36 weeks!

hey there baby! Well I am the worst at keeping this up every week, and here we are (at full term!!) and it’s been weeeeks since I’ve taken/posted a belly photo!

you’re practically done growing in the womb and now can come out anytime, little buddy! preparing for you has been the sweetest and craziest time. we had our first baby shower a few weeks ago and got some very helpful gifts, along with a lot of cute gifts, along with a lot of good advice and encouragement! we also just bought our first big haul of diapers from Costco (it’s weird how excited we got about it) and installed your car seat (that thing is MASSIVE, kid) and packed the hospital bag!!!! so basically it’s all gettin real now.

you have grown sooo much, you basically live on my spine now (NOT comfortable, at all FYI) and kick my right side all the time. you still love your daddy’s voice and can tell when he touches my belly. you also love all things sweet, STILL, and love to keep me up at night with your sweet little wiggles and kicks.

both your daddy and I can not wait for your arrival—we talk about it every single day! we wonder what you will look like and what kind of personality you will have and if you will be super fussy or not and what color your eyes are gonna be and what sorta hair you will have! we have so many wonderful things in this world to show you and can’t even wait to start. you are so so loved and the anticipation is killlllling. soon soon soon. but for now, we will wait! and make the most of allll the moments your daddy and I have together before you come! And pray everyday for your heart and your health and your life. (I also pray that you come earlier than my due date and that I am calm and strong and not afraid during labor …..ha. It’s pretty terrifying!)

we love you so so much forest. you are the greatest human already, we can’t wait to snuggle ya!

love, your mama bear

31 weeks // Forest is most active when I lay down to go to sleep (why) and has found my ribs so that’s fun! he got the hiccups for the first time this week!!!! so cute! ALSO exactly two months from today is his due date! ptl!!! #weloveforestway

(ALSO IT FEELS LIKE FALL. clouds and fog in the morning and everything!)

[outfit details//// sweater: anthro, dress: asos, leggings: lulu lemon, sandals: saltwater, hat: anthro]

this photo was taken just over a year ago. I can’t believe the tiny human I grew in my belly is almost a year old! It is so great being able to raise you and show you the world but I will always cherish those nine months where only I carried you and knew you.


homemade pop tarts with cider + iced coffee, light saber fights with the cousins, cake-trampling, stick-wielding, and lots of clapping and dancing and laughing. happy first birthday, Forest Way. you are so so loved!