listen to me!! the girls (and eskild) trying to get isak to rate guys with them (i took my liberties with my tags on this post and then an anon asked me to make a separate post so!)

  • let’s say eva and eskild take isak out for coffee one day, bc eva has actually really missed him, and now that things aren’t weird anymore and they’re both over what happened in first year it just came bak to her how nice it is to spend time with isak. eskild comes along bc he was free (”my grindr date cancelled on me, can you believe it? if we can’t trust random guys on grindr then who can we trust?”) and also he’s just fun to be around, and eva knows how much isak trusts him, so
  • anyway, they’re sitting by the window especifically so they can watch guys walk past and rate them from one to ten (it’s fun okay, and noora won’t do it with her bc it’s “gross an superficial eva, we don’t even know them” and eva just wants to have fun okay, sue her)
  • “okay that’s a six”
    “a six? he’s a nine at least”
    sigh “eva, girls have such low standars when it comes to boys, it’s a tragedy, really”
    “okay bullshit, that guy is super hot, right isak? way more than a six
  • isak looks up (from where he was probably texting even about how ridiculous eva and eskild were being). and he looks at the guy, all dark hair and green eyes and perfectly symmetrical face and he’s actually pretty good looking. but. “not my type” is all he says
  • and eskild is all “DAMN it isak you still don’t want to say if a guy is hot or not?? all my guru advising to the TRASH can”
  • but eva doesn’t say anything, just smiles fondly at isak. bc she gets it
  • after all, next to vilde any model is probably a six as well

some interesting batim things ive thought about that i havent yet shared here:

  • that one new bendy shirt, often seen as just a cool graphic, does show us an important detail that many have been debating about canon: bendy, can, in fact, change expressions. maybe just the eyes while the grin stays on, but we clearly see in this one picture he can glare, so maybe he isnt just One Emotion Face after all
  • speaking of the shirt, notice something on the new boris teaser pic? yep, hes holding a wrench, n it looks to be the same wrench bendy is holding in that shirt graph as well. so uhm yeah? idk if that implies a connection or not, but i mean, could be? idk why else would boris be just. holding that wrench for no reason lol. or bendy for that matter?
  • going from that last bullet point, one could try n theorize that this means this is the wrench that sometimes appears inside boris chest cavity, but like, keyword is ‘sometimes’ because the item placement in chapter 1 is randomized, so id imagine thered be continuity problems if that were to be established as a new plot point, like, what if the wrench didnt appear before inside boris in chapter 1? unless of course, themeatly changes the variable so that it always appears there

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I just start watching Voltron, and I love the drawing you did, haha. <3 Would you by chance ever draw any Lance x Keith fanart? 🙂


yeah probably idk i still need some convincing for their ship…like i can totally see why people ship them because they have some pretty questionable moments in the show (he cradled lance in hIS ARMS like wow that was….gay..)

so i guess the answer is yes but i wont do anything super saucy with them hahaaa

Rajigaze Jan 6

Ruki: So this is actually mail from last year, but I’m interested so I wanna read it.

Aoi: Okey

Ruki: Uhhh okay….. “Aoi-san, Ruki-san, good evening. Christmas is done and now everyone is in New Year’s mode.” Well it’s the new year now but

Aoi: Yeh

Ruki: “Since the theme is Christmas –” HEHE NO IT ISNT

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: Lmao whatever huhu “this is a story about my Christmas three years ago.” omg AND it’s three years ago… “I went to Shibuya O-EAST (*live house) to see a VK band.” So that would be Maruyamacho, yes, the area with the love hotels. “All the fangirls were standing out in the love hotel street shivering in their lil outfits, waiting to get called in, but time was passing and it wasn’t starting. Finally, the staff made an announcement that they couldn’t start the show due to technical difficulties. There was nothing we could do but wait. But 10 minutes went by, then 15, until I realized we’d been waiting for an hour. I understand that technical difficulties are out of their control, and I know that all the band and staff want to do is put on a great show, but like we’re standing outside on the love hotel street on Christmas Eve, and Nishiuchi Mariya is doing some event at the venue next door, and all these girls dressed as Santa and reindeer and a bunch of drunk couples are crowding all around us…and here we are, a bunch of cold VK fans dressed in black, watching all the couples go off into [the love hotels] on their special night…the live was super fun, but it was a kinda shitty Christmas Eve.”

