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Connor McDavid and Aaron Ekblad signing for fans before the 8th Annual Hockey Night In Barrie (◕‿◕✿)

Both Steve and Tony were right and wrong and equally problematic.
Can we talk about T'challa, cat prince of Wakanda, and perfectly perfect warrior who acknowledged his faults and corrected himself


Phantom Cats of the U.K.

We all are familiar with the animals that we live around. For some of us it’s squirrels and rabbits, for others it’s bears or wolves. But in the United Kingdom, the last thing you’d expect would be panthers right? Well according to many encounters, photos, and even attacks, panthers and other big cats are believed to roam the English countryside.

Many of these wild cats are assumed to be the result of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 which resulted in many owners of exotic animals releasing their pets into the wild. The famous circus owner Mary Chipperfield admitted to releasing three pumas free into the forests of Dartmoor in 1978 after her zoo was forced to shut down. Many of these cats have been killed or captured throughout the years, such as in 1980 a puma was captured, in 1989 one was hit by a car, in 1991 a lynx was shot which had killed 15 sheep in the two weeks prior to its death. An ocelot was shot in 1994, in 1993 a puma was captured in Scotland, in 1996 a caracal was shot, and in 2001 a lynx was captured. In 1988 Royal Marines were sent to hunt big cats who were killing livestock, but they were unable to make a successful kill. Aside from capturing and killing many photos and videos can be found around the internet of phantom cats. In 2000 an 11 year old boy was attacked by a large “black cat” which left 5 claw marks across his face. In 2005 another man was attacked which left him severely wounded. In the summer of 2012 in Essex, a lion was spotted roaming the area. And several other witnesses claim to have heard lion roars in the area.

There is no doubt that there are exotic cats roaming the U.K. but could these numbers be rising? And could more of them continue to be released into the wild? Or perhaps enough have been released that a breeding population has been established. Let me know your thoughts, stay curious.


Bucky x T’Challa

backpack, backpack (t’challa rips bucky’s backpack in two. once he reads the notes that fly out, he won’t fight him. he can’t.) [on AO3]

sparring, cuddles, dinner

sex in a kitchen 

t’challa wants buck to call him daddy 

what you deserve (bucky has a crush, only steve can see it) [on AO3]

bucky and t’challa babysit cassie lang

they claim they aren’t dating, but sam and steve catch them out for dinner

t’challa brings buck to wakanda for a visit 

trying out a new toy

bucky catches t’challa singing in the shower

bucky tries to learn wakandan

bucky is overprotective of t’challa during missions

t’challa gets a text from bucky during a meeting

glass windows, steel blues (t’challa is the ceo of a fortune 500 company. bucky is his new assistant.) [on AO3]

t’challa braids bucky’s hair

soulmate au

bucky and t’challa fight over who gets to ask who out first

t’challa and bucky meet their son

sometimes t’challa just needs to take it

t’challa discovers that bucky is ticklish 

bucky befriends the dora milage

coffee shop au

bucky and t’challa meet their son

t’challa purrs

t’challa talks to bucky while he’s in cryro. bucky hears every word

worthy(bucky doesn’t believe he’s good enough for t’challa, who proves him wrong) [on AO3]

bucky and t’challa try to get their son to walk. uncle steve helps


sleeping bucky 

t’challa headcanons

high school au

honeymoon headcanons

bucky shows t’challa the lion king

nat and steve give t’challa the shovel talk

bucky is very messy, it annoys t’challa. a lot. 

bucky gets his wisdom teeth out 

warmth(bucky and t’challa like to spar. bucky likes to let him win) [on AO3]

cat au

Bucky x Steve x T’Challa

steve and bucky like t’challa. a lot. 

steve and bucky struggle with the washer and dryer 

t’challa steps off the stage, finishing his opening speech. you walk over to him.

“babe you did great! you were a natural.” you hug him tightly. 

“thank you.”  he smiles. soft music starts playing behind you. that happened to be your song. “would you care to dance with me?” t’challa asks. you nod your head, and wrap your arms around his neck. you two dance slowly, not exactly in time with the beat. you two weren’t the best dancers, but you didn’t really care.

you place your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes. “i love you” he whispers. you tense up a bit, it was the first time he’d said that too you. it was out of the blue, and you should have been stunned, but you knew you loved him so much. bliss fills you, and you beam up at him. capturing his lips with yours. 

“i’m sure i love you more.”


DOT with turret of “Panther” (Pantherturm I) mounted on the “Gothic line” in Italy. 1945. Armour roof sheet has an increased thickness, is clearly visible the design of the hatch cover (AP).

General view of Bunker Pantherturm I (Stahluntersatz) with a tower of the tank “Panther”. Well seen coroborate the base of the armor plates, the commander’s cupola and the hole for the fan are missing (AP).

