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Hello! I saw your a new account and I was wondering if you could maybe set up a few rules on your account just in case? But I will ask a fluffy, soft, and hopefully funny ask in case you don't do anything to ~dirty~. Can you have the RFA ++ react to an MC who makes random noises well doing something, like she says "zoop" and such in a high pitch kinda baby sound voice? Thank you lovely, I wish you luck on your account!

Aw, thank you! I did have a rules page set up, but I forgot to link it in my bio whoops. But it’s there and should be working now! As of now, I don’t do NSFW, but I may change that after a while, I don’t know yet. It depends on what happens in the future. Anywho, back to the headcanon! I love this idea, it’s so cute! I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t include a lot of specific noises she makes; I was struggling to come up with others. Let me know if you want me to add or change anything! I hope you like this!


  • The first few times you did it, he didn’t pick up on it
  • Then, while you were doing the dishes one day, you made a little noise and he f r e a k s out
  • “MC are you okay? You made a noise! Did you cut yourself? I told you I would wash the knives for you!” uh Yoosung are you okay
  • You had to explain that you just did that sometimes, for no particular reason
  • oH
  • Once he has calmed down about all that, he started to keep an ear out for when you did that, just because he found it adorable


  • You were out together on a walk when you saw a dog
  • And you just said “Squee!” in a high-pitched baby voice, nyooming running over to see the dog and leaving him behind, confused and low-key nose bleeding at the noise you made
  • He waited patiently for you to finish petting the dog, then immediately wrapped you up in a hug when you came back to him, not even caring about the paparazzi or people seeing
  • It was just too adorable for his heart okay give this man some love
  • He made it his mission to get you to make those noises as often as he could because it was just so cute???


  • You were helping her in the café when you started making various high pitched, squeaky noises
  • She was so confused
  • Were you speaking in a different language? It wasn’t one she had heard before?
  • When you two were alone, she confronted you on it, asking what you were saying
  • “What? This noise?” You proceeded to make a series of adorable, high-pitched “zoops”, “squees”, “nyooms”, and “nyas” that melted her heart
  • “Yes, that noise. What is it?” You proceeded to tell her that you do it for no special reason, you just did it, but only in front of people you were comfortable with
  • Whenever you did it around her from then on, it brings a smile to her face and puts her in a happy mood


  •  He loves everything you do
  • Just seeing you doing the most menial things,  like reading a book, relaxes him and brings a smile to his face
  • You know another thing he loves: Elizabeth 3rd
  • So, put both you and Elizabeth together, and he is in love
  • Now, add Elizabeth playing with you, zipping around the room and purring happily while you kneel on the ground and go “Nyoom Elizabeth!” in a high pitched coo
  • Yeah, rip Jumin Han
  • That is what he came home to one day, and let me tell you, he melted right on the spot
  • He also recorded the scene and made the audio his ringtone, much to your annoyance
  • He also asks Jaehee to start a project revolving around you and cats to try and get you to make that noise more sorry Jaehee



  • The first time he heard it was on the CCTV, when he was being a creeper checking up on you while taking a break from work
  • You were playing with the cat robot he made, and started to coo at it like someone would a baby
  • And then you started mimicking what it said, right down the robot cat’s vocal tone
  • He doesn’t tell you that he heard you, though, nono
  • Instead, he decides to subtly mimic your noises while passes by you that little brat
  • He even tried to get saeran in on it, but he wanted nothing to do with it
  • You catch on quickly though, and shut it down
  • He still lives for hearing those little phrases, though, it melts his heart


