it isn’t uncommon, you know? it’s easy to get lost. in the vastness of space, there’s only yourself, your ship, your crew. (insp)

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they are standing in the garden, alexander by eliza’s side

i know this scene has been made into comics about 5000 times, but i felt like drawing flowers so i’m making it 5001


“f-fuck off”

the personality for these is really fun to come up with, but actually drawing out the concept is always so difficult ^^;;

here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • stoic on the outside
  • A N x ie T yy on the inside
  • obsessed with outerspace & conspiracies (they’re out there)
  • glow in the dark stars
  • INHALES ANY WARM BEVERAGE (tea and coffee and apple cider)
  • L A Y E R S
  • body temp is v inconsistent
  • says mean things on accident
  • only has one snakebite bc they’re too scared to get the other one
  • is a huge mess, but obsessed with cleaning???
  • their floor is covered in clean laundry
  • weakness for small animals (birds&guinea pigs)
  • will flip u off while stuttering
  • s k i n n yy
  • super dark under eye circles
  • chews on hat strings
  • c-can’t tie my shoes, but i can f-fuck your bitch
  • meditates (loves peace and quiet)
  • can and will kick ur ass

> [ K2 Fusion ] <

“I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?”

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H: that’s not even the worst part to be honest. The following day I went to Naegi because he likes to listen about other people’s problems and I did something that surpassed the Black Friday Stress and meeting my boss.

H: Naegi probably put a good word about me to Togami-san because I wasn’t fired immediately. Apparently not even the head of the great Togami corporation can resist his hope.

late night kiss pt. 5

A/N: Well. This took forever, and I deeply apologize. But, man, those trailers got me so pumped and cured me of my writer’s block. So here it is! Finally! Part 5!

Summary: You debate with yourself over whether or not Spider-Man is really Peter Parker.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

part one. part two. part three. part four.

It had to be Peter.

You had sat in shocked silence, blinking at the Brooklyn Bridge above you. Though you couldn’t see anything that was going on since it was too far away, you could still hear the sounds of an ongoing fight, people’s screams echoing in the air. After a few minutes of simply watching, your mind a complete blank, you decided to start making your way home since it was going to take you a while.

On the way, you’d thought about your revelation and validated your own suspicions with small details that you hadn’t noticed in your haze to uncover Spider-Man’s secret identity.

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I finally finished the commission for @kwamimusings that I spent WAY too much time on because I have no self-control !