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Discovery Bay” 1976

Quite possibly the most-desired unbuilt concept in the Disney portfolio is Tony Baxter & Harper Goff’s iconic Discovery Bay expansion planned for Disneyland. This steampunk-infused land, to be located just beyond Big Thunder Mountain, would celebrate “an age of discovery and expansion” and feature attractions based on the works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, as well as the 1977 film, The Island at the Top of the World. The project floundered when that film, seen as a jumping-off point, bombed at the box office. However, remnants of this one-of-a-kind land exist at other Disney Parks worldwide. Elements of can be found in the Verne-esque idealized future stylings of Disneyland Paris’ Discoveryland, while Tokyo DisneySea’s stunning Mysterious Island is a love letter to what Discovery Bay could have achieved. Figment, EPCOT’s signature purple dragon, and his cohort The Dreamfinder,  also found their start as part of Discovery Bay.

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Bungou Stray Dogs: 55 Minutes - TWO NEW CHARACTERS

Jules Verne: 

Though it is not known what the name of his ability is, Verne’s ability took form as Standard Island itself.

Verne’s ability allows him to absorb ability from any ability-user who died in Standard Island; thus he was able to use Well’s Time Machine ability - which then “Gab” (his ability living as Verne) utilized it for uncountable times, resulting in Standard Island to be trapped in a time loop.

Later, it was known that Verne died as his ability took over his being; living as “Gab”.

HG Wells: 

Wells’s ability, Time Machine (タイムマシン Taimu mashin?allows her to manipulate time itself. She can send an individual back in time with the use of her camera, but this is limited to 55 minutes or 3300 seconds. Also, she is only able to transport someone to the past for once; she wouldn’t be able to transport the same person to the past twice.

Originally, Wells is only able to transport a person to the past limited to several minutes, but after being utilized by “Gab” a numerous of times, it is extended to 55 minutes.

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Sorry to interrupt again, but I want to give you the infinite thanks for answering my strange request for novels. I follow you in every drawing of kittens, my favorite is Oda and Osakitty, they are so adorable. I would like to ask you, if it were not so much trouble already (?), a drawing of Verne and Wells in kittens version.

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CotIG Author Ask Meme

J. R. R. Tolkien – A book with world building you love

C. S. Lewis – A book from your childhood

Charles Williams – A book no one else seems to know about

Edgar Allan Poe – A book you can’t figure out how to explain

Jules Verne – A book with a ridiculously intricate plot

H. G. Wells – A book that inspired your writing style

Charles Dickens – A book you picked up by mistake

Percy Shelley – A first book in a series that made you want to burn it

Mary Shelley – A second book in a series that redeemed the first one

George Gordon, Lord Byron – A book you threw at a wall

Geoffrey Chaucer – A book you love but sometimes forget about

Geoffrey of Monmouth – A book which heavily fictionalized history

Roger Bacon – A book you rediscovered

James Barrie – A book you didn’t finish

William Shakespeare – A well- known book you didn’t expect to be as good as it was

Mark Twain – A book you made your friends read

Rudyard Kipling – A book full of moral complexities

You know, I realized that one of the problems with Solarpunk is that it doesn’t really have its iconic “Great Work” yet that defines how it aesthetically looks looks in the public eye, like Blade Runner was for cyberpunk or the works of Wells and Verne for Steampunk retroactively.

Closest thing we have to that is Captain Planet of all things, and nobody wants that.

Folks have been talking about the two ideal aesthetics for SP, art noveau and afrofuturism, and I gotta say I prefer afrofuturism if only because A) It tends to be a lot of fun from what I know and deserves more love, and B) I’m pretty sure the main reason people want Art Noveau is because it was used for the elves in the LotR movies, and honestly fuck Elves.

Tho, in my own work, for my Titlewave setting the Solarpunks would have a Googie-raygun-gothic meets Mad Max/Burning Man aesthetic to fit the whole 80s-type feel, and in that one Solarpunk story I need to write one of these days; the aesthetics are more “Tucson TechNoir” for lack of a better term…


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Disneyland Paris Castle Concept” Tim Delaney, 1990

During the development of the Disneyland Paris park, one of the biggest concerns was the park’s centerpiece castle. After all, France was chock full of its own fantasy-like castles, so whatever the Imagineers built needed to be even more impressive than their previous feats. Many concepts and ideas were presented, but one of the most dramatic departures from the formula was from Imagineer Tim Delaney. Shown here, Delaney envisioned an art nouveau-esque observation tower inspired by European visionaries H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Guests would have been able to take ornate elevators to the observation decks for full views of this new Disney land. While this aesthetic was not a fit for the park’s castle, it was incorporated into the park’s Discoveryland and into future Disney parks.

