well. camera and hands

Is there already meta on Doc’s big-ass ring? That he wears on his left ring finger? I feel like Doc’s ring is important and we’re going to find out how eventually. The first time we see his hand climbing out of the well, the camera zoomed in on it. Unless that’s just a real-life Doc Holliday Easter egg? But I want to know where he got it and why. It’s huge.

because @mad-madam-m posted domestic prompts and #14 just spoke to me.

The footage is shaky, veering wildly between a pile of unopened moving boxes and Derek’s unamused face.

“Don’t you dare,” Derek warns. The camera zooms out from his glare to show that he’s shirtless and framed by the doorway of a bare kitchen. His arms are crossed and there’s a barely visible scrap of orange and blue cloth peeking out from under his arm. The rest of it is clenched in his fist.

“I won’t laugh, I swear.” Stiles’ voice, coming from somewhere off camera. He doesn’t sound convincing. When Derek just glares: “I’m serious. Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a boy scout,” Derek mutters, but it’s mild, and he’s already pulling on the shirt.

And the shirt. Well.

On camera, Derek glares, lifts both hands up in a gesture that says, See?

Stiles lasts for only two seconds before cracking up. “Oh my god. Der. It’s so much worse than I remember.”

The shirt would have been small on Derek a few years ago. Now, it’s just ridiculous. It rides up on the bottom, exposing a good inch of stomach. The buttons at the neckline gap. More than one looks ready to pop off under the slightest stress. By the way Derek tries and fails three times in a row to cross his arms in front of his chest, it’s obviously a strain just to move in it.

The fact that the shirt’s ugly as hell doesn’t help.

The footage shakes again, then focuses on a tile floor as Stiles howls off screen. “You look like the hulk! Even your muscles have muscles.”

Derek grumbles something unintelligible. Then, to the tune of more laughter, there’s a loud rip.

“Oh for the love of– I can’t– Stiles. Help me get this thing off.”

“Oh I’ll help you get it off, buddy. Don’t you– hey!”

There’s a loud squawk and clatter as the camera falls to the floor. The last thing to be seen is an upside-down image of Derek stalking down the hall, Stiles draped inelegantly over his shoulder. Their laughter follows them, fading out until there’s nothing left but the hum of a new fridge.

Ali is back in Berlin. He called me the other week to meet up with him for a tea. I only had my 35mm film camera on hand, but I suppose analog suits him well… And just when we thought we’d seen all his suits, here he is in a shiny silver one!

Weird Talks

Originally posted by jiminvy

     “Calum what are your thoughts on the alien invasion?” you questioned, skipping to the side to keep up with him. Your camera focused on his movements and expressions. You had been following him down to soundcheck and asking a few questions similar to this one.

“The what?” Calum confusedly asked, his eyebrows furrowing at you. He had laughed at your question and shook his head in amusement.

“The alien invasion. Recently UFOS have been spotted and there has been talk about aliens invading. What are your thoughts?” you smiled, moving the camera closer to his face. Calum turned to look at you and mimicked your smile. It wasn’t unusual for you to ask him such weird questions. You had actually made a YouTube channel called Weird Talks With 5sos. The channel consisted of you either interviewing the guys as a group or separate. Each upload had a different topic every day. Now that you had tagged along on tour with them it was easier to get content.   

“Well I don’t think it’s an invasion at all,” Calum said with the utmost seriousness, “I believe they are only here to observe us and try to understand what we do in life. Perhaps they’re here to befriend us.” You couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter at his answer. The words leaving his mouth sounded intelligent as if there was factual evidence to prove what he was saying was correct. Calum joined in on your laughter too. 

“You’re so weird,” you joked, pushing the camera closer than before. Calum reared back then reached out to grab the camera from your hands. “Hey!” you exclaimed. Your hands rose up to cover your face as he turned the camera on you instead. 

“For a person that likes to record everything you sure are camera shy huh,” Calum commented. “Okay Ms. Y/L/N. What about you? What do you think of the alien invasion?” he asked. The two of you came to a stop and you sat down at the edge of the stage. Your attention going towards a loose string coming from your top. It became quiet between the two of you, but Calum knew at some point you’d open up to having the camera in your face. You loved to record things and make video montages, but for some reason when the camera was on you you’d close up. Calum was trying a new tactic in allowing you to get use to having a camera in your face. Especially since the two of you were dating there was bound to be people recording or wanting pictures twenty-four seven. 

