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Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

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In which Ellie Miller needs a smaller font

I didn’t mean that- Yoongi

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WC: 2024


Part: one shot

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Dating an idol isn’t the easiest thing and you knew that. After begin in a relationship with Min Yoongi, or as fans call him, Suga for 2 years you realised that it’s hard and that it has it’s ups and downs. 

 You met him in a coffee shop. He bumped into you and spilled coffee all over you. Then he wanted to make it up to you so you two met again and had lunch together. You and Yoongi quickly became friends and after some time you two started dating.

  You really loved Yoongi and really cared about him. There were times that you and Yoongi had problems but so does every couple do. You two never had a very serious fight, that after it you didn’t talk to each other. Suga always made sure to show you how much he loved you. He would give 100 kisses and hug you all the time.  Even in front of his friends he’d show some kind off affection. And you always felt his love to you…well at least till now.

   You’ve noticed that Yoongi has been acting weird lately. After work he woulgo straight to sleep, in the morning he would leave without saying anything and he would wake up in the middle of the night and sit on his phone or computer. It wouldn’t be so weird but it seemed like he was avoiding you.

It stared to worry you because Yoongi was never like this. You stared thinking that he stoped loving you or that he was cheating on you. You had thoughts like this before because he’s an idol.  He’s popular all over the world and he could have any girl he wants and you’re just…you, a normal girl. But he assured you that he loves you and to him you are perfect.

One night you heard something in the kitchen and decided to go chcek it. You noticed that Yoongi wasn’t in bed so you figured that it was probably him in the kitchen. But you were wrong

.-Jin, what are you doing?- You asked him as you sat down by the table.

-Oh Y/N, I just couldn’t sleeo so I decided to get a glass of water.- he explained and sat next to you.

-And you?- He added.

-I heard a noise in the kitchen ans saw that Yoongi’s not in  the bed, so I thought it was him, but well.- You told him with a sad face.

-Y/N is everthing ok?- Jin ask concerned.

-Seokjin I don’t know what’s happening to him. He’s been acting so weird lately. He became so distaint, so cold towards me.- You looked at him with worried eyes

.-Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s ok and there’s nothing wrong.- Jin smiled at you and hugged at you.

At that moment you heard the door open. It was Yoongi. He went in and looked at you and Jin. Without saying anything he went to his room and you went after him.

-Where were you?- You asked as you closed the door.

-Nowhere, just went out for a walk.- He said without even looking at you.

-Baby, talk to me please.- You sat next to him and placed your hand on his shoulder.

-Y/N not now, I’m tired.- He brushed you hand off and went to sleep. 

 You felt even more sad and worried. You didn’t want to go to sleep now, not next to him. You went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. You felt depressed and guilty. You stared feelling like all of this is your fault. That Yoongi became distant and that he stopped loving you. You stared sobbing and tried to be quiet  not to wake anyone up.

 After some time you heard someone waling towards the bathroom. You tried to calm yourself sown as you heard the voice.

-Y/N, are you there? Are you crying? What’s wrong?- You recognised this voice, it was Namjoon.

-I’m fine.-You opend the door and look at him.

-Well you’re clearly not because you’re crying.- He grabbed your hand you took you to the living room.

- So what’s wrong?- He asked and gave you the tissue.

You explained to him what was on you mind and how you feel about Yoongi’s behaviour. He told you to stop blaming yourself and not to worry that much. And that it’s probably because he’s stressed and busy. After that he went to sleep and you decided to  just sit here and think. You didn’t even realise that you feel asleep on the couch. When you woke up guys alredy left for practise.

~”Not Today” playing in the background~

-Okay guys that’s it for today. That was great. Rest and see you tomorrow.- The choregrapher said and went out. 

The practise just ended and Namjoon decided to talk to Yoongi after what happend yesterday. He couldn’t understand why his friend was acting so different and wanted to know what was going on in his mind.

  -Yoongi can we talk?- Namjoon came up to him.

  -Yeah, what’s up.?- Yoongi was curious what Namjoon wanted to talk about. -What’s the hell is going with you?- Rap Mon asked without hesitation. 

-What do you mean?- Suga was confused. 

-I talked with Y/N last night, she was crying. She told me that you are acting different and I also noticed it. She blames herself for that, she thinks you stopped loving and caring about her.- Namjoon said with serious face.

 -What? That’s ridiciuoulus. I love her and care about her. Why would she even think like that?- Yoogni was both worried and confused.

  -Yoongs you’ve been ignoring her for like 2 weeks and you didn’t give any fuck about her.- Leader looked dissapointed. 

