So I was wandering around MegaCon 2014 in my Harry Dresden cosplay when a guy recognized me. We talked for a while, and he said “You know, James Marsters, the guy who reads the audiobooks for The Dresden Files, is here right now. You should go see him. I think he’ll get a kick out of it.” I said thanks, and after a bit more talking said farewell.

To be honest, I haven’t listened to any of the audiobooks aside from a preview for Storm Front (book one). I didn’t think it was that good, so I didn’t give it any further thought. But I thought to myself, “this guy is one of the few people that really KNOWS Harry Dresden, right down to his core.” So I waited in line and paid my $40.

I stand in front of him, and after a second he says “Harry?” like he recognizes an old friend. In a sea of Torchwood and Buffy/Angel fans, I was his first Harry Dresden. We talked for several minutes about how he liked my cosplay, and how the book series is so visual, that it really deserves a film treatment. I told him they were actually doing comic books for the series now, and he got so excited! Apparently, nobody had told him! I asked him “If they do make movies, what would you say?” His response was “I’d do it in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so short!”

I wish this could be one of those stories where the star breaks all the rules for that one special fan, but it isn’t. I didn’t have the money for an autograph and a picture, but he signed my staff and we parted with a great handshake.

“For the Grave Perils past, and the Cold Days to come…”

-James Marsters

Thank you for the experience, Mr. Marsters. It was great to meet someone with such a passion for this character. And I will be getting those audiobooks soon :)


Oh my god
This fucking book.




I read a news tidbit that it took James Marsters an extra two days to record audio because he kept crying over this one scene. I’ve met him. He doesn’t seem like the touchy-feely sort. He’s a regular dude.
I think I finally reached that point, and I legit cried. And my roommate gave me a hug.

And I still have 200 pages to read.
So this may not even be the fucking part.

And if it isn’t I swear to god I will pull a Dresden and burn this damn apartment down.

Jason Lee is Totally Harry Dresden

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but seriously. Every time I read the Dresden Files, Jason Lee pops into my head as his face-claim.


Look at this guy.

He’s got the right look. He’s got the deadpan humor Harry is so fond of dishing out. He can be serious…

…but he’s got that kind of look in his eye than could turn any downer moment into total madness. Harry gets respect not because he looks and acts respectable, but because he’s crazy and dangerous, and gets the job done. He’s done the silly good guy routine in “My Name is Earl.” He’s walked the detective walk in “Memphis Beat.” And he’s going to be looking into the sci-fi/supernatural with “Second Sight." And I think Jason Lee is the perfect guy to portray Harry Dresden (aside from James Marsters, of course).