“I think the invasion will take place,” you said.

“Really?” Calum said in surprise. You nodded in response and faced the camera. Calum nodded for you to continue a grin on his face at the fact that you were warming up to the device being in front of you.

“Yeah. They’re going to study us like you said, but instead use it against us and most likely keep us as pets for entertainment,” you elaborated. Calum was stunned and he looked at you with wide eyes. “Or they’d use us a currency to other life forms,” you blurted.

“Wow…that was kinda dark,” Calum said. A tiny chuckle escaped his lips and you smirked at him. 

“You’ve talked about some darker stuff before this topic,” you reminded him. Calum laughed even more then handed the camera back over to you. “Well guys hope you enjoyed the tiny tour of the venue and what Calum thinks of the aliens invading. We’ll see ya next time. Say goodbye Cal!” you said, the camera still facing Calum. He waved goodbye and blew a kiss into the camera. Once it was over you stopped recording. 

“How do you feel about the camera so far?” Calum asked, sitting down next to you. You shrugged at his question. It still felt unusual to be in front of it, but you were warming up to the thought. “You’ll get use to it in no time,” he sighed, draping his arm over your shoulder. “I say view the footage and at least use the part with you in it too,” Calum suggested.

“I’m gonna go edit this and I’ll think about it,” you said, “Have fun during soundcheck.” You gave him a kiss then hopped off the stage. You waved in both hello and goodbye at the other guys before heading backstage and edit.

All That Remains of Lance McClain Part 3

hey all, sorry i wasn’t as active recently, I had to study for an exam that i really really needed to pass! Anyway, here’s part 3 of my what remains of edith finch au 

i had some trouble coming up with a way to connect lance to the game in a way that would make sense, considering how the game actually plays out in the end and i think i’ve come up with a good alternative?? anyway, please enjoy! I did cut it off at a cliff hanger, bc i felt like it was getting a bit too long. I will be continuing it soon, so don’t worry abt that!


Keith looked up to see Hunk rooting through several cassettes before pulling one labeled ‘McClain House and family history, by Alexa McClain for Lance McClain.’ Pidge, who’s eye had been caught by an innocuous looking cassette player, grabbed it and handed it to Hunk, who put the cassette into it.

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Tattoo (Ethan)

anonymous: Can you make an imagine? G or E being a tattoo artist and while tattooing you he slowly falls in love with you?

Originally posted by itsjoanneee

You were a Youtuber, you did whatever your fans wanted. Which meant if you had to do crazy things you would do them, anything for your fans whom you loved so much. This particular video you were really nervous for but you were going to do it anyway. “Hey guys, whats up it’s Y/N and me and my two amazing friends; Eliana and Scott are going to be spinning a wheel to see what our punishments are gonna be.” You smiled at the camera while your two friends came into frame they waved at the camera smiling from ear to ear. “Alright guys, you ready?” They nodded and Scott spun the wheel. The three of you watched it spin you wanted him to get the shock collar but of course it landed on a pass you looked at him then back at the camera “That is not fair at all.” He stuck his tongue out and Eliana spun the wheel. Her face dropped as it landed on habanero- pepper and taser “No, there’s no way I can do that.” You laughed spinning the wheel, you kept laughing not noticing the wheel landed on tattoo, your smile immediately dropped “No! No!” You screamed looking at your friends “If I get a tattoo with you do i still have to do the hot sauce and taser?” Your friend looked at you with hopeful eyes you shook your head “But you still have to do the taser.” She groaned and nodded “Fine.” You looked at the camera “Well, let’s go get the tattoos.” You put your hand over the lens, picking up the camera “Alright let’s go, I know a great place to get a tattoo.” Your friend exclaimed as you grabbed the camera. After about 20 minutes in the car you were there, you turned your camera on looking at the building then back at your camera. “So, we’re here. I’m nervous as hell but let’s go get some tattoos.” You handed your camera off to your friend Scott. As the three of you walk in you see this boy he was absolutely gorgeous, his curls covering the top of his eyes, his tongue out concentrating on the tattoo he was drawing, he looked up immediately locking eyes with you, he smiled and stood up to greet the three of you. “Hey Scott what’s up?” They did the guy handshake smiling at each other “These two are getting a tattoo” Ethan looks between the two of you and smirks then looks back at Scott “What about you man?” Scott shook his head “I have enough” Ethan raised his eyebrow “You have none” “Exactly.” Everyone laughed you looked at your camera “Let’s get this over with.” You walked over to the table/bed thingy looking at all the drawings “Eli, I’m picking yours” Her head snapped towards Scott and she shook her head looking back at you. You shrugged smiling a bit flipping through the pictures “Can I pick yours?” You looked up at Ethan shrugging “Sure why not, you look like you have good taste. I trust you.” You smiled holding the camera up. You looked straight at the camera smiling wide “Lets do it.” You handed your camera off to Scott laying on the bed/table “So I’ve always wanted a tattoo on the side of my rib cage, hopefully it doesn’t hurt too much. I also don’t know what I’m getting but I trust Ethan oddly enough, lets get to it.” You laid on your side lifting your shirt you told Ethan you didn’t want to see it at all so your reaction for the camera was real so you told him to do the best he could after about an hour of you wincing and biting your lip to keep from screaming Etha was finally done. “Alright, I’m done.” He did one more wipe down over your tattoo allowing you to check it out.