  • You were doodling in a notebook while he took photos when you started to make little squeaky noises
  • “MC, are you feeling okay? You’re making weird noises…” he just cares for you so much asdfjlkjsd
  • You reassure him you are fine, and you resume doodling, he continues taking photos, then you do it again
  • “Dear, are you sure? You did it again.” “Yes?” “Then why do you keep making those noises?”
  • That’s when you make the noise again, and watch as his eyebrows knit together. “Yes, that.”
  • You laugh before explaining you did that when you get super concentrated, kinda like others stick their tongue out when concentrated
  • He feels silly for worrying, so you both decide to call it quits and retreat to the bedroom for a cuddle session
  • From then on,  whenever you started working on something that required concentration, he stuck around, listening for those noises and smiling to himself when he hears them


  • You two were just chilling one day, minding your own business, when you, out of the blue, went “Squee!” in a high pitched baby voice
  • MC what the heck how old are you 12???
  • “What was that?” He asked, looking up from his book to see you just sitting on your phone
  • “Hm?” “Why did you make that noise?” “This?” You proceeded to make that little noise again, and he nodded. “Oh, no reason. Why?”
  • “It sounds adorable,” he muttered, and when you asked what he said, he went “I said it sounds horrible now let me read”
  • Poor boy was flustered
  • Wouldn’t admit it, but he loves those sounds you make at random, and it makes him smile whenever you do it

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one thing i dont get abt white women- why do they always seem so shocked when u bring up an issue concerning racism and then deny having part in that racism? i was complaining abt a guy in my math class calling me a j*p and other Asian-related slurs and my white friend, she said something like 'well, I've never done that, but that really sucks wow I can't believe that happened :/' and my korean friend and i shared a Glance lmaO like. why are white women like that i hate it sm









i have many links about whiteness for a reason!!! it’s so pervasive lol 

My gramma just told me the best fucking story

When my gramma was in her early twenties (this was early 1950’s), she dated this guy named Larry and he was like SUPER FINE. One night after dinner Larry took my gramma to this bar where there was gonna be kind of a burlesque show type thing. She thought it was kinda strange that a guy she was dating would take her to something like that but whatever, she’s an adventurous lady.
So this blonde dancer comes out and starts her routine and she was super good and really gorgeous. Gramma’s impressed. But then Blondie comes over to Gramma and Larry and ruffles Larry’s hair like she knows him really well or something, so Gramma’s like ???????
Anyway the dancer ended her routine by taking off her bra and revealing that she was a drag queen. Gram says to Larry, “Okay that was cool and stuff but why did you show me this?”
Larry says, “That’s my brother.”
My gramma’s boyfriend brought her to see his brother’s drag show for like their third date.

I was trying to find translations of some of D.Va’s voice lines and I found out that apparently on some Korean video websites, fans will comment on videos of her ulting with something like “well there goes even MORE of our tax dollars”

can i get uhhh keith knocking on lance’s door this time followed by lance answering with a pleasantly surprised smirk n saying something like ‘well if it isn’t our fearless leader ;) to what do i owe the pleasure ?’

it’s fun & comforting for a good .02 seconds but then keith is quick to ask ‘can i talk to you?’

cue keith entering lance’s room then immediately starting to pace back n forth with a concerned lance watching him from the bed but remaining patient….. til keith starts to rant about shiro and how he possibly might…… Not be shiro

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can you like briefly describe some signs of emotional abuse... like i've read a lot of articles on it but i feel like they are spittng bs at me if that makes sense?? idk

that makes sense, i know the feeling.

the thing about emotional abuse is that it doesn’t take just one form, it can range from complete and repeated neglect of another person’s feelings to straight up manipulation and verbal lambasting. that’s the most insidious thing about it, it’s very hard to pinpoint. because it’s so wide-ranging, it’s hard to accept that you are or have been emotionally abused. in most cases, if you feel like you are being abused by someone, you most likely are. once it gets to the point where you feel like you can use the word ‘abuse’, even if it feels so so heavy, you’re probably there.

i think that if a person is neglecting your feelings, not taking them into account when/if you bring them up, continually doing things that hurt you even when you bring up to them that it hurts you, and making you feel wrong/crazy/irrational when you bring them up, that’s emotional abuse. if the person somehow always seems to make you feel wrong or guilty/they turn it back around on you when you bring up what they’re doing that’s hurting you,that’s manipulation, and that’s emotional abuse. you’ll most likely stop bringing up to them things that hurt you because you know it’s going to be spun back around to make you feel guilty.

