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Lmaooo I can totally see them ending right before the 7th! It would get Harry more promo, sure. And I'm positive Louis wouldnt mind that at all! At least one good thing would come out of that inhumane stunt. But also, if they did, it could also mean more exposure for Louis. Harry is more well know (specially in the US) and more talked about in the media, so getting tht mention that Louis is not the father on articles about Harry's music would also give him exposure. And it would connect them!

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NCT MTL to prefer a chubby S/O

Request: anon: Nct and sf9 mtl to date a chubbier/bigger girl

Author’s Note: (I changed it from “chubby girl” to “chubby S/O” so it can apply to non-female fans, as well!) And if I’m being completely honest, I genuinely think any of them would date a “bigger” person. The size of your body doesn’t compare to the size of your heart I sound so cheesy wtf… But you get what I’m saying.


















Johnny, Ten & Mark: I can’t be the only one who see’s these three with a thicker S/O. Johnny, oh man. I don’t know if it’s because he’s more westernized, (so he’s used to curvy people still being portrayed as beautiful), or what, but something in my gut correlates Johnny with a fuller S/O. Ten, too! I can’t explain it… I just have this imagine in my head of Ten lying in bed with said S/O and randomly placing soft pecks on their thighs omg kill me. Also, he is dating the thickest baddy of all, Johnny, so I mean… And Mark, like Johnny, grew up in a place that characterized fuller people as beautiful. Tbh I feel like he’s very open minded when it comes to this kind of thing. He is the one member who focuses the most on personality, rather than appearance.

Yuta, Doyoung & Donghyuck: These three are seriously identical to the previous three, but I mean not everyone can be on top so… All of these guys would use the cliché, “It’s just more of you to love !!1!!¡1″ Lil shit Yuta is just as greasy as Ten. He’d be the type to praise/kiss the parts of them that are a little chubby, and constantly gush over how cute they are. Doyoung bless his soul is so underrated in this matter (and overall, but that’s beside the point…) Have you ever noticed how he’s always the one to point out a members perfections when everyone else is pointing out their flaws? And how he’s always the one to make sure the teasing/joking around isn’t taken too far? He genuinely looks out for the other members feelings - even if they are just joking around. He seems like such an accepting person, and I can definitely see him with a curvier S/O. Donghyuck has fuller, more muscular thighs compared to most of the other members. He’s also admitted that, to him, his thighs/legs are his best feature. I can without a doubt see Donghyuck going for more of a thicker person. He doesn’t see their fuller figure as unappealing, he see’s it as just another small part of them that he loves along with all the rest.

Jaehyun, Chenle & Jaemin: Again, I seriously see these guys with a thicker S/O! Jaehyun is such a sweet person, and honestly, just a lover. I can definitely see him being attracted to curves. He honestly just loves to hold onto said person, and run his hands up and down their sides, appreciating their curvy physique. Chenle, omg. I can’t even explain this one. I know he’s a tiny little baby, but can’t you just picture him holding hands with an equally tiny, fuller looking S/O? My heart !!! And finally, Jaemin, like Jaehyun, really just likes to hold his S/O. They’ll be laying in bed, and he’s lightly tracing his S/O’s side with his finger, mentally gushing over their adorable frame.

Taeyong, Taeil & Jeno  These three are all equally hard to explain… I can honestly see them all with a chubbier S/O, too - just not as much as the previous members. Taeyong also seems like the kind of guy who would lay next to his S/O and hold them close to his body. He constantly has a hand on their thigh or stomach, rubbing gentle circles into their skin with his thumb. Taeil seems like one hell of a laid back dude lmao. Because of this I don’t see him as being very picky in regard to appearance. He just wants someone that’s there for him! Jeno, like Taeil, doesn’t seem very picky. But rather than preferring a thicker S/O like some of the other members, I think he kinda leaves it to fate to bring him someone who cares about him.