Aoi: (whispering) Ahh I feel that…..

Ruki: I mean there’s no use reading about last year’s bitter feelings now but…

Aoi: (giggles) But you know…Maruyamacho…it’s that place, right…

Ruki: Mhm

Aoi: There’s a lot of good restaurants and stuff there! I go there often.

Ruki: Oh really? In that area? Oh yeahh you mentioned that before…I mean I
don’t even know what kinda bands play there anyway so…

Aoi: Oh I go all the time!

Ruki: One time I was walking alone in Shibuya and I got lost…and I ended up around there and I saw people lining up to see some Visual Kei band…I booked it huhuhuhu

Aoi: Oh really? I just walk right by tbh

Ruki: Oh wow! Listen Aoi fans, if u go to Maruyamacho u might see him walkin around…what restaurants do you go to?

Aoi: Well there’s Italian…and then some bar kinda places

Ruki: Ahhhhh~

Aoi: That’s about it I think

Ruki: But yeah it seems like they would have [that kinda place]

Aoi: Yeah you should totally go

Ruki: Oh you recommend it?

Aoi; Yes

Ruki: Ahh…you go to them expensive places huh

Aoi: No no not at all! They’re on that street! You know, East…

Ruki: That street?

Aoi: Yeah you know, kinda at the bottom of the hill

Ruki: Ahhh…ah okay that place with…what was it… (*idk what he said)

Both: huhu

Ruki: But anyway…they had to wait an hour outside on Christmas Eve for a live…three years ago on Christmas Eve, at O-EAST, a band delayed their show one hour…I wonder who it was

Aoi: Yeah, who could it be?

Ruki: I wonder…a VK band…

Aoi: It wasn’t us, right??

Ruki: What???? We didn’t do [an event there] 3 years ago…

Aoi: Oh wait didn’t we do some event at Tsutaya?

Ruki: Yeh

Aoi: Yeah so it wasn’t us! We would never do that!

Ruki: We would never be an hour late

Aoi: Yeah

Ruki: They were an hour late

Aoi: Yeah I think so

Ruki: Yeah omg no no no no no we wouldn’t do that

Aoi: Right?

Ruki: Nope I don’t think so nope

Aoi: But I mean it was technical difficulties, what are you gonna do

Ruki: Yeah, even we have them sometimes.

Aoi: Yeh sorry

Ruki: Yeh sorry lmao but yeah they were waiting outside for an hour on Christmas Eve and they saw couples going into the love hotel

Aoi: But wait, lives are usually in the evening right…are people actually going at that time?!

Ruki: What

Aoi: To love hotels…

Ruki: Yeah I don’t think so…maybe [they were going early] cause it gets too crowded at night HWHIEHIEHHUEHU

Aoi: What like they go [to the love hotel] and then go get some dinner after?

Ruki: Yeh why not?

Aoi: Omg really?

Ruki: Well idk……but yeah that’s the love hotel area like……

Aoi: Yeh……..

Ruki: But I heard VK fans sometimes stay there

Aoi: Yeah apparently they do!

Ruki: Hmmmmmmm

Aoi: Mhm….yeah

Ruki: That’s some dirty shit

both: huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

selena laughed, mostly to herself, as she looked up towards the familiar voice. she figured it would be weird to the other for a stranger to laugh at them, but sel returned to the city a little while ago. she wasn’t good at the reuniting type thing. “hi,” she greeted in a smile.

Well now I’m just doodling and making a background instead of finishing a drawing. I gotta let myself be a bit looser.

Annnnd looks like the $15/hr minimum wage plan is taking effect in MN and I’ll be honest I’m mildly worried? Because I work at a business that…. doesn’t make a ton of money. It’s doing well, but not “pay everyone $15/hr” well.

…yeah idk. All I know is small businesses get a more relaxed and steady increase compared to bigger ones.

Basically I just don’t wanna lose my job.

Rajigaze Dec 16

This fan sent in anger mail because her friends were dissing single eyelids. Since Rei n Uru are both single ladies she would like them to discuss this matter.

Uruha: Oh yeah so this came up when Kai and I were doing the radio…and that guy (u can just hear the supid dork smile on his stupid face) …he was laughin the whole time….kakkakkaaakaaa~ (that him imitating Kai’s laugh) I feel like only u will understand man

Reita: Actually, I’m sorry…this person said we’re both single but, it’s not true…

Uruha: Oh it’s not?