if, in your relationship (whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial), you constantly feel like you are being drained of emotion/energy or being used for constant emotional labor without the person doing anything in return for you, that’s emotional abuse. relationships are about mutual giving and taking. if you are constanty giving and they ate takiny and taking, they’re taking advantage of you, they know they are, and they often don’t feel bad or guilty about it at all. they will continue to take and take from you because they know that they can. that’s emotional abuse.

if you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around this person, if you feel like this person is isolating you from everyone else, if you feel like this person is tearing you down, if you feel like this person is not supporting you the way that you support them, if you feel like this person is completely disregarding your feelings all the time, that’s emotional abuse. and it may come in the form of something like “well, i lied to you/did this because i didn’t want to hurt or upset you, because i knew you’d be upset” which is a way that abusers try to paint themselves as the good guy when they’re hurting you. it makes you, the victim, feel bad and guilty and like you have no right to be upset, even though you absolutely do. they absolve themselves of guilt that way to make themselves feel better, not you, and that’s not fair, and they really don’t care about your feelings.

a common misconception about emotional abuse is that is has to be intentional on the abuser’s part, which isn’t always true. someone can be abusing you without even realizing they’re doing it because they’re so caught up in their own needs that they fail to realize that they’re abusing, taking advantage of, and manipulating you. that doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse; in fact, it shows that they care so little about your feelings that they don’t even realize what they’re doing, and that’s fucked up. (http://thexfiles.tumblr.com/post/157356728735/the-insidious-power-of-abuse-is-that-it-comes-from)

i know you asked for a short response, so i’m sorry that this is so long and scatterbrained. i’m in class and i can’t sit down and formulate a cogent response, but i’m incredibly passionate about this and wanted to respond as soon as i could.

here are some additional links about emotional abuse that i’ve found particularly helpful:

take care. 💛

I think I see why her friends keep crushing on her…



Adrien: Has she always been this cute?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Pharaoh / Le Pharaon

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lmaoo the interviewer was playing around and asked niall to “role play” that the guy was a father of a girl that was going out with niall on a date and how would niall explain the song, slow hands, to him. and niall said something like “well it was her that hit on me, so it wasnt my fault and so i asked if she wanted to come back and she said yes” and the guy was like “and then she asked to do laundry, how do you get sweaty doing laundry?” and niall said  “…..it was a big load” and then everyone started laughing and he realized what he said and was like “uh, big load of wash….it was a big load of washing…..” and everyone was cracking up and then he goes “yeah, that just happened…” and laughed lol he tried rEAL hard to save himself lol 

Ronan and Romance.

Blue: So how did you finally win Adam Parrish’s heart?

Ronan: Well, Sargent, it went something like this: - *counts on fingers* - first, I dragged him behind my car, then I insulted his girlfriend (that was you - sorry, bro), then I beat up his dad, then I paid his rent without telling him, then I slept on his floor and THEN I showed up at his work with a ten-foot monster bird and asked him to help me blackmail our latin teacher- 

Blue: That went well, I take it?

Ronan: Well no, he kicked me out, so I broke into his car and left him some hand lotion and a mix tape with only the Murder Squash Song on it. 

Blue: I have a vague memory of that tape.

Ronan: It worked! So I took him to see some cows, then we went shopping and I crashed a grocery cart with him in it-

Blue: Gansey never did that to me.

Ronan: See, you need to know how to pick’em. Anyway, there was a slight snafu in a church involving some bodyparts in an envelope and my own bloody corpse, but we got through it, it’s all good. I went on to produce a hooved supernatural child who eats everything in sight  -(he adores her, it’s really sweet), acted as his personal chauffeur during an evening hunt for the Devil, then took him to do a little frolicking in a magical woods where I gave him a nervous breakdown by revealing that said magical woods came from inside my head-

Blue: Fair. 

