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The exploits that have occurred in Day-Lewis’ eternal quest to remain in character are legendary: he broke his own ribs for My Left Foot, fought random strangers in Rome for Gangs Of New York, and learned to speak Czech for The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, just so he could speak with a Czech accent. Just to reiterate that: The man learned an entire language, just so he could then perform his lines in an entirely different language, but with just a touch of an accent. That’s fucking bonkers, no matter how you feel about art and cinema and wacky mustaches.

It’s all well and good for Day-Lewis; it’s fun to have a really nutty actor out there to win Oscars for us and maybe make some nice shoes while he’s at it. But now other actors have picked up that the best way to be truly great is to torture yourself. That’s why Jared Leto starved himself to win an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and mailed used condoms to his co-stars to prepare for the role of the Joker. That’s why Adrien Brody dumped his girlfriend and ditched his life to be in The Pianist. It’s why Jamie Dornan followed a random woman to get in the head of a serial killer for The Fall. If you replaced the second half of most of the sentences in this paragraph with “and then began a police standoff that lasted three days,” it would fit just as well.

It’s all the same path that made Dustin Hoffman stay up for days (supposedly) to look exhausted in Marathon Man, even though he got thrown shade from Laurence fucking Olivier to JUST ACT. Acting is becoming a war of escalation over what an actor is willing to do in real life, instead of, you know, while acting.

5 Reasons Why Method Acting Should Be Laid To Rest

13RW Preferences; How You Meet Them:

Authors Note: Hey guys! Just to let you know, the boys’ dialogue is written in italics, I’m sorry for any confusion and I hope you enjoy :) 

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Justin Foley:

To you Justin Foley was the new boy next door. He was cheeky and incredibly flirtatious with you, even when he caught your eye at school he still managed to make you smile. Your parents initially had their personal reservations about Justin because of his troublesome background but they soon came around to loving him, as did you. Justin would always catch you on your way to school so you two could walk in together “Morning, beautiful” “Sup, Foley” 

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Alex Standall:

Being a new transfer student to Liberty High, you were surprised to have received an invite to the upcoming weekend house party. Despite parties not being your favourite social setting you figured it would be the best way to meet new people and make friends. Here, you met Alex. The boy with the impeccable fashion taste and sarcastic tongue. “Hey, it’s Y/N right?” “Yeah, Alex? I think you’re in my music class?” “ That’s me, it’s nice to see someone with some social depth at one of these things” “Thanks, I’m guessing you’re having copious amounts of fun then?” “It’s a party, so I’m pretending to have fun. (see gif) Now that you’re here though I might not have to pretend” 

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Clay Jenson:

Over the summer your parents had practically forced you to take a job at the towns local theatre, in an attempt to help grow your independence as well as simply getting you out of the house; a decision you honestly didn’t feel too fondly about. The only positive to your first day at work was meeting Clay. Clay Jenson. He was adorably awkward and sweet, making you physically unable to stop smiling whenever you were around him. Somehow this one guy made the rest of your working summer seem exciting. “Hey Clay, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this summer won’t suck that much after all.” “It won’t, well… not if I can help it, Y/N.”

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Jeff Atkins:

Your best friend Clay Jenson had lost yet another bet with his older friend, Jeff Atkins. Thus resulting in the both of you attending a generic and seemingly underwhelming high school party. Personally, you had never had the pleasure of meeting Jeff until that unexpectedly amazing night. Clay had always admired the guy, which made Jeff’s perfect first impression to you even more genuine. The two of you instantly hit it off. “I’m sorry Jenson but where on earth have you been hiding Y/N? She’s crazy beautiful.”  

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Zach Dempsey:

Despite seeing Zach around the corridors of Liberty High and catching his more than impressive performance in the odd couple of basketball games, the two of you had never really been given the opportunity to speak. That was until Mrs Bradley decided to pair you two up for a class project. Zach was a lot sweeter than you had imagined and the two of you ended up getting along really well. “Not going to lie, Y/N, I’m kinda sad this little project is over.” “Really?” “Yeah, now I need to find another good excuse to hang out with you everyday.” 


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11:11… i wished for more moments like yesterday, it was so nice to celebrate my friend’s birthday with a picnic at the park. time to go back to work now though!

june study challenge day 10: are there any friends or study buddies you’ve had who have been particularly helpful in your academic life? well, i’m really not a group study kind of person, so i’ll often shut myself in my room for entire days on end rather than find a study buddy. that said, my friends’ greatest contribution to my studies is probably keeping me sane and happy and recharging my batteries by having fun breaks together!

