Merlin: Merlin and Arthur are best friends! 

Supernatural: Dean and Castiel have a profound bond!

Sherlock: John and Sherlock are partners for life! 

Gotham: lol yeah so Oswald definitely loves Ed, here’s him practicing his confession while Ed buys wine for their dinner date. 


consider: fake ah gavin who experiences dissociation a lot especially during gang work. gavin who knows he did some computer stuff for geoff today but doesn’t remember any of it because everything is so fuzzy and surreal and he certainly couldn’t tell you anything about what he did that day (did he eat? have tea? when was the last time he showered? did he imagine talking to michael that day? who knows, certainly not him)

now imagine gavin having a really hard time remembering what’s real and what isn’t on a heist (did he pack extra ammo? did he take out that security camera or was that a dream? is that siren real?) and someone in the crew gets hurt

as a result, gavin develops a dissociative identity disorder and thus the golden boy is born and when things get to be too much, the golden boy is there to protect gavin from the brutality of his line of work