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The Good Parent - Part Six

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 2336

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Warnings: blood mention, slight violence

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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Looking like Heather Morris from Glee and who was on Season 2 of SYTYCD might be the "ringer" to which Courtney was referring. Heard something about an IG Live she did yesterday and said some surprise something big going on soon.... And it is rumored that Maks has someone with dance experience & she's tall (5'8") -- so they could be paired together. Doesn't seem fair if true. And Courtney already spilled that Normani is paired with Val.

Hmm interesting. Well Heather technically wasn’t on SYTYCD, she auditioned but they didn’t take her but then she got Glee. I love Heather but I don’t think it’s fair if she’s on the show, she’s an amazing dancer. 

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Hi! I love your aphrodite cabin fics. Could write something about one of the aphrodite boys and an ares boy?

As I just mentioned Stefan noticing how an Ares guy was checking him out, I’m gonna assume that’s who you want ;)

Hope you enjoy! Just a quick drabble that’s unedited and was wrote in an hour ENJOY MY SPELLING MISTAKES.

Piece of Data - Drabble. 


Stefan was a distraction.

Both in the sense of because of his absolutely entrancing beauty (his own words) and, well, in the technical sense.

He liked the focus on the first part, okay?

He was bait, he absolutely knew. Mitchell was in a tree somewhere, knocking out the blue team as they edged towards their flag, and Scarlett and Drew, along with a few Hermes girls, were on guard duty – probably a mile away.

Mitchell had at least winced when he gave out Stefan’s position, an apologetic look on his face.

An Ares kid wouldn’t be able to refuse a fight, especially from someone who was doomed to lose from the beginning. They’d – hopefully – be distracted enough with Stefan to not notice when Sebastian and a few Apollo kids snuck by. They had used this strategy before, and the last person to have this job was in the infirmary for days, but it worked and they were desperate for a win.

He took a breath, his position under the guise of guarding a ‘secret’ entrance (with poorly thrown vines covering the small cave to nowhere that would hopefully act as another distraction), and allowed himself to not focus on the amount of concealer he was going to have to buy to leave the cabin.

Stefan was resting against the side of the cave, running his finger around the detail in the handle of his blade, when he heard the tell-tale stomping across the dirt, heavy-footed and heading straight his way.

He stood straighter, his sword coming up, already knowing – Ares kids were the only campers who walked that way, and Stefan was in the wide-open.

He wasn’t any good with a sword, not like Mitchell was with his bow, or Drew was with her knives. He was average, able to beat maybe Sophia on a bad day but never a match for Lacey.

And he definitely wasn’t a match for an Ares kid.

But he was anything, he was stubborn, and he wasn’t going down without a fight, however terribly fought.

Maybe if he got a few bruises Mitchell would feel bad enough to persuade Connor into sneaking in a pizza like when Lacey broke her ankle. That’d be nice, at least.

The camper – tall, clearly male but hidden behind distance and the gold cover of his mask – emerged from the side, coming to a slight stop as he noticed Stefan in the clearing. The gray Ares symbol was stark against the honey armor, a threat and a promise in the image.  

He was big, that was obvious even without the bronze armor covering his impressive biceps and wide shoulders. He took a few steps closer to Stefan, a moment of hesitation crossing before he pulled out his sword.

Stefan dug his heels into the dirt, a determined line angling across his face. The kid looked to be alone, but Athena and Ares had teamed up for this game so trusting his eyes was out of the question.

“You’re not going past here.” Stefan told him, keeping his hands steady on the cool metal.

The guy took a step forward, his sword swinging with his step. “Why they’d put you out here? On your own?”

His voice seemed to be filled with light concern. Unsure if it was mocking, Stefan scowled instead.

“I don’t need anyone out here.” Stefan lifted his sword over his shoulder, ready for when the other guy would inevitably attack. Vaguely, he thought of pizza.

The guy paused, his face still hidden under his golden helmet. “You’re bait, aren’t you?” He glanced around, apparently looking for whatever Stefan was hiding. Desperately, he hoped his teammates weren’t stupid enough to run right away.

Stefan huffed out a breath, a little offended. I mean, just because it was true doesn’t mean this Ares jerk could say it.

“Are we going to fight, or what?” Stefan asked, less urge to actually fight, more urge to swing his blade at the other guy and maybe dent his armor up a bit.

The Ares jerk was interrupted by the snap of a twig, apparently significant enough to make his whole body freeze up. Stefan resisted the urge to reach out and pet the other guy’s tensed muscles – they were actually pretty spectacular.

The guy snapped out of his brief shock, spinning around to stare into the forest, leaving his back exposed which was…unheard of, with Ares kids.

Whatever the guy saw had him turning back to Stefan, a nervous line making up his shoulders.

Damn, did this guy have nice shoulders.

Stefan was weak, okay?

The guy glanced behind him, a nervous motion, and took a step back. “Go.”

Stefan paused, his nervous hands tightening around his blade. “What?”