WInwin, Renjun & Jisung: These guys aren’t at all against dating a curvier S/O, but it’s just not their “ideal type.” Winwin is honestly hella difficult to read… He has absolutely nothing against dating a thicker person! But I feel like if his S/O was stronger than him (since he’s honestly pretty smol), it might cause a little lack of confidence. They can pick him up like it’s nothing, but he struggles to just barely lift their feet off the ground. He’s supposed to be the one carrying you around, not the other way around. I feel like Renjun would be very similar to Winwin. By no means would he turn someone down because they looked a little thicker, but I don’t think he would be searching for someone of that kind. He wants to be manly in his S/O’s eyes, so if they’re continuously beating him in arm wrestling and fake fighting, his self-confidence might be shredded. And finally, Jisung is such a smol baby. He’s very young, and still growing and maturing. Because of this, his brain and other things alike haven’t fully developed. It’s only natural that a boy that young isn’t completely accepting of a lovely, full figure that he’ll probably grow up to appreciate later in life. Boys his age typically create an unrealistic, perfect S/O in their mind, not paying much attention to people that don’t fit that exact ideal selection. That doesn’t mean he’d shut down every person with curves that showed the slightest interest in him. It just means he’d have to get to know them and their personality to realize that they’re more than just a fuller figure.

Reminder: These are all mere speculations. They are in no way accurate to how the boys themselves think. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, no matter your shape or size!

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Did you notice that Kara is wearing the same coat & watch that Lena wore in earlier episodes?? Like who at her trench coach in the promo and the watch she has!! It belongs to Lena IM SHOOK

well it’s not exactly the same trenchcoat they just look similar.. 

and the watches look really similar as well but they’re not the same either.. at least I think so.. 

I know it is the popular belief that the pjo fandom is “dead” compared to the old one of 2012/13/14, but honestly? I like it much more now.

The old fandom will have been more active with the HOO books coming out constantly, but do you know what else there was? Drama. Drama all the time (more than now, believe me), and you couldn’t say what you thought without someone criticizing you or in the worst case, with someone starting a hunt for your head.

So yeah, everyone might miss the old fandom because it was more active, but I enjoy this fandom a lot more now where there may be one or another drama, but at least we can all say what we think and ship what we want without receive hate (well, at least not as much as in the past)

Throughout my life, I’ve always had something major I was scared of. The fear of heights, the fear of uncertainty, and even the fear of being alone always shook me to my core. The fear of marriage was no different. Well, it wasn’t so much the “fear of marriage” per se, as it was not ever thinking I would be considered for such a title. My past relationships have left much to be desired, so I ultimately assumed that it was a concept that was never in the cards for me.

What I forgot though is that love has a funny way of finding you when you least expect it. It had been so long since I opened myself to love that coming across these experience again were…odd to say the least. I bet I sound silly, but it’s absolutely true! Having someone else’s tender touch caress your skin, your lover’s eyes lighting up when they gaze at you, or feeling the exhilarating contact of their lips on yours were all sensations that were foreign to me. I honestly resigned to the idea that I would never come across such a thing again, but someone changed that for the better.

Now here I am in present day, trying on wedding dresses and planning out reception décor! It’s all so surreal, and I’m almost inclined to pinch myself since I think I’m still dreaming. This feels so…delightful. For once in my life, I’m genuinely happy. I haven’t smiled this much in a very long time.

Mother? Father? Is this what true love feels like? Did you two feel the same way we do as we progress through our Eternal Bonding pilgrimage? To be quite honest, I’m still scared. Scared of what the future may hold, scared of what may be in store for us and if we’ll even be able to handle it at all. However, I think with him by my side, I feel a sense of strength and courage that I’ve never felt before. I know now that…I’m not alone anymore.

I guess it’s getting close to the time that I shed my maiden name and take on a new one. When that time comes, I know I’ll be ready.


Trishelle Kimishima Maxius

Hi! My name is Ro and this is my first post! I’ve had this studyblr for a while now but I was a little nervous to introduce myself haha. However, this year I want to improve my performance at school and I think that having a studyblr is an awesome way to do so :) I hope it´ll help myself stay motivated, and it would be amazing if it can inspire others as well <3

Facts about me

-I´m from Argentina (english is not my first language so sorry in advance for any mistakes I might have had) 

-Junior High School Student

-Favorite subjects: maths (but I’m pretty sure you already deduced that from my url haha), chemistry and physics (yup I’m a science nerd)

-Least favorite subject: geography



-Currently in love with color #def4f9

-Proud Gryffindor

-Avid reader

-I love to learn languages! Right now I speak Spanish (native), English and French (I’m still learning this though) 