If I have fun dress on and at night I want to go out, I’ll just put a leather jacket on top of it. Booties are also a major go-to for me. I wear a lot of booties. Those can go from day-to-night as well. With my schedule, I’m running around all day every day, so it’s nice to be able to have things that can be interchangeable when the sun is up and when the sun is down.

MC as a Barista

I thought of this while in star bucks one day. What if MC worked at a coffee shop part time before meeting the RFA and continued to work there after joining and one of the members walked in and ordered a drink without realizing it was MC. So she obviously recognized  them from chat so she wrote a little message on their cups, only for them to realize it after they left. ? 

I apologize if this is kind OOC? Feed back is appreciated!


  • Stands there for awhile before heading to the counter
  • MC smiles brightly at him as she recognized him.
  • Orders a Venti Hot chocolate
  • MC nods and says “Coming right up, can I get your name for the order?”
  • a small giggle escaped her as she nodded and walked away with his cup before writing down a special note for him.
  • “ It was nice to see you in person, Superman Yoosung! ^3^. Since I made you this drink…you got to return the favor remember? - MC ❤ ”
  • He thinks she’s cute but he can’t fall for the barista right? He’s already talking to MC via messenger!
  • They exchange thank you’s and he walks out.
  • Notices the little note on the side of his cup as he got to the bus stop to head to the University.
  • sends a text message to MC
  • “MC!!! Why didn’t you tell me you worked there?!! I can’t bring myself to throw this cup away now! It’s just a reminder that we are really under the same sky!


  • Walks in, obviously thinks the barista is cute
  • MC smiles as friendly as she could. She didn’t want to make it obvious.
  • His ego get’s the best of him
  • “I bet you’re a fan, You want a autograph? How about a Selca with me?”
  • She nods and takes out her phone real quickly. Takes the photo
  • he’s now grinning. she’s so cute ~
  • Orders a grande Tea.
  • MC nods as she turned to start his order.
  • Writes
  • “You were right, you are more handsome in person. Also I managed to get your fan club to come to the party ~ Hopefully I can get my hands on you too, Zenny ~ MC  ❤ “
  • After they exchange thank you’s he flashed her a playful smirk and winked.
  • Quickly she logged onto the messenger to leave the selca they took together with the caption
  • “…I ran into my favorite actor today hehe ~ !
  • [ photo attachment of her and Zen together ]
  • As Zen left he took a drink only to see the note in the corner of his eye
  • turning the cup. He read it
  • debates to turn back or not
  • hears his messenger go off
  • reads what MC says and laughs as he seen her sign off real fast.
  • decides to send a text message to her
  • “You know I will be coming over here every day now to see my princess ~


  • She decided to go to a different cafe today
  • walks into MC’s work place.
  • Looks at the beverage board for a few minutes
  • MC standing there with a huge grin on her face
  • tries so hard to not say her name out loud.
  • as Jaehee walks up to the counter she orders
  • 1 for her boss. A espresso with 2 shots for him
  • 1 for her. A Venti coffee for her. ( 3 creams 4 sugars )
  • MC Nodded as she asked which cup is her drink.
  • Quickly writes a small note on her cup
  • “You can do this Jaehee! Remember I am here for you if you ever need support ~ Cheer up! - MC  ❤  “
  • and writes another note on Jumin’s cup
  • “…you better be nice to Jaehee today, She’s human too. - MC”
  • As she put the cup in the cup holders she smiled towards Jaehee
  • “…I hope you have a nice day, Miss. Jaehee ~”
  • That’s when Jaehee smiled and nodded, walking out she went back to the car. Passing one cup to Jumin.
  • a small pause
  • “Assistant Kang?”
  • Oh no… he doesn’t like it does he??
  • “…MC wrote some strange note on my cup”
  • looks at it. Gasps lightly as she noticed there was writing on her cup as well.
  • Smiles brightly as they drove past the cafe
  • and a confused Jumin


  • RARELY goes to a cafe on his own.
  • walks in on his own, instantly regrets it.
  • how does one order a drink? do they walk up?
  • do they come to him?
  • MC can’t help but suppress the giggling and smiling she’s doing
  • C & R Director is in her coffee shop looking so lost.
  • Decides to walk up to him with a pen and paper in hand
  • “…Excuse me J—Sir?”
  • a commoner walking up to him? so he was right they walk up to you
  • “…you seem out of place. You need help?”
  • a flash smile touched his lips before walking up to the counter with her
  • Asks which drink is the best.
  • “…you seem like the type of man who’d enjoy a regular type of drink. I can make you a grande french vanilla?”
  • nods as he paid and left a reasonable tip
  • he’s waiting for his cup on the other side so she took liberty to write a small note
  • “…I cannot help but think you’re so cute while all flustered. Please say hello to Elizabeth 3rd for me. I hope you have a good day at work. - MC ❤ “
  • After she was done she passed it over to him
  • “Have a nice day, Mr. Jumin, sir ~ “
  • turns around and nods before walking to his car.
  • As he got in he noticed the small note on the side
  • reading it he couldn’t help but chuckle
  • “…Driver Kim. I want to come to this exact place every day at the same time.”