-Ethan’s POV-

My god this girl is gorgeous and I’m not talking about her looks, those are a bonus. Her soul, her personality, how she interacts with the camera, her friends. Scott told me about her and I watched her videos, but she’s even better in person and the fact that I got to tattoo her made it even better. I watched her as she looked at her tattoo, I knew she’d like it, it said “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.” With a bunch of Roses behind the words. Her face lit up smiling wide damn her smile was gorgeous, I have a lot of pretty girls come in here but they don’t compare to the inner beauty this girl has. I have caught myself staring at her a couple times while I was wiping the extra ink away I couldn’t help it she was mesmerizing. “What do you think? The roses will lighten up in a couple days and you’ll see the words better.” She smiled and looked at me I could get used to that smile… Am I falling for her? I never felt like this before I don’t know this feeling. Apparently I was staring at her because she had this weird look on her face I blinked my eyes a couple times “I’m sorry what did you say?” She smiled once more and licked her lips “I love it, its amazing you have a real talent.” I couldn’t help but smile “Thank you, please come back any time you want.” She reached for her wallet and I put up my hand “No charge, its on me.” She thanked me with a hug I wrapped my arms around her waist breathing in her scent. I don’t know if this is weird or not but I don’t know what else to do, and the next thing I knew the words came out like vomit “Y/N? Can I ask you something? Off camera.” She turned her camera off walking over to the side with me I took a deep breath it was now or never. “I was wondering if I could take you out sometime, if not I completely understand.” She giggled which was music to my ears “I would love to Ethan. Here’s my number.” She wrote down her number on a piece of paper handing it to me she winked and walked out with her friends. I actually did it, next step, telling her I fell in love with her.


The Ones That Got Away

Uh…I wrote another one? >.> Another prompt, another fic. I’m super glad to be on this creative wave, but also hella suspicious. Let’s see how this goes!

Fear of hating this one slightly less so there was a read through, but again unbeta’d.

(Also if you can guess which book I referenced in this I’ll love you forever ok ok)

EDIT: Oh and I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback and response I got on the last fic! In like 2 days that became my most popular thing……ever.

“C’mon Derek!” Laura whined from the living room, “I would like to eat that popcorn sometime this millennium!”

Derek rolled his eyes and dumped the third bag of popcorn into their largest mixing bowl. Between him Laura, and Cora they could each eat one bag. Putting it all together like this meant a lot less arguing.

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Every Day

Every Day

Summary: UniStudent!Phil doesn’t really care to watch YouTube sensation danisnotonfire’s videos or live shows, and his uni class always ask why.  He always gives them the same answer: “it’s like he hears it every day.”  His classmates are about to find out why he always gives the same, dull answer in a way they never would’ve guessed.

genre: fluffu

wc: 1234 (yasss)

tw: poor writing, it drags a bit idk, cheesy title

[A/N] I know there are like 80 of these kinds of fics but I wanted one like this in particular and I wasn’t sure if any existed so here we are.

