H. G. Wells goes up to the counter and orders a relatively harmless drink. The barista (whose name is, conveniently, Orson) finishes making the drink and reads the order aloud. Everyone in the café becomes paralyzed with fear and runs screaming from the building.

anonymous asked:

all the Wells stuff you post makes me really, really mad that he died.

honestly every single episode there’s a part of me that’s so fucking bitter because he’s gone. and just thinking about all the things he could’ve done, how his character could’ve grown, how he could’ve helped lead, makes me furious. because they didn’t have to make him ‘the noble’ guy (which is partially why they killed him off) they could’ve made his character darker like they sort of did with finn.

they could’ve had wells standing next to clarke, on the bridge with anya. they could’ve had him be shaken by the war to a point where he doesn’t know if he could go on anymore, because of everything he’s done. they could’ve had wells fix the chaos or made it worse, they could’ve had him lose his way. they could’ve had wells and jaha meet again, only this time he doesn’t stand behind his father. he’s grown on earth and he’s learned that what happened on the ark wasn’t right, that sending 100 kids down to earth wasn’t the only solution. they could’ve had wells squaring off with jaha, like clarke squared off with abby; the prince and princess of earth, finally taking their rightful thrones. and wells didn’t have to stop bellamy and clarke, he could’ve found someone else to love. maybe a grounder girl who holds him at knifepoint the first time she meets him, with her warpaint and braids and rare flash of a smile. they could’ve had wells in that mountain leading the 47 or have him on the outside, watching clarke morph into a person he doesn’t recognize. one who claims ‘love is weakness’, one who gets colder and more closed off after finn.

wells could’ve done so much. he didn’t have to be the noble guy who followed the rules and would’ve stopped all the chaos from happening. he could’ve found a monster within himself just like clarke did, he could’ve learned about loss with finn, he could’ve helped and healed or burned and broken. wells jaha could’ve been great, he could’ve been a motherfucking legend. but instead he’s buried in an un-marked grave under blue sky and stars, and there’s no one there to mourn him.