For one of my favorite pony pairings since the last season! Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer!!!


✨ I submitted some designs for WeLoveFine’s MLP Fan Forge! ✨

Check out these pony artworks I drew, and feel free to rate them! I’m glad I got an opportunity to draw ponies again~

Rainbow Ride
Teacup Besties


We Love Fine Flutterbat Figure and Coin Auctions

I am currently auctioning off a signed copy of the Flutterbat figure that I collaborated on with @welovefinetees.  It has long since been sold out and is no longer in production.  Additionally, it includes the special coin that was only available during pre-orders.  I also have an auction that features just the coin.

We just got an insurance appraisal on the damage to our house from hurricane Irma.  Unfortunately, it was a lot worse than we initially thought and it turns out we have to get our roof replaced.  While insurance is helping us out, we are still responsible for the deductible which is about 40% of the cost of the roof.  All of the funds from this auction will be going towards paying off our roof.  Please bid if you are interested and/or share this with those that you think would be interested.


Hey guys so If you haven’t Cartoon Network and Welovefine are collaborating and made a contest for artistic fans of Steven Universe to have their art become official merchandise on Welovefine. So I entered the contest with my “The trial T-shirt” and this, “Lapis and Peridot T-Shirt” design and just got my first work approved. I would truly appreciate it if you went and rated my entries..The more votes, the bigger my chance! I will keep you guys updated on when the other entry gets approved!