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Overdue [a Barry Allen Smut AU]

Request: evil!Barry breaking his long time girlfriend out of a meta prison and leaving a sarcastic note for Joe or the gang. Reuniting never felt so good… aka smut ;) dom!Barry maybe?

a/n: im a sarcastic horndog too……


Fucking Vibe caught you. You can’t believe you’re in the pipeline; you’ve been in the pipeline for days! The leather of your red jacket squeaks against the padded wall when you cross your arms, ass leaning and legs stretched out. This is exhausting; it’s exhausting doing absolutely nothing all day! Your mind drifts to your boyfriend…if he was here…

“Someone call for a villain?” Barry smirks, light red button down hugging his torso due to how fast he was going. His arm is propped up on the pillar, hand hovering over the keypad. “Sorry I took so long, babydoll. Didn’t know where you were…” he trails off, biting his lip while cracking the cell door open.

You roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck, fingers toying with the collar of his shirt. Damn, he looks hot. “That’s okay… But you know what’s not okay?” you pout, “We haven’t fucked in like a week…” Your fingers drop to the top button, eyelashes fluttering at his lust-filled green eyes.

He catches your hand, making a tsk noise with his tongue. “You know my rules, princess.” he scolds, pushing your jacket off your shoulders. “I get to undress you first.” His voice is deep, dominate, creating a wet pool in your underwear. Next is your tight black tank top, which meets the floor, along with your bra. “Oh, I can’t wait to fuck you with the camera taping.” he purrs into the shell of your ear.

When Barry unbuttons your baby blue skinny jeans, you gasp, feeling the fabric pool around your ankles. You go to take off his shirt only for his hands to stop you again. The speedster rips the buttons, popping each one, shrugging the red dress shirt off. His toned chest presses against yours, lips tilting in his famous smirk.

Before you can blink, he already has his formfitting tan skinny jeans kicked off, bare ass exposed to the camera. “You ready, babydoll?” he asks, not giving any time to answer before inserting the tip of his dick inside you. A yelp comes out of you; hands clawing at his pale back. “Scream my name, Y/N. Tell them who’s yours.” he hisses, snapping his hips into yours harshly.

His dick stretches out your pussy and your mouth hangs open slightly. A moan drips from your lips as he pounds into you, blunt fingernails digging into your thighs. “Barry!” you repeat over and over again, eyelids shut, breasts bouncing against his pecs. He chuckles, dipping down to bite your neck while starting to vibrate.

Sweat forms on his thick brow, muscles flexing with every movement; his full chestnut locks tumble in front of his lime green eyes. “Yes, that’s it, baby girl, you’re mine…” he grumbles, breathing heavily; thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven. You cry, back arching on the wall, stomach becoming tight. “Oh, you want to cum, princess? Cum then.” he orders, squeezing one of your breasts in his giant hand.

“Ugh, Barry!” you shout, nails digging into his skin. He pants, feeling your juices around his cock, still rocking back and forth, until he lets himself go. A blissful groan rips from his throat and he throws his head back, hair flying around, green eyes wide, adam’s apple bobbing. “Barry….” you hum, trying to catch your breath.

With a deep sigh, he waits a moment before detaching himself from you. His lips twitch upward into a smile, “That was long overdue, babydoll.” He kisses you before flashing both of your clothes back on. You grin mischievously, stopping him from buttoning a few of the top buttons; he winks at you, licking his teeth as he faces the camera. “Well,” he claps his hands, “That was fun. Right, right, babe?” he looks over his shoulder; you nod. “Next time, leave some toys for us to play with? And, oh, one more thing.” he walks up to the camera, only inches from it. “Hurt my girl and I’ll end you.”

• halfway there || part 2

A/N: Here’s part two of halfway there, again I had my friend Sammie help me out obviously since he knows a bit more of acting than I do. Plus I decided to add him in here as a thank you for his help so you’ll see him around, plus I might make some appearances as well! I have yet to know how many parts this might have but will try to post each week a new part. Possibly around 10 parts as maximum so far but we’ll see right?  No, you’re not together with KJ yet, soon I promise like maybe in part 4 before something goes down. You get to meet more of the cast in this drabble. Key for this episode of halfway there – MG-N is Mean Girl’s Name, C/N is Character Name, F/O is Favorite Outfit, YN/N is Your Nickname. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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             » Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader (friendship), Various Cast Members & Reader (friendship), MG/N & Reader (competition) «

You finally had gotten settled in after the help with KJ carrying your heavy suitcase of clothes among whatever you felt like you might need. Especially your camera, the one thing you could never leave without you liked to take pictures of places you’ve been, your friends and family too. You put away your messenger bag on your bed as you went out of your trailer with your camera, might as well introduce yourself too and not hide right? You thought as you walked around until you noticed Camille and Lili who looked up and gave you a small wave to go over to them.

