Wellsie and Tohr were perfect for each other and we are told how their love was a once in a lifetime, so then how could Tohr forget her so easily? And seriously, who gets to be with who in the Fade? I don’t know about you but I’m a possessive woman when it comes to my man. I don’t see Wellsie sharing. Ward really messed things up, Wellsie and Tohr belonged together with their baby boy, who should have been a Brother.

I just don’t get how some people got so attached to Wellsie. I mean, I love her! She’s wonderful. I just don’t understand those people who get indignant when it comes to the whole Tohr/Autumn/Wellsie thing. Personally, I feel closer to Autumn because we have spent more time with her in the books, and have gone more in depth with her character. Tohr isn’t replacing Wellsie… He just made room in his heart for Autumn. I love both females.

I don’t think Wellsie will get reincarnated and have her own HEA. Heck, I don’t want it. It’ll be entirely too messy. Darius was reincarnated and formed connections with the people he was close to in his life, like Tohr. If Wellsie gets reincarnated, what happens if she falls in love with Tohr again? True love can be some messy shit. I think her time with Tohr was her HEA, even if it ended tragically.

I hate how easy it is for people to forget the love we were told two people had for each other. Wellsie and Tohrment were bonded/mated at the highest level. They were perfect together. Wellsie was an awesome Shellan and future mother… she deserved to come back. No'One did nothing to redeem herself. Tohr and Wellsie and their son will be reunited in the Fade, happy together for eternity.