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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤ 

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊 

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic sex. Semi-public sex. Fluffiness. Bucky’s just having a good time.

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>Observer_  (Bloober Team  2017)

On August 15th, the developers behind Layers of Fear will release their new game, >Observer_. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, you play as Dan Lazarski, a neural detective known as an Observer. With your augmentations, you can hack into peoples minds to solve crimes all while reliving some of their biggest fears and nightmares. One rainy night you get a call from your estranged son, seemingly in danger and asking for help. Once you trace that call to a decrepit apartment complex in the slums of Krakow, your investigation begins.

This game hit me just like Soma did. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the environment immediately grabbed my attention and before long, i was immersed completely in the world and its characters. With a mix of Blade Runner, Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, the movie Brazil and the developers own unique touch, the gritty look, feel and atmosphere of Observer are pretty much perfect. We’re talking Rapture/Arkham Asylum/Tallon IV (Metroid Prime), level of detail and quality here. While most of the game takes place in and around a single apartment complex, its size and labyrinth like layout are deceiving. I was often reminded of how Stanley Kubrick purposely built the hotel in The Shining to be confusing and off-putting. You constantly feel a sense of unease at the multitude of tight hallways with rooms that are so close, or at such odd places, they couldn’t possibly fit inside the building. While the observing (hacking minds) parts are interesting, thrilling and a nice change of pace, the true star of the show in my opinion is the incredibly realized “real world” aspect of the game. Whether you’re going door to door learning about the residents, or finding rooms that are open/unlockable and searching them for clues, or simply just exploring this steamy, crumbling, wire-strewn slum, each aspect is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

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Lust & Errors 04

Rated: M

Warning: Excessive graphic smut, age gap, marijuana usage.

SummaryStep brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: Hell has frozen over and the sun has rose in the west. Part 4 is here, and I have no explanation for the tremendously long wait. “✐” means flashback and two of them means end of flashback. 

Words: 23,982

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05.

A long yawn escaped your lips in the middle of your explanation of a math problem. You covered your mouth as it gasped with the yawn and leaned back in the hard, wooden chair, desperately wishing it would somehow turn into your bed.

“Tired?” Jungkook asked, looking down at a piece of paper as he hurriedly wrote down what you assumed to be a note.

“A little.” You admitted with a sleepy drawl, too tired to hide the fact that you were tired and your eyes scanned over the page in the book you had been reading from, trying to find where you stopped.

When he was finished writing down his note, he glanced up at you expectantly, but once he noticed the sheer exhaustion painted plain as day on your face and weighing down your body, he sat up straight himself and cleared his throat. “We can stop, you know. If you’re tired.” His voice was a bit rushed and he sounded kind of guilty. “I-I’m sorry.” He chuckled, but it sounded forced and nervous.

It was odd to see Jeon Jungkook act nervous, when you were so used to cocky smirks and his overly confident attitude. But if there was one thing you noticed while tutoring him for the past two weeks, it was that tutoring him was a lot different than you had initially expected.

You had figured he was secretly some math genius and had only asked for your help in order to get into your pants. After all, it wasn’t exactly hard to tell that you were a virgin. And guy’s like Jeon Jungkook, loved girl’s like you.

Well, at least that’s what you thought.

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dirty water // fratboy luke

hey guys! it has been ages since I wrote something, literally like a year so apologies if it is rusty lol (also title may change i just can’t think of anything rn rip)
description: you have just started at the same university as your brother Calum and he has made it clear to his fraternity brothers that you are off limits. that doesn’t necessarily mean you, or any of the boys, will abide by his wishes. 

word count: 3,155 :-)

“And now I have to walk all the way to his frat, just to get them,” you huffed, tugging the laces of your Nikes tighter as you sat on the edge of your bed. The white comforter crinkled as you shifted your weight to put on the other shoe.

“You want me to come with you?” Your roommate Jasmine asked as she lay in her bunk, laptop opened to her most recent biology lecture notes.

“No it’s fine, it won’t take me that long. I just don’t want to do it,” you laughed, standing up.

“Fair enough,” Jasmine laughed, turning her attention back to her notes.

“Dinner when I get back?” You asked, a hopeful look on your face. Jasmine nodded, pressing the home button on her iPhone,

“Mae should be back from class by then.” You pumped your fist in the air,

“Yesssss, I’m famished.” Jasmine just laughed and shook her head as you pulled the door shut behind you.

Dressed in leggings and an oversized t-shirt you started your trek across campus to Greek Row. Your older brother Calum had borrowed your car the past weekend to go on a little hiking excursion with his frat brothers. His justification was that your car handled better in the mountains and back roads, but you knew he was just jealous of your Jeep Wrangler. Nevertheless you let him borrow it and now he was making you walk to his frat, Phi Kappa Psi, to get the keys, rather than bringing them to you. Classic.

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RPG Maker Fever Hanged by Four Dwarfs

Warning:This article may contain spoilers and the content inappropriate for children…or may not contain.But get the children away from the screen just in case.

It was the rainy day just like this one. I was in my room watching  porn the stars, when I’ve noticed the body hanging in the opposite window. Neighbor hung himself. While examining the scene I’ve found his laptop with unfinished article. I’ve got the laptop and went home. Later I got arrested for break-in, but before that I managed to post this article on tumblr. Enjoy!

1. Blight Dream

Blight Dream is an exploration adventure game, where you play as a girl, suffering from memory disorder ( don’t confuse with amnesia ), whose goal is to regain memories from the blank period of her life. But there’s one little problem-it seems that your brother isn’t really excited about you getting back your memories, that’s why he’s watching your every step and prevents all your attempts to remember. So, watch his movements and try not to get caught by him. But is it really your brother, who you should be afraid of? Play and see for yourself. Beside interesting plot, this game has high-quality visuals ( character’s 3D-models are similar to ones in remake of FF3 and CP:Blood Drive ) and wisely chosen soundtrack.

2. 1BeatHeart

Here goes a sequel-spinoff to 1bitHeart, without friend-making and QTE-scenes though. This time the main character is Misane-chan, who, along with Nanashi, is solving various murder cases in resort hotel. Gameplay is very similar to Ace Attorney games, logic is pretty simple, so, as long as you’ve played any detective games-you’ll be fine even without hints. Like it’s predecessor, 1BeatHeart has wonderful presentation – beautiful art and sprites along with catchy soundtrack and quality voice acting.

3.The Hanged Man

The Strange Men Series is probably one of most known game series in rpg-horror community, and, no doubt, one of the most interesting. Here goes the last game in the series, which concludes the main plotline, and makes clear some things, that were hanging in the air since the Crooked Man. The Hanged Man  introduces us new protagonist – Will, a bit unstable, but still nice boy with active imagination, who’s searching for his missing friend. Along the way he’ll meet many of our old acquaintances from previous games. Once again, game has fully voiced cutscenes, with quality voice acting for an indie-game. Gameplay, though, is more simple compared to predecessors, most of the game you’ll be exploring various locations and  solving puzzles, there’s no action cut-ins, except for quite complicated final chase. Overall, the Hanged Man  is an interesting game and very decent conclusion of the whole series.

4.Farethere City

Here goes the game, made by Segawa, the author of our favorite End Roll. Farethere City was his first game, and it’s bit more simple in terms of gameplay ( for example, there’s no rpg-elements and game’s world isn’t that big ). But when it comes to story, City is as good as ER, both sad and moving,-game starts with little kelp  (Mr.Turnip?) named Pigula, who has recently moved to a new city and wishes to open a shop, but something is definitely off with both city and our  hero. Visual part is as bright as one in the End Roll (including a bit of stylish disturbing artwork).So, if you liked End Roll and still want more, I highly suggest playing Farethere City.

5.June Bride Nightmare

What a beautiful wedding…and how quickly it turned into a nightmare. Our protagonist, Yuno, was so close to finding her happiness with the man she loves, but ended up being the only surviving person on her own wedding, and now she’s forced to play hide and seek with the mysterious maniac in the church, where wedding was held. Every time the maniac appears, you have a choice to sneak past him or to run for it by performing a QTE. Game has an interesting story, good gameplay and wonderful presentation. Even if you are far from  romance ( like myself, heh ), Bride still leaves the strong impression, especially the bittersweet true ending ( there’s also secret ending, but it isn’t that good, really ).

6.Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf

Who doesn’t know the tale about Red Riding Hood? Famous tale indeed, and has many various interpretations, in most of them the girl gets eaten by wolf one way or another. But not this time. In this game granny is dead from the very beginning, little Red Riding Hood and the wolf are working together in order to find the murderer. Story is interesting and have some nice plot-twists (personally, I liked how the theme of split personality played in here ) and characters are nice. When it comes to gameplay, LRRHW plays like any other rpg-horror, so if you aren’t new to genre, you’ll easily beat this game in a hour or so. It’ll be quite pleasant hour.

7.Stray Cat Crossing

If you constantly play rpg-horrors and still haven’t got tired from amnesiac characters, I highly recommend you to play Stray Cat Crossing. First thing, that catches the eye is very detailed sprites and pixel artwork. Other one is dark atmosphere of haunted house with stylish designs and some grotesque well-animated cutscenes. Gameplay is mostly consists from searching the right items and solving simple riddles, but there’s also one frustrating chasing scene at the end of the first section of the house. Story may lack originality, but still good and teaches us to forgive, this time not others, but yourself, since sometimes there’s things that are beyond our control. And despite ending being optimistic, closing credits are a bit creepy.

