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BLEACHINg! I am sure that you did a tutorial on bleaching and or dying your hair once, and I have been looking for it because I finally finally convinced myself to bleach the shit out of mine. I can't find it - am I wrong? Did you really not? That just seems unrealistic? Secondly, even if this hallowed document doesn't exist - do you have product recommendations? My hair is a bit lighter than your natural shade, I want to go patinum, the world is full of products plz plz help.

i have! it is genuinely like a million years old as a document, so you know… be wary of me. the fundamentals are sort of the same, although i’m significantly better as a bleacher these days but honestly most of that comes with experience of ur own dang hair or, you know… actual training and science and shit. i’ll do an update of my Methods at some point. these days i use 

  • wella koleston perfect creme developer (30 volume for bleach, 20 volume for toner)
  • wella blondor multi blonde powder lightener (this is the bleach)
  • wella t18 white lady toner - ESSENTIAL. ESSENTIAL!! ride or die product. honestly, bleach is whatever, toner is whatever, i’ve tried loads of different kinds of both and had whatever results, but this. THIS. this is one u need. leave it on twice as long as you think you should. trust me. 
  • olaplex, a magical substance i would recommend for everyone who has zero regard for visiting a licensed hair professional but loves to watch tutorials of their magical arts. it’s pricey but incredibly worth it. 
  • purple shampoo & conditioner: also flat out, hands-down essential. davines if ur fancy, clairol shimmer lights if ur not gonna go broke on conditioner. 
  • coconut oil. i still put this all over my scalp and hair a good 3-4 hours before i bleach and it’s never a bad plan. 

Super short video of me using Wella’s Lightest Ash Blonde/White Lady to get my bleached hair to white blonde.