38 weeks

Dear Forest,

You can come any day now, kid! partially I am just dying to meet ya—I have dreams about it—but also partially, I am so uncomfortable and sore and emotional that I just don’t want to be pregnant anymore! But mostly, I can not wait to meet you and snuggle you and kiss your face and see your tiny toes!

You stick your butt out to stretch in the mornings and it’s one of my favorite things. You kick back when I push on ya a little bit, and you still love sweets, music, and your dad’s voice the best!

Any day now, kid!!!! We can not wait to kiss ya.

love you so much

love, your mama bear

this photo was taken just over a year ago. I can’t believe the tiny human I grew in my belly is almost a year old! It is so great being able to raise you and show you the world but I will always cherish those nine months where only I carried you and knew you.


homemade pop tarts with cider + iced coffee, light saber fights with the cousins, cake-trampling, stick-wielding, and lots of clapping and dancing and laughing. happy first birthday, Forest Way. you are so so loved!

I have finished your baby blanket, tiny human–not the quick and easy swaddlers I made, not the weird lumpy one I made in the beginning, but your official baby blanket. It is made with the yarn I bought in Ireland, on our honeymoon! I started it the week after we found out about you (which seems like an eternity ago!) and have slowly worked on it this whole time, stitch by stitch and row by row. I was working on it the day before we went to the doctor for the first time and I was so nervous because I didn’t know if everything was ok with ya in there. I worked on it the day we found out that you’re a boy & your dad was so excited!!! I worked on it when I was STRESSED as all get out, because your dad and I were about to be homeless!!! (We never were homeless, don’t worry!) I worked on it through countless episodes of Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, and Parenthood, in between endless bowls of ice cream and tickle fights with your dad. There is a lot of work put into this here blankey, a lot of work and a lot of time and an extra lot of love–and soon we will get to snuggle you in it and kiss your cheeks and hold your tiny hands. can not wait, sweet baby!!! Any day now.