How To: Silver/Grey Hair (x)

a very rushed and tired brenna filmed this little extra for you guys because there are literally 500 messages in my inbox that say “how did you dye your hair? :)” enjoy and click to subscribe if u haven’t already


In some ways, social media is a lot like the beauty industry. It’s part art, part science … and often it’s hard to see just where the fuzzy line between them lies. One of many traits that makes a great stylist – and a great social media maven – is not just intuitively knowing where the line is but playing happily and comfortably on both sides of it.

With darn close to 4,000 followers on Instagram and with some of the most liked and commented on #WellaLife posts credited to her, Sydniiee Oliveira has earned our maven wings when it comes to social. The 24-year-old hit beauty school right out of high school and has been a Wella devotee since day one. “It was the first color line I learned after beauty school, but I’ve also found a company that wants you to keep growing and that is awesome,” she says. “There is so much love in the #WellaFamily it keeps you motivated to make new, great things and hopefully inspire others to so the same.“ 

One look at her IG profile would make even a double rainbow jealous. This girl is all about color – wicked pinks and purples, cool blues, fiery golden reds, and everything in between. “Whether it be wild colors, or beautiful rich naturals, I want it to make people look twice and say, ‘Whoa! How many colors are actually in there?!’” she says. “I draw my inspiration for color from everywhere: music, fashion, buildings, nature, even random people at the grocery store. Color is literally everywhere in a million different combinations, so the possibilities are endless as long as you’re not afraid to try different things.”

So what’s her secret for the high style selection of shots showcased on IG? It may sound simple, but it all comes down to lighting (“seriously get that awesome hair color in some natural light!”) and, of course, the aforementioned lack of fear of trying new things. A couple of her very favorites so far? “It has to be a tie between the Purple Melt that got me featured on Behind the Chair and the Neon Orange bob I got to do on the coolest little 13-year-old girl I have ever met,” she says. If you’re looking to brighten up your day a bit, you can check out some of Oliveira’s recent styles on Instagram @sydniiee.


Toner is fab and here is some info about it! The chart at the very bottom is very helpful for understanding your color so I added it in ( the neutralizing base column is helpful for toner.)

You can get your hair professionally toned at a salon and it is lovely, lasts for much longer. You can let them know how cool or warm your want it and they know just the tone to use it’s nice!  


level 8 blonde mohawk with virgin hair on the side

using BW2 with 30 volume developer i pulled out a nice pale yellow blonde then with Wella color charm’s toner in t18 or white lady with 30 volume developer as well. I cancelled out all the yellow. 

after that i simply appiled Ion Color Brilliance pastel colorline in Lavender and kept it on for a good hour or so.

#DayAtTheStudio - #WellaStudioNYC

Rise and shine, it was briiiiight and early on Sunday morning of fashion week… but we got our coffee and pastries, because we had a big day ahead of us folks!

We know that many of you have never been to the Wella Studios in NY or LA, and this breaks our hearts…seriously let’s not talk about it, we might start crying. And so, we decided to bring the studio to YOU! On Sunday we hosted a LIVE #DayAtTheStudio docu-social to showcase the happenings from the brand new #WellaStudioNYC.

With over 20 stylists in the studio learning the language of Wella in the Essential Color workshop (the first class on your path to becoming a Master Color Expert) and the principles of design (identifying, creating, and exploring texture, technique and photography) in the Sebastian Creative Immersion with Sebastian Top Artist Marylle Koken, the day was filled with “aha moments.”

Through out our social snaps yesterday, many of you were asking for additional info on the two amazing classes we were featuring…so, here goes:

Essential Color:

This two day class is perfect for stylists who are new to Wella, want to have a better understanding of color, or need a refresh – there were a NUMBER of our fave Wella Educators in the class (shout out to the amazing @kolorking!). But it wasn’t just technique. David and Danielle went deep into the science (literally there were pics from a microscope) of hair, and how it interacts with chemicals and color. We played with Play-Doh to learn and understand the Wella Color wheel and were re-taught everything from full color techniques, to root touch ups.

Day two we worked with live models for a hands-on, one-on-one training from the Studio educators. Here’s a little secret we want to let you in on: this class is also available in video format on www.wellainteractive.com! (score!)

Sebastian Creative Immersion:

This. Rocked. Our. World.  Not only did we receive the in-depth theory behind creating a look (so much more than just cut and color) but costuming and photography design. We watched as Sebastian Core Team member, Marylle Koken, (yes, that’s @KokenTheHarlot) demonstrate Sebastian style cutting and styling techniques. If you missed our photos live, you just have to check out that hair…

After our theory sesh, we got our hands dirty. Day one we played with our new cutting technique under watchful eyes - and some playful banter from Marylle.

Day two we rocked Sebastian Cellophanes and practiced designing using the 3 lines of Sebastian products. Cough #SebastianWNA enterees anyone? We’re looking at you or really anyone doing editorial, this class will knock your socks off.

And so, in an effort to not sound like a broken record, you must get yourself to the NY or LA #WellaStudio! We promise, it WILL take your game to the NEXT level. 

Questions, comments, shouts of excitant – check out our album of the day on Facebook: http://bit.ly/DayAtTheStudio

Oh, and not so shameless plug, here’s a list of upcoming classes *wink.* http://on.fb.me/18N9XrP

From Mohawks to Trend Vision

Without even knowing it, Kit was drawn to hair.

At the tender age of 13 she decided to dye her hair black with a box dye, despite her mother’s many protestations, and Kit’s fate was sealed.

Throughout her youth, she experimented with every pot of Manic Panic she could get her hands on, growing a blue Mohawk. But her rainbow hair was short-lived when her parents found one-too-many dye stains on their bathroom tile. She then turned to cutting and coloring the hair of anyone she could get her hands on.

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Digital Artist:

Lucas Parolin de Souza 


“this demon will be summoned from your painting if you mix the wrong colors..”
“wella demon, just because my face is ugly doesn’t mean my hair should be…”
“is he greenish or blueish..??”
I did this inspired by the art of the great Park Tae Jun and the divisions are inspired by GinoGino
Call him his names:
Sete Peles
Pé cascudo”

Tonight I have learned that if I was willing to do multiple rounds of bleach, spaced out over a few days, the infamous Wella Color Charm T18 toner would probably make my hair platinum. After bleaching about 4″ of my streaks to a mixture of gold and pale lemon yellow, I tried out the toner. Sure enough, the lighter strands turned white. Of course, now it’s all been coated in neutral protein filler and pale pink dye, but it was interesting to see the white strands.

And now I know that  if I ever feel like cosplaying Narcissa Malfoy, the hair can be achieved.