Reita: Yeah, I…have double eyelids (bursts out laughing)

(*apparently there are two kinds of doubles, futae and okubutae, Reita says he is okubutae, it’s like you do have that double crease but it’s kinda hidden behind the first one so at first glace it just looks like single)

Uruha: Yeah you said that before…..okubutae??

Reita: I mean, my sister did tell me it was like, super hidden but…

Uruha: Hehehe

Reita: Hehehe

Uruha: Can you even call them double if they’re that hidden?

Reita: I guess…you gotta split them into different categories

Uruha: But when someone’s okubutae you can tell right away, you know? Like, when they blink or close their eyes or whatever……you’re like….ohh………uh….well yeah idk but anyway

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Uruha: Like to me, I wouldn’t be able to tell your eyelids are double.

Reita: Oh okay, but yeah like they’re really tiny. Like they’re SUPER okubutae.

Uruha: Why don’t you just call them single? It’s fine.

Reita: I mean – yeah – well –hmm yeh…

Uruha: You think they’re ugly?

Reita: (laughs) No no I have nothing against single eyelids!

Uruha: Then why don’t u take pride in ur single eyelids!

Reita: U know what, I actually think double eyelids are bad!

Uruha: Why?

Reita: Idk…they’re just…kinda gross??

Uruha: (laughing) They’re gross………..

(Reita laughing)

Uruha: U seriously…………

(Reita laughing)

Uruha: Fam…………………………

(Reita laughing)

Reita: Idk just like…single eyelids…

Uruha: No but like I get it, double eyelids..they kinda pop, they make ur expression look super bright….

Reita: Yeh yeh

Uruha: Our eyes…look so heavy

(Both laugh)

Reita: No no! We r sharp af

Uruha: …What our gaze?

Reita: Yes our gaze is sharp. It’s like a movie, it’s black on the top and bottom.

Uruha: Ahhhh…..

Reita: So we can see rly well.

Uruha: Why do movies have black on the top and bottom [of the screen] anyway?

Reita: ………Prolly cause the first person who made one had single eyelids.

(Both laugh)

Uruha: I see! [They made it] from their point of view!

Reita: Yes

Uruha: Man they changed the world…

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Uruha: Single eyelids changed the world.

Reita: Yes…oh, I wonder if people who aren’t Asian would also get mad about this kinda stuff…like, you’re single, you’re double.

Uruha: They don’t even have that.

Reita: Yes they do! It’s not like everyone is double!

Uruha: There are definitely no single people! For real

Reita: No way…but everyone has like super deep features so how could u tell anyway

Uruha: But u know…..I think everything happens for a reason. So there’s a
reason for single eyelids.

Reita: Oh yeah for sure!

Uruha: So why do u think u were born with single eyelids?

Reita: To find the reason!

(Both laugh)

Reita: I bet u find out when u die

Uruha: Why u needed single eyelids?

Reita: Yeah

Uruha: Hmm well…[with single eyelids] we can’t see up and down very well right?

Reita: Yeh I can’t…but I can see left and right SUPER well.

Uruha: …So ur kinda like an owl

Reita: (laughing) What!?

Uruha: You can turn your head 360 degrees to see stuff

Reita: Ye but I can’t see up and down super well….so if I wanna look at Tokyo Tower I’ll seriously fuck up my neck

Uruha: (laughs) U have to look up

Reita: I have to look up…but I can look left and right really quickly.

Uruha: Wait so can double eyelid ppl see well without moving their neck?

Reita: Yeah….wait actually I – I have no idea tbh

(Uruha giggles)

Reita: We’ll never know

Uruha: Yeah I tried to do aipuchi once and it didn’t work. (*This weird shit where u put like glue on ur crease and poke ur eyelid back to make it double)

(both laugh)

Uruha: A long time ago…

Reita: It’s fine, you don’t have to do it anyway.

Uruha: I see…

Reita: [Single eyelids] give you originality.

Uruha: So have you never thought of getting surgery?

Reita: Nope.

Uruha: Why not?

Reita: Hmm…..I just think the eyes I was born with are fine.

Uruha: Yeah I guess.

