back during the scorch trials filming or not. I don’t care if you don’t like him or the character he plays or you don’t ship him with a specific person on teen wolf or you’re just a plain bitch. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY HE DESERVES THIS OR ITS KARMA. Repeat after me… I HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE A BITCH ABOUT DYLAN GETTING HURT. All these people on twitter and Instagram spreading fake shit and #ripdylan are pissing me off. NO Dylan’s not dead and NO he’s not in critical life-or-death situation. It has actually been confirmed by his publicist Jennifer Allen and James Dashner himself that Dylan is recovering and he’s ok. So stop spreading fake crap. Also TMZ is not the most reliable source if you don’t already know. Kaya posted something on instagram wishing Dyls a quick recovery and saying not to trust TMZ. so all you haters needa quit this bullshit. Again i don’t care if Dylan is your favorite celebrity or your thoughts on him. Some people actually love and support him and want to see him get better. Another thing people have been doing is wishing this happened to another cast member or friend. LIKE NO. who tf do you think you are. people be all over twitter like “i wish this happened to tyler posey or holland instead!” NO BITCH NO. FOR THE 3RD TIME I DON”T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR OPINION ON DYLAN, IF U WANNA WISH THIS STUFF ON OTHER PEOPLE THEN GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF. Nobody deserves this ok? Nobody. So kindly quit the ripdylan and he deserves this and karma crap. ALSO STOP ASKING WHEN FILMING WILL RETURN. Dylan’s health and well-being is far more important than tdc and tw filming. so stop being selfish and grow the fuck up. When dylan feels better he will film again and for the record idc when he films as long as he safe  and happy. 

Sorry, this is quite a long rant but i had to get it all out. Now kindly go back to loving and supporting Dylan or if you don’t like him, keeping it to yourself. Thank you