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BTS reaction to you accidentaly sending them a nude pic

Jin: He’d choke on what he was eating, given that he was surrounded by his members he’s have to cover his phone under the table as welll as hiding his now prominent erection. He’d take out his sexual frustrations on you later.

“She’s in so much trouble”, he’d mutter to himself.

Suga: He wold have been in his studio working when you sent it. Smirking as he fellt him self stiffen in his pants. He’d immediately calll you and ask you if you were trying to get things started.

“She’s ganna drive me crazy”, he’d exclaim to himself aster you hung up.

J-hope: He’d be sp flustered as he tried to convince his self that it wasn’t affecting him. But wouldn’t be able to focus as his mind drifts back to your perfect body.

“Fuck this i’m going home to my baby!”, he’d say to his friends

Rapmonster: He’d groan when he saw that sexy picture of you, picturing what it would feel like to have you under him, blissed out from his talents. Sighing he’d call you only to be blasted by you embarrased apologies. He’d smirk to himself and tell you that he liked what he saw.

“Would it be weird if I jacked off to this picture”, he’d say to himself.

Jimin:  He’d gasp when he saw the picture of, with your beautiful breasts being exposed to his hungry eyes. He’d feel the effects of his arousal immediately, when he stared at that naked pic of you. Clenching his jaw he forced himself to delete the picture. But that image of you would never leave his mind.

“Holy shit im never ganna get any sleep” he’d groan.

V: He’s splutter his cereal when the image of your naked body popped up on his screen. He’d inhale so hard that some of the substance went flying down the wrong passage choking him. He’d slightly whimper when he stared at your naked body.

“What am I ganna do when I see her in person”, he’d say.

Jungkook:  He’d surpress a moan when he say the image on his phone, licking his suddenly dry lips. Suddenly wishing it wasn’t his lips that his togue glided over. He’d go somewhere to be alone so he could fix his sudde problem.

“Fuck! I wish she were here right now” he’d gasp as he pumped him self.

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