Luciel / 707 / defender of justice ….[Saeyoung]

  • Already knew she worked there. But since he was rare to post selca’s in chat
  • he decided to have fun with this.
  • Walks in and decides to grab a smoothie for the day.
  • What Saeyoung forgot is that he recently posted a photo of himself in chat
  • MC knew who he was. Seven knew who she was
  • “…what’s your healthiest smoothie?”
  • “…I’d have to say the orange mango smoothie. It hits the taste buds”
  • “…okay can I get a hot chocolate”
  • 707 that little shit
  • “can I get a name for this order?”
  • “Tom”
  • MC snorts as she nods, grabbing his cup she wrote a small note
  • “using your friend’s name huh? well it was nice to see you in person, God seven! now go save the earth!  ~ 606 ❤ “
  • they exchange thank you’s and good byes before he walked away
  • he looked down at his cup and couldn’t help but laugh.
  • “my 606 ~ “
170401 Jikook/Kookmin

Hi~, I’m back again with this. Such a coincidence it was released when I couldn’t sleep so yeah, why shouldn’t I do a screen cap series again xD

Since I’m a shipper so I see things a shipper sees, please don’t come at me and say I’m biased and stuff, there’s no need, because I am :-). Again, I hope people don’t take shipping too seriously.

Okay let’s go~

so it all starts with this

Satellite Jeon - hovering Jeon is back

Jungkook is in the other side

then start moving to the other side where Jimin is

but then BTS thinks there should be more people on the other side, so Hobi taps on Jungkook shoulder as a sign for him to move

but nope, “I ain’t move~” since Jin hyung is moving anyway

until Jimin pushes him to move 

Good thing they don’t need more people there, so Jungkook is back in between Jimin and Hobi (they are pushing each other a bit right there, Kook can actually go and stand on the right end ya know, but no!)

The neglect

So the positions are settled, but Kook’s arms/hands ain’t settle

but Jimin once again ain’t having any of it, he takes Kook’s hand and pushes it back down

Personal space

Again, how to spell it when it comes to Jungkook and Jimin?

Uhm… I’m not saying that Jungkook keeps holding his hands together or moving his hand around Jibooty but that’s exactly what I’m trying to say…

Like it’s really questionable in my eyes

You can see that the members don’t stand right behind each other, you have quite a different hobby there, Kook ah~

Anw, back to our topic of personal space, now it’s Jimin’s turn

Okay, last one, we thought we were over Jungkook’s hesitation towards Jimin, yeah, we were wrong.

Hesitating hand (in 2 different angles for you)

So he looks at Jimin 1st

before moving his hand towards his target

but I guess the MC’s sudden request cut him off. He kinda looks like he’s caught off guard or sth I think, but he didn’t even do anything bad to begin with xD

Again, you should see for yourself in motion here

Yeah~~~~, I’m done. Time to sleep for real, it’s already 2am TT_TT

Thank you~~~ and have a nice day or good night wherever you are~, be happy with Jikook and Bangtan ♥


Saying good bye!

  • ¡Adiós! - Good bye!
  • ¡Chau! - Bye!
  • ¡Buenos días! - Good morning!
  • ¡Buenas tardes! - Good afternoon!
  • ¡Buenas noches! - Good evening! / Good night!
    Just as the greetings, we also use these expressions to say good-bye in a more formal way. Usually combined with others, for example: ¡Gracias, buenos días! ¡Hasta luego, buenas tardes!
  • ¡Gracias! - Thank you!
  • ¡Muchas gracias! - Thank you so much!

Saying ‘see you!’

  • ¡Hasta luego! - See you later!
  • ¡Nos vemos! - See you!
  • ¡Nos vemos luego! - See you later! (We’ll meet later)
  • ¡Hasta pronto! - See you soon!
  • ¡Nos vemos pronto! - See you soon! (We’ll meet soon)
  • ¡Nos vemos después! - See you later! (We’ll meet later)
  • ¡Hasta la próxima! - See you next time!
  • ¡Hasta mañana! - See you tomorrow!
    We also use this expression to say “good night!”
  • ¡Hasta la próxima semana! - See you next week!
  • ¡Hasta el próximo martes! - See you next Tuesday!
  • ¡Nos vemos mañana! - See you tomorrow! (We’ll meet tomorrow!)
  • ¡Nos vemos la próxima semana! - See you next week! (We’ll meet next week)
  • ¡Nos vemos el próximo jueves! - See you next Thursday! (We’ll meet next Thursday! 