The guy waved his hands to the side, still staring behind him. “Go! Before Quinn and Astrid get here.”

Despite what Scarlett had been drilling into him since his first Capture the Flag, his defense dropped at that, and his stared up at the other boy with a look of confusion. “What are you talking around?”

The guy huffed out a breath, and Stefan had the suddenly desire to know who he was actually talking to under the armor. “Just go, Stefan!” His words sounded like they were being demanded through gritted teeth, “I don’t want you to get hurt, okay? Go!”

Stefan blinked a few times, and it wasn’t until the guy reached forward and pushed him back that he finally came to his senses. Another pair of stomping feet was suddenly audible, and while Stefan could brave the punch of a single demi-god, three on one? No one would blame him for running (except Drew, but she would blame him on the rain if she could figure out how).

He stumbled back, finally realizing, and shot off before he could think to utter out a thank you or question.

The plan fell apart anyways – Sebastian twisted his ankle and Hina and Kayla got captured before they could use the distraction. Blue team won, and it was enough for them to agree to try the plan again next week.

Stefan ignored the worried glance Mitchell shot him as he volunteered as bait.


Stefan was actually really into science.

Always had been – his dad was always off at work and his college-age babysitter clearly had no reference for children age material and would therefore simply read her class textbooks for him as a bedtime story.

They always worked to put him to sleep, that’s for sure.

But when he was ten – before everything with his family happened and he was forced to run off to the vague idea of a camp in New York – the bedtime stories actually became…cool. Maria was long out of college by then, but didn’t think to trade her reading material for anything more sensible.

So when other kids were reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, and fell asleep to characters of Harry Potter – Stefan was getting chapters of Physics textbooks, and dreamt of exploding stars and black holes.

And, because of that, Stefan had never had less than A- in any of his science classes.

It’s also why he was so fond of experiments.

And this, right now, this situation was an experiment.

He had his materials – himself, mainly, but also his weapon and armor.

Procedure – go along as closely as possible to last week’s events, staying alone in the clearing as bait.

His purpose – find out why exactly a son of Ares would resist the opportunity to fight – and if he’d do it again.

His hypothesis: As the situation was the same as last week, the son of Ares would come back to the clearing. The result: Unknown, more data needed.

Stefan waited there, his finger tapping out a nervous pattern on his handle. He had taken off his helmet long ago, more curious to determine who the guy was. Anyways, it was within arm’s length and wouldn’t take more than a moment to put on.

It took a bit longer then last week – perhaps due to the Demeter attack they planned on the West end of forest, but he was back.

It was the same guy, Stefan knew. The mental image of his strong shoulders, not even weighted under the heavy armor, had been a frequent memory of the last week.

The armor added just enough bulk to distort what Stefan knew – he’d been staring that the other cabin all week, desperate to find familiar lines in their bodies, a familiar note in their voices.

The guy walked slowly to him, not even disgusting the fact he was heading straight for Stefan. He hadn’t drawn his blade, not like last time, but kept his arms loose at his sides.

The guy sighed as he stood in front of Stefan, and the sound was almost amused. Weird. “Didn’t you learn from last time you shouldn’t hang out here alone?”

Stefan leaned on his sword, the blade sinking into the soft earth a bit. “I can handle myself.”

He hummed, “So that’s why you’re bait right? And where’s your helmet?”

“I don’t want hat hair.” Stefan told him, angling up his chin like he’d seen Drew do.

Something like laughter shook the guy’s shoulders and Stefan suddenly so suddenly wanted to know who it was. “Aphrodite kids, of course. Shoulda known.”

He had a slight southern accent to his words. Stefan fiercely wished he had paid more attention to when the Ares and Aphrodite kids would meet up,  wish he knew more than just their names and ass shape.

He added the fact of the accent to his data, continuing on.

“I’d say the same about you except…” Stefan grinned, and he knew how it made him look. He let off a bit of his allure – not much, they were public after all – and said, “You didn’t fight me. What was that about?”

He shrugged, drawing even more attention to his shoulders which, um, fuck. “I like you.” He said, matter-of-fact. Stefan’s cheeks, embarrassingly, heated up at the frank sentence. “I’m not gonna fight you if I like you.” He cocked his head to the side, his voice curious. “Is that why your cabin put you here?”

Stefan opened his mouth to deny the fact except, um, did they?

They were all forced to watch Mitchell moon-eye over Connor last summer, each sworn to stay out of each other love lives. They would never directly intervene, no, but this was the kind of subtle motions his cabin was fluent in.

Stefan paused. Did they?

Before he could answer – thankfully, because Stefan had no idea – the guy froze up again, like last week, and spun towards the forest, then Stefan.

He cursed, “Clarisse is coming.” The guy hissed, not pushing Stefan away – like last week – but pushing him back towards the cave. “Hide!”

Stefan actually did as told because, um, Clarisse was fucking terrifying.

