Who is the Matman?

Anyone who’s run into WellcomeMat’s eccentric Chief Stand Out Officer (CSOO) over the past few years has asked a similar question. Is this guy for real? Is he a spaceman, alien or aberration? Matman is all and none of these things. Matman is a metaphor.

Video 1: Matman attending the inaugural 2009 NYC Twestival.

Credit: MHJohnston

Christian Sterner and I came up with Matman (@matman) out of necessity. We were attending the National Association of Realtors conference back in 2007 and looking for a way WellcomeMat to stand out amongst a massive conference center full of vendors. Long story short, we crashed the floor in space suits and called each other WellcomeMat Men (see below for video recap). We were mobile and traveled the floor interviewing vendors and agents about video. Sterner and I were in all our glory. Our guerilla marketing was working and it was a huge hit. That was until a  7+ foot giant (security guard) decided the fun was over and kicked us out on the streets.


Undaunted, we decided to walk around vegas in our suits championing the use of video in real estate. While our priorities might have been slightly misaligned, it dawned on us we were definitely onto something. People could not get enough of, “The Matman”. And so it was that Matman became a much bigger delivery mechanism. You see everywhere Matman goes, the fun follows. Attending a boring mixer? Bored silly at a conference or event? Along comes Matman and the party starts rocking. People were willing to interact with our brand without feeling hit over the head with our ‘brand’. The irony of course is that everyone wants a picture with Matman and every picture has of Matman’s helmet (i.e. our logo - cha ching).

Matman stands out because he is unique, entertaining and fun. People appreciate those qualities in everyone and everything. Matman is a metaphor.

Matman is video.