Wishing good vibes

  • ¡Buen día! - Good day! (neutral)
  • ¡Que tengas buen día! - Have a nice day! (informal)
  • ¡Que tenga buen día! - Have a nice day! (formal)
  • ¡Que tengan buen día! - Have a nice day! (plural) 

  • ¡Bonito día! - Lovely day! (neutral)
  • ¡Que tengas bonito día! - Have a lovely day! (informal)
  • ¡Que tenga bonito día! - Have a lovely day! (formal)
  • ¡Que tengan bonito día! - Have a lovely day! (plural) 

  • ¡Que te vaya bien! - Good luck! (informal)
  • ¡Que le vaya bien! - Good luck! (formal)
  • ¡Que les vaya bien! - Good luck! (plural)
    This expression can also be translated as “I hope that things go well for you!”

  • ¡Que te diviertas! - Have fun! (informal)
  • ¡Que se divierta! - Have fun! (formal)
  • ¡Que se diviertan! - Have fun! (plural)

  • ¡Buena suerte! - Good luck! 

  • ¡Buen viaje! - Have a nice trip! (neutral)
  • ¡Que tengas buen viaje! - Have a nice trip (informal)
  • ¡Que tenga buen viaje! - Have a nice trip (formal)
  • ¡Que tengan buen viaje! - Have a nice trip (plural)

  • ¡Cuídate (mucho)! - Take care! (informal)
  • ¡Cuídese (mucho)! - Take care! (formal)
  • ¡Cuídense (mucho)! - Take care (plural)

  • ¡Maneja con cuidado! - Drive safe! (informal)
  • ¡Maneje con cuidado! - Drive safe! (formal)
  • ¡Pórtate bien! - Be good! Behave yourself! (singular)
  • ¡Pórtense bien! - Bee good! Behave yourself! (plural)
    Mostly used when you talk to kids.

Hoping to see them again

  • ¡Vuelve pronto! - Come back soon! (informal)
  • ¡Vuelva pronto! - Come back soon! (formal)
  • ¡Vuelvan pronto! - Come back soon! (plural)

  • ¡Espero verte pronto! - I hope to see you soon (informal)
  • ¡Espero verlo/verla pronto! - I hope to see you soon (formal)
  • ¡Espero verlos/verlas pronto! - I hope to see you soon (plural)
    verlo = see you (to a man)
    verla = see you (to a woman)
    verlos = see you (to a group of men OR a group of men and women)
    verlas = see you (to a group of women)

  • ¡Espero verte otra vez! - I hope to see you again! (informal)
  • ¡Espero verlo/verla otra vez! - I hope to see you again! (formal)
  • ¡Espero verlos/verlas otra vez! - I hope to see you again! (plural)

Telling you were happy to see them

  • Me dio (mucho) gusto conocerte. - I (really) enjoyed meeting you (informal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto conocerlo/conocerla. - I (really) enjoyed meeting you (formal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto conocerlos/conocerlas. - I (really) enjoyed meeting you (plural)

  • Me dio (mucho) gusto verte. - I (really) enjoyed seeing you (informal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto verlo/verla. - I (really) enjoyed seeing you (formal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto verlos/verlas. - I (really) enjoyed seeing you (plural)

    We use “conocer” when we meet a person for the first time. We use “ver” when we meet a person that we already knew.
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto hablar/platicar contigo. - I (really) enjoyed talking/chatting with you (informal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto hablar/platicar con usted. - I (really) enjoyed talking/chatting with you (formal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto hablar/platicar con ustedes. - I (really) enjoyed talking/chatting with you (plural)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto saludarte. - I (really) enjoyed greeting you. / I really enjoyed saying hello to you. (informal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto saludarlo/saludarla. - I (really) enjoyed greeting you. (formal)
  • Me dio (mucho) gusto saludarlos/saludarlas. - I (really) enjoyed greeting you. (plural)
    I know in English this sounds a little weird or funny. But in Spanish we usually say this expression when we meet someone again after a long time and we are happy we were able to see them and talk with them.

Showing you also think about their family

  • Me saludas a tu(s) ______. - Say hello from me to your _______. (informal)
    Me saludas a tu mamá. - Say hello to your mom. (informal)
    Me saludas a tu familia. - Say hello to your family. (informal)
    Me saludas a tus papás. - Say hello to your parents. (informal)

  • Me saluda a su(s) _____. - Say hello from me to your ______. (formal)
    Me saluda a su esposa. - Say hello to your wife. (formal)
    Me saluda a su familia. - Say hello to your family. (formal)
    Me saluda a sus hijos. - Say hello to your children. (formal)
  • Dile a tu(s) _______ que le(s) mando saludos. - Tell your ________ that I say hello. (Tell your ____ that I send my greetings.) (informal)
    Dile a tu tía que le mando saludos. - Tell your aunt that I say hello. (informal)
    Dile a tus papás que les mando saludos. - Tell your parents that I say hello. (informal)

In Latin American culture family is very important. So showing people that you also care about their family is much appreciated too.

