That’s why we don’t borrow each other’s clothes these days. Jungkookie likes really comfortable clothes, Rap Monster is into vintage fashion recently and J-Hope is flashy, he likes other clothes (laughs). V likes big baggy clothes and when Suga decides on his outfit, most of the time he picks the rider (jacket) style. I like the clothes worn by University students. As for Jimin… it’s still a question (laughs).
—  Jin on how everyone’s preferences are completely different
Things I wish I could tape to my forehead at work:
  • Fish can’t live in bowls
  • No Betta can’t live in bowls either, they’re fish
  • Do not use hamster balls
  • Put that wild turtle back where it came from
  • No seriously it’s illegal PUT IT BACK
  • Nothing in the hermit crab section is good for them
  • Goldfish should NOT be used as feeders
  • Neither should rosy minnows
  • Your bearded dragon should not be fed pellets
  • Your leopard gecko does not need a friend
  • Please don’t use sand for your reptile
  • Don’t use pine or cedar bedding. Stop buying it. stop
  • Don’t keep hamsters together
  • You definitely don’t need a bird (if you’re just walking by it and commenting ‘I need a bird’ for the first time)
  • Science Diet is one of the worst things you can feed your dog or cat
  • No Purina is not any better
  • Don’t bring your dog in with a prong collar on
  • Don’t use negative reinforcement for ‘training’ at all
  • Don’t use shock collars
  • If your pet has a health issue, ask a vet, not us
  • Seriously please go to the vet
  • No you cannot have 1 corydoras. Or 1 tetra. Or 1 of any schooling fish.
  • No your female betta does not need a friend
  • your male betta definitely does not need a girlfriend
  • No you can’t have 100 ‘feeder’ goldfish to give out at a party
  • No amount of begging will change company policy
  • If you’re under 18 I can’t sell you animals
  • Not sure what you expect me to do about that
  • You can’t keep an iguana in a 20 gallon for any amount of time
  • I don’t care what the shit shop down the street that sold it to you told you, you can’t
  • Heat rocks are bad (I don’t care what the shit shop down the street told you)
  • Use a thermostat
  • Don’t use heat lamps for leopard geckos or ball pythons
  • Don’t use coil uvb
  • Your beardie needs to eat veggies
  • Lettuce is not a veggie
  • You cannot have a common pleco for a 10 gallon
  • You don’t need a pleco or ‘cleaner fish’ at all please let this myth die

an endless list of my favorite movies - Sleeping Beauty (1959)

“She is indeed most wondrous fair, gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose. The years roll by. But a hundred years, to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part and our prince is free to go his way.”
life is like a bakery

everyone has a bakery

your days are your cakes, and your experiences are your ingredients

when you have a good experience, you get good ingredients.

when you have a sad experience, you get sad ingredients.

some people like to put peoples’ sad ingredients into their cake when they’re not looking, and that brings their bakery down. stay away from these motherfuckers.

people like me like to put peoples’ happy ingredients into their cakes. maybe thats why i’m made fun of for always being happy and being called spongebob behind my back, because i cant stop smiling through my day. but that’s just how i make my make.

  1. dont ever tell someone their bakery sucks ass based on how many sad/happy ingredients they choose to put in their cake.

how i would explain why this is a rule is mainly based on the spongebob thing:

after my grandma died when i was eight, no one in my family told me for the sake of me being so young. when i was that age i was smart enough to realize one thing, and that was I hated being lied to about important things. I didn’t find out by my mom telling me, i found out by my walking into the hospital room and seeing my dad clutching her hand and telling her she’d lived a good life. it was after i confronted my mom about it that i asked for the truth to be told to me when it was major. she said she promised to do just that.

two months later, my mom was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. i was still too uninformed at that age to realize that you can die from it. i also wasn’t told about it.

four months after that, after my mom cut her hair and started taking medicine and started disappearing once every three weeks and i’d have to pretend i didn’t walk into the room after seeing my sister do what the nurse showed to her do to get the liquid from my mom’s lungs out. after every “mommy’s fine” from her when i saw her sitting on the couch, too weak to even stand, and when she did she needed a walker even though she was 38 years old. after all that, after the promise that she’d tell me the truth-

she died. and i only got mad because twice now, they’d lied to me about it, and it felt like i was being cheated out of my ingredients. it was my fucking cake, and they had no right to keep the ingredients away from me, whether or not they were sad or happy.

but even being nine, it didn’t make me upset.