-God damit you guys. All of you keep o picking up on me. Like fuck I’m just stressed an have a lot of work and you start thinking some weird shit.- Yoongi was angry. 

-Okay look calm down.-Namjoon tried to talk to him but Yoongi slammed the door and went out. 

-What happened?- All of the guys asked. 

-Nothing. But let’s not go home now.- Namjoon informed .

  -Why?- Tae asked.

  -That’s where Yoongi is going and he and Y/N need to talk.-Jin added. 

You heard the door slamming. You looked at that direction and saw Yoongi. He didn’t look happy. 

-What’s wrong?- You asked.

  -Nothing.- He said coldly. 

-No Yoongi. Can you stop begin do distant. Just fucking talk to me.- You couldn’t hold it in anymore

. -What Y/N!?  I don’t have anything to tell you. And even if I don’t want to talk to you right now.- He was getting more angry.

  -You’ve been acting like this for 2 weeks. You ignored me for 2 weeks and you don’t even want to tell me what’s wrong. What did you stop loving me? Are you cheating on me, did you fing someone else? Tell me.- You grabbed his arm and turnesd him around so that he was facing you. 


-Yes I got it.- You’ve had enough, he just crossed the line. You ran out of there crying,. 

After that he realised what he has done. He screamed at you out of annoyence becaue he was stressed, he had so much work latley that he acted like not him. He did not meant what he said. None of it. He loves you so much and he doesn’t want to lose you. 

-Yoongi is everything alrighgt?- Jimin asked as he and guys came in. 

-I fucked up. I need to go and get her- That’s all he said. 

-Well then you better hurry cuz it’s pouring outside.-Jungkook added. 

Yoongi storemed out of the dorm. After realising what he had done he was devasted. If something happend to you because of him, because of what he said, he would never forgive himslef. He stared looking for you. He went to all your favourite places. His legs were weak and he was out of breath but he promised himself that he’s not gonna stop until he finds you. 

 He saw on you in front of a park that the two of you went to a lot. You were standig on the other side of the road. The rain was pouring and everything was unclear. He called you but you didn’t hear him nor saw him. You stared crossing the road when you heard someone calling your name. You looked up and saw Yoongi. He was saying something but you couldn’t really hear him. You didn’t want to see him or talk to him so you turned around and that’s when you saw lights. Car lights. They were getting closet so fat that you couldn’t react fast enough. Next thing you remeber was seeing Yoongi screaming your name and guys looking terrified. After that all you could see was black.

-Y/N!!- Yoongi screamd and ran to you. 

-Yoongi! We need to get her to the hospital.- Jin said and the guys agreed. 

Yoongi took you in his arms and ran to the van. He was so scared. You weren’t reacting to him  calling you and there was so much blood. As soon as he got to the hospital he look for a doctor. When the staff took you away Yoongi fell on the floor. He was exhausted. He was taken to other room to rest. 

When he woke up he saw guys Hosek, Tae and Jimin standig by the window. 

-How’s Y/N?- he immidietly asked. 

-She’s in another room. Namjoon and Jungkook are there and Jin is talking to the doctor.- Hoseok replied. 

-I wanna go see her.- Yoongi got up and started walking toward your room. He was standing in front of you room. 

He was too scared to go in. He blamed himself for what happend. 

  -Go in. We’re gonna wait here.- Jin told him. 

He went in and when he saw your face with bruises and laying there with your eyes closed he couldn’t hold it in. He sat next to your bed and held your hand. 

-I’m so sorry Y/N. It’s all m fault. If you hear me please forgive me. I was such an asshole to you. You were hurting and I didn’t even realised and asked. And now you’re laying here because of me. I’m so sorry baby.- He was sobbing when you felt how you squeezed his hand an d heard your soft voice. 

-Yoongi.- You slowly opend your eyyes and saw Yoongi.

-Y/N, thank god you’re okay. I was so worried. Y/N I’m so so sorry. It all happend because of me. I never ment for that to happen. I never wanted to hurt you. I know I was a dick but I was so stressed because there is a lot of work and I just… I’m so sorry baby.- He sounded so sad. 

-Yoongi…- You whispered. 

-I didn’t mean what I said. I love you and I would never cheat on you. You are the only one for me. I l love you so much.- He looked at you. 

-I love you too Yoongi. Just please don’t be like this again.- You smiled.  

-I promise.- He kissed you and laid next to you. 

After one week they released you from hospital and you and Yoongi were happy again. From now on whenever Yoongi has a lot of work and is stressed he talks to you and you two solve it together. Yoongi still blames himslef for what happend even though you are fine now. But you tell him that it’s not his fault and to just forget about it.

