Hopping on to the 30 day challenge train... Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

Currently single. How life is? I don’t even know how to answer that question.. I think i’m used to it, but i guess it’s okay. I wouldn’t be depressed about it. I would love to find other half though (: 

Happppy 18th Birthdaaay to my best friend, sister, love, psychiatrist: @eyries ! 💙💛❤💜 I love you so much girl. you’re so beautiful and smart. I have so many good memories with you! (: You sure know how to make my day and I’m blessed to have a close friend like you, closer than anything ever. you are my sister & I love you so freakin’ much. I cried when you left for college, just like I cried for Alice. You’re always there for me.. when I need someone to talk to, I can always think of you. cause the past few years that I came to you, you never ignored me! And you would help give advice. you can be the motherly figure to me. (: I love that we can be weird together and laugh all the time! 😂😂😂 You make my life brighter than the sun. ☀☀☀ hanging out with you is so FUN 🎉😁 Even if we just sit around all day. I love that we do things out of the blue, and we try to do things on our bucket list (: I had so much fun swimming, tumblring, going to amusement parks, tanning, SHOPPING, and eating with you. Anything we so, anywhere we go together is so much fun. I miss you so much right now. 😘😘😘 Thanks for all the good memories! I wish you a super happy birthday and if I could I would totally fly over there and CELEBRATE WITH YOU. Have an amazing day and I can’t wait til you come home! (: we gots lots to catch up and on and do. I’m so glad before you left that we had that movie/ice cream night. One thing I won’t forget. I also hope college is treating you awesome, now that you’re a longhorn (: & I really love that you know me so well, as well as Alice does! and that makes me happy, you are special to me & idk what my life would be like without you. From the little baby days til now, you always make me laugh. Thanks for still being close… yet so far. You are beautiful, unique, funny, cool, intelligent, hard working, amazing, wonderful, & many other awesome characteristics. You know the reeaal me, the weird me, the awkward me, the singing me; that is important cause only family knows that side of me. Which makes you family. ^.^ God bless you! <3 I hope I make you as happy as you make me & that you feel the same way i do (: I have faith in everything you do. you’ll be successful in whatever you do in the future. I just know it! 😁😉😏
Happy Birthday, my love. Love you always and forever, your little sister, best friend, psychiatrist, weirdo, lover, stalker, giraffe and nerd; Shopaholic Sheila. 😍😍😍 #happybirthday #loveyou #bestfriend #bigsis #eyries #wellroundedblogger #sheila (at Lau’s )