Camila Cabello deserves no hate

Sooo… The song IKWYDLS just came out and personally i think it’s a really good song.
I honestly don’t know why Camila is getting so much hate for doing something she has worked hard for.
She isn’t leaving Fifth Harmony.
Obviously it’s your own opinion on whether you like the song or not, but her getting hate for it is ridiculous.
Normani did a dance video but received no hate for it. Everybody congratulated her because she worked hard and put time and effort into it making it an amazing video.
Dinah made a song “dancing like a white girl” but didn’t receive hate for it either; we stood behind and supported her when she went to premieres for the voice of the Polynesian princess.
All the girls have done something out of the group. They’re only human.
Camila doesn’t deserve all this hate. If you disagree with the fact that she made a song with Shawn Mendes then you’re allowed to express your opinion, but calling her derogatory names is just immature and hurtful. Don’t make her cry and regret making a song she worked hard on making.
At the end of the day she’s still going to be singing on stage with the girls as Fifth Harmony.
Let’s just stand behind her and support her. @waakeme-up