I hope this was useful for you! :)

Saludos (Greetings)

soft!warren headcanons

a/n; this is long overdue bc warren is?? so soft?? i hope you enjoy<3

@phoenixejean @emmcfrxst @put-in-writing

  • Warren can legitimately sleep for? A whole day if you let him?
    • He’s a suuuuuuper heavy sleeper. Like, you have to shake this boy awake if he’s sleeping hard
      • Usually he’ll grumble and push his messy curls out of his face and yawn and say “five more minutes babe, please” and his voice is all scratchy and adorable
    • It’s good for you so you can be loud in the morning while getting ready
  • One of his favorite sleeping positions is on his stomach with his face smushed in your chest
    • “Your boobs are comfy, babe”
    • He can also wrap one of his wings on you
  • He’s super duper clingy when he sleeps
    • You don’t mind because he’s always touching you in some way when you’re not sleeping
      • Plus he has a naturally low body temperature and he needs to cuddle with you to warm himself up
      • When he gets cold the tip of his nose turns an adorable shade of pink
      • So do the tips of his ears
  • Listen…. This boy loves it when you play with his hair
    • He likes lying his head in your lap after a long day because you’ll mindlessly play with his curls
    • His hair is always soft and?? Really nice to touch??
    • Warren will actually become putty in your hands when your fingertips lightly massage his scalp
  • When he first got to the mansion he didn’t have a lot of friends and was weary about a lot of things
    • He visited the school therapist a lot and she suggested that because he relies on music for a lot, he should make playlists for his moods
      • When he starts dating you, he shares all of them with you and gets excited when you like his favorite songs
        • He makes a lot of playlists for you
        • Your favorite is the one that’s called “for when i’m away”
        • It makes you cry every time
  • When Warren was single it was a legit bitch to clean his wings
    • But now that he’s got you! It’s way easier!
      • You make time to help him clean them once a week because they can get pretty grimy
      • The first time, you bought a bunch of oils and stuff from lush and came back to the mansion with a huge bag and an excited look on your face
      • You sat on the backs of his thighs and washed them and deep cleaned them and it was? So relaxing?
      • Afterwards he cuddled you and fell asleep within seconds
  • Showering with Warren!!
    • It’s a bit difficult because of his wings but Charles gave him access to one of the bigger showers to accommodate his wings
      • So pretty much he gets his own private bathroom (in which you use as well)
    • He likes washing your hair and you like washing his (because his hair, again, is fun to play with)
    • You also have the radio playing sometimes and you both sing at the top of your lungs
    • Sometimes if he’s having an off day he likes to shower with you, so he can just hold you and disassociate for a while
    • It’s nice to have you there as a comfort
  • He has a cute photo strip of you two from when you went to the carnival
    • There’s two silly pictures of you both sticking out your tongues and the other one is of you squeezing his cheeks
    • The other one is of him kissing your cheek and the other one is of you two kissing, him smiling into it
      • He looks at it a lot when he’s in class
  • Warren likes taking photos and he’s pretty damn good at it
    • He likes taking photos to capture the moment and likes looking back at them when he’s sad
    • He loves taking candids of you. Like, he has hundreds of just you that he loves so so much
  • Okay but when he was younger his parents made him take up piano
    • He hated every second of it because his parents made him do it
    • Warren stopped playing after he left for Berlin
    • When he told you that he could play you were?? So excited??
    • He was way too nervous to play for you because he hadn’t done it in so long but he wanted to make you happy
    • So he did and you encouraged him to start playing again
      • He did
      • And he loves it so much
  • He’s blind as a bat and wears contacts, but he sometimes wears his glasses and they make him look SO cute
    • You love them so much even if he hates them
  • Basically, Warren is the world’s Softest Boy and no one can tell me otherwise
[A Note to my RP Friends]

Hello friend!  I just want to say a few things.  