Reita: It’s the heart that matters (pounds chest)

(both laugh)

Uruha: But we still haven’t found out why we need single eyelids!

Reita: True!

(both laugh)

Uruha: Let’s find [the meaning]!

Reita: But once we’ve found it, there’s no point in living anymore.

(buzzer goes off)

Uruha: Let’s do a single-eyelids-exclusive live.

Reita: (laughing) We have someone checking people at the door….then if I went, they’d probably be like ‘We can’t let you in…’

Uruha: Like, 'you just barely missed.’

Reita: 'You just barely missed, I’m sorry’

Uruha: But you’re the one performing!

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Uruha: Are u kidding me……I’ll be the only one [doing the live].

Reita: Whatever the buzzer already went off

I’m sorry if I ever come off as annoying or as someone who isn’t likeable. I just sometimes feel like maybe I can be somewhat overenthusiastic or just annoying, please, let me know if I ever am annoying or if I am indeed abit too energetic or just not something you need to deal with. Idk, so yh sorry if am annoying or kinda get in your way with asks and such and just if I’m not being nice or if I’m well, yeah, annoying. Idk what I’m saying by this point, but I guess the point I’d like to make is, sorry that sometimes (most of the time) I may be/come off as annoying

- 💙 🍎

@letshaveskeletonsoffun @all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash

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am i nathan or ben? i'm around 5'4" and i have dark brown hair and brown eyes. i'm also shy around people i don't know well and i'm mostly an introvert, but i could talk forever about the things i'm passionate about. i basically procrastinate everything to the last minute and get more creative during the night. at school i'm good at most subjects besides science and would say i'm a bit of an art nerd as well, but yeah idk who i would be..



Rin Hoshizora [ x ]

These came out kind of weird but oh well..

Rajigaze Jan 6

Aoi (reading mail): “Today I would like to talk about anger.” (this was last month’s theme smfh) “I also play rhythm guitar in a VK band –” What even is a VK band, I don’t like that term

Ruki: Where did that even come from HUHU

Aoi: “This story is about the lead guitarist. We’ve decided to play the GazettE’s ‘DOGMA’ at our next live. We’re scheduled to play in mid-January, but the lead guitarist hasn’t been practicing at all.” Hmm.

Ruki: Hmm.

Aoi: “I gave him the score and everything, but when he gets…into another song he just practices that instead and just – forgets a– all about the song he’ssupposed to–” THIS IS HARD TO READ!


Aoi: “Even if we confront him about it he doesn’t change.”

Ruki: Hmmm…..huh………

Aoi: And then they wrote something like we’re so pissed we’re thinking of kicking him out.

Ruki: Oh….is it okay that we’re reading this on the radio…?

Aoi: Yeah idk…..well…do you practice?

Ruki: Uhhhh prraaaaaacticceee?? What like before a live or something?

Aoi: Yeah or like, when we first started.

Ruki: Uhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh Iiiiii yeah I don’t really practice.

(Aoi giggles)

Ruki: I do a lot of image training though! (*I didn’t know but this is a training method where you imagine how something is going to play out and apparently this helps ur performance)

Aoi: Ahhh!

Ruki: Like I think about our choreography and stuff.

Aoi: Ohh okay…so like do vocalists not really have much practice to do?

Ruki: Hmm, well like, I would practice for recording though

Aoi: Ahhhhh~

Ruki: You know, to like, showcase our new skills, we would practice for that.  

Aoi: Ahh I see…I guess you’re just the type that if you play it out in your head enough you can do it?

Ruki: No no – like, I do read a lot of instructional books and stuff…

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: I bet u weren’t expecting that

Aoi: Yeah no! I thought you could just imagine [yourself doing well].

Ruki: No no no, I read/watch stuff!

Aoi: Ohh I see……

Ruki: I still can’t do shit though

Aoi: (giggles) Oh, really!?

Ruki: Idk not just books but like, I’ve watched like, instructional stuff made by foreigners, or interviews with vocalists…

Aoi: Oh wow, I didn’t think you studied that much…

Ruki: I even watched one with (*idk who he said :/) like, “I do this kind of stuff for my voice before a show…”

Aoi: Oh wow, that’s amazing…I guess there’s a reason why we sell so well!

Ruki: No that has nothing to do with it huhuhuhuhuhuhu

Aoi: Well anyway, tell that guy to practice

Ruki: Yeah

Okay, so. Don’t be mad at me but like.