8.Three Ghostly Roses

You find yourself in the strange place, greeted by mysterious man in the blue cape, you don’t remember anything about yourself, except for the name. Edmund Brigham. Doesn’t ring a bell? Nope, it doesn’t. To find out about your past and your purpose, you’ll need to carefully explore every corner of the dark and unwelcome world, before it’ll start to fall apart. TGR looks very similar to NES games and has wonderful original soundtrack, which perfectly fits to dark atmosphere of the haunted world. Also game has pretty unique battle system, where you watch the enemy’s movements and try to exploit it’s weakness. And, there’s no healing items, you recover HP by defeating the enemies, but despite that, difficulty level is quite fair.


Good sleep is important, isn’t it? It definitely is, but not for the people in Dreamfarer, who don’t need to sleep at all. In the society, described in the game, sleep is considered something out of ordinary, since no one’ve slept and seen a dreams for a long time. Yet, little girl, who has an ability to travel between other’s dreams, accidentally gets into a dream of a man, who is currently in comatose state in the hospital. To get back to reality, you’ll need to swap between girl and the man, since both of them see the same things from different perspectives, and help the inhabitants of the dream world. Dreamfarer is one of those games, which start as cute adventure and get darker and darker towards the end. This game has amazing fully redrawn graphics and stunning artwork (there’s literally tons of CGs ).

10.Shirakami-sama to Yon-no-Oni 

 Our next game is perfect if you are tired from jumpscares, suggestive  content and brain(or heart)-breaking stories. Shirakami is very heartwarming game about friendship between boy and four demons, who help him in search of his cousin, who went missing while preparing to upcoming festival. Game has warm atmosphere of small village, strong with it’s traditions, beautiful illustrations and interesting gameplay, based on main character’s perception. There’s 3 endings in total, to see all of them you’ll need to beat the game 3 times (it’ll take from 3 to 5 hours in total ) and every time story goes the different way. Currently, game ia available only in russian and japanese.

11.From The Next Door

When you see something extremely cheap-it’s always suspicious. In case of food it might be rotten ( not always though ), in case of newly acquired house-get ready to deal with abomination living next door ( and no, I don’t mean neighbors ). Usually, when you notice paranormal activity in your house-you try to get away from it as far as you can, but in case of our heroine Namie ( who is as “smart” as Ayumi Shinozaki in CP: Blood Drive )- you’ll wait until things will get reeeeally ugly. Despite main heroine’s stupidity ( or thanks to it ), the game came out really creepy and interesting. Additionally I would like to praise game’s stylish visuals reminiscent of GBC-games and good work with setting the right atmosphere. And, once again, if you’re not the sensitive type-I suggest you playing in complete darkness with headphones on.


Despite the game’s title, you will meet neither Hansel nor Gretel, instead you are playing as twin brothers, one of them is timid and another is sharp-mouthed (oh well, they’re both little rascals, no matter how you look at it). Hansel is nice adventure game with variety of references to famous old fairy tales, good humor, adorable visuals and quite unexpected ending ( two endings, to be exact, since another one is unlocked after beating the game for the second time). Game is relatively short ( 30-40 minutes ) and puzzles can be easily solved without a guide.


Lavender presents another look on the Rapunzel’s story, in which there’s no prince and evil witch isn’t that evil. Your goal in this game is to descend the tower to retrieve your birthday present, solving various unique puzzles ( from feeding plants to playing chess ) on your way down. Lavender has quality pixel graphics and overall good presentation, which helps to create the feeling that you’re traveling through old storybook. Personally, I really liked the game’s normal ending, but there’s also a secret one for those, who like, when plot starts to turn grim and bloody.

14.Dudley and The Mysterious Tower

There goes a new title, developed by Sen, but don’t expect second Mad Father or Misao. Dudley is far more simple in terms of both plot and presentation. But it doesn’t mean that the game has nothing to offer. You play as a courier, who has an important delivery to tower’s owner, and his dog. Each floor of the tower is designed as a puzzle, in order to solve which you’ll need to switch between courier and the dog, who can do things courier can’t ( like seeing ghosts and talking to other animals).To climb the tower and see the contents of so-called “delivery”  you’ll need about 40 minutes, so if you have some free time-be my guest.

15.Apocalypse Never

And once again our closing title belongs to “escape” genre, where you need to leave locked apartments by all means necessary. This time you play as carefree guy, whose drunken older sister has changed all locks in the house. Game is about 30 minutes long and has several endings, which depend on how fast you’ll manage to escape the house and meet up with a friend ( don’t forget to bring “that” with you ).Also game has good humor (some jokes are just hilarious) and nice art style.

anonymous asked:

Can i request RFA reaction when they recieve news that MC is dead or in danger but than she's actually alive and well

I’m sorry this took so long, nonnie! I had to rewrite it because I didn’t like how it turned out at first, whoops. hopefully this is what you had in mind? if not, make sure to let me know! warning: there are slight mentions of death, dead bodies, hospitals, kidnapping, accidents etc. nothing graphic, though, but read at your own discretion anyway!

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • sunshine boy goes apeshit crazy right after hanging up the phone.
  • who on earth would dare to hurt such a precious being like you?
  • whoever the responsible for this car accident that took your life is… they are in big trouble.
  • his brain is not responding properly anymore.
  • and he just plain refuses to live in a world where you no longer exist.
  • he could’ve easily succumbed to his tears, and trembling hands and legs.
  • but oh, no.
  • he’s going to take matters into his own hands.
  • so he pretty much grabs his coat and leaves the apartment as fast as lightning.
  • somehow he’s at the scene in less than fifteen minutes.
  • and you’re there, the police and paramedics are there, and your car is there too.
  • your car is wrecked.
  • but you’re standing right next to it safe and sound, and your legs, arms and head are all in the right places.
  • you seem a little distressed, that’s all.
  • after staring blankly at the scene, he runs up to you and holds you tightly, rubbing your back and kissing your cheek multiple times to prove himself that you’re there and you’re alive.
  • “what in the world happened oh my god MC.”
  • “jumin is a bad influence please stop hanging out with him.”


  • he’s going to punch someone.
  • he’s also going to punch himself.
  • it’s weird enough that you haven’t come home in the past few days, and he has tried to reach you plenty of times but you’re not answering your phone.
  • now that he’s heard about the dead body that’s been discovered near a river (which description matches you almost perfectly) he starts panicking.
  • and he wants to die too.
  • instead of going to the police to make sure it’s not you, he spends an entire night looking for you.
  • because the mere thought of seeing your lifeless body would destroy every inch of his soul.
  • yes, zen has a strong body and soul, but not when it comes to the idea of you not being by his side.
  • after checking every damn corner of the city, he goes home feeling defeated.
  • he has a lot of missed calls and texts from the rest of RFA.
  • does he care at this point? not really, he doesn’t feel like answering to anyone but his dear MC.
  • when he opens the door, he’s surprised to see you sitting comfortably on the couch and going through your phone.
  • “MC? Where… where have you been?”
  • “you silly! I told you I was going out of town this weekend to visit my family. I even left you a message! because I didn’t have any signal there.”
  • oh, so that’s why even mr. trust fund kid has been calling non stop.
  • you spend the next day cuddling, and kissing, and talking—he feels so relieved that you’re not dead.
  • from now on you’re not allowed to leave this wreck of a man alone for more than a day.


  • her heart sinks to her stomach as soon as she hears the news.
  • you are her guardian angel, she said it herself.
  • you cannot leave just yet.
  • a relative/acquaintance of yours had called her that morning to let her know that you’re in hospital and things aren’t looking too great.
  • after all, you’ve been sick the past days, that’s a fact, and you weren’t taking care of yourself.
  • she scolded you a lot, but she also did her best to make you feel better.
  • still, she thought it was just a cold that would go away eventually.
  • it turns out now that your life is at risk?
  • on her way to the hospital, all she can think of is you lying on a bed connected to a hundred wires.
  • but she tries really hard not to focus on worst-case scenarios, takes a deep breath, and drinks her entire cup of coffee in one sitting.
  • staying calm and thinking straight, that’s all she gotta do.
  • she already has a contingency plan anyways, and jumin is more than ready to help with anything you need (he cares about your health as well).
  • when she arrives at the hospital, she’s surprised to see you on the entrance blowing your nose and looking like a mess.
  • a regular, definitely not on the verge of death kind of mess.
  • “jaehee, what are you doing here?”
  • she sighs in relief and gives you a hug.
  • you then explain that your relative/acquaintance tends to blow things out of proportion, that you’re just a bit sick and that’s all.
  • “for the love of god, MC, please take care of yourself.”
  • and… you have your very own personal nurse now.


  • this man turns into a mess.
  • he knew it, he knew that he should’ve taken you to the airport.
  • he only let you convince him to go alone because you told him you didn’t like goodbyes, and that everything was going to be just fine.
  • the report on the news says otherwise.
  • the plane you took a few hours ago has crashed.
  • he sits calmly on the couch and lets the information sink in, it takes a while.
  • an hour passes by, he should start making calls.
  • his rational side is telling to send help, helicopters, anything in order to save you and bring you back home safe.
  • his sense of revenge is telling him to sue the airline, find the culprit of this injustice, and make them pay.
  • but his body is not responding to his orders, he’s gone completely numb.
  • how could you, MC? how could you leave him like this? you are his source of happines and stability.
  • god… his clothes start feeling way too tight, he’s having trouble breathing.
  • and then, when he’s about to call assistant kang, his phone rings.
  • your name showed up on the  screen. “hello? jumin? I don’t know if you’ve heard about the plane crash—”
  • like a sweet lullaby, your voice soothes him instantly, so he clears his throat and manages to say only one thing: “MC, I am so glad you’re well.”
  • you had lost the flight and decided to wait for the next one as you didn’t want to bother jumin, but after hearing about the accident, you thought it was best to return home and postpone your trip.
  • he refuses to hang up the phone until he’s there because yes, he’s going to pick you up (feat. good ol’ driver kim).