If you roleplay with me:

  • Your lore knowledge doesn’t have to be perfect and your concept can be a little different than the norm.  All I care about is if it seems possible and you’re playing it well.
  • You don’t have to have an elaborate backstory.  What your character is doing right now is more important to me.
  • You don’t have to be popular.  Popularity’s in the eye of the beholder anyway and being popular doesn’t necessarily mean you’re nice or fun to be around.
  • Your character doesn’t need to to have “shipping” potential with mine.  It’s okay for our characters to just be friends or business partners or even enemies.
  • You don’t need to worry that I don’t like you.  I do like you and want to RP with you!  Sometimes I don’t have enough hours in the day, or week, or sometimes real life gets in the way.
  • You don’t need to apologize if you feel anxious or something is bothering you and you need to talk OOC.  I feel those things too, more than you might know.  
  • You don’t need a reason to walk away from our RP if you want to.  If you’re not having fun, for any reason, I understand.  Life is too short to spend your fun time doing something that isn’t fun.
  • Even if we’re not RP partners, I care that you’re in this community.  I like seeing the things you post, all of your creativity.   I appreciate the likes and reblogs.  The silly OOC things you do in-game are hilarious!  

I hope you have a good day and that you’re looking forward to more RP times in Stormblood as much as I am.

Resistance (m)

Word count: 4,973

Warning: Hoseok smut

“Three, two, one… go!”

Your feet push into the soft ground, making your body move forward.

“Until the milestone, girls!” Someone already catches up to you, which you can’t make up for anymore by quickening your pace. You stay behind, with burning lungs, exhaustion cutting through your legs - it’s only been mere seconds and you’re already giving up physically.

The only thing that keeps you going is the fact that everyone else is still far behind you, huffing just as loudly as you - everyone except for one person. This loss gets you furious, despite him having to be in front.

He just wants to bring you down.

“Faster, number two!” Hoseok shouts, turning around at a steady pace, simply to give you an unsatisfied glare. Not even running backwards holds him back from creating a bigger distance between you two.

That nickname he just loves to bring up.

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“If I have fun dress on and at night I want to go out, I’ll just put a lether jacket on top of it. Booties are also a major go-to for me. I wear a lot of booties. Those cango from day-to-night as well. With my schedule, I’m running around all day every day, so it’s nice to be able to have things that can be interchangeable when the sun is up and when the sun is down.”

Getting tired of not having a boyfriend and being in a relationship. I just don’t get it. I’m attractive, nice and caring and I’m not desperate. I’m somewhat introverted but at the same time I love to go out and have fun. I’m taking care of my body and trying to lose weight. I go to the gym every single day for 60-90 minutes. I’m working on myself. It’s not like I’m not bettering myself.

I currently have an internship with a well known organization and I’ve gotten honor roll almost every semester of college.
My thing is that guys my age do hit on me sometimes (I’m 21). They talk to me, ask me how I am and want to know me but never ask me for my number. Additionally, I get annoying ass older men trying to hit on me and it’s so annoying. I’m tired of it. I just want a guy my age. Like I don’t get why these older men think I want them. Freaking perverts.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong with these guys. Why would you act interested in me but not ask for my number? I sometimes wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I know I’m a little shy but if someone is talking to me I will respond to them.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m ready for a relationship. I want to go out on dates and cuddle with a guy. I’m just tired of waiting. What am I doing wrong? My friend said I act like I’m not interested and that I’m judgy of guys but every girl has a standard of what she wants in a guy. She also said I should lower my standards. She also gets all the guys and I don’t get any. My standards aren’t high but they aren’t low either. I’m not just going to date anyone. Starting to think I’ll be single forever. 😩😒🙄I’m tired of going out alone all the time.

I used to be comfortable with going to the mall by myself and the bar but now I’m getting bored. I just want to go on dates and be in love. Is there anyway to be more approachable to get guys to be interested in me? How does someone become more approachable and more confident. Please no one give me that “you have to love yourself” statement. There’s girls out here that don’t love themselves and have low self esteem but are constantly in relationships.

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S/o running up behind them and attaching themselves to any part of their body yelling "I'm a koala" (reaction)

Seokjin: “Oh….that’s nice.” “Are you going to hang onto me all day? If so I need to know now so I can get Jimin to help me cook dinner.”

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Yoongi: “….Jagiya, what the fuck?” “Is there a reason why you’re being abnormally weird? Or no?”

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Hoseok: “Whatever you say, baby.” “Of course you’re the cutest koala, don’t worry.”

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Namjoon: “Oh….kay…” “…Well have fun with that. If you need me I’ll be in the living room…reading.”

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Jimin: “So we’re the Koala couple?” “That should be our thing!…-Should “couple” have a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ or is that too much?“

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Taehyung: "You’re so adorable, Jagiya.” “Though, you’re more of a tree frog than a koala.”

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Jeongguk: “Awe, how cute.” “How do you think a combination of a koala and a bunny look? Yoongi hyung said it would be ugly but I dunno. What do you think?”