“You’re Y/N right? The one whom is playing C/N? I’m Lili and Camille but I think you knew that.” Lili says as she offers her hand to you as you shake it with nod before shaking Camille’s hand. They were even more pretty in real life than on the TV screen at home but it was also nice to know that they were also friendly too which made your nerves calm down a little.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N L/N or you can just uh, call me YN/N is Y/N is too much for you. I’m sorry if I sound weird ahead of time since this is my first time with cameras.” You studder slightly and tried to take another breath in, “Care for a picture? I like to take pictures of places and my friends. Well if you want to be my friend of course.”

Camille smiled but nodded as she looked at Lili and back to you, “Yeah we can be friends. Trust me, we all are a bunch of weirdos so it’s okay Y/N.” She says as you got your camera ready to take a picture, getting your angle ready to take it. It would’ve been a perfect shot of the two girls smiling at your camera until someone came running up behind them and scaring you three.

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anonymous asked:

A HC where RFA+V+Saeran invite MC to a mask party (the party where all people wear mask) but they come separately so MC doesn't know how their S/o looks like. How will they greet your MC and ask them to dance? (I'm a slut for Zen Phantom of the Opera style)

tbh same

Mini fanfic warning!

(This ended up being so long so i didnt write Jaehee or Yoosung. ;_; I’ll add them in the future~)



As soon as MC had stepped inside the ballroom, she felt as if she was taken into a whole other world.

The masked-faces surrounding her were all not familiar, and she could not see a face she recognized.


The white headed man was easy to spot in a crowd. His long hair shined in the dim light of the room.

He knew this would happen, so he had prepared for it very well. His soulmate was not by his side, and all he could think of was having her roleplay with him a little.

He had his hair tied and covered by the dark red cloak he wore over his fancy dark suit. His mask had covered half of his face and he could not take that smug smirk off his face.

He saw her, entering the room, she looked fascinating in her blood red dress, her hair tied up cleanly and her mask trimmed with black lace.

He waited for her in the shadows, his red eyes glowing, he called for her name and she turned to look in the direction she had heard her voice, faintly called.

She saw him, her hands gripped her dress as she ran up to him, only for him to step back into the darkness.

She had followed him, running through the crowds, her hands raising her dress up, as she followed him into an alley.

He waited for her, his back resting on the dead end of the alley. He had let his hood off his head, his arms crossed.

He smirked as soon as he saw MC drop her dress down onto the ground, panting as she slowly walked towards him. “Zen?” She said between heavy breaths.

Zen approached her and placed his hand under her chin. “Hello there.” He purred, resting his forehead on her’s. “I would love to ask you for a dance, but it seems that my inner beast tells me to have you dance with me until the night ends.”

Zen lowered his head a little more and the two had begun their night with a passionate yet steamy kiss.


Jumin did not like staying in the shadows. He was surrounded by the guests he had invited to the party.

He was giving fake smiles here and talking business there.

The moment he had seen her step inside, he walked away with no goodbye or farewell to send. It was impolite but he had more inappropriate thoughts on his head, as he saw that tight dress.

That tight mermaid dress, that gripped on her hips and curves. As much as she looked good, he hated that dress .

He wanted no one to see her curves other than him, and he wanted to be the one to grip on those killer hips she has.

He went into the shadows, walking quickly towards her- but soon he stopped. He saw her wandering around, looking for something- for someone.

He waited and waited, and soon enough, she stepped into an empty corridor. He followed her, like her shadow.

She, on the other hand, was freaking out, as the faded sound footsteps she heard was getting stronger. More over, each time she passed by the lights, they closed.

It didn’t take long until she had reached what she expected, a dead end.

Jumin took a few more steps forward and wrapped his arm around her waist.

She almost screamed if it wasnt for him turning her around and crashing his lips on hers.

“You are as magnificent as ever, I think we might have to leave early tonight, but that will not be until we dance..”


(This is really short ohmygod)

He danced, a soft smile on his face as his mask hid his charming face.

He moved, from the woman he was dancing with to another. He stole each and every heart he danced with.