  • he knew something like this would happen sooner or later.
  • just when he starts feeling like he can live a normal, happy life, someone decides to take you away from him.
  • with the amount of enemies he’s gained through his job as an agent, he should’ve know.
  • yet there he is, in shock, sweating, and feeling extremely nauseated.
  • he’s panicking so much he forgets for a moment that he’s a skilled hacker.
  • he doesn’t know what this person that took you wants because the message they left was too vague, but he’s going to find out one way or another.
  • even if it costs him his life.
  • the only problem is that he can’t seem to focus and he’s making mistakes left and right.
  • MC please be okay.
  • he keeps picturing you locked in a filthy basement, tied up, scared and alone.
  • that is until you finally showed up—you were buying groceries.
  • prepare yourself for a tacklehug.
  • wait, if you’re here and you’re well, what’s up with this weird message?
  • wrong number? a distasteful prank? 
  • he’s baffled and doesn’t understand what’s going on.
  • then decides to dig into it later and increase security, you can’t take threats like this lightly.
  • he’s a clingy mess for the rest of the day and does everything you ask him to, he even cleans the living room and eats a proper meal.


  • this sweet, selfless man just can’t catch a break.
  • it took him so long to heal his wounds and allow himself to love someone healthy and good for him.
  • a building has caught fire and collapsed, and not many people made it.
  • the same building you say you were going to.
  • he hasn’t heard anything from you yet, and you’re not answering your phone.
  • so he calls every person he knows and does everything he can to find the tiniest bit of information about the fire and the survivors.
  • his efforts are useless.
  • his chest is hurting so much? he doesn’t think he can take it?
  • all he can do is hold his head in his hands, bite his lip and quietly swallow his tears, because he knows how much you hate to see him sad.
  • and as expected, he blames himself for it.
  • it should have been him.
  • you didn’t deserve such a horrible death, let alone such a short life.
  • after all, you brought so much joy into his life.
  • when it seems like he’s lost all hope, the door opens.
  • it’s MC!
  • you swear you’ve never seen him smile so brightly, like he’s witnessing a miracle of some sort.
  • he asks you where you were and you explain that your job interview was cancelled, so you weren’t there when the building caught fire.
  • he holds you so tightly he leaves you gasping for air, but you don’t complain and instead comfort him with tender kisses.
My Good Girl

Originally posted by coporolight

Summary: Bucky’s on an undercover mission overseas and finds that it’s awfully difficult to keep his urgencies at bay when his mind keeps traveling back home, back to you. He misses you terribly, and he’s going to make sure you know just how much he does. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

WARNINGS: 18+, dirty talk, masturbation, sexting, graphic description of a nude image, name-calling

Wordcount: 4,134


“C'mon, T-1000. She’ll still be here when we come back!”

Bucky hisses at the sound of Sam’s pestering, even more at the nickname he’s been given. The metal-armed male presses his forehead down against yours as he breathes against your lips, “I’m gonna kill him. I swear to God, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Relax,” You chuckle and plant a firm hand on his chest, “Sam’s right anyway. It’s just two weeks, Buck. I’ll still be here when you come back.”

Bucky knows you’re right. He’s done undercover missions without you before, but there’s something about him leaving you for two weeks that doesn’t sit well with him. He’s grown attached to you and he’s not sure he has it in him to leave you behind for so long without losing it.

The silver specks in his baby blues disappear when his eyes slide shut as he presses his lips tightly and firmly against yours. The kiss leaves him craving more, but he pulls away to make it easier for him to leave. “‘m really gonna miss you, baby.”

“I know,” A nudge is delivered as you push him back gently, much to your own displeasure, “I’m gonna miss you too, T-1000. But that quinjet’s leaving in five, so get your ass on it before Sam and Steve have to drag you.”

A boyish grin crawls onto Bucky’s face, his dimpled chin only accentuating the sharpness of his jaw as he shakes his head in amusement. Once he finally moves back towards the quinjet, you call out his name, and he looks at you over his shoulder.

You nod to the overnight bag that he carries, “I packed a few sandwiches for you. In case you get hungry along the way.”

Bucky can’t help the fire that washes over his chest at the thought of you getting up early in the morning just to make him some sandwiches. And then his mind wanders back to how early the both of you woke up to buy enough time to become entangled in sweaty limbs over a shaking bed frame. Bucky pulls his pink lip between white teeth and smiles at you, one that crinkles the corners of his eyes, “I love you, sweetheart. See you in two weeks?”

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Three parts of a whole - Batman x Reader x Superman (NSFW)

Summary : The Batman, Superman and You are in a polyamory relationship, and it couldn’t be better. Well…Maybe it could.

I wrote this in twenty five minutes, and FUCK it’s a long story…Anyway, hope you’ll like it, I’m going to hide in a cave now :s :

WARNING : THIS IS SMUT ! Like there’s cute and sweet feelings in the mix, but also sex scenes, like super graphic depiction of sex, so if you’re not comfortable with that and all that blahblahblah, this story ain’t for you ^^’. I have tons of other very SFW story, for averyone to read, and if you wanna check those out instead, it’s right here, on My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com.


“What’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly” was a line in one of your favorite TV show, The Addams Family.

And oh it kinda ruled your entire life !

You knew ever since you were three, and attending your first day of school, when you realized not everyone had two dads (some had what they called “moms” !) that what people called “normal”, would never fit you.

And oh as you grow up that fact only became more and more obvious.

It didn’t help either, that so many people would point out your differences constantly, like your two gay dads, your little birthmark that went from your forehead and over your eyes, your obsession with some unconventional things, the fact that you were a “nerd” etc etc…Oh everyone always made so many comments about how weird and different you were !

Everyone…but them. They never judge. Hell, they even understood. Because they weren’t “normal” either.

Come to think of it, it was probably what made you fall for them. Fall for them, hard. You smile at the memory of when you met them when a sound brings you back to reality. A rather obscene sound really…

Right. This is what sprout your mind thinking about how you weren’t “normal” compare to most people. What was happening right now.

You smile at the source of the sound, shaking your head slightly, and kiss it on the lips. Kiss him.

Clark Kent aka Superman, one of the love of your life, with whom you were talking about the Batman’s “O” face. Totally normal right ?”

Your kiss unfocused him from imitating Bruce’s orgasm face (and sound) and he tries to catch your mouth back with his, his tongue darting out of his lips, but you escape his grasp, crawling to the other side of the couch.

He pouts like a child at the loss of your warmth..it was so comfortable and cosy, to have you snuggled against him !

You wink at him and he melts a bit, but before he can chase after you or anything of the like, you say :

-I’m sorry Clark, but his “o” face isn’t quite like that. It’s more like…

You scrunch up your nose a little bit and clench your jaw tight…before rolling your eyes to the back of your skull, scrunching up your nose even more, and opening your mouth to let out a guttural and very unlady like growl of pleasure.

Clark was intently looking at you, from his side of the couch, and, clearly, was on the verge of bursting into tears of laughter.

-Hahahahaha yes ! Yes that’s it ! Even the little sexy groan !

You both start to laugh and imitate the mighty Batman’s face when he has an orgasm and…you don’t really know why it’s so funny really. Maybe it’s the fact that the two of you know him in another light than his usually so stoic and emotionless self ? You don’t really know…but it’s damn hilarious ! (And a bit sexy).

Clark high fives you after your amazing and so truthful to the original performance, and…it’s like you both can’t help it. As if all it takes is a single touch of each others’ skin and…

The high five never really stops, as Clark tangles his fingers with yours and pulls you on top of him.

Your lips connect instantly, as his free hand goes to settle on the small of your back and yours go flying around his shoulders. As often between the two of you, it turns heated, as his tongue brush your lips and you grant him access to your mouth.

The hand that’s on the small of your back creep under your shirt and slowly removes it, as you unbutto…

-I know it has been two months since you two last saw each others, but you could have waited for me…

You tear yourself off of Clark and turn your head to the side to see the other love of your life…Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

There was a reason, you and Clark knew his “o” face so well.

And that reason was another proof your life wasn’t situated anywhere on the “normal” spectrum.

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Vanilla Rules || Chapter 1


Genre: Badboy! au, College! au, romance, drama

Word count: 2.1k (sorry I know its long)

Warnings: Just a lil bit of swearing and mentions of throwing up (just in case anyone has a weak stomach. its not graphic but idk)


The hate saga between you and baddie of the town Park Jimin rests on two very simple (vanilla) rules: 1.) Hate each other for the rest of your lives and 2.)under no circumstances fall in love with each other. But what happens when one of starts falling for the other? Will passion win or will rage take the game?

A/N: if you want chapter 2 then pretty please let me know whether you like it. Honestly it takes a lot more effort to write than read so I dont want to waste my time writing this if the response isn't worth the work I put in. I hope you guys enjoy this and also thank you for taking the time to read it!❤️ I’ll put out a ch 2 teaser depending on how things go. Enjoy reading :)

Prologue || Ch 1 || Ch 2 teaser


Originally posted by h-farah01

Park Jimin was the worst man you ever had the displeasure of knowing. He was cold, rude, arrogant, indifferent to everyone around him. He never cared for anyone but himself. He trampled over people, used them for his own means and discarded them like waste. Everyone loved him, except for you which is why you sometimes wondered whether he seeked you out on purpose. It was a very sick and twisted game the both of you played, but neither of you ever wanted to stop.

