i was just making an rp ask account and then suddenly it says that a problem occured and i need to change my password, and the problem is, i initiated tumblr with my msn account so i forgot my old password and now i cant get my old tumblr back

so everyone please understand that my old account


no longer is for use, and if it starts sending out spam, dont follow it

wellexcuseemeprincess asked:

(igual estoy aburrida) señor kirhion, si uno mas dos es igual a una buena forma de empezar el dia, y la raiz cuadrada de un circulo es igual a pato, por que cree usted que me confunden mi blog con el de un macho recio?

espera, eres mujer? (yo ya sabía de todos modos, pero como no hay detalle alguno que hable de tu sensualidad, es difícil para los hombres saber que eres woman)

y sobre números, lo único que sé es que dos más dos es igual a pez

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stop, just for a minute. I need you to think of something, why are you on Tumblr? Oh that's right, to meet new people and RolePlay. Well congratulations! You have just one the best role-player award! Now you didn't get this because you are a good role-player. You got this because you are kind and friendly! You also play your character in a unique and awesome way, so congrats! Send this to 5 of your favorite role-players, because every role-player deserves this

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(lol agatha how many ivan's are following your gilbert?, he has a harem, a harem of russians)

(I sob. I don’t know I don’t have a census of them but njksdnfkjsndkjfsdf 

No he doesn’t have

He would be happier without so many Russians around him.

Ana’s Russia is the only one he wants around.  )) 

wellexcuseemeprincess asked:

♛ ((am i late? ;3; ))

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