because i chose to keep my sad ingredients out of my fucking cake. when people ask me how i stay so happy, i say it’s because i look at the positive in life all the time. meaning i store my sad ingredients in a cabinet, and i only open it when i think it should be opened. i only put happy fucking ingredients in my cakes, motherfucker. when i think its necessary, i’ll take a sad ingredient and put it in my cake. not enough to make the cake bitter, though,i have to stay happy to keep the bakery running. 

a lot of my friends do the opposite, unfortunately. they only want sad cakes. they don’t care if their bakery shuts down, as long as their happy ingredients are forgotten and their cakes are bitter. i don’t like to see my friends like this. i love my friends, and i want them to be happy. sometimes i’ll bring a cake to them, and they’ll smile a little bit, and they’ll get a new happy ingredient.

but they’ll just store that away too, with the rest.

so i’ll give them a happy ingredient of my own, like instead of asking a neighbor for sugar, i’m voluntarily going to their doorstep to give them sugar. i ask them to put it in their cake, and when they finally do, i smile as i see how they like the little ingredient. the smile fades as i see the effects wear off, and they don’t do it again for a long time. a really long time.

I like to sneak into their bakery at night and put their happy ingredients into their cake mix. when they bake it, they find that they like the outcome, and i hope that they start to use their happy ingredients more often. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t. i’ve lost friends by trying to make their cake happier. it’s how i learned to stay away from the people who purposely make their cakes bitter. especially the ones that try to put their sad ingredients into your cake. don’t let these bitter-cake-ass motherfuckers ruin your cake and/or your bakery. i will lay a bitch down if they try to ruin your cakes, because i’ll throw my happy spongebob cakes in their faces and make them taste happiness.

life is like a bakery…

your cakes are your days…

your experiences are your ingredients…

some people put only happy ingredients, with some sad ones too.

some people put only sad ingredients, with some happy ones too.

some put happy ingredients and nothing else. these are their cakes. these are their bakeries.

some put sad ingredients and nothing else. these are their cakes. these are their bakeries.

i want people to have a healthy amount of happy in their cakes, because i get scared when they’re too sad. i get scared that they’re going to shut down their bakery. no one’s bakery should get shut down just because other’s don’t like the taste of their cakes, that’s just not fair. so i make sure people have happy ingredients.

sometimes, when i do this, people sneak into my bakery and fill my cake batter with sad ingredients, and these aren’t the best of my cakes. they ruin my cakes. they ruin my days. something you should never do: never let this happen again by doing it to yourself.

if you can’t bring yourself to start a new cake and fill it with the happiest of ingredients, then go to someone’s bakery where you know they’ll let you have some of their cake and you can be happy.

don’t shut down your bakery. don’t let someone else shut down your bakery. my bakery was bumpy as it started, but that’s when people were robbing me of my ingredients. i learned to not take that shit, and learned how to keep my bakery running and welcome for people to come and get a happy cake when they needed it. keep your bakeries running, please, because i hate to see neighbors on the street go.

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I really need that library book, and it's the only one. Everlark

Katniss was going to kill Professor Abernathy.

She’d hated him since the beginning of the semester, mostly because he showed up to their first class hammered off his ass. He was an inconsistent grader, didn’t seem to care about his students, and assigned ridiculous papers that he was too lazy to read.

Now, however, he’d crossed a line. Granted, he’d warned them on the first day of class that he structured the class with a “loose” syllabus, so she knew he’d throw his students some curveballs along the way.

But she hadn’t expected this.

“I want a five-page book report over Uncle Tom’s Cabin Monday,” he slurred near the end of Friday’s class, and Katniss’s stomach dropped. The book had been on his list of “recommended” reading, but before that day, he hadn’t even mentioned it. Of course, Katniss barely had enough money for a basic meal plan – she did not have the funds for unnecessary textbooks.

So, she didn’t have Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

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You gotta think though, like. The wallpaper was intentional. That’s not just a figment of our imagination, y’all, that’s straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth legit. So all these little things we’ve been picking up on (John’s theme calling Sherlock back to life, “Who leaves a wedding early?”, the flowers, the birds, the elephants.) IS ALL REAL JOHNLOCK’S REAL I’M REAL WE’RE ALL REAL

I know there’s a rule that disallows sexual harassment in the workplace, but you try telling a 70-year-old woman not to pat you on the ass after class. It’s like yelling at Betty White. Why would you do that shit? Besides, she brings me cookies once a week. I can take an ass-pat for cookies.