Ronan: *glares* - He got over it, alright?! Anyway: finally, on my 18th birthday party, after accidentally calling him a shithead, I sent him upstairs to my bedroom for some aluminum foil and there, I kissed him on the mouth after playing a little too long with a toy car and presto! One Parrish-Lynch coalition in the bag!

Blue: …

Blue: If that worked, you deserve each other.

Ronan: - *beams* - Thanks! 

13.02 coda

Thank you guys so much for all the love last week! As always, if you’d like to be added to or removed from the taglist, please send me a message <3

“Dean! Oh my - ”

Dean storms right past Sam and dumps Jack’s bloody knife in the sink. He doesn’t look at him as he turns on the water, but it doesn’t matter. Sam’s already up out of his seat and crowding against him along the counter.

“I knew you were in bad way after Cas but, Dean, I thought you were dealing - ”

Dean rolls his eyes. “It’s not mine,” he snaps, turning over his shoulder. Bright red blood pools in the sink as the faucet rushes over it.

Sam, still gaping, manages to narrow his eyes as his alarm fades away. “What did you do?”

Dean frowns. “Nothing. Why do you think that I - ”

Sam sags then, his body collapsing into itself all at once before he pulls himself to his full height. His eyes melt into that deplorable sad puppy dog look, the kind of look that’s going to turn into guilt some day. “Oh no. Oh, Jack…”

Dean shakes his head. “He’s fine, Sam. Obviously. You know damn well something like this couldn’t do any serious damage.”

Just like that, the puppy look slips away. Sam glares. His lip curls and his eyes narrow and he leans forward in the meanest way that Dean has ever seen from him. For a second he actually wonders if Sam’s going to hit him.

“You think I only care if he’s hurt? You think - Dean, that kid is suicidal now. He’s not even a week old and he - ”

Sam suddenly cuts off and wipes his face with his hand. 

“You know what?” he says. “You’re seriously messed up, man. You have a problem, and - don’t look at me like that - and you need to stay the hell away from Jack from now on.”

Dean lets the water run. Low and dark, he murmurs, “I have a problem?”

“Yeah, Dean, you do,” Sam snaps. “You didn’t see him out there, terrified and alone. He thinks you hate him. I’m starting to think that maybe you’re the one with no soul around here.”

He leaves the room, stomping away in a huff, and Dean knows that he’s headed off to Jack’s room. He’s going to clean up the mess, he’s going to try and soothe all the wounds that aren’t visible. Sam’s good like that, and he just doesn’t know when to quit.

Dean stares down into the drain, pink-dyed water circling the abyss. 

“I don’t have a fucking problem,” he insists, but it’s only to an empty room.

He shuts off the water and leaves the knife in the sink.

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I know I talk a lot about Trini falling for Kimberly first but hear me out 