“I think you two like each other in a twisted way” Taehyung your best friend would tell you, earning a scoff which was followed by a glare, every single time he uttered the words. No one ever made you feel as frustrated and angry as he did. “You’re wrong. He has it out for me for whatever reason. He doesnt like me” you would state as a matter of factly in turn earning a laugh of disbelief from Taehyung.

Not to mention Jimin was the biggest fuck boy you knew. Not only did he have zero respect for others, he didn’t even respect himself enough to set himself to a good standard because he would fuck anything that had two legs and a vagina.

You really hated him.

He never let any opportunity to mess up your life go amiss. Whether it was purposely making you late for class, or butting his nose in your romantic endeavours and driving your partners away.

“I am the only guy for you y/n” he had told you the time when he had driven away your dumb ex boyfriend by making it look like you had cheated on him. “ Love it or hate it because you are stuck with me princess” After a while you had given up on relationships because Jimin always ensured it didn’t last past one week.

“Thinking about me?” You were startled out of your thoughts as Jimin’s voice rang through your ears. He occupied the seat next to you and you had to stop yourself from retching because the pungent smell of smoke mixed with the cheap beer invaded your nostrils. “Aww was wittle baby missing me? Does precious little Jiminie need an ass kicking” your voice dripped with sarcasm.

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Green Eyed Monster.

Request from anon:Would you be interested in writing a Bucky x Avenger!reader where someone in the group convinces everyone to go to a club and the reader surprises everyone with her outfit and suggestively dancing with someone and Bucky gets jealous, yanks the guy off her and takes his place? And maybe it ends in smut (implied or graphic, I’m good with either lol).

Note: Apologies for the delay in this post. Also because my mind has been all over the place lately can you please let me know if I forgot to add you to my perm tag list? Thank you! <3

Jealous!Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,660

Warnings: Very mild language, flirting and implied smut….think that is everything. Let me know if I need to put anything else.

Disclaimer: GIF used is one that I made <3

This was a stupid idea. A REALLY stupid idea. It had taken you long enough to socialise properly with those you now considered your family and now you were being dragged out of the tower…..to a club no less! A club that had quite the reputation if you remembered correctly and it wasn’t one you wanted to indulge yourself in either.

“Nat….I’m really not up for this.”

“You’re not getting out of it [l/n] so don’t even try. I know there’s a party girl in there somewhere and I am determined to bring her out into the open!”

“WE are determined to bring her out.” Wanda’s voice soon sounded out from the other side of your bathroom door as she waited along with Natasha for you to get yourself ready. “….and I know that there is a little part of you that is excited about this….”

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Jace Wayland - Who would have thought

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Words: 1322 (yeah I think I got a little carried away… Oops…)

Warnings: I guess there is some sexual tension (but nothing too graphic)

This is a cute, fluffy and really flirty imagine for Jace Wayland. The reader is a shadowhunter and she/he has been friends with Jace for as long as she/he could remember but their relashionship always felt like more… full of flirting and glacing at each other every chance they got. 

A/N: I have been wanting to write one like this for so long and I’m pretty proud of the outcome so I hope you like it. (btw Y/F/N: your friend’s name)

Originally posted by bobbimorxe

It’s about the time nearly everyone has left the main area of the Institute and had gone to the living quarters. I can finally go train in peace. I put my music on at nearly full blast just enough not to bother anyone still near my area and I start my stretching – I’ve always wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid even though Jace always made fun of me because of it, I even took classes so I guess that’s why the long stretching stuck with me, t found it relaxing. Well, usually I did, but when you feel someone staring at your ass while you’re bend over it’s… well… a little uncomfortable “Hey hun, I know it’s hard because my ass looks great from over there but would you mind not staring?” I heard a chuckle and instantly knew who it was “Don’t flatter yourself, I just came to ask you to lower your music.” Jace said with a smirk on his face. “Oh! Oh right! So you were standing there for a full five minutes cause you couldn’t decide whether or not the music is good, is that it?” I replied cockily which made him put his hands up in innocence “Hey, a boy gets distracted!” “Obviously.” I laughed as I got up and came up to him.

 “So what? You gonna ask me to train with you or not?” he asked as he leaned on the doorframe. I made the fakest look of shock I could “Oh… My… God… no, no there is no way! The great Jace Wayland would honour little old me with a training session?! This makes me so emotional! Thank you your majesty! Thank you!” I said sarcastically as I simulated a reverence. He chuckled “Well you’re welcome” “But hey you keep bending over like that you’ll get more than a training session.” he quickly added and I could just feel the huge smirk on his face. “Shut up.” I nudged him in the arm. “I didn’t know we’ve already started to fight.” he pouted rubbing his hand on the stop where I had just hit him. “That’s because I’m not fighting with you” I shot back returning to the punching bag. “What? You’re afraid that your biggest crush would kick your ass?” he replied following me. “You wish.” I back away and stick my tong out at him mockingly. “Oh just you wait till I catch you” he said as he took of his hoodie and started chasing me through the gym. When he finally caught up to me he grabbed me from behind and tried to pick me up but I kept trying to get out of his grip which made me lose my balance and fall with him right on top of me. I could feel my cheeks turning pink as we just stared at each other until we burst out laughing. “I got you” he said in a quieter voice “not for long” I replied still trying to escape but he pinned me down. Oh God is he really leaning in?! No way is he going to kiss me?! Wait… do I want him to kiss me?! My thoughts were interrupted by a loud cough. We both looked up at the same time and saw Maryse’s annoyed face staring down at us as we quickly got up. “May I remind you that this is a training hall not a speed dating area” she commented while we were looking down at the floor trying to hold our laughter. “Is there something you needed?” Jace managed to blurt out. “As a matter of fact, Jace I need to talk to you, it’s important.” “Sure I’ll be right there” then he turned to me “Rain check on… that whole thing…?” he motioned to the place where we were lying a few minutes ago. “Which part?” I asked biting my lip. “You’ll see” he smirked running to catch up with Maryse letting me return to actual training.

Originally posted by shadowhuntersseries

1 hour later

I had finally finished all my sets and I was just about to clean up when a voice made me jump. “Oh no! Don’t tell me I missed staring at your cute but while you train?” “By a few minutes” I laughed letting my hair down. “Now I’m really disappointed…” he made me smile “Yeah unfortunately, but since you’re here could you help me clean up? I need to take a shower.” I through the boxing gloves at him so that he’d put them away. “If you wanted to get in shower with me you should have just asked.” He grinned “You wish, you perv… I meant clean up this room while I go get rid of all this sweat… alone…” I glared. “Oh don’t worry you don’t need to you’re hot when you’re all sweaty like that” he winked “Oh honey, but I’m always hot, no matter the situation” I replied with a posh accent which made him laugh as I exited. “Good night!” I yelled before disappearing behind the corner. I just saw him shake his head and smile.

Few days later

I blasted the doors of the Institute and headed straight to my room. As soon as he heard me Jace went after me. I didn’t even notice him since I was so pissed, at myself mostly, until I nearly slammed the door in his face. “Wow… what did that door ever do to you?” he commented with his usual smirk that immediately faded when he noticed my face. Something was not right… “Hey, he said in a softer voice, what’s wrong? Did you get hurt on the mission?” he asked slightly worried. That’s when I couldn’t hold it in anymore I felt the tears pushing trough but I tried as hard as I could to hold them back “It’s all my fault… I should have never agreed to it… she… she just wasn’t ready…” I mustered weakly. “What are you talking about” he came closer. “Y/F/N… she got hurt Jace… badly… on a mission where I allowed her to go… I was responsible for her… I should have known she couldn’t go in the field yet and now her wounds are on me…” he put his hand on my cheek wiping away the single tear that had managed to escape my eye. “Hey… hey… look at me… it‘s not your fault, the head of the Institute shouldn’t have pushed untrained Shadowhunters in the field like that. You could have done nothing about it.”  “But I could have protected her… been there to defend her… I ‘m just so pissed at myself!” “Hey, it’s gonna be fine. She’s gonna be fine, don’t worry.” He reassured me, his hands on my shoulders. He slowly glided them down my arm and his soft touch brought back that weird tingly feeling. When he finally got to my hand he intertwined his fingers with mine and I squeezed his hand making sure it was actually real. I looked at our hands then back up in his beautiful eyes searching for some sort of answer or approval but what I got was far better. I felt his lips touch mine hesitantly at first but when he noticed I didn’t back away he made it deep and passionate and just like that everything around me crumbled I could feel my whole body getting numb, with every touch I kept craving more. And I could tell that he felt exactly the same. When I finally pulled away I stood there in awe “Wow” “Wow indeed” he smirked returning back to his cocky self. 

Originally posted by dontyouwishyouhadlove

For the rest of the evening we just sat in my room and had the deepest conversations about anything and everything making sure to add in a few make out sessions here and there of course. I still couldn’t believe it, Jace Wayland, the constant pain in my ass Jace Wayland… I mean who would have though…

Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Breaking Up + Getting Back Together

I’ve been really into post break up AUs lately (see this and this), so I thought I’d put together a reclist of Steve/Tony break up and getting back together fics. ANGST AND HAPPY ENDINGS HERE, PEOPLE :) 

Note: I’ve left CA:CW/post-CA:CW fics off this list.