-I don’t really have a nice calligraphy so I doubt my posts will be as
~aesthetically~ pleasing as most of the posts here haha, but I hope you’ll like them anyway :)

Some of the studyblrs that inspired me to create my own:

@breezystudies @universi-tea @izzystudies @athenastudying @studyign @liveandstudy @milkstudy @avocadontstudy @academiix @studylikeaslytherin

Sooo this was a little intro, I hope you liked it :) I would love to connect with the community and make friends <3 

(Also, if you are a studyblr like or reblog this and I’ll follow you)

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Hey~ It’s me again :) So, I’m just coming off of some serious writer’s block. I hate when it happens. (Seriously, I think I stared at that blank measure 87 for at least twenty minutes in complete silence. Lol.) So... let’s ask a question! :D S and M brothers reaction to having to either write a book or compose music for a school project? Thanks so much for before and continuing to be awesome! <3

((Thank chu!!!!!!!! But yeah, writers block is the actual worst, especially like an aspiring author like myself))

Shuu: If you can compose music well you are gold to him….

Reiji: Knowing this would make Reiji think you are more intelligent than he thought. If it was a book he would read it a million times and if it was a music piece he would be thrilled to try it out.

Laito: He wouldn’t really care if it was music, maybe he would play it on the piano for you. If it was a book that you wrote he would secretly read it without you knowing to keep himself entertained when you are not around.

Kanato: Probably not really care, it doesn’t really interest him that much.

Ayato: He would see this as a challenge and compose his own music or write his own book to prove he is better at it than you.

Subaru: He finds it cute and will consider himself special that he has such a talented girlfriend.

Ruki: If you wrote a book he would care it around everywhere he went as a good luck charm.

Kou: Whether you wrote a book or composed music he would show everyone your master piece. Putting you into the spotlight to show that his girlfriend is the most amazing writer/composer ever.

Yuma: He would find it pretty cool and would want to read your story.

Azusa: Lots of hugs. Lots.

What's in a Look?

It’s morning and neither of them has gotten any rest. We’ve reached the point, where even Sherlock’s enthusiasm is in short supply, so you can imagine how John must be feeling. I mean, look at this mess!

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The only upside has been my first row seat to a curious new dynamic between them. Remember what I said about both of them having done some thinking and Sherlock gravitating towards John, ever since John started censoring himself? Well, guess what. Sherlock just turned the pining up to eleven.

Though neither of them has mentioned their interaction after Soo Lin’s death, there has been a interesting shift between them, at least from Sherlock’s side of things.

While John had his back turned or was absorbed in his task, Sherlock watched him. When John crossed the room to go over another crate of books, Sherlock’s eyes would follow and linger for as long as he could get away with. He even attempted to speak up a couple of times, but stopped himself, mouth hanging open with no sound coming out. Then he’d bite his lip, face going contemplative, while his fingers scratched senseless patterns across the cover of whichever book he had been holding at the time.

Of course he also spend a good portion of the night doing some actual case work, but he is a genius, he can multi-task.

They have known each other for two months now, almost to the day. Could it be, Sherlock Holmes has finally gotten his head out of his own arse and realised that he is head over heels for John Watson? They do grow up so fast.

Even though I miss seeing Robert and Aaron on my screen, I think I really needed this two weeks without having to see anything robron related.

I think everybody, the ones who stayed at least, needed a little break to think about all that happened and try to get to the place where we were before this all started. I myself think I reached that place again, a place where I am positive about them & their story and they are endgame - well, soap couples aren’t always endgame, but you know what I mean.

So yeah, it feels nice be able to enjoy emmerdale again. It’s been a while since I felt like this! x

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How old would you say Draal is? I would say between 300-400 years.

Oh, I’d say he’s definitely that young at least. (And yay, age hcs!)

Going off of Blinky’s age (~600 so he’s said?) seeming close to a human’s mid-to-late 40s, I’d definitely place Draal at approximately 300 years, give or take. 

I think it’s part of what makes his whole basement-dwelling-older-brother thing work really well. He seems to be the Troll equivalent of a young adult - probably between 19 and 25 human years in relation to his “adulting” skill development. 