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imagine tanuma and natsume starting to date. imagine them going on picnic dates, holding hands as they walk through the forest, blushing and giggling whenever they make eye-contact. imagine their first kiss. imagine them spending time with each other’s families. imagine tanuma and natsume slowly falling in love


So… following the thing I was talking about yesterday about forgetting to draw Ford’s coat all the time and saying that the coat just makes him look way more serious and that without it he looks more home-y … well I wanted to make the coat fluffy and so this happened…

Toddler twins make yet another appearance! Yay ??

Bonus that doesn’t really connect with the rest:


Summary of art 2014


Omg sorry for take so long I had this one in my WIP folder for like months and I haven’t got to finish it till now?? Thank you for the prompt, it’s been very cute to draw!! >w< 

This is surely AU because otherwise Ulqui would die because of those sweets pff


OTP Meme

[1/7] Episodes: Five Years Gone “Remember how he used to be all full of hope and optimism? He went away the day you died.”

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ive been seeing a lot of post including asexuals in with romance type posts as not loving anyone and i know its kinda an umbrella term but just remember that there’s asexual and aromantic and asexual =/= aromantic


Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya (11/17) ✧

“A catcher’s mitt was unlike any other gloves, and it’s the only position that squats down the field, looking at everyone. I was enticed by that.  That was how I became a catcher. …This starting position was what I acquired by my own strength. The plays achieved with the fielders, the types of ball I ask from the pitcher… The role of the coach in the field… Such an interesting position, I definitely won’t give it up to anybody.”

Week fifteen- SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge

Title: Bait
Characters: Sam, Dean x sister!reader
Word Count: 1440
Warnings: the word hooker, mild violence

Prompt: “I’m trying my best to be polite, here.”
A/N: This is my entry for SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Sorry it’s late
Tags: @one-shots-supernatural

You looked at yourself in the mirror and you were not happy. The person staring back at you was not you. Instead of flannel and skinny jeans you had on a short tight blue dress that left little to the imagination and six inch black heels. Instead of your normal natural clean face you had heavy makeup on. Instead of your normal ponytail or braid you had done your hair in tight curls that would last the night. It wasn’t that you looked bad it just wasn’t you. You sighed it was nights like this you really hated your job. You and your brothers had caught word of a vampire that was wreaking havoc in a nearby town. It turned out that the three of you were the closest to the mess and with much reluctance from your big brothers it was decided that you would be used as bait for tonight.

You looked at yourself one last time in the mirror before making your way to your brothers. The boys turned their heads as they heard your heels clicking into the library. When they finally got a good look at you both of their eyes widened and their mouths dropped.
Dean was the first to be able to get words out. “You look like a hooker!”

“Dean!” Sam scolded

“What I’m trying my best to be polite, here.”

Sam looked at him like he was crazy. “How by calling our sister a hooker?”

Dean gave Sam his ‘isn’t it obvious look’ “Well yay I just mean she looks the part. What did you want me to say? That she looks hot, that would just be weird.”

You just rolled your eyes. “Can we just get this over with?” You wanted to get this done and over with as soon as possible.

Sam stood “She right, we need to leave now if we want to get there on time.”


You sat at the bar waiting for your target to come in. You were nursing your drink while you looked around. It was a 9 o’clock on a Friday night and the bar was filled with people drinking their week away. Your brothers sat in the back keeping an eye on you ready to step in when the vampire took the bait. You checked the watch on your wrist you had already been there for an hour and still no sign of him. You could be at home right now in yoga pants and binge watching Netflix, but instead you were in a bar that was too full for your liking. You liked to drink just as much as the next hunter but you preferred to do it in the comfort of your own home. Just then movement caught the corner of your eye. There was a man with jet black hair was too well dressed for a whole in the wall place like this. You knew that it was him and that it was show time. You looked at your watch again and let out a dejected sigh. You heard the stool next to you being pulled out.

A smooth voice spoke next to you. “What is a pretty little thing like you sitting all by yourself?”

You looked up and met a pair or brown eyes and gave a sad smile. “I was supposed to meet a date here but I don’t think that he’s going to make it. It’s the perfect ending to the crappy week I’ve been having.” You looked down at your drink. “Sorry you don’t need to hear my sap story.”

“What kind of gentlemen would I be if I didn’t help a damsel in distress out?” You looked up to be met with a charming smile, you gave him one back. “There’s a smile. Why don’t you let me buy you a drink and see what we can do about your problems?”