Comment and leave kudos! 


Catching Lightning in a Bottle by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc): College student Tony meets janitor Steve at MIT and they fall blissfully in love, until Howard happens and things fall apart. One divorce paperwork snafu courtesy of the ever-helpful Jarvis, and ten years later, Tony has to get re-divorced from Steve. This does not go as he imagines. Or, the Sweet Home Alabama AU that no one–well, okay, a few of you–asked for.

Holding Out for a Hero by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): When Tony was a prince and Steve was his manservant, they were young and reckless and hopelessly in love. But an attack on Tony’s life convinces Steve that he can’t protect Tony, so he leaves in the dead of night to train until he can. Ten years later, Steve returns to the kingdom a strong and able knight, but his king is both furious and broken-hearted.

Almost-Breakups Suck ficlet by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): “He felt the words like a physical blow to his chest—aching and deep and so, so cold.”

(Just Like) Starting Over by georgygirl (@georgygirl-247): Seven years ago, Steve broke up with Tony because he thought it was the Right Thing to Do™ for both of them. But he never asked Tony.And now it’s seven years later, and Tony has decided to very publicly remind Steve of a promise he made to him once upon a time. Or, Steve and Tony dated in college, broke up, and now Tony wants Steve back again.

Our House by georgygirl (@georgygirl-247): No matter how long they’ve been together, Steve and Tony will always be a couple of self-sacrificing idiots willing to make themselves miserable so long as they think the other is happy. Or: Steve and Tony decide to sell their house and part ways forever because each thinks it’s what the other wants.

if we ever meet again by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle): "It’s been two months,“ Steve says, voice low. "Rhodey- Colonel. It’s been two months.”

Full Disclosure Not Required (but Appreciated) by Potrix: The one where Steve knows more than he lets on, Tony knows less than he pretends, Clint has a big mouth, Bucky is a little shit, and everyone learns why keeping secrets never ends well. Almost never, anyway. 

Noble Metals by Veldeia (@veldeia​): Living together with the Avengers, in a relationship with Steve, Tony’s as happy as he’s ever been—until it turns out he’s dying of palladium poisoning. Unwilling to tell anyone, he replaces himself with a Life Model Decoy and breaks up with Steve, so he can hide and focus on fixing his arc reactor before it’s too late.

Steve can’t decide if Tony is acting strangely or if that’s just his denial speaking. Tony Mark II struggles to figure out the best course of action, stuck handling issues he was never programmed to deal with. And Tony isn’t sure he can ever get Steve back, even if he survives.

Modern Love by fictionforlife, Neverever (@captainneverever): Tony drifts into a relationship with Steve after a one night stand. He thinks that Steve is modern and well adjusted to the 21st century but finds that Steve is old-fashioned in unexpected ways.

Captain Coffee by Neverever (@captainneverever): Steve is content managing his own coffee shop and life is full with friends and neighbors. But an owner of big coffee chain pressures him to sell and someone from his past reappears. And now Steve needs to fight a bully, an ex, and himself to get his happy ending.

Tony’s Place by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Tony has the hottest nightclub in Madripoor, until his lost love Steve Rogers, a man he knew as artist in Paris, walks in and changes everything. (Noir Casablanca AU)

to dream of the stars by gottalovev (@gottalovev): Fifteen years after a summer romance at Space Academy that left them brokenhearted, Steve and Tony meet again as astronaut candidates.

And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Now by kaceywithak: Like all good stories, it starts with a phone call that changes everything. Or, that time where Bucky Barnes of all people finally got Tony to come home and Steve may be a decade older but he hasn’t changed a bit.

Something Death Can Touch by thatdamneddame: Tony nearly dies in the field on a Saturday. Steve breaks up with Tony the Wednesday after he’s released from hospital.

Screaming and Screaming (but I just can’t hear you) by AngeNoir (@outercorner): Two years. Two years, of trying to get Tony to spend more time with him, of trying to subtly let Tony know he wanted their relationship to be more public, of trying to get Tony to let him in. No more. Steve was done.

Blackout by MemoryDragon (@memorydragon): The power is out. 

Getting back together ficlet by brandnewfashion: “You can’t mean that.”


Hypotenuse by derryderrydown: Steve breaks up with Tony because he’s in love with Iron Man. That’s when things start to get complicated.

Better This Time by nightwalker (@onemuseleft): It had been been two years without Tony at his side and his back, two years nursing a resentment and an anger that had refused to fade. It was time to move on, and Steve didn’t want to do it alone.

Seasons of Love by Missy_dee811 (@viudanegraaa): Seasons change, people don’t. Maybe Mr. Right isn’t Mr. Right Now.

Blowing Soap Bubbles at the South Pole by Jay Tryfanstone: Forty-eight hours: a graphic novel. 616 universe, futurefic, AU from the end of Stark Disassembled.

We’ve Been On This Path Before by vassalady: Years ago, Steve and Tony were the it couple over all the magazines. Now, Steve lives with his four-year-old son, Ian, in a shabby apartment. It’s not perfect, but life is good. Then, Tony shows up at their door and asks for Steve to come back.

Steve isn’t sure that getting back together with Tony is the right thing. There’s so much history between them, and he has Ian to think of. But Tony could provide opportunities for Ian that Steve can’t. And, underneath it all, he still loves Tony even after all these years. It will take time and a lot of work to find the life he wants for him and his son. However, secrets both old and new may prove a threat that will cost them dearly.

(If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox!)

answering asks!!


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The Big Yellow School Bus

Summary: Just when you thought you’ve settled in your new skin, your favorite bar gets invaded by the masculine, pine scent of a young man you used to call your fuckbuddy.

Genre: Angst, drama,romance, graphic smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Music: Love is a Dog from Hell by Mad Clown feat. Suran (please listen to Mad Clown and Suran; they are heavenly.)

Dedicated to @tayegi who inspired me to write again.

Words: 12,852 (what the fuck)

Drabbles: one

Originally posted by seenaa-bts

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lezbianxion  asked:

prompt: jimon + childhood friends AU !! always like those, and i always wonder how that would like... impact jace and simon if they had been childhood friends from the start

best friends for a long time is my ultimate weakness <3

“Hey.” Jace says, inviting himself into Simon’s room and sprawling onto his desk chair. “‘Sup?”

Simon’s lying on his bed, earphones half in, and he glares at Jace as hard as he can - which isn’t much, given the fact that his mind is currently drowning in sorrow, and he just wants to curl up and die.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear what happened. You’re here to gloat, aren’t you?” Simon snaps, and Jace shrugs. 

“I told you in fifth grade that that dude was bad news, it’s been seven years since then.” Jace reminds him. He’s looking at Simon’s posters now, not even looking at him as he says, softly, “You didn’t even think about listening to me.” 

“Sorry, yeah,” Simon bites out, “except he was the only one who invited me to prom and unlike you, I don’t have dates just lined up? So I can’t afford to be picky - “

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Jace says, exasperated, and Simon sits up in bed, furious, when Jace continues, “You would never let any one of us say that about ourselves, but you can say that about yourself? Anyone would be lucky to have you, Simon, you can’t settle.” 

Simon’s stunned into a furious silence, glaring petulantly at Jace, because Jace is right, and he hates that, hates that Jace knows him almost as well as Clary. And this boy, with his infuriatingly gorgeous body is nice to Simon in his own way, surprisingly sweet, and fuck it’s just not fair and it doesn’t help Simon get over the feelings he’s had for Jace for years. 

“Whatever.” Simon sighs, and flops back into bed. 

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Jace asks, and Simon rolls away from him so he doesn’t have to look at Jace sitting in his room like he belongs there. 

“You always are.” Simon says dully. 

There’s silence, and then the sound of Jace moving, the bed dipping as he sits near Simon. A tentative hand comes up to stroke his back, Jace’s long fingers burning a path through the thin material of Simon’s shirt. 

“You’ll be okay.” Jace says quietly. “You will.” 

“Like I was okay in middle school when Georgie Chen dumped her juice all over me for not being a cool enough date to the movies?” Simon asks wryly, and he hears Jace laugh, the small, throaty one that makes little dimples appear in Jace’s cheeks. 

“If I’m remembering correctly, I also dumped my juice over Georgie Chen for that, so I think that went fine.” Jace remarks, and Simon smiles at that, shaking his head as he sits up, sitting cross-legged on the bed and facing Jace. 

“Yeah, but that cemented your popularity. ‘Ooooh, I’m Jace Herondale, I’m too cool for the cool kids, I wore tiny leather jackets when I was in elementary school and my hair swishes in the wind like I’m in a commercial - “ Simon sings, adopting a falsetto and ducking as Jace throws a pillow at him, laughing. 

I’m Simon Lewis,” Jace says, deepening his voice and turning his nose up, “I corrected the math teacher in ninth grade and now I’m the math nerd and I know ever single Nicolas Cage movie like nobody’s business but I like to wear graphic tees and pretend I’m a punk rocker - “

“I’m a superstar and you know it.” Simon says, making finger guns. 

“Damn, and we’re all just along for the ride.” Jace says, propping his chin up in his hands and looking at Simon fondly. Simon grins, because Jace is his best friend, and maybe prom didn’t work out, but - he still has this, still gets this side of Jace that no one else gets to see. And that’s enough for him. 


