thank you to my #wellnesswonderland sister @katiedalebout for sending me this amazing apartment-warming gift!! 💛🌟 I love this book already – especially the #fengshui tip about having a green, black or white bowl of fresh oranges in your home to add brightness, happiness and good luck. 🍊🍊🍊reminds me of the orange trees used to celebrate the #chinesenewyear in #hongkong. 🌟👏 (at the nook)

I’m literally CRYING! This soul sis of mine @katiedalebout , this amazing woman, is getting hay house published!!!!! Ahhhhhh, I am crying I am so proud and I am so excited. Get ready for her to rock your world even more than she already is! #hayhouse #wellnesswonderland #abundance

I don’t follow any rules when it comes to food any more but I used to follow a lot. In fact I was quite addicted to them. While I don’t do the above 👆mindful eating practice all the time, I do incorporate elements of it into my eating like checking in with my body & being present. Many good tips to try but not to be dogmatic about or eat every meal this way. If you want more from my enlightened eating tool kit the link is above to get it for a few more days until I launch something new that’s a but more fitting to where I’m at now in my life. 👆 #intuitiveeating #enlightenedeating #WellnessWonderland #foodfreedom by katiedalebout http://ift.tt/1yUHiOS