Just like that the two of you started talking. An hour and a half later your new “friend” just finished telling a story that the two of you were laughing at. When he finished he turned and looked at you “Why don’t we get out of here?” You nodded back with a shy smile and took his hand while you were making your way out the door you made eye contact with your brothers.

As soon as you reached the dark alley the vampire pinned you against the wall. You looked back at him with wide fear filled eyes. He smiled sadistically at you enjoying your terror. “Aww what’s that matter cat got your tongue?” He grinned wider as you whimpered. He took his hand and ran it across your cheek. His smile grew wide as you flinched.

He looked at you with glee filled eyes with his fangs on full display clearly enjoying his little game. “What’s that matter do you not like me anymore? You didn’t seem to have any problem in the bar. Don’t tell me you were playing games.” He pushed you harder against the wall. You winced at the presser he was applying to your arms

“Pl… please don’t hurt me” you whimpered. He leaned in closely his lips touching your earlobe

“So you were just playing games weren’t you. You’re just a little tease,’ He shook his head in disappointment. ‘That is such a shame.”

“Please just let me go. I just want to go home.” You pleaded one last time.

He ran his hand over your exposed neck. “Why would I do that? Who is going to care if I snap that pretty little neck of yours?”

It was your turn to smirk. He took a step back in shock seeing all traces of fear leaving your body.

“They will.” You stated looking over his shoulder.

The vampire turned around to be met with the sight of your two very large, angry looking older brothers. In one swift movement before the vampire could move Dean hacked his head off with the machete he had in his hand. Dean’s green eyes met yours, the coldness quickly leaving them to fill with concern.

“You good?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” You answered

Dean visibly relaxed at your response. You look at Dean with the best serious face that you could muster. “You owe me a new dress though you got blood all over this one.”

Dean just raised an eyebrow at you “I thought you hated that dress?”

You crossed your arms and stood your ground. “I do but that’s beside the point, how am I going to be the bait next time if you ruined my dress?”

Dean opened his mouth to reply but Sam cut him off before he could. “I don’t think now is the best time to discuss this, we’ll figure it out when we get back to the bunker.”

You sighed and uncrossed your arms “Fine, you’re right’ you moved closer to Sam ‘besides my feet are killing me I can’t wait to get out of these shoes.”

You started to take off your shoes as your brothers looked at you like you were crazy for doing that in the alley. With shoes in hand you looked up and met Sam’s confused eye’s “Can I have a piggy back ride Sammy?”

“Are you serious?” Sam asked.

You pouted and gave him your best puppy dog eyes “Please Sammy.” He sighed and turned around, squatting down in front of you. You couldn’t help but cheer as you hop on. You climbed on and wrapped your arms around his neck as he secured his arms under your legs to make sure you didn’t fall. As he rose and walked away you could hear Dean laughing “You are so whipped.”

“Please you would have caved sooner and we both know you’re going to buy her a new dress.” Sam retorted.

Dean pouted like a little kid “Pff no I wasn’t” he denied even though he knew it was completely true.

You knew that this argument could last a long time so up interrupted “Hey you two can argue about who loves me more later, but right now I am tried and hungry so onward.” You stated gently pulling on Sam’s hair

He gave you a dirty look the best he could over his shoulder “I’ll drop you.”

“No you won’t you love me too much” You couldn’t help but laugh as they muttered about how you were a brat. The three of you lived a crazy, dangerous and sometime heart breaking life but as long as you had your brothers and moments like this you would be alright and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I think this whole anti thing is really funny and interesting at the same time, so when I saw that  @cartoonjunkie was having a contest or whatever with anti, I thought, eh why not?

Now, I don’t normally draw people especially people that I like, even though anti is a fictional character, it’s still jack.

I am not happy with it…HAHA what a surprise…I am not happy with one of my drawing….you weren’t expecting that weren’t you?(*extremely sarcastic voice)…. I think I could’ve done way better especially with the pose….but I mean it’s a very rushed drawing, it took me I think less than an hour.

I have no idea what anti’s sam looks like, so I just drew that thing over there…I imagined it much more evil and well just like anti, but it turned out like a thing that you would normally see in horror movies.

I don’t think I will draw jack in the near future, simply because, it’s not like I would draw chara or altair or any character, he’s a real person, so it’s not real opened to interpretation.  You could argue about that, but I am just not confident enough…

I did not enter in this contest to win or anything, I just got in because it was an opportunity for me to draw something new or someone new, and someone that I really like…well, I mean, almost, since this is anti

also..yay for Jack!