So yesterday I managed to reach 6K followers and tbh I’m still in shock because I don’t understand how that many of you follow my blog >< Regardless, I’ve owed you all a follow forever since I hit 5K followers so here’s a list of people who really light up my dash! Thank you to everyone for your support and I love you guys~ ((Sorry it’s a small list, I only follow around 140 blogs))

Bold: Friends
Italics: People I admire
Bold and Italics: Friends I admire


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what is the guy you're going on a date with like? wish you all the best!! you're awesome!!

AHHHH!!! I couldn’t answer this but I just got back and hE IS SUCH A NERD HE TALKED ABOUT FOUCAULT AND ALTHUSSER AND IM JUST REALLY GLAD I KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT takes a breath uhm he’s a really big psychology major nerd and he’s way out of my league and way too cute and lives way too near me and he made the dumbeST JOKES AND LAUGHED AT THE PUNS I TOLD HIM also he paid for like everything and bought me this green tea cheesecake piece that was the size of maybe half my iphone for like $17 alSO HE ASKED ME ABOUT MY PHONE SCREEN (which is chanyeol in specs) and he was like “should I start wearing glasses too” HE WAS REALLY CUTE… closes my eyes save me from this mess guys 

the biggest 2P dorks (a.k.a most likely to embarrass himself in public), from greatest to least:

  1. 2P!America (god save this lame nerd)
  2. 2P!Germany (this loser is very close behind)
  3. 2P!Prussia (clumsy a’f)
  4. 2P!England (geek)
  5. 2P!Romano
  6. 2P!Austria
  7. 2P!China
  8. 2P!Canada
  9. 2P!Italy
  10. 2P!Russia
  11. 2P!France
  12. 2P!Japan

#you’re welcome

((cheers to the bottom three cool guys. *puts sunglasses on their calm faces*))

Alright, my turn to rant for a little bit.

These two images pretty much encompass the massive amount of retcons we’ve seen in the past year.

First, Hinata is being described as the “Princess of the Hyuga” despite literally being the black sheep of the family in part 1. Hanabi, up until…wait no, nevermind, pretty sure she still is, was set up to take over the Hyuga Clan instead of Hinata because she was a prodigy compared to her. The entire point of Hinata’s character arc in part 1 was she wanted to become stronger so she could earn her place as the rightful heir to the clan. That never happened. Even after Neji helped her develop her techniques and train she still wasn’t good enough to take over the clan, as proven in The Last when it was Hanabi still being set up to take over. Hinata has yet to even win a battle in canon. She was even bested by a fucking rock despite having the Byakugan. A rock. She in no way shook the world with her power. She had very little even in Shippuden. And apparently in the Boruto movie she still can’t win a fight.

Second, Sakura is described as “the only student that the fifth hokage ever accepted” despite Ino and Shizune being Tsunade’s students as well. Sakura may have been the only one to use Tsunade’s more powerful techniques, but that does not suddenly erase the fact that she trained Ino and Shizune as her students.

Third, Sakura does not have superhuman strength. The technique she uses allows her to build up chakra in her fists to simulate superhuman strength, but she does not have superhuman strength. I bring this up despite this possibly being a translation issue because if it isn’t a translation issue this goes back to the idea that Sarada being able to use the same technique without training suddenly proves she’s Sakura’s daughter. It doesn’t. If that were the case then Tsunade and Sakura are related, and we know that’s not true. Sakura and Tsunade had to work hard to be able to use that technique and Sarada being able to use it without training is not in any way a sign that she’s Sakura’s daughter, it’s a sign that she’s a Mary Sue with a retconned “inherited” ability. It’s not an inherited ability or trait, it’s a technique.

Fourth, both Hinata and Sakura are described as “elite jounin by birth”. This makes the least amount of sense being applied to Sakura, who doesn’t come from a renown clan. She’s a Haruno, she has a clan symbol, but that in no way makes her family elite. This was a point of her character that was established early on, that she came from a civilian background and therefore had to work hard and educate herself to keep up with the other students. And she was not elite by birth as she was weak as hell in part 1, standing to the sidelines and mostly acting as cheerleader, and that’s precisely why she was paired up with Naruto and Sasuke. The students were paired up into their teams to balance each other out. Sakura was paired up with the students at the top and bottom of the class precisely because she was perfectly average. She did not inherit her titles, her strength, her abilities, or anything, she earned those things throughout the manga. They were not bestowed upon her by birth. So this is an outright lie. Hinata, as I mentioned in my first point, was not considered an elite even by her own family. She was considered weak, too weak even to take over the clan when she got older. This, like Sakura’s civilian backstory, was a part of Hinata’s character early on. But now suddenly their humble-ish backgrounds are being erased in favor of being “elite by birth”.