His small conversations and silly jokes broke the ice easily, his smile was enough to make even men idolize him.

Then he saw her, he felt the need, he wanted to dance with her, he tried to get close to her, skipping many beautiful women who wanted to take that last dance he had to offer before his mission was over.

Everytime he got close to her, she seemed too far for him to reach.

She had already left the dance floor and headed out to the backyard of the Home the Masquerade was hosted in.

He followed her, like a child following his mother, he started running, just to reach her faster-

But he stopped.

He has so many others to dance with, yet he is desperate to share his beautiful evening with her.

Then she stopped, turned around and to look behind her, smiling at him as she took her mask off.

“Defender of Justice and the Seven Kingdoms, 707.”

Luciel took a deep breath, as he laughed. He didn’t expect the woman he fell in love with online to be the same woman who enchanted him.

He approached her, with no hesitation, he softly pecked her lips, she pulled him into an actual deep kiss, their lips moved together in a heated dance. (Ironic I know)

It felt short as the two moved away from eachother. Luciel smiled, a legit real smile, as he looked in the eyes of the woman in front of him.

“God 707 commands you to share a dance with him under the moonlight!”

“Like a soap opera?”

“Like a soap opera!”


(After surgery because lol.)

He stood, back resting on the wall behind him. He was surrounded by a small crowd compared to what was around him when the night started.

He was basically one of the hosts of the party, he had to participate in entertaining the guests as he failed doing that for a long time.

He laughed as he continued to speak about each painting displayed in this victorian-themed castle.

“Now that you have your vision, Will you be photographing soon?” A woman in the crowd asked, “I would love to see your magnificent photographs. I’m sure that I will buy one.”

Jihyun laughed, as he ran a hand through his obvious blue hair. “I’m looking for something, Something that inspires me to take pictures once more.”

It wasn’t long before the crowd was gone and before another one could come, V covered his hair with the spare cloak Zen gave him.

He said it was for disguise, and it seemed to be working well.

Jihyun had his camera in hand, it wasn’t the usual professional camera, Just a simple one with high quality pictures.

He wandered the top floor, his eyes roaming around, looking for his next masterpiece.

He headed downstairs, and Jihyun thought that he never made a choice this good.

Her night sky-colored dress was the most enchanting thing V had ever seen, but what put it’s beauty to shame, was that the woman wearing it had the beauty of a goddess.

He didn’t know who she was, but she looked heavily familiar, a faded face in Jihyun’s memory.

V walked towards her, and asked her to head upstairs, telling her that one of the hosts was taking the names of the guests.

He ran upstairs, turning around to see her, as she slowly made her way up the long brown staircase.


Her dress showed her cleaveage, her hand on the stair’s rail, her hair tied up neatly, her eyes gleaming, her other hand holding her dress up so she could move. Her mask covered her face, and she looked magnificent

V swore to himself that this was the best photo he took in a while. He took the cloak’s hood off along with his mask.

The woman giggled a little, taking her own mask off. “Ji.” She said, in the voice V can never forget.

“MC..” Jihyun gasped a little before laughing. “Would you mind sharing a dance with me, and after that a glass of wine?”

“I would love to dance, but why the wine part? If you dont mind me asking. Although I would still like an answer, even if you did mind.” She smiled as V laughed once more.

“You are my new inspiration.” He smiled as he took her hand, kissing it as he lead her downstairs.


Eyes scanning the whole room, legs as if they were walking on their own, he had his hands in his pockets, the right side of his face covered by his black mask.

He looked elegant and neat, as much as he hated to admit it.

Saeran was almost stand-sleeping, if that was a thing. He was waiting for his orders, when to move.

But then he saw it, her navy blue dress tailing behind her, Her eyes gleaming with confidence

He recognized her, she was the toy that started everything. He smirked, as he called her name.

Her head turned towards his side, she saw white hair, green eyes.

She smiled as she walked towards him. He took the hand she raised and kissed it, looking at her, his lips turned up, smirking as he parted away from her hand.

He let go of her and walked away from her, walking to wherever.

MC stood there for a second but then walked after him, following him like a lost kitten in the middle of nowhere.

He turned to look at her, his eyes darkening as he felt himself need.

He needed to touch her, kiss her, have her. His feelings could not be put into words. She was enchanting, and he can’t help himself.

