Close up of one of the #MrPearl #corsets from #artoftheteese T show starts at 8pm tonight in #NewJersey @thewellmonttheater in Montclair and don’t miss our finalé of the tour, Friday night in Philadelphia @fillmorephilly ✨ Ticketmaster has just added some more general admission $35 tickets for the Philly show! Artoftheteese.com (at The Wellmont Theater)

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0085-STEP_OpeningNight-Neil_Grabowsky-NEG_3594 by Montclair Film Festival
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photo by “Neil Grabowsky / Montclair Film”


Next stop: New Jersey Wednesday night! (at The Wellmont Theater)

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Ghost “Mummy Dust” Live at Wellmont Theater

@2:06 Papa what the fuck are you doing


yeah so I saw MGMT last night at the Wellmont with some of my friends from school. While I was waiting in line the guy asked me what was in the bag and I said cameras and he said that if they were detachable lens (which they were) then I couldn’t bring them inside. I asked why and he said “because I said so” but later he came out again and said that it was orders of the band, they didn’t want any professional photography equipment in there that wasn’t hired by them so as to protect their image. I asked him if I could speak to the band on that matter but he just said “nice try”. If I was seen with them I would be thrown out and I’ve waited for this for so long I just stuck with the disposables. It was a really good show. Kuroma opened for them and they were like alright but I really just wanted MGMT to come out. Eventually they did and like their light show was insane. Everyone was like singing along and swaying, it was great. I took a lot of pictures which I’ll be posting later on my other blog. After the show ended I really wanted a setlist so I stayed and I almost caught this one that a dude crumpled up and threw right at me but it fell in front of the barricade and some other dude picked it up and gave it to one of my friends. So I eventually did get one and some girl came up and was like “it’s my birthday you should give that to me” and I said it was my birthday to so no (like its as valid a statement as hers as far as I could tell) and then she started cursing me out. Like whatever dude I’m the one with the setlist. I should’ve asked what her sign was but I don’t know what it should’ve been so yeah. Anyway me and Tom and everyone waited after the show to meet Andrew and he came out and I was still a few people back when their bus came around so I was like “Andrew are you leaving soon?” and then he said “it seems like it.” so I asked if he could sign my Metanoia record and he said yes so I went to the front of the line and then Tom took my picture with him. I asked why they didn’t play Metanoia like I said and he said they hadn’t rehearsed it in a long time. Then I asked why they didn’t play Message 7 from Hearty White and Andrew laughed and said that the guy who recites it actually does live in NJ and they could’ve called him up. And then I took Tom’s picture with him and then I told Kerri to get up there and then I left. It was a really enjoyable night and now I’m just waiting for my pictures to get developed.