  • Still sort of trying to figure out what to do with himself?? 
    • Like if he’s not the new Trollhunter, who is he?
    • Probably has a future in being a trainer, he’s doing really well so far!
  • A bit reckless (harmlessly so, most of the time. But imagine Gritshaka!Draal.)
  • Not completely set in his ways; More open to living on the surface than someone who might have spent a few more centuries in Trollmarket.
  • “Is there a couch in the basement??? This is all I need I live here now-” 
  • Still the “Good Job, Son!” kinda dude
  • Probably has snuck upstairs to microwave pizza rolls at 2am 

Thanks to those who commented on my post yesterday about extended breastfeeding, you’re sweet 💘 My MIL just has me down, go figure. We got some packages from her and one had tons of bottles in it for T. I called to thank her and she said “I figured you’d be needing some since it’s about time we get that baby off your breast don’t you think?” And when I said “Well I’m hoping to go at least a year” (hopefully more but I didn’t say that). And she loudly scoffs and replies “You really want to be one of those woman who breastfeeds their toddlers? It’s weird. You need to get that baby on a bottle. Plus the faster you get her off your breast, the faster you can get her out of your room and into her nursery where she belongs!” (I’ve mentioned how against room sharing she is too.) Ugh, it’s just like every parenting choice she has a problem with. She’s also against rear-facing past a year and a half/two years (two years is the LEGAL requirement btw, in my state), and this is the same woman who got drunk and screamed at me saying “You young mothers just don’t try hard enough to breastfeed, and go to other options because you’re too lazy to try.” (I was still pregnant, had all intentions to EBF, hadn’t even had the chance to try yet) That was in reference to my SIL who formula fed and her cousin who exclusively pumped. So she both screams at me for “not trying hard enough to breastfeed (while still pregnant) and gets irritated that I’m "STILL” breastfeeding (at barely 3 months.) I can’t win??

i really need to work on art stuff today. i actually slept last night so i need to take advantage of my slightly more clear head while i can.

im gonna focus primarily on my 413 project i think, hopefully ill have energy to draw something else as well so i can post something little at least

still kind of emotionally fragile after yesterday, not sure how thats gonna affect me today. i know my fuckin uterus is going to try to kill me today and thats not gonna help anything either.

anyway im gonna try not to spend my morning on tumblr. as soon as i get my energy up im gonna get to work.


Cousins Elisha and Nadine enjoy some of Clif’s chips and ceviche before sitting down to play a game of cards with Teresa.  

Teresa:  I was thinking…now that we’re all too old for the Wallace Clan, we should start up a new adult version of the club and make sure to get together at least once every other week or so.

Elisha: I’m down for that!

Nadine:  I don’t know about my availability.  I sometimes work on the weekends.

Teresa:  Well, how about if we just plan the get-togethers and anybody who can come just shows up…and those who can’t, don’t. 

Nadine:  What about if one of us ends up being the only one there?

Teresa:  Hmm, I didn’t think about that. Maybe I’d better give it a little more thought. 

One of the things that never sit well with me is the whole “Vader deliberately deceived the Noghri to make them his loyal subordinates”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s less about thinking he couldn’t do such horrible thing, but more… why Vader would bother to manipulate Noghri in such way, when it could so easily turn against him? I mean, Anakin - be it a Jedi or Sith - was widely recognised as a great warrior. The moment when Noghri stood against Vader and his imperial troopers, he was impressed by their skills and decided to spare the alien warriors.

Providing Noghri with real help would only strengthen the bond between Sith Lord and the alien warrior race. Hell, even one of Noghri leader told Leia once that her clan members would serve Vader because everyone of them were so impressed with such warrior and the chance to “go between stars” was so appealing to many. They would go with him, even without any promise of help from Empire. They decided to serve him, and therefor Empire. Vader used Noghri warriors as his own personal bodyguards, sent them on the most dangerous but at the same, the most important missions. He had them (and their skills) in high regard. Not many human imperials was even close to such honor. If anything, taking care of basic needs (keeping Honoghr from total ecology destruction) wasn’t even that big problem for Darth Vader. The Sith Lord once promised to keep Empire from a planet Aridus just to ensure that Wrenga Jixton will be his agent. So providing care for destroyed Honoghr wasn’t even that big deal.