Kimberly falling first

  • Kimberly flirting with Trini in a way that’s completely different than the boys she messed with because it’s Trini and Trini is special. 
  • Kimberly making excuses to buy Trini beanies or skipping class to make sure Trini’s okay whenever she has a bad day
  • Showing up at Trini’s window in three in the morning with a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme because, “Trini, they opened again today!” 
  • Her picking up on all of Trini’s little quirks and habits
  • Kimberly getting jealous when Tommy joins them, Trini subconsciously flirts back whenever Tommy flirts with her 
  • Kimberly backing down because she thinks Trini likes Tommy
  • Kimberly talking to Jason and the boys about it
  • Zack telling her that she’s being stupid to think Trini doesn’t like her 
  • Billy offering to formulate a plan to help Kimberly get the girl 
  • Jason not sure of what to do because earlier that day Trini had talked to him for the same reason and threatened to kill him if he said anything 
  • Later that day Kimberly tries to tell Trini but it’s just so hard
    • they end up getting into a fight with Kimberly saying something along the lines of, “God damn it, Trini! You make this so hard!” 
    • Trini getting mad, too, and saying something like, “Well, maybe if you just learned how to communicate, we wouldn’t have this problem!” 
    • Kimberly storms away, Trini realizes she was a bit of a hypocrite.
    • They both feel sorry as soon as they’re done fighting 
    • They’re both too stubborn to apologize and don’t talk for a few days
    • Until the boys and Tommy decide that they’re being ridiculous and force them to ‘talk it out’
  • Trini ends up apologizing first but Kimberly refusing to accept it because, “It’s my fault we fought anyways.” 
  • After a while Kimberly decides that the worst thing that could happen is that Trini doesn’t like her back, so she just comes out and says it.
  • Trini is surprised, but surprises Kimberly even more when she just says, “I’ve been crushing on you for months now.” 
  • Kimberly not admitting that she had realized that she liked Trini a few days after they defeated Rita, and that was almost a year ago. 
10 Ways to Enchant Your Breakfast: Everyday Witchcraft

✨Use herbs that match your intent for the day in an omelette or scram: basil for harmony and warding, parsley for protection, Rosemary for matters of the heart, etc.

✨Sigil infused Pancakes. This can be done a number of ways. If you’re fancy, you can cook it into the pancake by doing pancake art with the batter in a piping bag, or you can cook it in with chocolate chips or berries. You can also simply do the sigil afterwards with some syrup or other toppings.

✨Enjoy a magical tea with your morning meal. Bonus, read the leaves to see how your day will go, and anything to look forward to or watch out for.

✨Keep something constant in your meal each morning, whether it be making the same order at a coffee shop, or sitting in the same place to eat, and use the familiarity and constance of that to ease stress and bring about stability during the rest of your day

✨Find a food that makes you feel great and use it to aid glamours when you want to feel more beautiful or confident.

✨Do you have a lucky number or number correspondences that match your intention for the day? Try cutting your food into that many pieces, dividing it up into groups of that many pieces, or chewing each bite that many times as you focus on your intention.

✨Use some color magic by choosing brightly colored fruits that match your intention: strawberries for vitality, oranges for self expression, blueberries for tranquility, and so on.

✨Share some food with your deities. It can be easy to rush and get stressed in the morning, but if you can make some time to talk to your deities in the morning, it can really brighten up your day. Offer a little of your food to them as well, if that’s something they like.

✨If you’re someone who likes to make tinctures or other preserves, you could try canning some magical jam and jelly mixtures to use on the daily.

✨Just have time for some cereal or toast? Sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top to sweeten your words during the day and get people to listen to you. Use salt and pepper the same way for protection through the day.

that seems about right

give me langst where a leader of a world they saved goes up to the team and says something like, “you were all incredible in that battle, voltron is in quite good hands.” 

and Lance will respond with something like “well thank you very much” and flashing them a smile. Although he seems like he’s being cocky, he is really just flattered that for once, someone thought he did a good job. 

until the leader says, “Except you blue paladin. You didn’t really seem to do anything during today’s. Do you have any specialties?  Are you the blue paladin? Or are you just substituting for them today?” 

and all of them are shocked and furious. Hunk looks like he’s going to tear someone’s arm off and Pidge is giving them the death stare and god, Keith is trying his hardest not to stab this frickin ass in the chest because how dare they.

but lance just says, “yeah, that seems about right.” and turns around and walks off. 

What if the hand is a goodbye?

No, hear me out. What if Kylo managed to break Rey out after he’s had to watch Snoke torture her. The outreached hand occurs here. It’s a rescue after she thought Kylo had betrayed her after she thought she could trust him. When she realizes he’s risking his life to help her, she takes his hand

The flames are from his explosive power that he once inadvertently used to destroy Luke’s temple. This time he’s fully in control for good. They’re making it through the Supremacy’s hangar that’s now in flame. Snoke is still alive, and Kylo spots Finn with Rose.

