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Doesn't Dean do the sword baton twirling thing too? (I now have stupid headcanon that Jensen thought Misha how to do the twirl thing properly lol)

Yeah, he does! :D 

And likewise, you’re never going to convince me that there wasn’t a day when Misha and Jensen stood around flipping the angel blades and smacking themselves in the face with them until they’d got the hang of doing the flippy thing.

(I’m not entirely sure who started it because Misha has been using these knives longer, even if he seems to be hilariously incompetent at being badass on instinct judging by endless comments from the cast at cons etc :P) 

But he’s definitely been doing it a while…

and the times I can think of Dean with the flippy blade thing are all in season 9 and 10, so.

(baton twirling, omg you’ve ruined it, I will laugh at that every time now :P) 


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