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“Caitriona and I get on very well, and I’m very lucky. She’s extremely talented and an extremely nice person, and we have a lot of fun. Actually, having scenes away from her, and time apart from her, is kind of like losing someone in your family. A loved one. It’s very strange, and I don’t enjoy it. Whenever we’re together it feels right, and I look forward to the days when we get to work together again.”  – Sam Heughan 

2D☆STAR Vol.6 - B-PROJECT Private Uncensored Special

B-Project, who while going through movie appearances, live concerts, in the middle of 6 consecutive new song releases, and always going through the pressure of work, talked about their private lives! Driving, drinking, and even their bedrooms!? We’ll reveal what they talked about! There’s no doubt that you’ll be knocked out from the difference in the smiles you see on TV ❤

Please consider supporting by buying the magazine!

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Fate, Misunderstood- A Remus Lupin Imagine (Part 1)

A/N: Sorry this wasn’t up sooner. I don’t know if I really like it all that much, so I’m sorry for that too. Hope you enjoy, lovelies. 

Request from Anon: would you please write some remus x reader where sirius meets reader in one of his classes and starts talking to her because he knows remus has a crush on her and he wants to help them but remus thinks that the girl has a crush on sirius so its all a big misunderstanding

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Remus didn’t believe in fate.

He thought it to be too cruel of a concept for people. If fate existed, that means that it was set for him to be cursed as a monster. It was set that there would be a war. It was set that life was harsh and filled with pain. No, Remus refused to believe in fate. Bad things happen to good people, and people make wrong choices. He had convinced himself of this at a very young age; and with the war approaching quickly, it was not difficult to support his claims.

Until he saw you.

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@alexairwin requested a Disney!Luke imagine!!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up.

Sorry I’m really bad at making imagines short so this will have two(if not more parts). Anyways, love you guys enjoy.


You hang up the towels that are all thrown around the room, making sure the bed was all made up. All while watching the clock that never seemed to move during your shift.

You hated complaining about your job because when you told people you worked at Disneyland almost everyone thought it was cool. But being a maid at one of the most popular parks in America was quite opposite.

People left their rooms in horrible shape but if everyone cleaned up after themselves you’d be out of a job. You just wish not everyone’s room was so disgusting.

“Oh, um.” Someone says behind you.

You squeal slightly, being caught off guard.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t hear anyone came in. It’s pretty awkward when someone comes in and you’re cleaning their room.

You twirl around, “I’m so sorry. I’ll get out of your way.”

You cough slightly, still getting over a cold.

The boy who you came face to face with was quite attractive which made you even more embarrassed.

He stared at you, as most people do when they find someone in their room. His blue eyes watching you intensely as you pick up your cleaning supplies.

“So you’re the one who’s been coming in here while I’m gone and making my bed. I thought his place really was magic and was cleaning itself up.” He speaks.

His obvious accent making you curious to find out where he is from. You laugh at his attempt to pull a joke.

He smiles proudly, he thinks you are beautiful . Much too pretty to be a maid. He also wonders how old you are because you barely look old enough to have a job.

“That’s me.” You smile, tucking a piece of hair that had fallen from your braids.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You reply, sniffling a bit, this cold is very persistent.

You can’t afford to stay home even a day. You still live with your parents and work because they would lose their house otherwise.

You liked sticking around to make sure everyone was okay anyways.

“Well I’m Luke. It’s nice to meet you.” You wipe your nose with the cuff of your sleeve. “Are you sick?”

You nod, “Yeah, just the tail end of a cold. I’m okay though.”

Luke watches your mouth as you talk. Your full pink lips mesmerizing him.

“Well then you should be at home resting.” He smiles, still looking at your lips.

“Yeah.” You giggle, glancing down. “Well I’ll see you around.”

You smile at him once more before heading to the next room.

Your day changed after meeting Luke. You had more of a bounce in my step. The day passes quickly and you hoped you would see him again.
The next morning you wake up, still feeling under the weather. This cold is just clinging on.

“You’re needed in 402.” Your boss says without looking up as soon as you walk in.

You sigh, usually if you are needed this early in the morning it’s not pretty.

You grab some basic cleaning things, lots of disinfectant. The closer you get to the room you realize it’s where you had your encounter with Luke.

You really hope he didn’t completely trash the room because because that would completely change you view on him.

You knock on the door and it almost immediately swings open.

Luke’s smiles is bright and he is fully dressed.

“Ah, y/n I was hoping they would send you!” He says.

His blue eyes are soft as he glances at you.

You smile back at him, switching back and forth on your feet awkwardly. “So, did you need me to do something for you?”

He comes to realization that you are just standing in the hallway holding cleaning supplies. He stands to the side motioning for you to come in.

You walk in and the room is clean, cleaner that even you left it yesterday.