Finn wants to kill him on the spot. He’s itching for a second go with Kylo, empowered because he just took out Phasma.

Rey says, “He’s with me!”

Kylo knows how to get a ship out of there, and guides them through the hangar.

But as the flames rain down, they reach a small ship. It’s the Silencer. There’s obviously not enough room for them all. It’s like cramming four in a Porsche. But he knows it’s well-armed, the FO wouldn’t dare fire on it, and it has the speed to get the out of there.

Kylo knows he’s not leaving. He also knows that he needs to face Snoke. That’s his destiny.

No one else knows he’s not getting on board. Rose and Finn start boarding, and he starts talking about some nuance about jumping it into hyperspace.

“Why are you telling me?” Finn asks. “I can’t fly this thing!”

Kylo answers, “I’m not telling you. I’m telling her.”

(Wasn’t there some detail that came out this summer that the Silencer has special modification that he added to it.. Well it’s constructed like something he knows like the back of his hand.)

He looks at her and tells her the hyperdrive controls are just like the Falcon’s

A beat and she realizes he’s not coming with them. Her eyes tear up.

An explosion. There’s no time. She realizes he needs to do this.

Unspoken respect occurs between Finn and Kylo. It’s the “The Princess, you have to take care of her” moment from ESB.

Rey gets her emotional space kiss as they say their farewell. Another person in her life is leaving her. He knows it as he shares that life-long loneliness.

We can get a reverse l love you. It comes from him. She answers, I know.

He promises to find her. Unlike the others who have left her life. And she believes him.

An explosion rocks the hanger. There’s no more time. They board, blast out of there, and he vanishes into the smoke and fire.

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[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P2)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: What was the reason that made you want to become a singer? V: In my 6th year of elementary school… 

Suga: In my 5th year of elementary school… 

Jimin: Let’s speak one by one. 

Jungkook: For me it’s 1st year of middle school. 

Suga: It was around my 5th year of elementary school when Stony Skunk released their 2nd album. I wasn’t into music at that time but one day I was watching a music program and got totally amazed by Stony Skunk’s performance. They completely dominated the stage with a free spirit… I fell in love with that performance for a while and then after I listened to Epik High’s ‘Fly’, I thought “Ah, I have to rap.” I wanted to get into hip hop more so I started composing as well. It was like something I had to do. I think I have never changed my dream. 

Jin: When I was in 1st year of middle school, I was chatting with my friends and we just said “I’m gonna be a singer!” very vaguely. At that time I just thought of being a cool singer, without any plan. “I want to make this vague dream come true. It’s a cool dream.” 

J-hope: When I was younger I stood out quite peculiarly at school. At places like talent shows. 

Rap Monster: Yeah, there’s no way you can’t stand out. 

J-hope: Whenever I participate in things like talent shows, my friends would push me to the front to dance, it felt really good dancing in front of many people. 

Jimin: All~ stage 

J-hope: Those experiences made me think “Ah, I really have to learn dancing”, so I started searching for videos and learned dancing for real. I looked at singers who sing and dance at the same time and found them cool. So I wanted to become one myself. 

Jimin: I started my singer dream from dancing too. 

Rap Monster: Back in my 1st year of middle school, I really liked music so I just had this vague thought “I want to make music”. But around the 2nd year of middle school, I went to Hongdae and saw some hyungs rapping there, and they were really cool. I thought “I want to make music like that too” and started nurturing my music dream. 

Suga: (looking at V) And you? 

V: I’m like Hobi-hyung too. You know there are kids who always stay quiet at school but would stand out when there’s a festival around. 

Rap Monster: Seems like you were one of those kids. 

All: (approve) 

V: I would stand out whenever there’s a festival, but it’s thanks to Big Bang’s Daesung-sunbaenim’s ‘Look At Me Gwisoon’ that I gained my popularity in 6th year of elementary school. 

