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► The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 : Welcome to Earth-2

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 12 : Fast Lane

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 11 : The Reverse-Flash Returns

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 : Potential Energy

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 : Running to Stand Still

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 : Legends of Today (1)

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 7 : Gorilla Warfare

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 : Enter Zoom

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 : The Darkness and the Light

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 : The Fury of Firestorm

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 3 : Family of Rogues

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 : Flash of Two Worlds

► The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 : The Man Who Saved Central City

The Choice Movie 2016 (Original HD)

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► The Choice Movie Storyline
“ Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life’s most defining events. ”

► The Choice Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-02-05
Casts : Maggie Grace, Tom Welling, Alexandra Daddario, Tom Wilkinson, Teresa Palmer, Benjamin Walker

that mob psycho 100 pv was everything i could ask for like the animation is fun, the colors are great, the soundtrack is bomb af, all the characters look awesome, and i like how you can still see ONE’s art style in it. i’m really looking forward to seeing the anime

if you havent read mp100 yet please please read it, especially if you are a fan of one punch man since it’s by the same author

you can read it here

anonymous asked:

Can I say something to your Louis anon? I have felt like them lots of times and so I'd like to help. As you said Louis and Harry are glad that we support them but they wouldn't want us to suffer and let our personal life be so affected by the bs and so it's ok to take a step back. The thought that helps me a lot when I feel like taking a break from tumblr that usually lasts a week for me, is that Louis is not alone in this. Not only he has an amazing fiancé that loves and supports and (...)

(…) takes care of him in these awful times, not only he has a lovely and supportive family… He also has professional support now, unlike the previous years. When I feel like I’m betraying him by staying away from tumblr I always think that he is NOT alone and he’s surrounded by people who love him and work for him to come out of this mess. Plus they surely know they’ll be free soon, in the meantime we have to take care of ourselves


This is precisely what I was trying to say in my previous answer. You expressed it very clearly and in a more effective (and short!) way and coming from someone who lived the same struggle on their own skin, it’ll probably be more helpful to that anon and other people who may feel that way. Thank you very very much

anonymous asked:

Maybe this is weird but sometimes I feel like literally every single member of 1D isnt straight at all. Like they all like men and everybody has been with everybody. Maybe Ive been brainwashed by all the ships but sometimes my mere intuition tells me theyre all into men!

Do you know what one of the best things about becoming a fan of One Direction has been? It’s seeing other people’s stories about figuring out parts of themselves and, specifically, their sexualities that they never had a way to verbalise. 

I was very fortunate to grow up in a very liberal environment. My godparents were two gay men and one of their mothers who I grew up knowing as my nan was a lesbian. She wasn’t able to come out when she was growing up (it was the 30s…being gay literally illegal), but was very much a proud gay woman and very supportive of her son. So, I had a very ‘you love who you love’ kind of attitude instilled in me from a young age.

However, I also grew up during a time where there was a distinct binary between “gay” and “straight”. I used to sing that song Phoebe sang on Friends that went, ‘Some women love women and some men love men, then there are bisexuals but some say they’re just kidding themselvvvvvves…’ And honestly, that was really the kind of conversation around bisexuality at the time. That it was like the gateway label to being gay, and somehow a bit of a joke. Like, “Yeah. OKAY. You’re “bisexual”. *WINK*.” 

It was really only when I heard comedian Margaret Cho talking about her experience with sleeping with a woman and then afterwards she said she felt like, “Am I gay?! Am I straight?! And then I realised…I’m just slutty. Where’s my parade?” that I felt like someone had verbalised how I felt. 

Now, I have exclusively dated and slept with men. However, my attraction to people really knows no bounds. If I’m attracted to someone, I’m not going to sit there and do a gender-test before deciding if I actually like them. Just because I’ve never slept with a woman doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. But, again, I just labeled myself as kind of slutty in the fondest way and didn’t really give any further thought to it. Until I joined Tumblr. 

As we’ve gotten older I’ve had discussions with a lot of my friends about sexuality and most of the people I grew up with and I share a common belief that everyone falls somewhere on a scale, but that at the core of it attraction is due to something chemical which largely takes personal control away from who you’re attracted to. As someone who is very open to being attracted to anyone I can honestly say from transvestites to men to women who use to be men to women, I’ve found myself pretty much attracted to every different kind of person. 

Now what does this have to do with One Direction? It took me two seconds to come to the conclusion that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles at the very least lusted after each other in a very primal and obvious way. It took me a bit longer to realise that I had completely ignored a similar attraction between Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Attraction is probably the hardest thing to hide. Watching them try to subtly touch each other all the time is such a familiar concept to me, since that’s exactly what two people who are drawn to each other do. It’s why I have to stay away from certain exes, because put us in the same room and it’ll be less than a minute before some part of our bodies is touching and probably less than a couple hours before we’re making naked mistakes.

I do not think it’s impossible to assume that all of them have at some point looked at each other and thought ‘Holy shit you’re attractive,’ because, that’s exactly what all of us do every day. There’s a reason I tag pictures of Harry’s bum in my art tag. They are beautiful human beings and you don’t have to be a gay man to admit that Harry Styles is gorgeous. My best friend, who like me has exclusively dated and shagged the opposite sex, told me in way too much detail exactly what he would do with Harry Styles because he was “a beautiful man.” To give you an idea of his explicit rant, it was after he saw a picture of Harry eating a banana.

What I am trying to say is that I’m not here to slap labels on people since I genuinely hope that human thought just evolves to a point where we accept that who we’re attracted to has absolutely nothing to do with what some old ass book told you was right or wrong. Similarly, I don’t particularly believe in the strict binaries of gender either. I think people fall on a scale of masculine or feminine, but that it’s completely independent to who you’re attracted to. 

So, to answer your question in the most long-winded way possible: I don’t think anyone is 100% straight at all. People can have preferences, but like One Direction said, “All I know at the end of the day is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way…”