Don’t Stress (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines [PART II]

It’s been days since you told Harry about your pregnancy, and he’s been avoiding you since. Just being away from him causes you a lot of stress - mentally, emotionally and physically - so Jesse decides to do something about it…

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There was a knock on the door.

Setting down the wrench and grabbing a rag, you wiped your hands clean and peeked over the edge of the Speed Lab’s Command Center. There, standing in the doorway, dressed in a flowy blue shirt, black skirt and a red cardigan, was Jesse Wells.

You couldn’t help but smile.

Jesse had been one of the sweetest and most talented girls you’ve ever met. She’s always been supportive of you and Harry’s relationship, which was a definite plus for you.

Especially these past few days when she noticed a change in communication with her dad. As far as you could tell, she didn’t know what you two were arguing about and - really - you’d rather keep it that way.

A part of you feared that you wouldn’t know how else to react if she ended up hating you too.

“Hey,” you greeted, walking towards her. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” she shrugged. “I just wanted to see if you needed help with maintenance.”

You raised an eyebrow. “You have a degree in electrical engineering?”

“Who doesn’t?” She asked.

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“Wait! You’re telling me that there’s no Blink-182 on your Earth?!” You exclaim. Harry gives you an annoyed look.

“No, there isn’t.”

“Oh my god, how do you survive.” Cisco asks from beside you. “Blink-182 is the best band ever.” Barry nods in agreement from the passengers seat o the van. Caitlin scoffs.

“I wouldn’t say the best.” She mumbles. You put tour hand over your heart in fake offence.


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Imagine Harrison Wells confessing his feelings for you.

You had worked with Harrison for years, which meant you could always tell when he was agitated. To be fair, all of you were. The particle accelerator was a big project. Harrison had practically been sleeping at STAR Labs, if he had been sleeping at all. You knew that it was time for this to change.

“It’s getting late.”

Harrison started at the sound of your voice, jerking around to face you in his chair. He swallowed, looking away as he composed himself. “[f/n]. What are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be out doing… whatever it is 26-year-olds do on a Thursday night?”

“Shouldn’t you be heading home?” you countered, crossing your arms and moving to lean against the desk next to him.

Harrison shook his head, “I have work to do.”

You sighed, “How much have you slept in the past few days?”

He pressed his lips together and averted his gaze.

“Come on, Harrison, you need to get some sleep,” you insisted, bending down so you were eye-level with him, pushing his hair back from his forehead, “You look exhausted.”

He pulled away but you didn’t miss the way his cheeks flared pink under your touch. “I don’t need you to mother me,” he muttered.

You crossed your arms, “Someone has to take care of you.”

Harrison swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down nervously. “You shouldn’t be worrying about me.”

“Why not?”

“You deserve better than me.”

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I Said, No Touching (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines

In a way, I guess you could think of this as a sequel to “No Touching” (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines…

Cisco was comforting you after a long hard day. And while you may appreciate it, Harry did not…


“Ramon.” Harry whispered, his voice deceptively soft. “What do you think you’re doing?”

You jumped, practically leaping away from Cisco’s arms as you spun around and faced your ever-so-jealous boyfriend. Beside you, Cisco tensed extremely and bit his fist.

While both of you knew Harry would never do anything that would result in a trip to the hospital, it didn’t change the fact that you two were still terrified of the man. He was intimidating on so many levels when he got angry.

Especially quiet angry.

Like he was now.

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Some of the great medieval cathedrals of the south and south west of England - the inspiration for Ken Follett’s ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ (1989). Left to right, top to bottom: Winchester Cathedral exterior, medieval floor tiles inside Winchester Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral exterior, the cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral in the morning mist, the chapter house at Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral exterior and Wells Cathedral interior.

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“Why are you so attached to Murphy, Y/n?”

“Your father killed my parents when I was five Wells. Why wouldn’t I be attached  with someone who has something in common?”

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Holiday Buzz (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) - Drunk

The Holiday Buzz (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) - Drunk
Written by:
Holiday Special: #6 (We got really drunk on eggnog) + E2-Harrison Wells (Harry)



“Get off me.”

“But you’re so cute!

“You have three seconds to let go.”

“Aww, now you’re just being pouty!”

The well-renowned physicist let out an agitated sigh as you clung onto his arm, needlessly. Since downing the eggnog Cisco brought to S.T.A.R. Labs, you had been touchy, goofy and tipsy around Harry for the past half hour and it was driving him insane.

Frustrated, Harry attempted to pry himself away from you once more; but, you simply wrapped yourself around him even tighter.

Under your breath, you were humming the tune to “Last Christmas” by Wham! and swaying side to side.

Running an exasperated hand through his hair, Harry shot a dirty, daring look at the mechanical engineer and speedster, who had been standing beside him, watching the whole scene unfold. 

“Allen! Ramon!” He snapped, gesturing towards you. “Can’t you do something about her?”

Biting his fist to keep himself from laughing, Cisco flashed Harry an innocent look. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

“She can’t hold her liquor very well,” Barry added, biting his lip, amused. “She thought she could, but…”

He shot the speedster a scathing glare. “Yeah, I can see that…”

At a loss for what to do, he finally closed his eyes and tried to come up with a solution to his little problem.

Besides, how hard could it be?

He had several Ph.Ds, was also the CEO of his own company back on his Earth, and had helped the Flash take down a multiverse speed demon…

Escaping from your looney clutches shouldn’t be an issue, right?

As he was contemplating his options, your drunk, wasted self couldn’t help but admire him. While the man hardly smiled, you still somehow managed to find him completely adorable. 

So adorable, in fact, that you could just kiss him…

Before you could stop yourself, you stood on your tippy toes and planted your lips firmly on the side of his cheek. His motions stilled, and you found him suddenly unresponsive. 

Not that that bothered you in particular…

Alongside you, Barry and Cisco’s faces went slack - eyes widening, mouth gaping, brain malfunctioning. Words could not describe the pair’s astonishment.

Ignoring them, you pulled back and stared at Harry.

He continued to remain motionless, as if his mind was still trying to register what had just happened. It sort of made you sad…

“Aww, Harry-bear,” you pouted, sticking out your bottom lip. “You’re not kissing back…”

Slipping your hand around his neck, you brought him down to your height and turned his face just so that his lips collided with yours. He tasted amazing, like eggnog - sweet, custardy, amazing eggnog.

You simply couldn’t get enough.

Grazing your teeth against his soft flesh, you nibbled on his bottom lip and sucked gently. And while Harry may have a cold-hearted, tarty-ass attitude, even he couldn’t resist the sweetness of your kiss.

But, before he could make any move to kiss you back, you pulled away and gripped his arm against your body.

“Oh, Harry-bear,” you sighed dreamily in between hums of ‘Last Christmas’. “You taste just like eggnog…”