Less than a week into our 30 day campaign and we have already reached 88% of our goal! As you can see in the new clip above, Ducky is excited!

Thanks for helping to spread the word! We know everyone can’t contribute at this time, but we’re so glad that so many people are being introduced to Ducky and his blog and are now aware of the upcoming book! Please keep sharing when you think the time is right!

Love you!

Ag & Ducky

With one week left before the release of our book, “Well That’s Just Ducky! A Dog Is Man’s Best Therapist,” Ducky and I are very pleased to announce our all new site, wellthats.com!

Tumblr has been and will continue to be an incredibly important creative outlet and social network for this boy and his dog. But it has also always been less than ideal for people who visit from the “real world.” At wellthats we’ll be able to have a site dedicated to our original content and provide updates on our activities that won’t rely on people catching something as it passes by while they scan their dashboards. And for people who check in less regularly, they won’t need to scroll back through dozens of reblogs and dated posts to find the good* stuff!

So we hope you’ll check it out. In addition to the most up to date information on our book, we’ll be posting some of our most popular** material. Want to show someone the fun I have with FourSquare? You no longer need to cross your fingers that tumblr’s search feature will actually work!

And yes. You’ll find orange juice there too. 

Wellthatjustducky will continue to be the exclusive home of our weekly Ducky posts for the foreseeable future. And wellthatsjustgreat will continue to be the train wreck we all have come to love!***

As for what wellthats.com will eventually become?


Thank you all for your support!

Love you!

Ag & Ducky

*Perception of goodness may vary.

**“Popular” is a subjective term

***Some people consider tolerating a kind of love. 

Hi, friends!

Over at our new non-tumblr based site, “Well, That’s…,” we have decided to use the blog there to feature some of our original content. For now, it’s all stuff you’ve seen before if you follow me (closely) on tumblr but it is a way for us to showcase our stuff separate from reblogs, gifs, links, and quotes we post on tumblr that say something about us but that weren’t created by us.

The plan is to post some “best of” stuff once a day so people have a reason to visit every now and then. And we think what will end up happening is that tumblr becomes our creative lab where we workshop stuff. Then when we get some good feedback, the best stuff will get polished up and put on the “Well, That’s Something!…” blog.

Visit if you’d like. Things should get more interesting over there when the book launches.

Thanks for all the support!