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月下美人 - Beauty Under the Moon (Epiphyllum oxypetalum/Dutchman’s pipe cactus/queen of the night) 


In the language of flowers: Fleeting beauty, transient love, sensitivity, pleasure, captivating beauty.

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Why is everyone talking about some new trailer?

There is a new trailer out!!! :D So much happy Lance, I’m alive. But also dead at the same time because there’s very little Keith, he’s gone from most group shots and looks unhappy when he is finally shown >.<

sinners like us (saeran x reader, part III)

rating:  13+ (707 route + secret end 02 + tiny itty bitty bit of v route spoilers)

notes: argh. finally updating this one after a while too.

 so, uh, v route guys, LOL. i finished it a few days ago and what a trip that was. and what a blessing ray is. and a curse. how to write saeran now? well, in the case of this fic, it follows the secret ends so it’ll have to follow that line of his character (or i try to at least ahaha). but traces of ray will appear! like in this chapter! the garden thing was already planned so i was pleased to find ray likes flowers! works out for me here! /shot

anyway, this chapter was hard to write for other reasons. i’m still not completely satisfied with it, but alas. i still hope that you guys enjoy. 

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three

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things i love ( 26-29/ ) : la boy, master of acrostic poems, mischievous jokester, just joshua hong in general

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Hello princess. *laser guns* Did it hurt when you fell from the sky? 💚

i wish my heart was made of space ice cream, ‘cause you’re making it melt!!

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That essay thou. C, ur teacher is showing

But in a more serious note, I really admire your way with words and the importance on them. That issue with the “pretentious” word is everywhere and people keep mistakenly using its purpose for the wrong reasons, and you taking your time to educate us is worth the praise. And the way Kat made it clear that she’s not taking anyone’s bullshit without offending anyone was fantastic, truly a queen.

Lovely! I laughed so much at the first ask, because yes, sometimes Teacher C appears and we have to correct the behaviour of some of the gremlins (who are probably just people who are in need of support and guidance) who come to tumblr and kind of approach things all the wrong way. But you hit the nail on the head - words are so powerful, and on a site like tumblr (which is predominantly text/word based) they can be used very harmfully. The pretentious one really hit my buttons because I have had creative writing students say to me, ‘I don’t like people reading my work because I am worried they will think I am pretentious.’ This fear that has been embedded into people about being ‘pretentious’ can become really stifling, and puts people off experimenting and trying things out which are new because they are worried about being ridiculed or condemned for it. 

And I am not saying some stuff which is called pretentious isn’t crap - trust me, some stuff really is terrible - but they are using the wrong word. Instead of pretentious, perhaps you mean unnecessarily overcomplicated? or disingenuous? or, the voice you are developing in your writing feels unnatural?*This here is therefore a reasoned critical response, because you are looking at the why. Before jumping to insults, why not actually analyse (or just plain think about) what it is you don’t like about it? ALSO, IF YOU ARE DOING A LITERATURE MODULE THIS IS SUPER TOP-TEIR THINKING THERE GOLD STAR. #teacherC

(However, disclaimer, I am not recommending you all go around telling fanfic writers long winded criticisms because to be honest, this should be a nice space but hell, I’d rather get ‘This chapter didn’t really connect for me, because of x y z’ rather than LOL YOU ARE RUBBISH because then at least I can maybe take that on board you know?) 

Also, yeah!! I really admire @eradikeats-writes‘s responses to anons so much because you are exactly right; she never adds fuel to fire, and more often than not, what anons really want to is to cause conflict and upset, which if you don’t allow it, means they go away feeling useless and realising what they are doing won’t get the reaction they want. (which, by the way, Kat is really excellent behaviour management, you would make an excellent teacher!). 

LOL I JUST REALISED I HAVE WRITTEN ANOTHER ESSAY oops, but hey, I just feel a lot of things about these kinds of topics! 

Love you sweetie!

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*(lol this isn’t aimed at Kat btw, this is just random examples, we all know I think Kat is a Queen Writer)