welovefine shirts


WeLoveFine is hosting a mad Mass Effect contest, and here’s one of my entries! Of course it’s Daft Punk inspired, Tali’s helmet is basically Guy-Manuels. I’d be done chuffed if you could support me when the time comes to vote. I’m doing a few more submissions, so keep a look out ~ 

GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP.  There’s a contest going on to make a shirt design for Journey (the game).  

Look for it at http://contest.welovefine.com/contest

I redesigned my Journey illustration from way back when, and now it’s in the running to become AN ACTUAL JOURNEY SHIRT.  So if you want to have one of these, go sign up on the website and rate this shirt highly!  Rating goes from today to about two months from now, so please jump on it!  Thank you so much!

I’m not sure if you’ve posted this or not, but I have Phils Pokemon shirt /the one in the pic/ it’s from Hot Topic. It’s about a year or two old though, not sure if they still sell it. It’s a “WeLoveFine” shirt, I think you can buy it on their website or something. Hope I helped!

i was looking at the mlp section on welovefine and the first shirt i saw was this horrifying shirt featuring a minor character from one episode (is he a meme? do bronies still make random extras into memes?) which, in case the lovingly rendered gaping maw on this horse didn’t tip you off, was drawn by a prolific vore artist

i don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that someone at mighty fine thought that people would wear this image on their bodies or the fact that they were right