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Okay, fine..this? I wasn’t mugged. Alright, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he showed up two seconds later, I would have-


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 

“The warm scent of wind and earth tickled my senses, intoxicating me. It was Rhyse; it was home.”

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! Thank you so much @zenwisterias / @taylordraws for this beautiful commission of my OCs, Rhyse and Eleanor!

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Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16

anonymous asked:

I'm so embarrassed that I'm a part of this generation. Like where the fuck have you been, the ASOUE books have been out since 1999. Y'all are dumb a shit

Ur not a real ASOUE fan. Lol leave it to the professionals and back up buddy chum pal mate friend mate chum buddy pal bud

I might delete this later just because I don’t care for content like this on my blog. But these messages just…really made me laugh?

Child. Child. I was a teenager when the ASOUE books came out. I was a bookish kid who’d decided I was “far too grown up” for children’s literature. An absolutely foolish phase to be sure, but one most people go through. You’re probably going through a similar phase right now, judging by your tone.

The Netflix series made me interested in the books. I might read them, I might not. It really doesn’t matter to you or anyone else whether I do.

When someone takes an interest in something you like, you don’t mock them for not being interested in it sooner. What is that meant to accomplish? Are you trying to sour their interest in the thing you like? Why not encourage it instead? Talk to them about your shared interest, nurture it, and the creator whose content you like could gain a new fan.

Listen, everyone—watch the movie without reading the comic. Read the novelization without watching the movie. View the Netflix series without reading the book. Watch new Doctor Who without seeing the old series. Then read the book or see the movie if you want to, but only if you want to. There are more than enough real problems in the world without turning entertainment into some silly pissing contest. 

Because truly, there is nothing sadder than considering yourself elite for liking a thing before other people liked it.

okay just imagine with me for a second. 

yoongi and jimin going on an adventure together during an afternoon off before the comeback. somehow they end up finding this store that sells an assortment of things including toys and collectibles. and as usual, yoongi goes to see if they have any cute kumamon things that he doesn’t have yet. jimin is looking around and catches sight of a jibangi and pauses looking from yoongi to the doll. and jimin being jimin, he starts giggling when he notices the resemblance of the the doll and yoongi. though he did attempt to be quiet yoongi looks at him with a raised eyebrow which just makes jimin laugh harder throwing his head back, attempting to cover his mouth with his hand. and yoongi asks what’s so funny and jimin grabs the doll holding it up for yoongi who still doesn’t understand. taking a few breaths jimin finally is able to say, ‘hyung, you look like jibangi’. yoongi was shocked looking from jimin to the doll and back again and jimin just can’t compose himself leaning forward against yoongi as he continues to laugh. yoongi takes the doll from jimin’s grasp and frowns his signature pout forming as he whines ‘how do i look like this thing?’ 

and jimin ends up buying the jibangi since ‘whenever i miss you i can cuddle jibangi.’ 

(yg grumbles under his breath as they leave the store ‘you see me every day why can’t you just cuddle me’) 

6th Lion

So I bought my sister an old Voltron comic for Christmas because we’re super into the show and I thought it would be cool to see how the other series went. Anyways, she read it and started texting me frantically one day because there was a White Lion.

Season 2 spoilers under the cut!

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