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Au Meme: Eunhae as Make up artist x model/idol requested by welovehaehyuk

“Picking beautiful outfit, getting your hair cut and styled, putting your make up. And when you’re in the carpet with thousand of flashing cameras and thousands of screaming fans, you completely  flawless and stunning. you’re my prince of the night.” Eunhyuk told Donghae with his loving eyes.

Euhnyuk smile warmly at him and finally saw what he looked like sadness before he focused on him. His face fell to perfectly practiced mask as he went on his work mode. Before his eyes he transformed into another person, still friendly but more distant. It occurred to him that he didn’t put a mask on i him and that fact made something in him deeply satisfied. No they were relaxed, almost familiar even, right from the moment we met.


(FULL) #MAMACITA 140904 Mnet M! Countdown with Super Junior 




Heechul Twitter and Instagram Update | 141006

  • @HeeZZinPang: Mother who is shopping 🙌🙌 #Aunt
  • @HeeZZinPang: Is this heaven….
  • @HeeZZinPang: It’s been a long time…. ASUKA….^-^ #EVANGELION #ASUKA (T)
  • @HeeZZinPang: ASUKA.. I’m not going to throw you away…. PS. I held the figurines and went to pay for it and (the cashier) asked me “Korean?” and I said yes and the shop assistant said “This is the first time a Korean bought ASUKA(Japanese)”. So I said “Its not that I’m buying it.. I came here to find my woman once again” in my heart. #crazyguy#otaku #mygirlfriend #i‘mnotbad#isfrozenthesameasseaweedsoup* #IloveyouASUKAmilkywhiteskinASUKA #badman

    *It’s like a play of words haha
    Frozen in Korean = Kyeo-ul Wangguk
    Seaweed soup = Miyeokguk (T)

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(Compilation)(HD) 7JIB #MAMACITA Press Conference -Super Junior

  • part 2
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  • part 6
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*most of the videos have the same start but it’s content is different it’s not repeated ..have fun~

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(completion)[HD] MBC Music ‘Show Champion’ - Super Junior | 140910

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