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How accurate is Credit Karma tho? I've heard banks have seen scores as low as 15 points off to as high 50 points off based scores from Credit Karma. And I've heard that FICO is the only true way of knowing your credit score for sure. Thanks.

I guess I’m not the best person because credit karma gave me accurate scores. One was exact to the one wellsfargo FICO gave me and the other was like 5 points under! I trust it. Though… it does have adverts for credit cards lmaooo😂

If you dont feel safe using it, honest to god use your bank! You can go in and see a banker (many banks do it for free). Or if you also use online banking, there should be an option to check FICO scores {try googling “check credit/FICO [bank name]”}! Otherwise you can request your score from the credit bureaus for free 3 times a year :)

Trust me. They don’t teach you about credit in school and definitely a lot of people don’t learn at home. I have great credit but lemme tell you. After I saw my credit it whipped me into shape with how I used my credit cards ( I would abuse them) now I only use my card for tiny purchases I can pay off easily and now I only use my debit card.

- Susie

Reverse Mortgage Market Giants Exit the Game

I wanted to pass on this link for homeowners looking into “reverse mortgages”. If you want help investigating other available options, I would be happy to assist you.

Reverse mortgages are typically sold to people over age 62 who want to access the equity in their homes for personal expenses. But unlike home equity loans, they don’t have to be repaid until the homeowner sells the property or passes away.  Check out the link for more information on what Bank of America and Wells Fargo are doing.


As we bid adieu to January 2014, so must we bid adieu to this month’s featured Wells Fargo Wagon Wagonmate, Snowy McHorseDrawn. We knew Snowy was a find when we first saw her working on her father’s trail in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Immediately, we knew we had our January wagon and that she’d bring an irresistible crispness to our inaugural shoot. And those wheels! When it came to the logistics of the shoot, we went through a great many ideas until we settled on a theme. At first we were like, maybe we should do a fun one where she’s being drawn by monkeys? But in the end, it was agreed that monkeys aren’t usually associated with winter and we wanted to honor Snowy’s heritage as being a descendant of Scotland’s McHorseDrawn clan. And when Snowy said she was a big fan of pine? Well, the rest is history. For Snowy’s co-star, we turned to Burt Schlessing, a veteran wagon driver trained on the streets of Bombay, where wagon driving was famously born. Burt brought a sensual, glassy grip to the reins that perfectly offset Snowy’s pouty bad girl look and feel. The two got along swimmingly both on and off camera and were frequently seen canoodling betwixt pines betwixt takes. Some chemistry just can’t be faked! Asked if she planned on keeping in touch with Burt after the shoot, Snowy responded, “wrrrrhhhhhttttttrrtthhhllll.” So you heard it here first!

Snowy McHorseDrawn Bio:
Name: Snowy McHorseDrawn
Weight: 2,400 pounds unloaded
Ambitions: to to be on an episode of Jane Lynch’s Hollywood Game Night, to be a spokeswoman for UNICEF (and what better SPOKESwoman than a wagon?!)
Turn-Ons: clear roads, axle grease, whips
Turnoffs: men who don’t want lots of babies
Hidden Talent: carting mail
The Way to A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach, So … : Snowy makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies using her grandmother’s recipe (the secret ingredient? the tears of Native Americans!)
New Year’s Resolutions: live fast, ride hard, lose 10 pounds (but not of customers’ money! j/k for real, Snowy takes her job and your bank account very seriously)

In Which We Burn Bridges

What follows is a riveting tribute to Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible.

In what Pitchfork Media described as "the best new podcast", the Derailed crew offers their deepest opinions on Cookies, Wells Fargo, and our first fan, “lair-master”. 

Cory talks about the time he almost had relations with a minor. Sexual relations.

Please keep in mind that there was a lot of alcohol involved in this production.

Provided are some photos of Summer incarnate and the cookie pamphlet.