Hi everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

As 2014 almost being over, I decided to make my follow forever. ♥ This is my 2nd FF & I want to share with you my favorite blogs :

Hyukjae’s blogs:


Donghae’s blogs:

rurouneko ✯haekey ✯ldhae ✯mrsfishee ✯thisisironhae ✯lee-donghais ✯leedonghei ✯donghaeyah ✯donghaek ✯dongaes ✯buneys ✯dochihae ✯chohae

HaeHyuk/EunHae’s blogs:

shirade ✯onlyloveeunhae ✯eunhaelthy ✯welovehaehyukhaehyukjaes 

Others SJ’s blogs: 

blueprincez ✯qiubutt  ✯kyudrugs ✯yempire ✯yehae ✯super-junior ✯chorgasm ✯mingteukies ✯lteuk ✯2woonholic ✯yetteok ✯lee-teukk

parkjngsoo ✯butihatetumblr ✯vitamile ✯superjnr ✯shyseoul ✯atgwanghwamun ✯whorechul ✯gaemgyus ✯kimyori  ✯xinghais ✯choxide ✯kyucito ✯asoomatic ✯tokkiteuk ✯sjrulestheworld ✯aegyopanda  iheart-kyu ✯13elieve-in-15 ✯heechulssi ✯

thelastmanstandingsuju ✯chokyuhyunsweibo  ✯littlelostgirlworld ✯

Well I think these are all….

Guys, thank you for everything!

Thank you for  making my dashboard beautiful,  you are great people to whom I admire & also thank you so much to the people who follow me & support my posts. xd

This year is completed & will soon be starting another, I know  this year was full of surprise & some bad moments, but I hope this 2015 either a great year for you all.

I wish them well ♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥

caught in the tag-game

tagged by chaos-nouveau 

1. Most visited website other than Tumblr? - Facebook/Youtube. Not creative at all -.-

2. What is your least favorite kpop group? - This is so hard to answer….I don’t really dislike any, I haven’t heard one that I don’t like at least a bit 

3. What is your dream job?sm trainee veterinarian. but seriously, I’d love to audion for sm as a dancer

4. A silly thing you did today. - played hide-and-seek with a dog :3

5. How did you and your very first bestfriend meet? - Her mom and my mom were best friends before we were even born, it was fate I guess :)

6. What is one thing you wish you could do to your least favorite teacher? - tie him with rope, find a volcano, insert teacher into volcano, watch volcano erupt while eating poopcorn i have issues fml

7. What is one thing you wish you could do to your most favorite teacher? - teachers aren’t exactly my favorite type of people…. unless its that hot teacher in my school…. ;)

8. A made-up holiday that you’d love to celebrate. - hug a kpop fan day :3

9. What do you love most about your room? - MY WALL OF SUPER JUNIOR. seriously, tons of SJ posters and my albums lined up against the wall and all my keychains and random sj merch everywhere :3

10. Who is one person you’d love to be for one day? - either Eunhyuk or an sm trainee. Eunhyuk because then my lover best friend is Donghae, or an sm trainee to hang out with sm artists and just have fun with them

11. Your dream school field trip? - South Korea, because 90% of my friends are Korean and I have friends learning Korean, and I love Koreans. Pfft who cares about the other people who aren’t into Korean things, let me be with my people~

11 new questions:

1. Who is your Korean bias?

2. Do you speak another language?

3. What is one skill you wish you had?

4. What was your most recent trip?

5. Your favorite Korean name?

6. Did you hug someone today? 

7. What is your ideal type?

8. What’s your favorite word?

9. What’s your least favorite word?

10. Why is your bias your bias? (did that make sense?…)

11. Should you be doing something other than being on tumblr right now?

You don’t have to answer, I’m not even tagging 11 blogs…

Top 5 biases Tag

Ever so wonderful @jjongoholic  ❤ (x billion) tagged me. Thank you ^^

  1. Jjong <3, the blingest of them all
  2. Taeminnie, the dark fairy prince, my muffin
  3. Kyu, evil maknae number 1, my wine lover chingu
  4. Kyuline, ahh the love and bromance of Kyuline
  5. Heenim, the most popular entertainer, my kinda psycho

I just don’t know the other groups that well. Sorry, I’m boring like that.

I tag @plincess-cho (I have the feeling that I already know some from your top 5 :P),  @welovehaehyuk (are there others than those two, hmm? ^^) & @duevangogh (have you done this already?)


What’s all this? It’s – it’s Christmas.


This guy, he- he killed my brothers. How would you feel?


sleeping beauty dean ಥ‿ಥ


└ “My Crown is in my heart, not on my head.” ― William Shakespeare, King Henry VI.


J2: AU edition