I had this idea for this AU and decided to write down cause, why not, right? But it ended up with 7k words and I can’t really turn into an actual narration and stuff? so Like… I’ll post this rlly embarrassing thing instead…

In this AU Mondo and Ishimaru are like…. 19-22 years old and Hope’s peak doesn’t exist. 


Keep reading

One Night at a Party... (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: Can u do 1 where YN is has a huge crush on Patrick but he never notice the hint she gives him until 1night at a party she gets help from Andy’s gf and well yeah like fluff/smut IDK you decide :D oh and Patrick’s 17 or what ever so highschool days.


I tap my pencil impatiently on my desk, waiting for the bell to ring. My entire highschool career is ending in less than a minute. Some kid starts a drum roll, and we all join in, despite the stupidity. The class starts a countdown from five as the teacher sits in the corner laughing and rolling her eyes. The bell chimes and we all burst into a round of applause.

I immediately bail out of the classroom, heading for my group’s meeting place by the Senior Parking Lot. I approach the courtyard, and spot our faithful little picnic bench, the same one that’s been our place for almost four years.

“(Y/N)! We did it!” Patrick cheers as he moves quickly towards me..

I break out in a grin and run towards him, ignoring how stupid I probably look. He laughs and opens his arms as I barrel into him. He spins me around once and plops me back down, pulling me into a crushing hug. I laugh and pull back, “We did it, Trick! We survived and now we can finally leave” I breath excitedly.

He smiles even bigger at my comment, reaching up to tuck some of my hair behind my ear. I feel my heart beat faster at the motion, and look into Patrick’s eyes. For a second, we quiet, simply looking at each other. This is it, after two years of hoping, he’s finally going to kiss me. My eyes flit down to his lips, and I can practically feel the moment. But then Joe is running up to us, wrapping us both into a hug and cheering. I break out of his grasp laughing and playfully shoving him away. Following him, albeit a little slower, are Andy and Lindsay, walking hand in hand. They’re cracking up- probably at the sight of Joe tackling us..

I smile around at our little circle, “This is really it guys, we’re actually done” I say glancing over at our little picnic bench,  The others follow my gaze, and we all exchange another bittersweet smile.

“Hey, nobody be sad, we’re leaving this school, not each other, right?” Patrick says cheekily.

“Exactly,” I say, “ so I say we all group hug and then get the hell out of here!”

Everyone laughs and we squeeze into a group hug. Then we break up into two groups and head to our cars, planning to meet at my house. Patrick and  I stroll towards his car.

“It already feel weird” I say, getting into his car,

“I know, right? And we haven’t even gone through the actual graduation ceremony yet” Patrick comments, shaking his head in disbelief. He starts the car, but then just sits there, staring towards the school. Sensing the bitterness behind his haze I say, “Hey, we survived, right?”

“Yea, but we still have the scars” he responds, resentfully.

I think back to all the horrible things that have happened to Patrick, and to me, within the halls of this school. I grab his hand and look into his eyes, “Hey, everything that happened, all the pain we went through, is in the past now. We are leaving this school, and we are leaving all of those memories behind, alright? We have our whole future ahead of us, and this is behind us”

Patrick smiles, comforted by my words, and nods.

“Plus, not everything that came out of that school is bad. That’s where I met you, and you may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me” I finish, staring into his eyes.

He blushes, and for a second I hope he realizes the meaning behind my words, but as always, it’s just a comment to him.

“You’re right, and you might be the only reason I even survived this place” he says seriously.

My heart clenches at the words, but I move on.

“Well than come on, let’s go. We have a party to get to!” I yell, cranking up the music and rolling down my window. He rolls his eyes at the gesture but pulls his car out of the spot.

A couple hours later, Lindsay and I stand in front of my bathroom mirror, getting ready for the party. In the background I can hear Joe, Andy, Patrick, and now Pete messing around downstairs.

“So any luck with Patrick?” Lindsay asks, doing her hair.

“Ugh I wish,” I grumble “ I’m trying to be as obvious as I possibly can, you know, aside from taping a piece of paper to my chest that says “Hey Patrick, I like you!” so he has to know, he probably just doesn’t like me like that”

“I told you already, that kid has been in love with you for three years, in the same way you’ve been in love with him. You two are just too stupid to realize it”

“I realize it now!” I protest,” I’ve been trying for weeks to hint to Patrick that I like him, but it’s not working. I even thought he might kiss me today but then, nothing”

“But then what?” Lindsay asks, eating up the drama.