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Do you want to start reading classics but don’t know where to start? 

Have a particular classic author that you want to read, but need suggestions?

Maybe you wake up one day and say, “Know what would be fun? Reading a book written by one of those crazy old Transcendentalists from the 19th century I’ve heard so very much about.” 

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need help. Maybe you need a dose of Classic Li/ysserature. (DO YOU SEE HOW SMOOTH THAT WAS?)

We’ll be doing this little post weekly (maybe more if there is a demand for it, cough cough) based on the major Adultbooklr read alongs. We will not be stopped at that, though. Oh, no. We want to drag you into it, too.

If there are particular works of classic literature or writers or literary movements that you want to know more about, head on over to our profiles (they are listed below… look down there… see it? Yes, that’s us and we have nothing but love for you) and shoot us a message with what you want to know or who you want to know more about and we will make sure to include information just for you in the next post.

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Are there any characters that aren't taken yet? (In the suggestions crew)

I might’ve forgotten some, anon, but hopefully this should help!

List of open characters:

Herbert George Wells

Junsa Sugimoto


Jules Verne


Yukito Ayatsuji

Mizuki Tsujimura

Natsuhiko Kyougoku


Taneda Santoka

The headmaster at Atsushi’s former orphanage

Dan Brown

extra misc ideas on the atla au after chatting w/ @undying-coals whos name is not being tagged cool

bending: being able to bend other elements to a small degree, either through A Lot of training on techniques or natural predisposition through mixed lineage(think real small tho, like swampbending or lighting)

on that note, markus learned lightingbending after leaving his super traditionalist/ritualistic home in kuravia to explore. on meeting gregor, he learns his airbending breathing techniques training (not outrider training though. never that never again) etc. and being like he is markus tries firebending with this different approach and eventually comes to lighting bending (it takes a lot of explosions and mis-fires to get it right. this, if anything, seemed to encourage him and kyr was super enthusiastic and supportive of this venture)

verne, a waterbender, grew up in a swamp hick village where a good number of people could also bend the vegetation and organic matter as well. verne was one of those people, but since he was always That Way he tried it on small animals too. thoroughly disturbed, they did the equivalent of shipped him off to military school in the form of kuravia’s strict Wizard Bending High School. he made lots of friends there and learned a lot of things


outriders are still ambiguous and i’m making this up as i go. ruler of renalan recruits from all around into one unified force, unaffiliated outside of them personally. loyalty is valued over talent for recruitment and is strictly enforced; talent can be taught and trained (just think, at one point gregor was just a small soft boy). because of this it tends to be a mixed group of various ages, origins, bending, and morality. but they are fiercely loyal, to the ruler but especially to each other. some join by choice, but many have nowhere else to go or owe their lives to the outriders somehow (remember in gregor’s flashback when he went to join the outriders?

most of them don’t look too much older than him, and i’m gonna guess some of their families were victims from the same monsters as gregor’s).  i realize most of this was theorizing about the outriders in general more than than strictly for this au but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so the outriders are a thing until they were persecuted by the people (distrusted) and/or ruler (having a personal elite force just wasn’t politicallt advantageous anymore). i kind of wish i’d watched lok since i’m pretty sure it had to do with benders/non benders which would be helpful for ideas but ultimately not too important


There is something really amazing about holding a used book- to feel its history- and not just to look back in time through the eyes of the author, but also to feel and see what the precious owner possessed. I love to read all the margin notes and annotations, dates scrawled on the pages, names penned on the cover, all of that.

The Kid's Table of Sci-Fi

Word has come down that this year’s big sci-fi film Interstellar has completely botched the science. (Warning: spoilers.)

This frustrates me, on a lot of levels.  What it comes down to, I think, is the stigma we place on sci-fantasy … and the pretension of writers who want the “legitimacy” of being seen to write hard sci-fi.

Let’s start from the top: there is nothing wrong with science fantasy.

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