Now girls are often raised to see love only as giving. Women are praised for their love when that love is an act of giving. But to love is to give AND to take. Please love by giving, and by taking. Give and be given. If you are only giving and not taking, you’ll know. You’ll know from that small and true voice inside you that we females are so often socialized to silence. Don’t silence that voice. Dare to take.
—  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, commencement speech at Wellesley College

Wellesley Fragmented by Alex Azzi

If anyone wanted to know what Wellesley College was like…this is it.  

(This is so beautiful and stunning and real, this is my school and I’m proud to be a Wellesley Woman)

anonymous asked:

Why did you choose Wellesley as a option?

There are a number of reasons why I’m interested in Wellesley.

First and foremost, I really believe in Wellesley’s stated mission of creating a space where women are encouraged not just to reach their own personal potential, but to have an outward focus and connect their academic work to service (as that’s an important focus of my studies and my life in general). I’m also attracted to the campus culture and the small class sizes; I want the opportunity to work closely with faculty, to not get lost in the crowd, and to be part of a campus that really feels like a community, and as a student leader who has done a lot of work with student organizations as well as college governance, Wellesley’s full-engagement philosophy connects well with my experiences.

Academically, I like that Wellesley has a reputation for rigor, and I’ve gone through their course listings and found a lot of courses that align with my particular research interests in both Anthropology and Political Science. I was really drooling over some of their applied anthropology course offerings (how awesome does “Anthropology of Queer Activism” sound??)

It also doesn’t hurt that I visited last year and absolutely fell in love with both the campus (it seriously looks a school for witches) and the region. From the moment I left Massachusetts, I’ve been trying to get back. A winter there might change my mind, but my visit perfectly matched my idealized vision of New England in the fall, and I was totally smitten.

There are actually a whole bunch of reasons why Wellesley stands out to me in my search for the perfect program, but those are kind of the highlights. ✨

Tonight at the Cantab, it’s the CUPSI Warm-Up Slam! Teams of poets from Emerson College, Simmons College, Wellesley College, and Northeastern University (plus warm-up poems from Wheelock College) will compete in a nationals-style bout before they head to the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in Chicago next month. Come cheer on (or judge) your favorite undergrads!

You must encounter, confront life. Life loves the liver of it, ladies. It is for you to increase your virtues. There is that in the human spirit which will not be gunned down even by death. There is no person here who is over one year old who hasn’t slept with fear, or pain or loss or grief, or terror, and yet we have all arisen, have made whatever absolutions we were able to, or chose to, dressed, and said to other human beings, “Good morning. How are you? Fine, thanks.”
Therein lies our chance toward nobleness—not nobility—but nobleness, the best of a human being is in that ability to overcome.
—  Excerpt from Maya Angelou’s Commencement Address at Wellesley College, 1982.