“But then Joe practically body slammed us into a hug!”

Lindsay snorts and rolls her eyes, “Figures, that boy is like a walking tornado. But don’t worry, I’m sure the moment will happen again.”

I give a noncommittal shrug, doubtful.

“What are you wearing tonight?” Lindsay asks.

“Oh, I’ll show you!” I say excitedly, darting across the hall to my room. I pull out my dress from the closet, the outfit I bought specifically for tonight. I slide out of my jeans and tank top, and into the dress, spinning around to look at myself in the mirror.

It’s a black, short dress, with lace overlaid. Skin peeks out from under the lace on my stomach, and the back is very low cut. It’s definitely a step up from my usual look, and I can’t help but enjoy what the dress does for me.

I slip on the short black heels, and walk back into the bathroom. Lindsay’s eyes widen and she gasps.  “Oh my gosh, (Y/N)! You look gorgeous!”

I blush and laugh, “Thank you!”

“Something tells me Patrick might enjoy that one too” she laughs with a wink.

“Well I’m hoping so, something has to get him to notice me”

“Shut up, (Y/N), Patrick would follow you anywhere, you don’t need a dress to get him to notice you.But,” she adds grinning, “you do look super hot.”

I grin and wave away her compliment. Ten minutes later ( which means fifteen minutes later than we were planning on leaving ) Lindsay and I walk down the stairs. The boys all stand near the door, impatiently waiting for us.

“Finally! Girls talk for-” Joe cuts off mid complaint as we reach the end of the stairs. The guys all turn towards us, and Patrick’s jaw literally falls open as he looks at me. I immediately blush, feeling amazingly confident and really awkward at the same time.

“So what do you think, Trick?” Lindsay asks playfully, “Does she look good?”

“U-uh, yea, she looks, um” he stutters out, “ she looks amazing” he says, clearing his throat. Pete lets out a snort, earning a glare from Patrick.

“Well let’s go, we’re going to be late” I say, feeling awkward under the attention.

By the time we get to the party, it’s in full swing. Seniors from our school are everywhere - in the lawn, in the house, even in the pool in the backyard. I grin as I embrace the party scene. Our last high school party, and anything could happen.

We all head off to the drink table, but soon we split up into various crowds. I spend my time next to Patrick, as usual. We talk and act casually, the same as we always do, but something feels different. I stand a little closer to him than necessary, and his gaze lingers on me for longer than normal. Whatever it is, I like it, and I can only hope he feels it too.

But two whole hours later, I still complain to Lindsay about my lack of progress. “I swear I’ve tried everything, he just won’t notice!”

“Why don ‘t you just flat out tell him?” Lindsay suggests.

“Because I don’t want to do that! What if he doesn’t feel the same?”

“I told you already, he does!” she claims, exasperated. I just look at her.

“Fine!” she responds, “ but I have a plan! We are going to convince a group of people to play spin the bottle, for old time’s sake, and we are playing until Patrick kisses you, or vice versa!”

“What? No, don’t do that” I try to reply, but she’s already grabbing people by the hand and forming a circle. Sighing, I give in and join.

A group of about twenty kids join in, and I end up sitting almost directly across from Patrick ( who had to be forced into the game by Lindsay ). The game starts, and soon people are making out all over the place, but the most entertaining part of the game is trying to talk to ‘Trick from across the circle.

Eventually it’s his turn, and I can’t help but hold my breath as he spins. The bottle slows, teeters, and dramatically stops, pointing directly at me. Patrick raises his eyes to mine, and I see his eyes widen. Slightly hurt by that look of shock, I shyly stand up, trying to ignore the whispers that follow. I blush slightly at the feel of everyone looking at us as I cross the circle. Patrick is blushing profusely, however, and looks almost scared. I’m approximately two feet away from him when he starts shaking his head.

“I’m sorry” he says to me, holding up his hands in surrender, “but I just, can’t”

He breaks out of the circle and rushes out of the room, towards the back yard. A hush falls over the small crowd, and I feel tears prick my eyes. I stand there shocked for a few seconds before anger flares up, and then I stalk out of the room, chasing after Patrick.