Three weeks later, his phone shrilly and insistently rings, rousing him from his Brooklyn 99 marathon on prom night. He blinks down at the caller ID, frowning as he picks up. 

“Hey,” he greets Clary, “shouldn’t you be getting read to go to prom, Fray? Izzy’s picking you up soon, isn’t she?” 

Yes.” Clary says, and she sounds like she’s out of breath and running. “But change of plans, I’m getting ready at your house.” 

“Uh - “ Simon says, but then his front door rings and he slowly pauses the episode on his laptop as his sister goes to get it. 

“Clary?” Rebecca’s surprised voice echoes. Simon jumps up and runs to the front door, where he sees Clary lugging a huge duffel bag and two large dry-cleaning bags, whispering furiously to Rebecca. “Oh my god - yes, I approve - Mom’s not here - well, I’ll just do all the - yes, I love this plan!”

“What plan?” Simon asks immediately, narrowing his eyes at his sister and his best friend. “Don’t like the collusion that’s going on here, no, nope, betrayed by my very best friend in my house, under my roof - “

“No time for yapping, Simon.” Rebecca says impatiently, one hand on her hip as she makes a shooing motion. 

“She’s right.” Clary hums as she dumps the dry cleaning in his hands and tugs on his hands. “Come on, we’re already behind schedule.”

“Behind - what?” Simon asks, bewildered, as he follows her to his room. She throws the duffel on his bed and takes one of the bags, the plastic riding up to reveal the shimmery green dress he helped her pick out. “Clary, what?” He repeats helplessly. 

“You’re going to prom.” Clary says, beaming at him. “There’s someone that’s wanted for a very long time to go with you, and in a burst of bravery - and pain, because someone slapped some sense into them - they’ve decided to use the tickets they bought for the two of you and take you to prom!” 

“Who - what - you slapped someone into going to prom with me?” Simon blinks, feeling like he’s rapidly losing control of the situation. 

“Not me.” Clary says airily. “Though I wish I had. I promise its a good date, you’re definitely going to like it. Now go change into your suit, please.” 

Suit - “ Simon looks at the bag in his hands and slides the plastic up, revealing midnight-blue fabric. “Holy shit this is way out of my price range, where’d you get this?” 

“Magnus, of course. Raphael picked it out from Magnus’ selection.” Clary answers. She pauses, and then very seriously takes Simon’s hand. 

“Hey,” she says quietly, “trust me, okay? This person really likes you, and all of us think that they’ll be good for you. You’ll like them. Let me help you get ready?” 

“All of you guys?” Simon swallows. “Even Jace approves?” 

Jace, who’s notoriously hard to please; Jace, who’s obnoxiously insulted everyone who’s looked twice at Simon; Jace, who’s quietly helped Simon through every disappointment and made Simon fall harder and harder for him - 

“Even Jace.” Clary smiles. “Ready?” 

Simon’s silent for a second, looking at the suit and thinking about how even if it’s not with Jace, he deserves to be happy. Maybe he should give this mysterious suitor a chance. 

“Alright.” He answers finally, and can’t help but smile in response to Clary beaming at him. “Alright, alright, you win, Fray!” 

“Damn right I do!” She says, pleased with herself. “Now go.” 

Clary manages to get him and herself ready in record time, and they’re both dressed, hair styled, in less than forty minutes. Simon stares at the person in the mirror, and can’t quite believe it’s him. The suit fits like a dream, makes his legs look longer and his torso broader. Logically, he knows he’s not bad-looking, but the suit makes it much easier to feel that way too. He looks at his carefully coiffed hair, and he nods, sliding his glasses off. 

What are you doing?” Clary asks, slipping into her heels and fixing one of her earrings on. She looks gorgeous, impeccable in her makeup and curls, and Simon’s not sure what black magic she worked to get herself ready at the same time. “Keep your glasses on.”

“I look better with contacts?” Simon asks more than he says. He’s pretty sure that was the consensus among his friends. Clary shakes her head, smiling. 

“This person specifically told me to make sure you didn’t take them off, because - and I quote - they’re a part of you.” She says, and Simon can’t breathe for a long second, because that’s just about the most damn beautiful thing he’s ever heard, and it makes him feel like he could fly. 

“Okay,” he croaks out, sliding his glasses back on, “okay, this person’s a romantic.” 

“Hey,” Rebecca sticks her head into his room, “they’re all here, Simon’s date is ready.” 

“Finally.” Clary grabs her purse and moves to the door. “I’m gonna go out first, and you can follow right after, yeah?”

“Okay.” Simon says, his mouth suddenly dry and his hands clammy. Clary squeezes his shoulder before she takes off, and he’s left with just Rebecca. 

“Becks.” He says weakly, gesturing to himself. “I - “

“You look good, Si.” She says softly, smiling sadly at him. “You look just like Dad, you know. Except for the nose.” She taps his nose. “That’s Mom all the way.”

“Aw, Becks.” He says, flushing. 

“Don’t get sappy on me now.” She teases, and then she gestures to the hallway. “Well? Go find your date.” 

Simon nods, and bites his lips as he moves to the front door. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath with his hand on the door handle. 

This is going to be fine. This is going to be fine

He opens the door and looks out into the night; the path to the front door is lit brightly by the front porch lamp, white light glowing softly around a figure with soft blonde hair and unbearably adoring blue-brown eyes. 

“Hey,” Jace says, holding out a rose to Simon, a blinding smile on his face as he looks at Simon, “wanna go to prom with me?” 

Jace?” Simon croaks out, taking the rose numbly, his mind not quite comprehending. 

“I got it on very good authority that all the time I was pining, it wasn’t actually as hopeless as I thought? So, uh,” he gestures to Simon, “I wanted to give you the prom you deserve. And I want to - try to be the boyfriend you deserve. If you’d let me.” 

Jace is wearing a black suit with a tie to match Simon’s, his eyes hopeful and sincere. He looks good, like a dream out of some fairy tale, and more importantly - 

He’s the boy that hit Simon in the face with a basketball in fourth grade and then led him around school for the rest of the day, holding his hand, because Simon couldn’t see out of his swollen eye; he’s the boy that taught Simon how to play the guitar in middle school and encouraged him to try for his first gig; he’s the boy that stood by Simon through everything. Simon’s never felt this way about anyone. 

Heart in his throat, he steps forward and curls his fingers in Jace’s tie and yanks him forward, kissing him on the porch, slow and sweet as the crickets chirp around them. 


Six years later, Jace leads him on a walk through his old neighborhood. 

“Hey.” Simon says, nudging him as Jace shivers. “You’re thinking too hard.” He reaches over and tightens Jace’s scarf around his neck, his fingers lingering against the underside of Jace’s jaw. 

“You don’t think enough.” Jace responds, smirking, as he catches Simon’s wrist and tangles their fingers together, squeezing reassuringly. Simon hums and drives his foot down against a pile of dry leaves, relishing in the crunch that sounds from it. 

“Did you remember to drop the truck off at the mechanic?” Simon asks absently. Jace’s coffee truck is doing well enough to have expanded into two more trucks, run by his employees. 

“Yeah.” Jace abruptly stops, turning to look at Simon. “Hey, remember this wall?” 

Simon looks at it and laughs. It’s a little alley tucked away behind the driveways of the houses, and it’s got graffiti from the generations of kids that have lived there; Rebecca and her friends are by Simon and Clary’s heart with their initials in it, Jace’s barely legible scrawl across it all, with Izzy and Alec beneath that.

“I was so angry when you wrote over our names.” Simon recalls, and he squats down and traces over the heart he and Clary drew over their names when they were eleven. “Here Clary and I were, promising to marry each other when we grew up, and you just came in and scribbled all over it.”

“I was jealous.” Jace laughs a little. “I wanted to have all your attention, and instead she got it.” 

“You always had my attention.” Simon stands up and smiles at Jace, who grins and hooks his hands in Simon’s pockets to bring him closer, walking him backwards at the same time until they’re pressing against the wall, kissing softly. 

They break apart when they hear a car passing by, and make the trek to the Lewis house, bumping shoulders. 

“You think I can go back and scribble the heart out even more?” Jace wonders as they climb the front steps. “I don’t want our kids to one day find that Aunt Clary and Dad had a heart thing going on.” 

“Our kids?” Simon grins, something warm and soft fluttering in his chest. Jace looks at him like he’s the stupid one. 

“Of course.” Jace says. “I’ve had you for thirteen years, Lewis, you think I’m ever going to let you go now? Is it not obvious that you’re stuck with me?” 

“It is.” Simon kisses him again, quick and chaste, before he rings the bell, his heart swelling. “It is.” 


That night, before they go back home to the apartment, they add a postscript to the graffiti heart: 

P.S. - JH + SL Forever

Safe - Dean Winchester x Reader (Office AU)

Title: Safe

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,871

Warnings: Reader used to be one of Christian Grey’s submissives

Original Imagine: See here!

A/N: So, this is like not approving of Fifty Shades of Grey so if you are a fan of it you are free not to read. For the ones that are going to read know that there is not going to be any real graphic description of what Christian did to the reader but still, yeah. Some can also view it as if she used to be in an abusive relationship.

“And then you have a meeting with the board of directors which-” you stopped mid-sentence to hand him his coffee and take the bag with croissants from his hand (shoving them in your bag for him later), with one hand, while the other held your notebook close to you. Your eyes did not leave the notes in front of you even for a split second.