“I remember how you were saying- well you said you weren’t feeling well so…” He can’t seem to find the right words so he just motions.

You see a table with tea and a kettle of hot water.

“I didn’t know what kind you liked so I got you chamomile, and earl gray and even some berry kind. I don’t know.” He smiles and you laugh.

“Luke, this is so sweet.” You smile, setting down your cleaning supplies.

What did you do to get this boy to do something like this. You had guests leave nice gifts for you but never anything like this. This was so thoughtful and he was being so sweet.

“I also told them my toilet was acting up so it would probably take you awhile.” Luke scratches the back of his neck.

He pulls out a chair for you, “Please sit down.” He says.

You felt horrible, you didn’t want to leave your coworkers to do all the work while you had tea with a cute boy. Maybe if it were just a couple minutes.

You sit in the chair and he nicely pushes his chair in.

You decide minty tea sounds nice. The water is so warm it soothes your throat.

Luke pours himself a cup as well.

“So where are you from?” You make conversation.

Accents have always intrigued you, you loved knowing where people were from. Probably because you’ve always wanted to get out of California, even America.

“Australia. I’m here with some mates on a holiday.” He says.

You nod, a vacation sounds nice but out of everywhere they could have gone why here?

“Are you having fun? Why aren’t you out enjoying the rides while you can?” You ask him.

It is still early morning but the rides opened over an hour ago. Instead of going out on a nice day he is sitting with you instead.

“I just was thinking about how you weren’t feeling well and I hate working when I’m sick.” He shrugs.

You two talked yesterday afternoon. You would have thought he’d forgotten all about it.

He makes conversation by asking about your favorite rides and if you come here with your family much.

You don’t go into detail but your parents don’t have much money to spend on stuff like Disneyland. Sure you get a good discount working here but even that’s too much.

He seems to want to talk about you, asking you about your favorite animal and color. He wanted to know what you did for fun and other fun places to do around California.

You were having such a good conversation by the time you came to your senses and looked at the clock an hour had passed. You stumble to your feet.

“Oh my. I have to go.” You scramble to gather all of your cleaning supplies you arrived with. “Thank you so much, Luke. You are very thoughtful.”

He stands to his feet to see you off.

“Wait.” He says as you are halfway out the door.

He puts his hand on your arm and you look down at it. His warm hand tingling on your skin.

You glance up at his face and the electric blue of his eyes is just sunning, it almost takes your breath away.

“I-i want to see you again.” He stutters, looking down at the ground as he confesses.

It is then you realize how good looking he his. His long hair is curly and is pushed back out of his eyes. He has magnificent eyebrows and his lips are so full and pink.

A smile crosses your features, you are still in such amazement you’ve caught the attention of this beautiful boy.

“I get off at 5. I’ll meet you here.” You say before slipping from him grip and out the door.

Reunited - Two

A/N: This is a Jensen x Reader series. I’m choosing to call it an AU, because there will be a few inconsistencies here. For the sake of this fic, Jensen is single and he grew up in Austin. Thank you to my awesome beta @thorne93, and also to @melonshino for letting me test the story out on her, You guys all rock…

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom.

Warnings: Alcohol, Language, awkward situation.  

Wordcount: 2210

Catch up HERE

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Originally posted by frozen-delight

“So, Jensen, how have you been? I see that life in Hollywood has treated you well,” your mom questioned as you pulled the salad out of the fridge and put it on the table.

“Hollywood is great, but you know me, I’m a Texas boy,” Jensen answered.

You were about to get some glasses for the lemonade when your mother asked Jensen if there was a special someone in his life, and you decided that if you were gonna get through this lunch you would need something stronger than lemonade. You pulled out three wine glasses and got a bottle of white wine from the fridge.

“A little early for wine don’t you think?” your mom asked, sending you a stern look.

“Special occasion, right?” you responded, putting the bottle on the table. “I have lemonade if you prefer that.”

Your mom rolled her eyes at you when you filled your glass almost to the rim as you joined them at the table. You tried your best to ignore the both of them, eating and drinking as the two of them chatted.

Jensen told you about this show he was working on, Supernatural, and that they had just been picked up for a fourth season. You had heard about the show, Rose was a huge fan, but you had avoided everything that had Jensen in it, and after about two year’s, Rose had stopped nagging you to watch it. It was one thing to break up with someone, but when that someone suddenly showed up everywhere, on TV, in magazines and all over the internet, it was much harder to get over them. Every time you saw his stupidly handsome face you were reminded of the heartbreak, so you had decided to try and avoid him altogether. Bang up job there (YN). You zoned out, poking at your food as your mind started playing the memories from way back when. It wasn’t until your name came up that you snapped back to the present.

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Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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