“Patrick Stump!” I yell at his retreating back as I step out onto the back porch.

He turns around in shock, and he looks apologetic, but also a little surprised, as though he hadn’t expected me to follow him. He opens his mouth to talk, but I interrupt him by shoving his chest with both of my hands.

“Why the hell would you do that? For God’s sake Patrick it was just a dumb game!”I yell at him, my embarrassment melting and forming into anger.

“(Y/N) I-”

“No! If you don’t want to kiss me that’s fine, but you didn’t have to humiliate me like that in front of the ENTIRE CLASS! Why did you do that!?” I end angrily, crossing my arms and glaring at him.

“What? You think I did that because I don’t want to kiss you?” He asks, incredulous.

“Well yeah Patrick, you spun  me and then rejected me in front of everyone!” I retort, exasperated.

Patrick just looks at me in shock and then starts to laugh.

I look at him, astonished, “ Well, if you think this is all so funny, I think I’ll be going” I say, turning away from him.

“No, (Y/N), wait “ Patrick reaches out and grabs my elbow, stopping me “I didn’t mean that, you’re just so, so far off from the truth”

“What? What do you mean” I ask, now extremely lost.

“I didn’t reject you because I don’t want to kiss you, I stopped because I do! I just don’t want it to be from some dumb game, I want it to be real” He says,grabbing onto my hands.

I look at him in disbelief, “Really?” I ask quietly.

Patrick lets out a small laugh, but he clears his throat shakily “Yes really. In fact I’ve been in love with you for years” he confesses quietly.

“Oh my god, Patrick!” I react loudly, causing a hurt look to flash over Patrick’s face.

“I mean, if you don’t feel the same, or-” he starts frantically, but cuts off as I take a step closer to him, effectively putting me right in front of his face.

“I definitely feel the same way” I whisper quietly.

A brief smile flickers to his lips before he closes the distance between us, placing his lips on mine.

Rajigaze Dec 16

this is that question about the bonus lol so first the fan is like wah wahh its my birthday say hbd to meee then she like ok so the other day I got a bonus and I wanna buy myself a bday present but i cant think of anything so pls tell me what i should buy myself

uruha: so what did u buy urself when u got ur first bonus?

reita: when i first got a bonus huh~

uruha: do you remember?

reita: i do!

uruha: it must have been while we were recording.

reita: huh? ………………………..what bonus?

uruha: huh? ………………..what do you mean what bonus your first bonus

reita: my first bonus………….

uruha: yeah, when we were like, what we get bonuses?

reita: aahh yes yes

uruha: it was when we were recording

reita: recording?

uruha: yeah in Hachioji

reita: …………………

uruha: …………………..

reita: oh was it?

uruha: yeah it definitely was

reita: oh okay then –

uruha: and after recording we went to eat monjayaki

reita: ahh ok ok we did we did  i remember…..no we went to eat sushi tho

uruha: ohh

reita: yeah at bikkuri sushi, bikkuri sushi 

uruha: oh was that our first bonus?

reita: and it was like 4000 yen per person, and we went all together, and it was 4000 yen per person, and we felt fancy af

uruha: did we split the bill?

reita: yeah but it was 4000 yen per person

uruha: ahh………

reita: ahh…………at bikkuri sushi.

uruha: …………were u surprised

(*bikkuri means surprise)

(*does anyone else think theyre stoned right now)

reita: i never thought i would buy myself food for 4000 yen….cause until then i’d been buying like, bread for 100 yen.

uruha: yeah it was the kind of place we would only ever go if our boss was treating us….but we went on our own

reita: yeah yeah yeah…who woulda thought

uruha: i felt so accomplished

reita: so what did u buy with ur first bonus?

uruha: hmm idk…thats all i remember…i dont remember what else i spent the money on

reita: you blew it all

uruha: ……well yeah.

reita: idk i think i bought like clothes or accessories or something.

uruha: what kind of clothes?

reita: i don’t remember but…i was super excited…and ruki came to sleep over at my house

uruha: ehhhehheheheheh……heheh

reita: cause we were gonna go shopping in shibuya the next day, so he slept over.

uruha: ahh okay (still giggling)

reita: and at that time we dressed pretty punk, so he came over

uruha: what to like decide what you were gonna buy?

reita: yeah…and then when we woke up in the morning and went out to the parking lot someone had broken into my car.

