well... i knows some wolves that act like this

mor-madadh-allaidh  asked:

Have you heard of a breeder called "Paradise Wolves" that breeds "high" content wolfdogs that operates in Oregon? If so what is your opinion on them?

Paradise Wolves breeds high and upper-mid animals, so they have a bit of a range in content and looks, but they know their lineages well and are very responsible with who they do and do not sell to when it comes to prospective buyers.

I know the breeder and several of her animals personally and cannot say enough good stuff about them.

The pups’ temperaments are absolutely some of the best I’ve seen for the content level, and many of Paradise Wolves’ canines are ambassadors or animal actors. The mother of my future pup, Tsura, is a Paradise Wolves animal. 

Here’s another of their pups that I got to meet in person: 

For context, the above pup had never met me before, but melted like butter in my arms and acted as if he’d known me all his life. These are VERY people-oriented pups that are confident, outgoing, and surprisingly easy to socialize, even at the upper-mid content level. 

Probably @leigh57 and other Carol fans already pointed it out but this is something I wanted to write:

I am sure Gimple and the writers really love Carol and I know TWD it’s not a fairy tale but are we actually going to see even a brief moment of peace and happiness for her? I don’t even remember the last time we saw her smiling (and I mean the REAL her. It was during the reunion hug with Daryl, I think). Like, I LOVE watching her in the action scenes and I agree with her choices and she’s a strong woman who can faces struggles and hard times BUT is there someone who can looks into her eyes and say “You are loved, you are precious” (no Morgan, yes Daryl but I’m not disgusting the idea of seeing somebody else giving her love, like Michonne, Olivia, Carl, Maggie, or even an Alexandrian) or something like that? I know she was acting in Alexandria and people appreciated just her cooking skills so it’s time to give her some credits, seriously. I hope to see that, really. And if not in this 6a, in the back half of the season. It will be my Christmas Wish!

And here’s my question because I wrote this post but I always love reading my followers thoughts.
I know people think is Daryl the lonely one but I see Carol as well lonely. It was my impression watching JSS. Maybe because she was the one killing more Wolves but what do you guys think? Is there someone who cares about her feelings at all? (I know Morgan was clever enough to see the real Carol but…)

And this is probably my Caryl’s heart who’s speaking but why do we see her hardest times when Daryl is not there? Leaving Sophia’s fate apart, the difficult times with Lizzie and Mika were in 4b. Tyreese hugged her and even forgave her but when she reunited with the group, she was still struggling with something. Daryl was there all the time until other bad things happened and she was the one comforting him. And now, with the Wolves attack in Alexandria, nobody sees her crying, nobody thanked her. And Daryl was so determined to come back… 
Maybe I’m reading too much in this. Oh, who cares. I’m thinking too much in these days (?) And maybe we’ll see something in the next episode already?