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Title: Holiday on the Beach pt.1
[pt.2] [pt.3]

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Fluff
Warnings: Foul language
Recommended songs: Champagne Champion by Wes Period,The Mulatto by Dorsh, Round Two by Imad Royal, Your Love by Mick Jenkins, Pony by Pretty Sister [spotify link] [youtube link]

- - -

“Hello, anyone here?”

I step from the back room of the surf shop to meet a dark haired man waiting at the counter.

“Ah, there you are. You guys rent surfboards right?”

“Hello, sir. Yes, surfboards and scuba gear as well.” I say and lean to the counter. This customer is cute.

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Can I ask for a super fluff you and Ashley PDA during a vlog?thank you!

“Does my hair look okay?” Ashley jokingly asked as you two sat in front of the camera.

“It’s rolling already, Ash” you laughed.

“Oh? Hello!” Ashley said, looking at the camera.

“Hi” you waved, smiling as well.

“Why are we doing this?” Ashley asked.

“They wanted it” you shrugged.

“Hmm” he hummed.

“I really don’t get how anyone gets enjoyment out of these. You guys never tell us what to do” you laughed, shaking your head.

“Yeah” Ashley agreed, pointing at the camera.

“Put your hand down, that’s rude” you joked, pushing Ashley’s hand down.

“Sorry” Ashley said, giving you a face.

“No” you said, looking him in the eyes.

He responded by pecking your lips, making you blush and lean out of frame on purpose.

“She loves me” Ashley said cockily, looking into the camera.

“No, I want a divorce” you said, sitting up straight again.

“B-But we’re not even married” Ashley said, confusion plastered on his face.

“I know” you chirped, sticking your chin up.

“You confuse me” Ashley sighed, shaking his head now as well.

“I know I do. I do it on purpose”


“Because I can”

“Well, that’s not nice”

“Course it isn’t, Ashley”

“You’re mean”

“No I’m not” you protested, putting you head on Ashley’s shoulder.

“You love me” you said, poking his side.

Ashley stayed quiet, only looking into the camera with a straight face.

“Ashley” you whined, leaning into him more.

“Ashley” you repeated, hugging his waist now.

“Say sorry” he said, looking at you now.

“I’m Sorry” you pouted, hugging him tighter.

“You are forgiven” he chuckled, messing up your hair.

“Hey!” You gasped, letting go and looking at him, your mouth open.

“Sorry” he shrugged, mocking you.

“See what I deal with?” You asked, looking at the camera.

“Oh okay” Ashley rolled his eyes playfully.

“This vlog is going nowhere” you sighed.

“What do you say we stop and give them what we have…we can do something better” Ashley smirked, moving his eyebrows up and down.

“Yeah okay” you said quickly, turning off the camera to follow through with Ashley’s idea.