(both laugh)

reita: i was like, are you fucking kidding me……like the windows were all broken too, but anyway the two of us went to shibuya in that car, and then kai starts talkin about ‘i wanna come too~’

uruha: how did he know you were out?

reita: cause we’d told him we were going.

uruha: aw, he probably wanted u to invite him.

reita: ye probably lmao so anyway we met up in harajuku and the three of us went shopping for clothes…and then after we went to eat gyudon at nakau or some shit (*peasant ass restaurant)

(reita laughs)

uruha: but wasn’t kais style totally different from you guys? like he wasnt punk.

reita: yeah i’m pretty sure he didn’t buy anything

uruha: he just wanted to go along with you guys

reita: ………………………………….yeh prolly

(reita buRSTS out laughing)

uruha: he was probably so lonely

reita: anyway that’s not the point

uruha: oh right we’re talking about what we bought

reita: yes what we bought

uruha: hmm…well….but i think that like, it doesn’t have to be something you’ll keep…like for example we went for sushi….and it was a really good memory for us. so maybe you should treat yourself to some good food.

reita: yeah for sure

uruha: we’ll always remember that

reita: well yeah cause the way we lived until then was like..the LOWEST of the low

uruha: the lowest of the low.

reita: lower than kitaro

(*this is a stupid joke but theres that anime or whatever called gegege no kitaro and 'ge’ means low fuck off reita)

(uruha laughing)

reita: but like seriously we were living off 120 yen bread and 100 yen litres of chorus water (*weird sweet milky looking bullshit drink) when we were recording and stuff.

uruha: lmao…….chorus water…………

reita: you bought that shit every day. cause it was the cheapest one.

uruha: ye………

reita: well thats how we lived, so when we got to eat sushi…

uruha: we seriously didn’t give a shit about our health huh

reita: yeah not at all

uruha: if we lived like that now our health checkups would be terrible

reita: yeh (laughs) …so anyway what do you recommend this person buys? some good food?

uruha: yep

reita: yeah, it doesnt have to be something you keep….as long as you keep it in here (pats chest) in ur heart

uruha: in ur heart

reita: yeh

uruha: that was really loud just now

reita: yeh (laughs) try it

uruha: *snaps fingers*

reita: (laughs) oh ur going for the fingers

uruha: yes, u pat ur chest

reita: yes, i’m the chest (pats chest again) i should do that for the mic check (bursts out laughing)

uruha: lmao u loser

reita: next time someone asks me to do mic check

uruha: BOOM BOOM

anonymous asked:

So hey, I'm not BPD, but my boyfriend who I love very much has been diagnosed with BPD, and I'm really worried for him. I really want to be there to help him and be with him in his time of need. All the "What to do if your loved one has BPD" seem extremely ableist and mainly revolve around "BPD is evil" and I know that's not true because I love my boyfriend so much and he loves me and he's perfect and wonderful and amazing. Can you please post a help guide so I know how to help him? Thank you.

yeah a lot of articles online are about how to “deal” with your bpd partner and it’s gross and it’s god that you’re not listening to that stuff!! anyway here’s a little list of things to help your boyfriend:

  • attention. when in doubt offer attention and validation and stuff it’s an almost universal bpd thing to want/need attention
  • check on your bf if you think he’s not doing so good or if he’s just had like a breakdown or smth it means a lot and shows u care about him without him having to like push you (sometimes if i have to push for people to check on me i feel like manipulative and when they do it on their own it’s like rlly nice)
  • try to like take him at his word and like not invalidate his emotions 
  • also if he’s describing symptoms to you try not to be like “oh everyone does that” bc while a lot of bpd symptoms are like things everyone does sometimes, the frequency and intensity is way higher 
  • if possible, if you’re like texting or smth and you have to go, tell him where you’re going rather than like disappearing for a while cuz idk about him but that makes me kinda paranoid when ppl just leave
  • also here’s this post about how to be a good fp to a bpd person and the advice applies even tho it’s a slightly different situation (or maybe not you could be his fp as well idk)

so yeah a lot of this is from my personal experience and stuff and everyone’s different so i’d say go over this list with ur bf and get his input on what applies and what doesn’t

hope this helps and feel free to send an ask or message me for clarification if you’re confused about anything