“-is not to finish before your father has represented you with his own opinion on the matter” you added, as you both walked down the pavement making your way to the black limo that was waiting for you there. You were the one and only personal assistant of Dean Winchester, CEO of the Winchester Industries, which he’d gotten control of after his father’s, John Winchester’s, retirement. He had another brother, Sam Winchester, famous lawyer of New York city whom did not want to have to do much with the family business. John seemed to trust Dean a lot so he allowed him to have full control of the industries in a young age - at least compared to other CEOs. John, however, had not stopped interfering in the management of the Enterprises so he would occasionally attend meetings.

“My father?” Dean asked, not really surprised though.

“Yes, he called this morning” you said simply, everyone had now gotten used to seeing the older Winchester attend meetings. Much to his wife’s, Mary’s, dismay. You had met her on your own since she used to work as John’s personal assistant, while you still had a small job to do in the Enterprises. When Dean (who would work in the Enterprises for a long time - just in a less significant position) took over, both Mary and John stopped working there. Mostly because Dean’s first decision as CEO of the Enterprises was to make you his personal secretary. You would be lying if you said you weren’t flattered. You had known him ever since you had started working in the Enterprises and (despite his many protests) you would always refer to him as ‘Mr. Winchester’. To you that’s what he was. Despite the position he had in the job he was still the boss’ son. Owner of the Enterprises too.

“Oh, 'k” he mumbled, voice still laced with sleep, and he took a big sip of his coffee. It was black with no sugar because you knew that’s what he needed mornings like this, when you had to literally drag him out of bed.

“And then-” you both entered the car as the driver held the door open for you. You got in first and then Dean, who liked to look out of the window sometimes.

“-you have a personal meeting with your Business Consultant to talk about-” you started speaking again only to be cut off by Dean groaning.

“Not that guy again!” he all-but-whined, throwing his head back for a second.

“I’m sorry but yes, Mr. Winchester. Your father has demanded that you see him again this month. It is of high importance that you-” you started speaking and he cut you off.

“That I talk with him about Management reserves, yeah I know” he groaned shaking his head.

“It is important, though” you said with a small smile.

“Yeah, yeah” he groaned more.

“Anyway, then you will have to sign some papers for your future collaborations with some of the greatest Enterprises of the country, oh and we need your approval for some important steps on-” you started speaking but you cut yourself off.

“The coffee’s not doing much, is it?” you asked him.

He glanced at you for split second, a small smile on his lips.

God that smile you thought to yourself.

“No, not yet at least” he said closing his eyes and resting his forehead against his seat “But it will have managed to make me wide awake when we reach our destination, hopefully” he mumbled.

“Well, you would have been already wide awake if you hadn’t stayed up till late, last night. Drinking a lot, for that matter” you told him a small smirk.

“Hey, what could I do? Tony invited me over since Pepper would not be there, so he wanted to unwind a little bit. You know how she is.” Dean said with a small shrug.

“Yeah, she told me she had to attend some meetings in order to settle a few things. The damages you and Tony did to the all those buildings while playing with his suits needed repair” you said, scolding him.

Dean merely snickered “Oh come on, you should have tried it too. It was a hell lot of fun” he laughed like a little child that was referring to its toys. Proud and happy.

And you couldn’t help but smile at hearing his laugh. You had known Dean for so long, like known fully well, his personality and all, and you couldn’t deny that you felt your heart flutter every time he laughed or smiled at you.

“Yeah, right. When angels start eating burgers” you mumbled under your breath.

“Ah you never know” he smirked at you and you rolled your eyes slightly.

“Either way, though, you know my friend, (Y/n). Tony never misses the chance to have fun. And neither do I” he added, taking a sip of his coffee.

“You never miss a chance to have fun?” you asked with a smile.

“I never miss the chance to have a drink from Tony’s bottles” he responded “While enjoying the company of a couple women of course” he mumbled the last part, as if he didn’t want you to hear, and took a drink from his coffee.

“A couple women?” you asked with a deep frown.

“Uh yeah. He-he had invited over a couple, you know-” he gave you a nervous laugh"-strippers" he hesitantly said.

Your look hardened and you put on a stoic face “Of course” you said with a fake smile and then averted your eyes from him.

“Poor Pepper. Has to put up with every woman Mr. Stark brings. Every morning she has to throw out a different one, don’t know how she manages” you shook your head.

“You know how Tony is. Everybody does in fact.” he looked down at his coffee when you did not respond.

“Hey, at least you’re lucky to be my secretary. I don’t bring a different one every night” he said trying to lighten the mood. A small smile was on his lips until he realized what he had said, his eyes widened.

“Yeah, lucky me. At least you go to sleep at their places” you said with sarcasm and Dean averted his eyes from you, opting to stare out of the window or down at his coffee. Anywhere but you.

He felt bad for doing this to you. Of course nothing had happened between him and any of the girls last night, despite Tony urging him to have finally some fun time and get laid. It was true that it had been a long while since Dean had gotten laid but he didn’t seem to care either. He couldn’t deny the feelings he had developed over the years for you. You were the one that had stood by his side whenever something had gone wrong. You were the one to always support him, no matter what. You were the one that always showed him the bright side of things. The one that in his darkest moments reminded him what hope felt like. Because you were his hope. His faith. The faith he had lost a long while ago but had gained thanks to you. You were always the one he needed by his side for any kind of matter and he had soon realized that you were the only one he needed by his side for much longer. For many more matters other than work or 'friendly’ support.

He had made a decision with himself that no matter what he was going to prove that he was not like Tony. That he was not a second 'genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist’ That for you he could be more - or well, less. He would cross out the word playboy (though he was not one as big as Tony himself) for you. Because he wanted to. He knew it. He wanted you.

“We’re there” the driver announced, breaking the awkward and completely uncomfortable silence that had settled between you and your boss.

“About time” Dean mumbled and this time you dared look at his direction.

“And where should we be now?” you asked him, frowning. Although you were his secretary and were the one to make his daily schedule, arrange his meetings and all, this time it was Dean that had made an arrangement. He had told you something about a meeting with an important CEO of some important Enterprises but other than that, nothing. He said that it was going to be a surprise for you to meet such an important person. You didn’t ask any further questions and you just complied. He was the boss after all.

“Ah well, you see-” he exited the car and extended one hand for you. You took it and got out of the car too. A tingling sensation was felt and you couldn’t help but smile. A soft smile was on Dean’s lips too, as soon as he saw the red tint on your cheeks. You took your hand from his and smoothed down your white blouse, fixing your pencil skirt.

“-As I told you a few days ago I got an phone call from an important person I had met at party of Tony’s and talked to about business. Finally after a while he said that he wants to collaborate with our company and I simply cannot deny such a unique offer. I didn’t tell you who it was because I thought it would be a pleasant surprise to-” he paused and moved to the side as you slowly averted your eyes from your skirt upwards.

“-see your previous boss again” he said with a small smile and looked up. Your eyes followed his and the smile that was previously on your lips faded away. A look of fear washed over your face as you came face to face with the name that after all this time you still.. dreaded to hear.


And the memories started flooding back. With every blink another one of the thousand memories you had from him. Christian Grey.

The mere thought of the name itself took your breath away. Not in the good way Dean did, though. No not that way.

It felt like someone was trying to strangle you. More and more memories rushing through you. Hitting you like… you would say a ton of bricks but that was not the right reference. Not in this situation, no. They hit you harder than bricks. They hit you like he had done. Christian. And it still hurt. The mere memory still hurt like… the whips he would give you.

You winced as you remembered the endless times he had done that. Tears clouded your vision and your bag and notebook fell from your hands. You trembling hands. You could not make them stop trembling. Just like your legs. You felt the whole ground shaking beneath you and your legs seemed to be unable to support your weight anymore. But you tried to hold on anyway. You clenched a fist to your shirt, near your heart, trying desperately to make it stop beating so rapidly; as if you actually could. You felt your lungs burning. You tried to get in as much air as possible, breathing quickly and deeply in and out. Trying in vain to get some air. It seemed as if someone had tied a rope around your neck - he once had - and you couldn’t get any air. It felt as if you were drowning. As if your life was slipping out of you, slowly and painfully, as memories of him rushed back. Tears had by now started streaming down your cheeks as you tried to cling onto anything that could show you that you were still alive. Your throat burned. It felt hot and dry just like your lips. Your whole body was in a shaking feat as more memories of him came back.

You had tried so hard to get over him - no, get over it. You had long ago gotten over him but- the things he had done to you had not only been 'written’ on your skin like the bruises and scars but also carved in your soul and mind. As long as you saw them and as long as you remembered what he had done to you, you would never be able to get over it. Someone had once told you to wrestle your demons but how could you wrestle your one and only demon when he seemed so more powerful than anything. How could you wrestle him when even the mere mention of his name had your whole body breaking down.

More tears streamed down your face and you gritted your teeth. Something you had gotten used to more than anything. It was the only way you knew to endure the pain. The pain he would cause you. Every time. You shut your eyes tightly, the tears never ending - from both the physical and emotional pain. It was mostly emotional now, yes, but what you had gone through all that time ago was enough to leave a permanent mark on you. A mark that every time broke you down. You tried to block the images that started to come back, the feeling of what he had done was always there. But when you saw darkness even more images would appear.

“(Y/n)!” Dean’s frantic voice was heard, effectively managing to break you trail of thoughts.

“(Y/n) look at me! (Y/n)!” he shouted and you opened your eyes to realize what had actually happened.

You were down on your knees, clenching your head in your hands, face stained with tears as you fought to breath in air.

