And Your Semi Finalists Are...

That’s right! Our 2015 North America Trend Vision Awards are fast approaching! From the hundreds of talented entries submitted for our Journey of Enlightenment and New Frontier Unchartered Territories trends, choosing our Semi Finalists was no easy feat! But alas, we’ve narrowed down our 25 Semi Finalists for each of the Student, Young Talent, and Color categories!

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If you follow us on Instagram - which you should be - then you’ve probably noticed that we’re huge fans of reposting fabulous creations by our followers. That’s what Wella Ed is all about – sharing, inspiring and learning with our community.  And every once in a while one stylist or another will stick out, and right now, we’re excited to introduce you to one of our most avid #WellaLife hashtaggers,  #WellaFamily, meet Chris Weber: a stylist at Barbarella Hair Salon in Vancouver, Canada.

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Don’t Underestimate This M-Cat

Wella Studio Artist Michele Catalanello is one of those artists who grew up knowing just where life would take her. Going from styling doll hair as a child, to imitating trendy looks in magazines on her friends as a teen – she signed up for cosmetology school the second she could.

For this “glass half full” girl – her road to success was paved with adventures. Going from stylist to Sebastian Design Team Artist and now a Wella Studio Artist educating others, it’s safe to say Catalanello is quite the hair-adventure junkie!

Much like knowing she wanted to be a stylist, essentially from birth, the same rang true with Sebastian. She was drawn to the brand after attending her very first hair show. It was Sebastian’s “edgy, creative and ability to lead in hair fashion and trends,” that attracted Catalanello to the Sebastian team.  

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All Bets Are On

Finding your life-long career can feel like quite the gamble. That is especially true for Galin Hristov, a Wella Professional Field Education Expert, who began his pursuit of the perfect professional career as a Military Academy student in Europe.  Although this rigid schooling taught him a thing or two about never giving up and self-discipline, it wasn’t his dream and he soon left to see what other opportunities were available. From Rock band member to a Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, Hristov was still not satisfied with his professional path and decided to play his hand at other options.

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Bassinet To Beauty Salon

You could say that this stylist was born to be a stylist; growing up with a mother in the beauty industry, cosmetology has always been in Colleen Herman’s blood. Mesmerized by the business and craft of the industry, Herman’s initial interest in stage arts led her to study makeup and wig design in college. She then took to the world – literally - doing wigs, hair, and makeup for operas, musicals, TV and get this… Cirque Du Soleil! With a creative resume like that, it’s no wonder she has found herself creating color with our #WellaFamily!

Although her adventures have been anything but dull, the journey hasn’t always been easy for Herman. Moving across the world at only 23 challenged her personal strength. Herman says that “[it] showed me how much I was capable of when I committed to something. “

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Turnin’ on the Color Charm

Growing up with a family full of creative artists, and spending summers staying cool (literally) surrounded by perfectly inked early 90’s rock stars in a Long Beach salon, it’s no wonder Kenneth Collins has found his career in the biz of creating color.

Unlike some of his painting peers, “hair did not come naturally or easily,” for Collins. From being a single teenage parent in cosmo school, to getting his first gig in the biz, this Wella Educator admits that sometimes the road to success “seemed impossible” and that “it took years for me to find myself as a hairdresser and craftsman.” But, after assisting at the I.S.S.E. Long Beach Hair Show, Collins found his passion and “fell in love with stage work and education.” Collins then spent “years running for top artist and doing prep work for hair shows,” which, after much work and dedication, led him to securing a spot on the Clairol design team and even an opportunity to perform live (!) at IBS in New York!

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