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Bills still need to be paid when a soldier goes on deployment, even if organizing the details of your personal and financial life are somewhat complicated when you’re dodging bullets several oceans away. To help soldiers deal with these problems, a variety of laws have been passed which shield them from legal hassles. For example, before foreclosing on or repossessing the property of soldiers on active duty, financial institutions are required to obtain a court order. And yet, in a blow to their otherwise-pristine image, it turns out that sometimes financial institutions can’t be bothered.

Last year, Wells Fargo was placed under investigation for not adhering to military lending laws when it was reported to have repossessed at least two cars from active-duty soldiers without a court order. Santander was reportedly doing the same thing, paying $9 million in fines for repossessing over 1,000 vehicles over a five-year period. This included at least one incident in which they reportedly took a soldier’s car in the middle of the night after finding out he was at basic training.

It gets more depressing. Banks wrongfully foreclosed on the property of over 700 military personnel in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. One disabled veteran had his house taken away two months before his return from Iraq, removing one of the vital elements of a homecoming before it could even occur.

“This seems like the kind of thing a database could solve,” you might reasonably say. And indeed, the government has thought of that already and set up such a database, so that banks can see who is eligible for the protections which come with being active-duty personnel. They just don’t bother to check it.

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I posted in this sub a few weeks ago about how much I hated working as an online customer service rep at Wells Fargo. I’ll now be working as a marketing assistant starting Monday. It’s a step closer to the career I’d actually like to have. My last day is tomorrow, as I typically work Sun-Thurs. I sat down with my supervisor during my coaching today and asked could I use her as a future reference and she gladly said yes. Told me she was sad to see me leave, but understood that I have other career goals and she’s happy for me. The thing is, I don’t hate Wells Fargo, my coworkers, or managers. They are all generally good people and Wells Fargo is a great place, it’s just the job itself. hate working in a call center, I’m completely over it.

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The Army Corp of Engineers has announced they are denying the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, effectively halting construction of the pipeline to conduct an environmental study. After months of peaceful protest and enduring the brutalization of the North Dakota law enforcement, the Native Americans of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have prevailed. The victory was celebrated at Standing Rock and across the country. However, there is still speculation that the pipeline will continue after the environmental study is completed. There is also the likely chance that once President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January, he will resume construction of the DAPL. The battle was won but the war is far from over, and activists are continuing their efforts to protest the DAPL. Activists gathered at the Waldorf Astoria where the Wells Fargo Pipeline Symposium was taking place. Wells Fargo is one of the top investors in the DAPL and has earned a reputation as “Big Oil’s biggest banker” owing to its cozy relationship with the oil industry.