“(Y/n)!” Dean’s panicked voice made you turn your head to look at him. He had knelled down to you, holding your face in his hands, eyes wide in fear and panic.

You found yourself suddenly being able to take in breaths as you looked back at the face of the man you had grown to love over the time. His gentle yet rough hands rubbing your cheeks and wiping out your tears, showing care.

“(Y/n)-” he started speaking again but you could not hold yourself.

You chocked on a sob and started crying more. Dean looked at you with a pained look and immediately hugged you. You buried your face in his chest as he rubbed your head. You cried more but when your crying finally soothed down, Dean pulled a little bit away. You already missed the warmth of his body and the feeling of safety you felt in his arms.

“Hey, hey it’s alright” he said in a rough yet soft voice “It’s going to be alright, ok? Everything is going to be alright. I promise” he whispered, rubbing your cheek.

You looked up at him with bloodshot eyes but did not dare to say anything, Your throat felt tight and you could not form any words.

“How about we-” he started saying, glancing for a moment at the side of the building; clearly meaning that you could get some help there, but you knew you couldn’t.

“No” your hoarse voice cut him off “Not there, please” your whispered and some more tears run down your cheeks.

“Ok, ok. Come on” he said and put your notebook and bag in your lap. He put a hand behind your back and another below your legs and lifted you bridal style. You took in a shaky breath and rested your forehead against his chest, clenching his shirt into your fist.

He walked a few steps, clearly to the car that was waiting down the street for you when you came out.

“Open the fucking door” he roared to the driver and you clenched his shirt tighter in your hand.

You felt him bent and get into the car. Your eyes would open and close from moment to moment, as if you faded in and out of consciousness. You would not lie, you felt really lightheaded and didn’t think you had the strength to even keep your eyes open.

But you knew you had to. You gathered all the strength you had and tried to get away from Dean, only for his grip on you to tighten.

“No, no stay there. It’s ok” he whispered, brushing a few hair out of your face.

You looked up at him in awe at seeing the adoration, care, protectiveness and worry written all over his face and mostly eyes. His forest green orbs not once leaving yours.

You looked up at him and let a smile appear on your lips. You nodded slowly, and tiredly, and rested your forehead on his chest.

“Close your eyes, princess, everything is alright now” he whispered, kissing your forehead and for the first time you actually didn’t care for being close with him in this way. You didn’t care that he was your boss because for the first time you actually felt safe.

Safe because you were in Dean’s arms. 

Another update! Here we go, y’all. The rescue in action!  There remains references to the injuries described in the previous ficlet, but it’s not as graphic.

Warning: This deals with the aftermath of an explosion.

Vokara Che is drinking a glass of water when it happens.

The Force shrieks, tearing through her, and in her shock her grip on the glass slips. It crashes against the floor of the Halls of Healing, splintering into a million pieces and splashing water everywhere. She pays it no attention, still lost in the feeling that washed over her through the Force.

Coming back to herself, Vokara looks around the Halls; all the other healers have stopped just as she did, looking around as if searching for danger—which means Vokara was not the only one who felt it. That is interesting, but also horrifying in its implications. What in the core worlds happened?

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Requested: Shawn is in the studio, but can’t seem to write anything meaningful. He calls y/n for some inspiration.



You’re halfway through your algebra homework, when your phone buzzing on your bed distracts you. Picking it up, you answer, “Hello?”

“Hey hun,” Shawn’s voice comes from the other side. You’re wondering why he’s calling you because you know he’s at a recording studio in LA right now.

“Hey babe,” You reply, “What’s up?” 

“I’m in the studio and I know you just got home from school so I just wanted to call you.”

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So in the past 24 hours, Bighit has released the rest of the members teaser photos and I’m SHOOK. Anyways, theory time :)) This is a long one, so, sorry 

So we’ll start with the latest one, Jin (WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!!)

Jin, is the only person wearing A. A suit, and B. with the Smeraldos.  He is wearing a pastel blue suit, and the smeraldos are blue. Blue represents trust, and peace. The hangul writing (translation from Soompi) says “If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.” NOW LET’S LOOK AT AWAKE’S LYRICS SHALL WE… 

Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics
He’s always wanted to be amazing and reach the sky, most armys can agree, that Jin is a VERY underrated member. I’m thinking, he wants people (army) to trust that he can do just as well as the other members. And that maybe this is him learning to love who he is, instead of trying so hard, when HE’S ALREADY SO FREAKING AMAZING (anyways) And what if the flowers are for Jungkook, to trust him that things will get better (Jungkook is in a wheel chair in his teaser photo) and goes for the other members. ALSO, after re-watching Awake teaser video, EVERYTHING IS BLUE, EVERYTHING THE FREAKING ENTIRE ROOM FLOOR AND WALL IS BLUE


J-Hope’s teaser photo (YESS SUNSHINE)

Jhope, airplaneeeeee, his teaser photo says “If you shine, then I’m alright” It’s sweet, but so heartbreaking too. It’s basically saying that it doesn’t matter how I feel, as long as I can see you happy than that’s all that matters. HE’S LIKE GIVING HIMSELF UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S HAPPINESS AND I’M CRYING. Also why is there so many airplanes with him? Airplane in teaser photo, paper airplane in spring day,

 airplane (or butterfly) hand motion(?) 

What do you do on airplanes? You go away to somewhere else. “If you shine, then I’m alright.”  He might not necessarily being going anywhere, but what if it’s because, like Jin, he can’t reach the skies. That’s he only does hand motions or paper airplanes. 

Taehyung’s teaser photo (YEAH V)

Taehyung, reflection in a puddle, photo says “Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice” Who left? Flashback to I need U m/v (original ver and edited ver) Tae stabs someone, and technically kills them. What if he’s talking about the girl. If he hadn’t killed the guy, would she have left? If he hadn’t been filled with rage, would the person have stayed? Or, what if that person didn’t leave, but was taken away? What if she took the blame for when Taehyung killed the guy, that’s why in stigma’s lyrics it says “(You) who was punished in my stead" 

(THERE GOES THOSE BLUE COLORS AGAIN) (Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics)

Namjoon’s teaser photo (MY BABYMON)

Namjoon, looking out a window, reflections, (presumably since you can see your reflection through a window) Reflection? Namjoon’s solo song, reflection. His photo says "I look only at your back, Because it’s not the time now” The hell does that mean? What if it’s someone he can’t face because he isn’t ready, or something he can’t face. What if that person he can’t face is Taehyung? Remember how Tae called someone but there was no answer, and theories say he called Namjoon but he didn’t answer, as to why he is shaking the payphone box trying to get to it in Reflection teaser video.

 Tae and Namjoon were a heavy pairing during HYYH era

Jimin’s teaser photo (MOCHIIIII)

Jimin, umbrella, soft looking, his teaser photo says “I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me” Right off the bat, LIEEE. *clears throat* So, lie, Jimin, stop lying will ya? He’s caught in a lie once again, or could it be the same lie? That’s why in Lie he says “Get away from me”

 Also what is “someone like me?” Is it his looks, his personality, the things he’s done?

Suga’s teaser photo (MIN YOONGI GENIUS)

Suga, he’s in those like giant pipe thingy (idk what it’s called lol), the text says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.” This kinda ties in with what Jimin’s says. We all know Yoongi has gone through a lot of stuff regarding the concept of loving ones self. Let’s look at The Last

Remember that fight with Jungkook and Yoongi during Run. 

What if Yoongi blames himself about Jungkook’s accident. We can assume the accident happened AFTER that incident. That’s why he says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.”

Jungkook’s teaser photo (YEAHH GOLDEN MAKNAE)

So FLASHBACK to the I NEED U M/V, we all remember how Jungkook was about to get ran over by a car, or he did. 

I’m thinking, he got ran over, but survived and ended up in a wheel chair, basically meaning he’s paralyzed or ATM injured and can’t walk. Also, not HYYH era but if you watch the Begin teaser, he wakes up on technically a hospital bed.

 So my personal thinking, since the whole premises of this concept is Love Yourself, what if his hyungs are beating themselves up on the fact that they could’ve saved him. What if Jungkook is the girl (from the story theory about the Smeraldo) that took flowers, the grotesque looking man, is the rest of BTS. That the fact that they couldn’t accept themselves, and love themselves, they couldn’t save Jungkook, because when you can’t even love yourself, how can help anyone else? ALSO, who the heck was driving the car that technically ran over Jungkook.  What if it was one of the boys? I can’t find anything good enough, or reasonable enough to back this up, but I mean, it’s not a far shot thought.  Okay, so back to the photo. The hangul translates to “The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place” What if it isn’t a place, but people? It’s like the whole premises of home, it’s not necessarily a place, but it could be people. *cough* people being bts and/or army *cough* Also, watching back on Young Forever M/V Jungkook was chasing after them while they were in the truck driving away. 

Off topic, but not gonna lie, doing research and re-watching most of the HYYH era m/v really got to me. I never realized how emotional it actually was. It was deep stuff, my heart didn’t handle it well, lol. Anyways, I think the concept will not only pertain to Loving Yourself, but also, being able to love other people, and accepting other people for who they are. Also, if you zoom in closely to the photo, it might just be the graphics, but the flower doesn’t look colored. It’s pure white. And in research, white flowers typically mean purity, and innocence, like youth or kids, or love. 

The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place. Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy. I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me. I look only at your back. Because it’s not the time now. Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice. If you shine, then I’m alright. If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.
The journey to loving themselves.


~”Love Myself, Love Yourself” (-Kim Namjoon)