[Preparation for the concreting of the Foundation for the Pantherturm III Bunker (Betonsockel) tower tank “Panther”. Unlike the previous design these structures using a standard “panterovsky” towers with tanks that are not subject to repair (AP).]

BOT with a turret from the Panther in Berlin.


The Ida B. Wells’ quote about lynching relates to America today. The new form of lynching is the police brutality. Consider how lynch mobs would stand watching a victim’s body die by burning or hanging. Once the victim of police brutality is shot dead, police just leave the body for a long time before calling for medical assistance. The rate of lynching during the Jim Crow period is the same as deaths from police brutality.

Some say that the reason that many blacks are getting shot by police is black crime. The thing that they leave out is that the crime comes from poverty which is an effect of the War on Drugs. The war was set up by President Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover to destroy the confidence that the Black Panthers brought to black communities and neighborhoods. The police brutality is costing the lives of the blacks. Just like Wells stated, there have been no efforts by moral forces or leaders to put an end this “wholesale slaughter.” This shows that the blacks must unite together just like they did during the Civil Rights Movement to put an end to the new lynching.


Summary/Original Request:  Could you make an imagine about Bellamy Blake where instead of wells shooting the panther, you did, so you saved Bellamys life and when you get back to camp you still have your wristband on which means you can’t get food but Bellamy comes over and gives food to you because you saved his life 

You had been friends with him and Monty for years now, and it would have driven you sick with worry to just stay at Camp doing nothing. So you had insisted to accompany the others on their search for Jasper.

You had hiked several hours, following little pathways, but mostly just walking around randomly searching for any sign of your best friend. Broken branches, footsteps, you didn’t care, as long as you found out where these weird people had taken him. But apparently they had been careful enough not to leave a trail for you.
Trying to pay attention to everything that could hint at Jasper, you didn’t even think about where you were going. You just followed blindly after Bellamy.
After all, he had the gun.
So, if you were safe with anyone here, then it was him.
At least as long as he had the Grounders to focus on.

Some time ago your group had set out from the Camp leaving you with Bellamy, Murphy and Wells, when, suddenly Clarke and Finn – who had formed the second group – came running directly towards you.
„We’re close“, Clarke said and held up something, that you immediately identified.
„Jasper’s goggles“, you whispered, approaching Clarke, and carefully taking the goggles from her hands.
„There’s blood on it.“ With every passing second your worry for him increased more and more.
„It’s still wet.“ Clarke said, even though you didn’t really know how this could help.
Finn nodded. „I have an idea where they went.“ And with a last worried glance in your direction he added. „It’s not too late.“
You paused to think for a second, just gazing at him, you muttered out a sigh, before looking down at Jasper’s goggles in your hand.
„Let’s go.“

Finn’s assumption had turned out right. It wasn’t long, before you spotted several broken branches, and even more blood on some stones on your way. You had just bend down to examine it closer, when suddenly a loud moan echoed through the forest, making your blood run cold.
Immediately everybody’s attention turned away from the stones, and focused instead on trying to figure out the direction the noise was coming from.
You gulped.
At least that meant that he was still alive. 

„Now would be a good moment to take out that gun“, Clarke’s voice broke through the silence, and you were more than fond of that idea. Obviously, Bellamy considered it a good plan as well, for he took the gun out of his belt, as your small group started to run in the direction of the noise, with you in the lead, closely followed by Finn and Bellamy.

After beating your way through several branches, thorns and trees, you finally reached a small glade. The first thing that caught your eye was a big tree, right in the center, it’s branches crooked and completely overrun with moss and plants. And directly in the middle, tied up on the stem and a thick branch, was Jasper. His chest – you observed with horror – smeared in what appeared to be his own blood.
„Jasper“, you whispered, too shocked to move. Seeing him hanging on that tree, half-dead was something you had never even dreamt of in your worst nightmares. 

It wasn’t just the shock of seeing your best friend nearly dead hanging from a tree. All at once you suddenly realised where you had ended up. The Ground was suddenly a thousand times more real to you, than it had been in the few hours since you had arrived. And you knew that without help from the Ark you would never survive down here. 

„Oh my god, Jasper“, Clarke breathed, ripping you out of your state of shock, as she reached the glade as well, and ran past you directly towards the tree.
This was enough to make you remember how to move and you followed her, also – though carefully – approaching the middle of the glade.

„What the hell is this?“, Bellamy asked, but you didn’t have an answer for him. Jasper was there, still alive, and that was all that counted right now. That, and the fact that you desperately wanted to get him down.
Slowly you took one step at a time, not trusting this whole situation, but before you could reach the tree, Clarke, who had moved a lot faster than you, suddenly broke through the branches on the ground, nearly falling on several spears on the bottom of a huge hole.
„Clarke“, you shouted, but Bellamy had grabbed her arm; holding her, he kept her from falling.
„Clarke! Get her up“, Finn shouted, but you had already grabbed Bellamy’s waist, trying to prevent him from following  her into the hole. „Grab her, pull her up“, Finn and Wells shouted over and over again, until finally all of the other three boys had joined you, and grabbing Bellamy and Clarke, they managed to get her out of that hole.

