well... i tried orz


rinrei secret santa exchange for jositree

rinrei in a secret relationship. the prompt would’ve probably been excellent for a fic or a longer comic, but i am just a mere mortal so i did what i could do. but i hope you’ll find it okay. merry christmas.


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rule 63!Wadda whose sprite needs updating IMO, my design of Tosatsu-ouji [ gonna post the a real reference of the design soon ( ; v ; ) ] screw the design above I made a new one and the two forms of Tsumiko-ouji, nanasenanako’s design and my canon rule 63!Mikotsu of choice (see note below). Credit goes to Mogeko of course !

Design notes for Tosatsuhime and plans I’m genuinely surprised people can see this. For those who still see this post, surprises under the cut !

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“Evanora is devilishly kind, for a beautiful, blossoming witch who masters in love spells and potions. You can come to her to ask for her enchantments and concoctions to grant your wishes of love, and with a good heart she will help you,, however one must also be very careful around her: if she finds you attractive, she will end up enchanting you instead.”

So, yes. Blackwatch!Lucio, anyone? ouo I was corrected by a nice Anon that it should be called as Talon!Lucio. Eeeee! Thank you so so much, mate! ;u;<3
Coz of you Imma post this sketches now. xD Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to sketch more… ;-;

I was supposed to make a new outfit for him but hhng, I suck at it so much. @proper-nice-that wanted a leather jacket and some straps around his thigh. Well, damn I tried… orz Anyway, I’ll be just using his Auditiva skin for this AU!
( Dang… I want that skin now, ouo;; )