Rap Monster: That was your debut stage. 

V: Yeah, so I got quite big in Geochang. 

Rap Monster: Geochang’s specialty! 

J-hope: So it’s ‘Look At Me Taehyung’. 

V: After that I was praised as the ‘characters of festivals’. But my popularity started slowly slipping down from middle school, so I thought “Ah, what I can do well is standing on the stage!!” and told my dad. So my dad… 

Suga: I think I heard the next part over 100 times. 

J-hope: Does your saxophone story have no ending? 

V: Why do you say saxophone! I haven’t even mentioned saxophone yet! 

Suga: Next your father will say “Shouldn’t you know how to play at least one instrument?” and so you started learning saxophone. 

V: Ah yes… 

Jin: You just need to talk up until that part. 

Suga: That part is the reason why you wanted to become a singer. 

Rap Monster: You just need to talk about your determination of being a singer. 

Jin: Ah, saxophone! (laughs) 

V: But I haven’t! Even! Brought up the word “saxophone” yet. I haven’t brought up it yet. 

All: (laugh) 

J-hope: You can talk about why you learned saxophone in any question. 

Rap Monster: He suddenly went from talking about festivals to the instrument thing (ㅋㅋㅋ) What about Jungkook? 

Jungkook: I joined a B-boying club in middle school and started learning then. But my parents said I wasn’t tall and told me not to learn it. 

J-hope: That’s right, they said that a lot. 

Jungkook: So I stopped with B-boying and started on my own by searching for choreography videos, then I saw Big Bang’s G-dragon-sunbaenim and thought “Ah! This is it!”, after that I started dreaming of becoming a singer. 

Q: Do you come across the hip hop genre from the beginning? What got you start making music? 

Suga: My dream was “I want to make good music and let many people hear it” from the beginning, I listened to various kinds of music and took hip hop as my base. 

Rap Monster: I think I started with the mindset of “Let’s make my music” without caring about genres. Hip hop is good, but even if it’s not hip hop, I want to show Kim Namjoon’s sincerity with any genre. I hated making insincere music, you know. 

J-hope: Hmh… I started with dancing so I came across hip hop quite easily. I thought of hip hop from the beginning already, but after meeting Rap Monster and Suga-hyung, I was influenced directly and grew interest towards hip hop. 

V: I have been liking hip hop since I was little. 

Jin: I started having interest in hip hop after I became a trainee, every week Rapmon would give me a recommended song list, you remember that? (looking at Rap Monster) I listened to it every single day~ As I listened to it I started growing interest towards hip hop. 

Suga: Yeah, Rapmon had it hard. 

J-hope: Training time! 

Jimin: At first I just wanted to become a singer without any plan at all, but I got a lot of help from the hyungs. They told me about genres and recommended me songs so I could get it easily, I listened to it and found it fun. That’s why I could have interest in hip hop. 

Jungkook: I can talk about it now but honestly it was hard for me. 

J-hope: Yeah. It was really hard for Jungkook at first when he came across hip hop. 

Rap Monster: That’s right. Passion is not something that can be forced. 

J-hope: Yeah. 

Jungkook: At first I kept listening to it and kept trying, but it was hard. 

Jimin: Yeah, we talked about it a lot back then. 

Suga: Why was it? 

Jimin: One day Jungkook suddenly said “Hyung, I don’t know.” He said it was too difficult. 

Suga: So we recommended him other genres besides hip hop. We told him “Just listen to music”. 

V: That’s right. Hyungs picked a lot of lists for me. Especially Rapmon-hyung gave me a lot. 

Rap Monster: Listening to hip hop helped Jungkook a lot with doing his favorite kind of choreography, so at first I let him listen to R&B a lot as well so he could easily catch it. 

J-hope: The biggest thing as Jungkook slowly being introduced to music is his trip to America. (laughs) 

Jimin: Ow~ Good trip.

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