That’s why I’m still not buying why Vader would allow such ill treatment when the truth could turn Noghri against him. Like, if Palpatine found that his disciple had become too powerful, he could use that info againt him, thus deprive Vader of the faithful and lethal servants. There was no benefit for Vader from such deception. And despite his fierce nature, Anakin always was pragmatic person.

So I believe it was either 1) Thrawn’s idea to ensure Noghri’s loyalty after Vader “gave them” to him in their mutual exchange of favors or 2) the situation was somehow forced by Darth Sidious who wouldn’t let his apprentice to have a whole race of dangerous AND fanatic loyal ONLY to him warriors.

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feel free to correct me, but it was my impression that yukari has as much reason as reimu to be strict on humans becoming youkai? isn't it a matter of gensokyo's barrier, which is why reimu even cares so much?

Well, I don’t think it has anything to do with the barrier exactly, just the balance of Gensokyo. If all the humans were turning into youkai because they thought it was a better life, then there’d be no humans left and the youkai would die off from lack of belief. Or something like that anyway.

But yes, you’d normally expect Yukari to be at least as concerned about this as Reimu. It’s even likely that she’s the one who came up with the rule in the first place. That said, trying to predict Yukari’s exact motivations has always been difficult so it doesn’t exactly surprise me to see her doing something you wouldn’t think she’d do. Maybe we’ll have this question answered next chapter. Or maybe we won’t and she’ll remain mysterious.

The specific question, for the record, is why Yukari would choose to protect Kosuzu and not the fortuneteller who Reimu killed. My best guess is that it has something to do with Kosuzu’s answer she gave in this chapter. The fortuneteller is likely to have said something like “we’re enemies, but I want to join the winning side.”

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How did you read Snow's reaction to something clearly bothering Killian? Do you think she even noticed he was off?

I actually do think she noticed something, at least that’s how Ginny played it. Her expression at the end read as wanting to pry about what may be bothering him but opting instead to just keep their exchange short and sweet, and her “it’s cold” comment felt like one of those moments where you’re taking to someone you don’t know that well but you don’t know what else to say so you just wish them well. It was cute, and I don’t think she was being intentionally dismissive.

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Animated Question: How much do you like or love the Full Metal Alchemist (anime)'s version of Olivier Mira Armstrong?

well @queenxolivier seems to think “MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF”

and @didsomeonesayroyai would let her stab her and thank her

Myself, honestly? Briggs at first was probably my least favorite arc and I have no clue why. Maybe because strong females were so prevalent already in the fma universe that I was nonplussed by Olivier (though I loved her name).

But Jesa’s, Ana’s, and Camila’s love for Olivier opened my eyes to actually see past the strong female character and see what a BAMF she really is (not that I doubted it before) I think she’s stronger bc of the North and I have no doubt she’s up there for speaking her mind to someone who didn’t appreciate it. She’s a different type of strong character who has no other choice but to hide her affection (for her sibling, the Elrics, her colleagues), but she shows it in non conventional ways. And that’s fucking adorable.

Thank you so much for the ask! I am probably the most neutral Olivier appreciating blog ahahha.

I’m so glad our one joke made this new “expose” blog mad enough to write a whole response to it, so we might as well do the same. I mean we don’t mean to start drama, but this whole blog was entirely made for that purpose, so why not? in the proofs joke, we literally said us saying that was hypocritical. that was the point. we were making fun of ourselves as well. also, did they really think that they weren’t going to get attention from this? they purposely are leaking private information. what other reason is there for that besides attention? they 100% asked for this, and clearly they’re loving it. hell, so did we. anyone would. but building up trust is the exact opposite of what they’re doing.

getting this pressed over a joke really isn’t helping their legitimacy. hit us up next time if you want tips before trying this shit again.   

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Manipulative and cruel? Cole? What, when, why? Why do people think like that about Cole??? Where is the evidence that he could be like that? I don't understand, if you put such labels on people at least serve some evidence to back up your claims. And Lili is mature enough to know what's good or bad for her, she's not some dumbwitted girly at all. I personally think the complement eachother quite well.

@itsallaboutmagic I think people believe in rumours they’ve read somewhere and just make up their minds based on that I guess?

GO LILICOLE SPROUSEHART! I too think that dude, they balance each other off so very nicely