Update time!

As you can guess, school’s been a beast this semester, but we have been working on cosplay stuff! We’ve just been neglecting the blog….

I’m posting this picture to show that we’re still alive do a little promoting.

I ordered my light gray tights through Welovecolors.com, and they came in in the mail today, (told you we’ve been making some progress) 

I think they’re by far the most comfortable tights I’ve ever owned. They’re cheap, (colored tights are $12) and they deliver fast. 

Seriously, if any of yo have a costume that requires some sort of body paint on legs, I’d just go with tights. They have 50 solid colors, and several different styles of tights (no feet, high waist ect.)


Seriously though. These guys.

We’ll have more updates as time permits, hopefully within the next day or so, since we have pictures ready to go up!

Today I decided to wear my new plus sized tights from WeLoveColors.com out to see how well they lasted in actual use.

Of course, I had a brain fart and couldn’t think of anything to wear with them, but I attempted a million outfits. This one actually didn’t win out, but I was running late and I haven’t gotten enough pics of my cute new jacket.

The tights actually did really well. For the first time in my life I forgot I was wearing tights other than to admire them. I had to pull them up very rarely, almost not at all. They aren’t easy to tear (normal wear for me usually winds up with my heel or some random thing catching and ruining tights for me).

I am definitely happy with them. I just hope to get more, and to find cute outfits to go with them.