„You okay?“, Finn asked, and Clarke nodded panting, before she regained her posture again. „We need to get him down.“
You agreed with that.
„I’ll climb up there and cut the vines“, Finn declared, and eagerly you nodded.
„I’m gonna help you.“
„Me, too. I’m with you“, Wells joined in, but Finn shook his head.
„No. Wells, stay with Clarke. (Y/n), you watch out for him“, he said, nodding in the direction of Bellamy. „You“, he added, looking at Murphy, who definitely seemed to have preferred to stay back on the safe ground with you, where he would be sure there weren’t any other traps, „let’s go.“
Reluctantly he followed and anxiously you watched both of them climbing over the roots and onto the tree, starting to cut Jasper free.

Murphy and Finn had cut through various of the vines, and were making steady progress. Still, it didn’t seem nearly fast enough for you. „Be careful“, Clarke told them, when suddenly all of you got distracted by a bellowing sound from the bushes.
„What was that?“, you asked taking a few steps back.
„Grounders?“, Bellamy asked, doing the exact opposite and walking, instead, towards the noise.
Crazy idiot, you thought to yourself, until you realised that he was the one with the weapon. Immediately you felt even more unprotected than before. A weapon would’ve helped out your courage a lot.
The growling continued, and grew into a roar, as a black panther dashed out of the bushes, directly into your direction.
„Bellamy, gun!“, Clarke managed to shout, and immediately Bellamy grabbed behind him, ready to pull it out. But he didn’t. Instead he looked at his back, panic written in the lines of his face.

Suddenly a shot echoed all over the glade, causing your head to turn in the direction of the noise. Wells was holding the gun, aiming at the panther and shooting it again and again, but he didn’t manage to hit it. At least not anywhere critical enough.

„Give that to me“, you shouted, wrestling the gun out of Wells grip and lifting it.
Your father, having once been commander in the Guard’s force, had once taught you how to shoot. That would have to be enough right then. 

Weapon at the ready, you listened to the ongoing growling, for the panther had hidden itself in the bushes once again, making it impossible for you to determine its position. 

It had become silent and for a second you thought it might have retreated, but then, out of nowhere, it jumped out of the bushes, and directly onto Bellamy.
Without thinking you aimed, and shot, hitting it directly in the head. Instantly it fell to the ground, twitching a few last times, before it stopped moving completely.
Still in a kind of shock, you needed a few moments, before you slowly lowered the gun, looking at Bellamy, whose expression seemed to be nearly as startled as yours.
„Thank you“, he said, and you simply nodded, before hesistantly looking back down at the dead animal on the ground.

How you got back to the camp you didn’t know. You had helped carrying Jasper half the way, and the other half you had just followed your group silently. All that had mattered in that moment had been to get Jasper back to Camp. You would never forgive yourself if he were to die.
Someone had cut up and eviscerated the dead panther, and was now roasting it over the fire. Bellamy and some of his boys had started to hand out the food, however only in return for the wrist bands.

You, though, sat a bit apart, watching the whole procedure, while your fingers stroked unconsciously over the piece of metal on your wrist. You weren’t ready to take it off. It was stupid. After all, you needed the help only the Ark could give, if you wanted to survive down here.
That, at least, you had learned today.

You sighed, as your stomach started growling again. Trying to block out the hunger, and your constant worrying about Jasper, you leant back and looked up into the stars.
You hadn’t been there for long, yet Earth never failed to amaze you. Everything was just so new and beautiful and terrifying.
But suddenly a dark voice ripped you out of your thoughts, and made you lift your head up again.
You stared directly into Bellamy’s face, who had positioned himself in front of you.
„Yeah?“, you answered, slightly warily, and sat up straighter. Bellamy seemed quite uncomfortable as he carefully sat down next to you, handing you a chunk of the panther’s meat.
Suspiciously you looked at the food he held out to you. Bellamy Blake sitting next to you offering you food?

Bellamy just looked at you, his jawline moving, as he seemed to consider his next words.
„Take it. You must be hungry.“
Slowly you reached over, taking the meat out of his hand. „Why are you giving me this?“
Bellamy shifted. „You saved my life today. And for that I am grateful.“ He grimaced and for a second you thought you had seen a small smile on his face, but before you could be sure, he had gotten up again.
„Eat“, he said  and turned around, before adding a short: „Thank you.“
And with these words he walked away, joining the others at the campfire again, and carefully watching over the distribution of the precious food.

You smiled a little to yourself, realising that maybe there was a little more to Bellamy Blake than you had thought. 

Finally giving in to your hunger, you bit into the meat, while watching Bellamy out of the corner of your eyes, a small smile spreading over your face whenever you caught him looking back at you, when he thought you wouldn’t notice it.

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