#Repost from @mybeautifulldisaster1 with @repostapp — #Repost from @dixie812 with @repostapp — By @rubysrescues “#Repost from @pawsnewengland with @repostapp — Meet Stewart, one of the many dogs that fall victim to dog fighting. Stewart is just a baby, only 10 months old. Dog fighters dumped him on the side of the road, in agony from his injuries. Our best guess is that he was used as a bait dog. A good #Samaritan found him and brought him to our partners at Tipton County Animal Control and sister #rescue Paws and Claws, after being turned away by 2 shelters for being "too full,” so he could be rushed to the hospital. After all this, Stewart in true #pitbull form is loving, loyal and forgiving to a fault. We believe it is important to give Stewart a name as so many dog fighting victims live and die without any soul knowing they existed. Stewart’s journey back to health will be a long one but we will be there every step of the way documenting his recovery. Please be a part of his journey by making a donation here: http://pawsnewegland.com/savestewart #savestewart #jonstewart #stopdogfighting #betheirvoice #pitbull #rescued #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbullproud #pitsagram #lovabull #dogs #showusyourpits #rescue #teamfloppyears #pitbullgram #pitbullbreed #pittie #notabully #pit #pitbullrescue #rescueme #lovernotafighter #shelterdog #animallovers #welovepitbulls #pitpuppy #pitbullawareness" via @PhotoRepost_app

Firu is a beautiful white pit bull mix that endured horrible injuries after being dragged behind his owner’s truck in Charlotte, NC back in September 2010. After spending 48 days recovering from his injuries, Firu is starting a new life with a new family. Bring home this print, featuring Firu’s realistic image covered in bright hues and a sweet message reading “People will know how large your soul by how you treat a dog.“ It’s the depth of emotion in Firu’s eyes that take center stage in this stunning piece.

We would like to donate 20% of all proceeds from items purchased from our website 7/31 Wednesday 12:00pm through 8/7 Wednesday 11:59pm to Bruised Not Broken, non-for-profit organization who works hard to help our pit bulls. "Stick With Your Family” is a special sales event we are holding for pit bulls like Firu who needed help and kind people came to their rescue. And Bruised Not Broken is an organization that helps pit bulls to be placed in a loving home.


Meet “Daddy”, new commissioned piece.

Daddy was rescued from the NYC Animal Control urgent list and was going to be euthanized. Then named Abo, he was a volunteer favorite and his time was running out. They took to Facebook and pleaded for a rescue to save him.
Bully Breed Rescue, the organization I volunteer for, stepped up to the plate. We renamed him Daddy, because one look and we knew no other name would do.

Daddy grabbed hold of our hearts and has not let go. He is everything we love about this breed. Daddy was adopted by a wonderful woman last November and is doing great.

In our effort to bringing awareness to choosing adoption, Dean Russo Art will be donation $2.00USD for every “Daddy” print sold through our website to Bully Breed Rescue Inc. (http://www.bullybreedrescueinc.org/) a non-for-profit organization that helps our animals find their forever home.

Rooster to the Rescue

Our dogs not only leave paw prints on our hearts, they can leave us with a sense of determination, a desire to make a difference. Rooster, a sweet, red-nosed, one-eyed pit bull, was one of these dogs. Sadly, Rooster suffered one of the worst cases of heartworms his vets had ever seen. When Jade and her family adopted him in May 2012, they thought he might not last the week. Despite his poor health, Rooster pushed through and lived for another five months, spreading joy to everyone he met. In October of 2012, Rooster lost the battle to heartworms and cancer. But in those months, Rooster had an amazing impact on his family through his loving spirit.

Rooster’s story inspired Jade to further fight heartworm disease, a 100% preventable disease that, if not treated, is very serious and potentially fatal for dogs. Jade found the advocacy organization Rooster to the Rescue, Inc, which is: “committed to helping heartworm positive dogs in rural shelters and educating the public about heartworm disease and prevention.” Rooster’s memory lives on through this organization, and his life, although far too short, has had an impact as great as his heart.

The Dean Russo Art Studio is pleased to say that proceeds from the sale of Rooster’s happy-as-can-be portrait print will be donated to Rooster to the Rescue, Inc.

BY Amy Eisen

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Thank you Jim Jonsin for stopping by Tavolino Della Notte for dinner tonight and bringing @pitbull with you! What an amazing surprise! Dale! #mr305 #pitbull #tavolino #tavolinodellanotte #dale #southflorida #coralsprings #welovepitbull
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“Stick With Your Family” one week special sale ends tonight at 11:59pm. Bruised Not Broken is an action, advocacy and awareness organization whose mission is to secure the future of Pit Bull dogs by restoring their reputation as loving members of the family. Dean Russo Art will donate 20% of proceeds on all items sold from our website directly to Bruised Not Broken for all the wonderful things they do for our Pit Bulls. http://www.deanrussoart.bigcartel.com/