Ghost “Mummy Dust” Live at Wellmont Theater

@2:06 Papa what the fuck are you doing


Beirut // Goshen (NEW SONG) // LIVE @ The Wellmont Theater


yeah so I saw MGMT last night at the Wellmont with some of my friends from school. While I was waiting in line the guy asked me what was in the bag and I said cameras and he said that if they were detachable lens (which they were) then I couldn’t bring them inside. I asked why and he said “because I said so” but later he came out again and said that it was orders of the band, they didn’t want any professional photography equipment in there that wasn’t hired by them so as to protect their image. I asked him if I could speak to the band on that matter but he just said “nice try”. If I was seen with them I would be thrown out and I’ve waited for this for so long I just stuck with the disposables. It was a really good show. Kuroma opened for them and they were like alright but I really just wanted MGMT to come out. Eventually they did and like their light show was insane. Everyone was like singing along and swaying, it was great. I took a lot of pictures which I’ll be posting later on my other blog. After the show ended I really wanted a setlist so I stayed and I almost caught this one that a dude crumpled up and threw right at me but it fell in front of the barricade and some other dude picked it up and gave it to one of my friends. So I eventually did get one and some girl came up and was like “it’s my birthday you should give that to me” and I said it was my birthday to so no (like its as valid a statement as hers as far as I could tell) and then she started cursing me out. Like whatever dude I’m the one with the setlist. I should’ve asked what her sign was but I don’t know what it should’ve been so yeah. Anyway me and Tom and everyone waited after the show to meet Andrew and he came out and I was still a few people back when their bus came around so I was like “Andrew are you leaving soon?” and then he said “it seems like it.” so I asked if he could sign my Metanoia record and he said yes so I went to the front of the line and then Tom took my picture with him. I asked why they didn’t play Metanoia like I said and he said they hadn’t rehearsed it in a long time. Then I asked why they didn’t play Message 7 from Hearty White and Andrew laughed and said that the guy who recites it actually does live in NJ and they could’ve called him up. And then I took Tom’s picture with him and then I told Kerri to get up there and then I left. It was a really enjoyable night and now I’m just waiting for my pictures to get developed.


Quick post and some Lykke pics. I was psyched since I didn’t have a camera with me when I saw her in Central Park in August. She changed up the set a bit tonight and gave a really powerful performance. I felt like it was a little too loud sometimes almost to the point of there being some feedback. I wonder if that’s just this theater. When I saw Kate Nash there last Nov. I could barely hear her vocals because the sound mixing was off. Is that usually the performers or the theater’s sound guy? I have no idea. That’s my one complaint. Lykke also did a gorgeous cover of Unchained Melody. Great show.

Girl Talk Entrances The Wellmont Theater

Photo Courtesy: Brooklyn Vegan

Gregg Gillis has been the subject of debate and controversy since he started dabbling in music at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The Pennsylvania native was a Biomedical Engineering major by day. But by night, he was a musical wizard that concocted mash ups of music history’s most beloved tracks. Under the pseudonym Girl Talk, Gillis would soon become a cultural icon for his highly technical mixes that effortless crossed decades and genres.

Through the art of digital sampling, Gillis has been considered a walking lawsuit since he has continually refused to get permission from artists before slicing their tracks. As he strolled into the limelight, his argument of choice was that he was protected under the fair use doctrine. Following the release of 2007’s Night Ripper, Gillis received Wired magazine’s Rave Award. But it was the release of 2008’s Feed The Animals that deemed him a critics’ favorite. The album was number four on TIME’s Top 10 Albums of 2008. NPR listeners also ranked the album the 16th best album of the year, and Rolling Stone awarded the work four stars and the number 24 spot on their annual Top 50 list. This success set the pace for Gillis’ evolving career.

Some may argue that Gillis isn’t creating and most certainly isn’t a musician. Rather, he is butchering creative works for his own profit. However, his draw is undeniable – as is his importance in this new generation of Pro-Tools musicians. During his set at the Wellmont Theater on Friday, Feb. 5, his creativity was vibrantly evident as a sold out crowd sunk into a musical stupor under his bass-thumping spell.

Photo Courtesy: Brooklyn Vegan

With his laptop and mixing station in tow, Gillis took the stage in a homely hoodie and mesh gym shorts combo. But as the white screen that encompassed the stage turned on, the entire theater was engulfed in lights and neon colors. Although the gaggle of blonde girls dressed in ill-fitted, neon clothing was terribly distracting in the beginning, as Gillis got into his routine I seemed to have an out-of-body experience. Instead of focusing on stage nuances, his mash-up techiques and overall song choices, I was engulfed in dancing through the entire set. However, I was not alone in this possession. The rest of the audience collectively began gyrating on each other, making out with strangers and even lighting a few doobies in the process. It’s alright, though. Security was on it.

Some highlights of Gillis’ artist choices include The Ramones, Phoenix, Jay-Z, Youngbloodz, Lady Gaga, John Lennon and a fantastic Missy Elliot/Justin Timberlake fusion. Say what you will about Girl Talk and the entire concept of the mash up genre. His precision in weaving instrumentals and crossing genre boundaries is impossible to grasp. And while his musical decisions are incricate and extremely calculated, he manages to create a party atmosphere that will make three hours seem fleeting. But I’m sure the confetti cannons and large, inflatable worms floating throughout the crowd helped a bit.

Girl Talk’s performance at the Wellmont was the last on the first leg of the tour, but Gillis will be back on the road with a sold out performance at Terminal 5 on Feb. 24.

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