Fifth, Hinata is described as the “new age heroine”. What the fuck does that even mean? New age heroine? I can’t tell if they mean “new age” as in the new age of the world post-war or “new age” as in alternative style of heroine. Either way it makes 0 fucking sense. They’ve been pushing the idea of Hinata being the heroine since The Last but it still holds no water. Hinata has very little effect on the original story and only serves as an incubator post-The Last. She was a minor character, not a heroine. And to try and retcon her as being the heroine by sugar-coating her lack of achievements as being “new age” just proves the point that she’s not a typical heroine. Her only achievement was getting married to the main character. That’s it. Not exactly what I’d describe as a heroine, right? But oh no, don’t worry, she’s a “new age” heroine. Totally excused. Right? No. Sakura doesn’t even have the title of “heroine” in her description. Only Hinata gets that. Bullshit.

Sixth, and maybe this is just nitpicking, but it feels like Naruto’s character and accomplishments are being overshadowed by Hinata. Is it just me? I mean look at the size of their descriptions. Naruto gets three descriptors: shinobi that ended the war, a hero, and hokage. Hinata gets five: princess, elite by birth, blessed with kekkai genkai, shook the world with her power, heroine. It’s just bizarre. We know for a fact that Hinata still holds little relevance to the overall plot of the new movie or Boruto’s story, so why is her relevance and power being blown so out of proportion even compared to Naruto? Perhaps it has to do with my previous point, that this is an attempt to try and trick people into thinking Hinata’s always been special and that she’s always been the heroine. As if people will forget the 15 years worth of manga that Hinata was barely in if they throw a bunch of titles at her post-manga. But to try and have her overshadow even the main character who actually was relevant, as well as Sasuke or Sakura who were also main characters? It just feels wrong.

Finally, the overarching impression I get, aside from the obvious retcon of Hinata’s relevance and the other things I mentioned, is that the idea of “underdogs can work hard and surpass people born with privilege or who are geniuses” is gone. Just gone. Poof. No longer is Naruto an underdog who had to struggle all his life, no longer is Hinata an underdog to her family (supposedly), no longer is Sakura an underdog who had to work hard to keep up with her peers, no. Now Naruto had a hokage as a father and power dropped into his lap, Hinata was an elite jounin by birth who had power dropped into her lap, Sakura was an elite jounin by birth with superhuman strength….and Sasuke’s always been a genius, but he also had to work hard to get as strong as he is and that always seems to be forgotten. Boruto and Sarada both come from backgrounds describing their parents as “elite”, therefore making them “elite by birth” in the same way. They are born with privilege into a world that will respect them just for who their parents are and will only struggle to live up to their names, not to actually obtain power the way their parents had to in the beginning. Sarada didn’t need to train to be able to use Sakura and Tsunade’s technique, Boruto is already described as a prodigy and we know by the end of the movie he’s going to be using techniques like Rasengan and Chidori, techniques that took Naruto and Sasuke months to be able to use and years to master (not to mention that he shouldn’t be able to use Chidori at all for the same reasons Kakashi wasn’t supposed to until he got a Sharingan).

The story’s no longer about underdogs rising up, it’s about elites becoming more elite.

What a travesty that the manga has been erased so completely in this post-story bullshit.

But hey, at least it makes it easier to treat everything post-699 as a completely separate story and universe. It no longer resembles the original material in any way so….yeah. At least this makes it easier to ignore it’s existence.


So it seems Mangastream’s translation is very different, so I guess I’ll talk about it as a separate thing. As of the writing of this edit Mangastream is down so I’ll have to go by hearsay until I can read it myself.

The two major differences are the descriptors of Hinata and Sakura being heroines and the reference of who are “elite”.

In the Mangastream translation it apparently says Hinata is a “heroine of [Boruto’s] time” and Sakura is a “self-proclaimed heroine”. Now, this is in fact WORSE than the other translation because it flat out states that Hinata is the “true” heroine while Sakura is a false heroine who is just “self-proclaimed”. It paints Sakura’s heroism as something only she believes in, that Hinata the actual heroine while Sakura’s a fraud deluding herself. This is twice as fucked up as giving Hinata the “new age heroine” title and leaving Sakura without one.

As for the reference of the children being “elite by birth” and not their parents, my points for the most part still stand. While it doesn’t necessarily erase the underdog origins of the parents it still shows the shift in the story from underdogs rising up to elites becoming more elite. But this translation at least eases the blow against the original characters’ backgrounds.

Yep, those are my thoughts for now until I can read the Mangastream translation myself.