hello! in celebration of my one-year anniversary on tumblr, i’m looking for some unique blogs to follow! i also intend to follow back and make more mutuals as well. i’m interested in fairly active blogs (queue is fine) with a tagging system and any content relating to:

  • multi-fandom posts i.e. anime, studio ghibli, disney, films
  • aesthetics i.e. architecture, photography, quotes
  • art
  • pastels

**reblog this follow spree with what you mainly post about in your tags**

i would love to get to know the blogger as well <3 so please reblog with a tag if you make graphics, write, post head-cannons, create art, etc. i look forward to meeting and enjoying your blog! thank you °☆.。

( really important thing to note though: im slightly better at feminine clothing then masculine– but that doesnt mean i wont try!

feel free to specify anything if needed, i want to make sure that you and your oc are comfortable with whatever id put them in!! )

( also…i might not do everyones requests because i get stressed tf out and if i dont im so sorry )

( ALSO monster office/midnight inc people only!! if i wanted to draw just any character i wouldve just asked for requests on my main. )

itsahsoka  asked:

My favorite Star Wars headcanon is that Ahsoka is definitely 100% not straight.

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Hello everyone! 

We are going to do a top 10 favorite characters as voted by our followers. The 10 characters that win we will make gif sets for each character. The poll will surround the show rather than the entire book series so that is why other book characters are not listed. (We could do another later on including those though!) This is something to do during the hiatus for everyone! You can vote for multiple characters as well.

Please vote here! (It is also on our blog!)

anonymous asked:

I love how this blog is for Farha hating by mod's humor is just like hers. Not to mention most of your encounters with her have gone well and that she uses your blog to promote herself 🐸🐸🐸☕️☕️☕️

u got me,, the tea is hot kids ! 🐸🐸☕️☕️☕️☕️

gillovnyphiles  asked:

Hey Julie, I just wanted to say that your anons are being dicks and I thought you handled them in a really good way. I don't know why people are giving you shit today (though I can relate because I get a lot of shitty anons) but don't let them get to you. You have a beautiful family and have every right to be so proud of them. I hope to meet you at the con. Tiff

Thank you so much, Tiff. You too have been through a lot. Keep holding your head high. I appreciate the new blog…it seems to be going well! Hope your Mom is well. I am excited about Chicago. The girls and I are planning to meet up with you and @crossedbeams. So excited. For some reason, Jess has been binging Supernatural all summer and is hoping to see some of that too, if some of that cast is there. I believe they are filming now though.

regarding is-ibuki-straight-today and is-tsumiki-straight-today….. since all y'all want both to happen, is anyone willing to mod the two blogs with me? i mean phew running three of these side blogs plus two other different side blogs is kind of,, well, a lot ?? i’m gonna need some help