The cave wasn’t big, just enough space to walk around a bit, hardly standing at full length.

But it was perfect for hiding – specifically if you curl up in the corner of the shadows.

The stomping got closer, the sound lightening as she emerged in the grassy learing. Stefan couldn’t see the head counselor, could hardly see the edge of the guy’s back through the vines – now was really not the time to notice but Stefan was suddenly so grateful that the Ares kids never missed leg day because damn -

“I cleared this area.” Stefan could barely hear the guy tell her, “Roxy and Hunter took the east part of the forest.”

She grunted in agreement, “Good. They’ve got good eyes. You done here? Annabeth is about to make the attack for the flag and we need defense.”

“Yeah, I’m done – let’s go.”

There was a moment of silence – a pause, and Stefan wondered how long he should wait before crawling out. The quiet was broken, and when Clarisse spoke up, her voice was much more closer then Stefan would have preferred. “Did you check that cave?”

“Nothing there. Some spiders, a few garden snakes.”

That must have been the right thing to say, because Clarisse’s voice was much more distant as she responded. “Gross. Alright, find Eliza and –“ She cut herself off, her voice edging up. “Shit! That’s Kayla! Get her!”

Both of them shot off after Kayla, hopefully missing how Hina was shadowing after her, Sebastian ahead.  

He was left alone, the sudden quiet leaving him with a physical presence in the cave, as well as a major fact.

Stefan…had to figure out who that guy was.

It couldn’t be Archer – much too young – and they had mentioned Hunter. That left…Sherman, Mark, Arsen, and Ellis. For the first time in his life, Stefan cursed the similar, tall, muscular build that all the older Ares teens carried.

He needed to figure this out.

And he needed more data.


The red flag was flowing through the air, and his team was still screaming their heads off.

Scarlett had cried, and Mitchell was still pretending his pink eyes had to do with lack of sleep.

They had thrown Stefan in the air, each demanding to know how he’d managed to distract two Ares kids while Sebastian and Hina snuck by without even getting a bruise.

Stefan was still laughing, pretending like his story was more interesting then “I hid in the cave” and pretending to take the tale to his grave.

His siblings and friends surrounded him, each high on their own version of the game. Mitchell and Connor, disgustingly, were lip-locked in the middle of the crowd, Connor’s winning move of delivering the other side’s flag apparently still being rewarded.

Stefan was laughing as Lacey hung off him and Sophia’s shoulders, her feet kicked up so she could swing between them. Both of them, giggling, hugged him tight, Sophia’s hand coming up to ruffle his hair. They pulled away, running off to apparently octopus Sebastian as he held Sabrina on his shoulders.

Their team was integrated with each cabin freely running back and forth, a Demeter girl hand-in-hand with Scarlett, a Hermes guy trailing after them both, each of them beaming with victory as they ran off. There was already a rumor the Hermes cabin had a victory celebration planned, and from the several cotton candy machines being wheeled out, it wasn’t just that.

Stefan was just peeling off a hug from Sabrina, Sebastian running off in her wake as she shot away, when something – someone – caught the corner of his eye.

Ellis – one of the Ares kids around his age, strolled up to Stefan, grinning, and Stefan’s world nearly took a 360.

Ellis…had really nice shoulders.

And had always stared at Stefan’s collarbones more then normal (which, Stefan had amazing collarbones, he knew this, so it was to be expected to a certain extent)

Stefan had the sudden vivid memory of one of the Hermes kids Spring Break parties last month, where there was too much alcohol and not enough adult supervision, where Stefan had made out with three separate guys in one night – Malcolm, who still avoiding his eyes, Basil, who was the biggest flirt in Demeter and still winked at Stefan from across the Mess Hall, and –

And Ellis.

He had been so fuzzy that night, just happy to be in someone’s arms with all their attention on him. It had been the end of the night, and Stefan was always, uh, excited after his third drink, and Ellis had…

He blinked, nearly dizzy with the forgotten memory.

…Ellis had dropped him off with Mitchell, laughing and pulling off Stefan’s arms as Stefan tried to push down his pants. He winked, telling Stefan to come back if he actually remembered anything in the morning.

Stefan hadn’t, not at all, only remembering bits and pieces of warm mouth and dark hair, not really thinking of how he ended up waking up in Mitchell’s bottom bunk. Had only known it was three guys instead of the two he remembered from Sebastian’s later teasing about one-upping him. 

Ellis was grinning down at him now, amused, his helmet tucked under his arm.

And that….that was the last piece of data.

Hope you enjoyed, anon! And I apologize for my many mistakes but i’m tired and I have homework

Something for @fishwrites’s fanfic Watercast (it’s one of the best Klance fic please read I cry forever). We’ve been talking about how Shiro would be so much like big brother for smol Keith whose flight feathers haven’t even grown yet. And Keith is a smol bundle of angry floof because he’s big birb Shiro he can take care of himself but at the same time he wants to be with Shiro 24/7.

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