well...would she


I love how she teases him, tilting her face and smiling “trying to do what?” I LOVE HOW SHE TEASES HIM TO MAKE HIM BLUSH EVEN MORE 😂  she’s so bold, and i lover smile… she’s like “you’re so cute” (like the touken song, “she murmurs to me with a smile, you’re lovely”) 

i love how confident and relaxed she was, i love you touka-chan <3

“My mom and I in the California desert. (2004)”   

*For the record, this was during Dan’s Hues days.  

I love the book Good Omens, but I wasn’t able to listen to the radio drama when it first came out. So when my sister texts me a few weeks ago (22 days, if you wanna do the math) that she’s found it and gonna burn me a copy, I’m really excited.

Today she gives me four discs labeled Good Omens, and I get in the car and pop the first one in to play….

And it starts playing The Best of Queen.


Hardy + Miller + food

For David Tennant Appreciation Week day 7, David and his co-stars

i still think that the white haired dude being she li’s older brother would make a lot of sense, it’d explain why she li is already involved in that world and also his interest for jian yi

it would also make a great contrast with he tian: the two of them already have opposite color schemes - with he tian having black hair and grey eyes (that sometimes turn black), and she li having white hair and golden eyes - and i always felt like the reason why he tian is now living in his uncle’s apartment and doesn’t get along with his brother anymore is because he doesn’t want to be involved in the mafia, unlike she li who embraces that path

we also had guan shan thinking that he tian was the same as she li at the beginning, while in the end he found out that despite the ostensible similarities, he tian is actually quite the opposite, so it would make sense to me to keep up with this contraposition between the two

kk so when annabeth & tyson bake percy that cupcake for his 16th bday percy’s inner monologue says that he makes a wish before he blows out the candle but he doesn’t say what the wish is………………could he have wished for annababe to kiss him?????? but he didn’t say bc wHEN YoU sPEAK YOUR WISH ALOUD IT DOESN’t coME TRUE???? and then it DOES!!¡¡!¡
food for thought

obviously i can’t say for certain if this was true, but henry vii keeping elizabeth on a smaller allowance than normal, could have been because the country was basically broke after being at war for 30 years

but also queens who were considered to spend too much money were not very well liked, eleanor of provence was not liked for being too french and spending too much money

philippa of hainult was also thought to be too lavish and also eleanor of castile (they were both more fondly thought of after they both died but during their lifetimes weren’t always popular with their subjects)

not saying this is what happened, but elizabeth purposely being thrifty and giving to charity may have also been a PR move for her reputation

  • Katherine: Jack is seriously the biggest prick on the face of the Earth.
  • Race: How do you know him?
  • Katherine: Oh, he’s my boyfriend.