He took her hand, pushing her towards him as he placed his hand on her waist, looking down at her.

He admired the way she blushed and turned her head away, exposing her neck to him.

He planted his face into the crook of her neck and whispered, “Let me enjoy every inch of you, as we dance tonight.”

Let’s just say, he forgot why he originally came to this Masquerade.

Dance Lessons

Finally, this fic from hell is finished! I wanted to do something a little lighter since the only two pieces I’ve written so far have been pretty angsty. I want to thank @noctigar for helping me through this crazy time and giving me a little piece to work with. Without further adieu, I give you Dance Lessons

AO3 Link here

“Let’s try again,” Luna insisted. She released Noctis’ hand and stepped away to restart the music. Her heels clicked against the polished ballroom floor. Each click echoed against the walls. She restarted the music and quickly returned to her position as the intro filled the air.

“Loosen up,” she said with a small smile.

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Chris Evans Imagine: Disney Princess Obsession

Anon request. Imagine that you are a famous actress and have recently starred in the latest Disney live-action adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. Chris has been a fan for some time but seeing the movie has pushed him over the edge. He talks about his embarrassing encounter in an interview.

So I heard you recently embarrassed yourself massively in front of <y/n>?

Chris runs his hand over his beard, a slight blush creeping across his cheeks as he lets out a wry chuckle, ‘Yeah, just a little bit.’

Do you want to elaborate for us? The interviewer presses on.

‘Really? Well… so it was at the Oscars, on the red carpet. I was just working my way up the press line, doing the little interviews and stuff, and then I hear, you know, an increase in the excitement in the crowd. When I turn around to see who’s arrived, it’s actual fucking Sleeping Beauty and I mean, she’s stunning right? So she’s gliding past and just as she comes past me, I actually just stick out my hand - bearing in mind this is the first time we’ve ever met - and I’m all ‘I loved you in Sleeping Beauty, you were so great,’ and I’m stumbling over my words like a teenager asking a girl out for the first time. In my head I’m giving myself a serious pep talk like ‘C'mon Chris get it together, you got this’, and she just gets this puzzled look on her face as she really tentatively shakes my outstretched hand and goes, ‘Yeah, even I’m proud of how well I can sleep on camera.’

Chris rests his head in his hands, shaking it from side to side as if he still can’t believe what he said, 'And it suddenly dawned on me that she wasn’t even really at the Oscars for Sleeping Beauty… because she literally spent ninety five per cent of the movie fast asleep! Why couldn’t I have just plucked any one of her other movies from the air? Why did I have to go straight in with Disney geek?’

By this time, the interviewer is laughing along as Chris moans in shame.

So is it safe to say you missed your chance?

'Yeah, I’d say that was a dead cert. Unless, of course, she happens to have a thing for Disney geeks. In which case,’ and he looks directly into the camera, holding his thumb and pinky against his head like he’s on the phone, 'give me a call, I’d be happy to show you how good not sleeping can be.’

His face drops as he sees the bemused look on the interviewer’s face and realises the implication behind what he just said. He throws his hands up in the air in defeat, 'Oh man, I didn’t mean… Ah fuck it, if my chance hadn’t gone before, it definitely has now!’

Tobias: Me and Nate… kissed? That’s impossible. Was there anything more?

Heather: Well, besides you shouting “Hands away from my boyfriend!” at the camera - there wasn’t. I think so. I can’t be sure.

Tobias: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. What is he going to think of me now?

Heather: Come on, he knows you’ve been crushing on him since ancient times.

Tobias: But we’re best friends, Heather! It’s not like… oh damn.

Heather: Well, looks like realization finally started hitting a certain someone in his beautiful butt.

Tobias: How do you know it’s beautiful?

Heather: I’m telling you, go on YouTube. Because of you and your best friend, man-created creatures known as plumbots actually started showing emotions. Oh and by the way, it was actually Nate who made a butt comment, I was only quoting him.

The Shattered Camera || Wonwooo || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 ( Final)

Word Count: 5344

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

Soonyoung didn’t come home that night and Wonwoo wasn’t worried for a second. He was just angry that the only time he actually needed that guy, he wasn’t there. Why had Wonwoo needed him? Well, it was a bit hard to move with a camera in his hand, you on his back, and your shoes in the other hand. Just getting to the apartment complex was hard, much less carrying you the ride of the elevator and down the hall.

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