How To: Silver/Grey Hair (x)

a very rushed and tired brenna filmed this little extra for you guys because there are literally 500 messages in my inbox that say “how did you dye your hair? :)” enjoy and click to subscribe if u haven’t already


Hair update: I went grey! 

I am not finished with the process yet, there are still a lot of blonde undertones in my hair, but I am getting there, and that’s what counts. I also acquired a homemade undercut with side fringe on the go because what is a homemade dye job without an attempt to badly shave the back of my head by myself?

Image captions tell a bit about the process.

anonymous asked:

Do you dye your hair yourself or get it done? Your hair is the perfect shade of red 😍 I really want to go back to red soon, I'm so tired of the boring brown my hair is now

I do it myself thanks! I mix Wella Color Tango 6RRV and 5RV together

angie b.’s tips ‘n tricks for dyeing your hair crazy colors:

01: If there’s a Sally Beauty shop nearby, totes go there to get all your things – they have a beauty club that only costs $5 to join, you get scads of coupons, and everything is then discounted. It’s also all the high-grade salon quality stuff! (And if you don’t have a store location nearby, totes sign up online and order that way – you will save SO MUCH money in the long run and always get the highest quality stuff.)

02: I use L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder lightening bleach with 40 Oreor Developer Creme (you could probably get away with using 20 or 30 if your hair is a lot lighter than mine, which is pretty damn close to black – the higher the concentration, the more color it strips). The very first time you bleach, leave it on for about 45 minutes to see how it goes. You can always do a second round for 15-30 minutes after that if it still looks too dark. (I always have to do two rounds of bleaching myself.)

03: AFTER the bleaching, you wanna use toner to get the last of the yellow/orange out of your hair – I highly recommend Wella Color Charm Lightest Ash Blonde toner with 20 Oreor Developer Creme. This step is the secret ingredient to getting super vibrant jewel-toned hair, otherwise there’ll be too much yellow/orange left from the bleaching.

04: After this point, it’s a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment so your hair doesn’t get all dry and frazzled. I usually use the Ion brand conditioner; slather it all over, slap on a shower cap, and let it just sit and percolate for a half hour or longer before you rinse it out.

05: NOW TO DO THE DYEING! With Manic Panic, you just brush/comb it through towel-dried hair with a dyeing brush, making sure to get all the layers. But be careful along your ears, neck, and forehead-line – Manic Panic tends to dye skin pretty quickly. I recommend putting a little line of Vaseline at the top of your forehead and over your ears so the dye doesn’t stain your skin. I tend to leave the dye in for an hour or even longer and put on a movie while I’m waiting – just slap a shower cap over your head so it doesn’t drip or get onto clothes/furniture. The longer it sits, the deeper the dye sinks in and the better the color. (NOTE: I’ve recently switched to Ion Color Brilliance Neon Brights, which is also semi-permanent, and thus far I’m enjoying it even MORE than Manic Panic. MP is vegan so it’s probably actually not as bad for the environment/your hair, but it does wash out/fade relatively quickly, whereas the Ion Color Brilliance shades last significantly longer and don’t bleed as much onto pillows and towels.)

06: Before you wash the dye off, blast your head with a hair dryer for a couple of minutes. The heat will help “seal” the color.

07: When it comes time to rinse the dye – and every time you wash your hair here on out – be sure to use cool water. The colder the water the better, actually. Warm water opens the follicles in your hair and the dye will wash away much quicker as a result. Cold water is actually better for your hair in the long run anyway.

08: And as for shampoos/conditioners, avoid anything with sulfates (the stuff that makes shampoos foam and lather), because that stuff’s really hard on your hair – especially after a bleaching/dyeing treatment – and will make the dye wash away quicker. I use this REALLY FUCKING AWESOME stuff from Biotera Ultra Color Care that’s, like, FIVE THINGS IN ONE: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, shine treatment, and detangler. I slather it on at the beginning of my bath, let it sit while I wash all the other bits, and then rinse it out with cold at the very end and it leaves my hair a lot smoother, shinier, and softer than color treated hair typically is.

08: Couple of last suggestions: I use a spray leave-in keratin replenishing conditioner (Ion brand) every day after my bath to keep my hair strong and frizz-free, and do a deep condition on it every week or two just to further combat the usual frying bleaching and dyeing does. These steps are hardly necessary, but may be helpful if you find your hair feeling crunchy or if you’re afraid too much is coming off on your brush every day. :D

  • this is mainly for @murderpartridge, but i’m posting publicly in case any of y’all wanted to know how to get super cartoony hair like so:
From Mohawks to Trend Vision

Without even knowing it, Kit was drawn to hair.

At the tender age of 13 she decided to dye her hair black with a box dye, despite her mother’s many protestations, and Kit’s fate was sealed.

Throughout her youth, she experimented with every pot of Manic Panic she could get her hands on, growing a blue Mohawk. But her rainbow hair was short-lived when her parents found one-too-many dye stains on their bathroom tile. She then turned to cutting and coloring the hair of anyone she could get her hands on.

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Digital Artist:

Lucas Parolin de Souza 


“this demon will be summoned from your painting if you mix the wrong colors..”
“wella demon, just because my face is ugly doesn’t mean my hair should be…”
“is he greenish or blueish..??”
I did this inspired by the art of the great Park Tae Jun and the divisions are inspired by GinoGino
Call him his names:
Sete Peles
Pé cascudo”

Tonight I have learned that if I was willing to do multiple rounds of bleach, spaced out over a few days, the infamous Wella Color Charm T18 toner would probably make my hair platinum. After bleaching about 4″ of my streaks to a mixture of gold and pale lemon yellow, I tried out the toner. Sure enough, the lighter strands turned white. Of course, now it’s all been coated in neutral protein filler and pale pink dye, but it was interesting to see the white strands.

And now I know that  if I ever feel like cosplaying Narcissa Malfoy, the hair can be achieved.