The Flash Kisses

Inspired by another post I saw a while ago, tailored for today. All of Tom’s characters. The three fo them. Yes, three. Earth Prime Harrison Wells, harribard, and Earth-2 Harrison Wells.

Earth Prime Harrison Wells’s kisses are very sweet. He prefers to kiss you in private, keeping his private life, well, private. In public, he’ll give you a quick kiss on the cheek or the lips. He’ll show his affection in the workplace by holding hands or gently caressing your skin. Your relationship is as equals, reflected in the kisses he gives in private. After the kiss is over, he rests his forehead against yours, telling you how much he loves you. He’s constantly surprised by how much you love him.

Harribard’s kisses are aggressive, like him. He often uses the speed force to his advantage, pressing you against the wall, staring at your lips with lust in his eyes. He lifts you up to rest on whatever surface is closest. All of his kisses are passionate. His kisses can also be calculated. He knows just how to push your buttons to get you to do what he wants. He tries to hide how much he really cares through the aggressieness, but you can always see right through him. His teasing stares are enough to drive you wild.

Earth 2 Harrison kisses softly. He tries his best to act strong and tough, but when he’s with you all of his cocky mannerisms fade away. Very similar to Earth Prime Harrison, he tries to make you feel like equals. After Jesse was taken, his kisses turned desperate, as if to remind himself that you were still there. He holds you as close as he possibly can. He left you on Earth 2 and as soon as he came back, he would nearly slam your lips together, running his hand through your hair.

anonymous asked:

Would you please sketch Harrison Wells (with glasses) hanging out with Rip Hunter?

I am convinced that this is 100% how this would go.