Tiny Prankster


Mini had everything planned out.

She had the sac of twilit rats ready in hand, all Midna needed to was come walking out of her palace towards the fountain like she did every afternoon. Yeah sure, Mini wasn’t one to pull pranks on anyone but today was a bit different. She had news to share, and sure, just talking would be okay. 

But that’d be too boring, Eee hee!” she giggled silently to herself as she hid behind the water fountain. The bag twitched and leapt, making her shiver in disgust. She never really liked the rats, but she wasn’t the one who caught them. “I have to remember to reward Link for that…” 

And then… she saw her.


The story of my life I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm and time
Is frozen (the story of, the story of)
The story of my life I give her hope
I spend her love until she’s broke inside
The story of my life (the story of, the story of) 

(“Story of my life” - One Direction)

Rin Matsuoka/Haruka Nanase (”Free! Eternal Summer”) 

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Did you like the ending to nge? Cause I thought it was really bad and dumb hopefully they don't end the rebuilds the same way though.

of the original anime????

i actually like it, or at least i preferred it to the ending of “end of evangelion”. 

idk it made me happy that shinji finally “overcame”, more or less, his self esteem issues and decided he was gonna keep on living idk i guess it just hit close to home

You know, sometimes I wish I could learn how to come up with conversations on the fly in person more. I feel like some people get offended when I don’t try to talk to them. Especially meeting new people. it’s not that I don’t want to talk its just i really don’t know what to say but I enjoy your company. 

This is more my people I enjoy my interactions with 
   as well as some who are nice to me–

            mondxs || lxcyheartfxlia || laxusthelightning || aosukuriputo  
       aoiekushido || bestiaxcantus || freedthedark || guraida || skydragxn  
       mirajenmajin || cardxqueen || rxoque || kuronekolily || tenkunokami  
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I started writing fanfiction because I enjoyed it, right? And because I wanted to get practice with English as my second language. The fact that my favorite characters were in a setting I liked didn’t hurt either
nowadays though…the only reason I write anything related to ff.net to begin with is to show certain people (antis*cough, cough) that I freaking can and that their Canon or opinions ain’t gonna stop me

Going through the motions
  • Going through the motions
  • (cover-acapella)
  • Once More With Feeling Soundtrack

What do you mean i should be studying for my exams?

I love the Shell Cottage chapters because you can read them and cite them as excuse for putting off reading the rest of the book just yet, which you will probably do in one sitting not only because it’s exciting and it happens in the course of a single day and it’s an unstopping chain of events from the morning of May 1 to the morning of May 2 but because it’s like a bandage you have to rip off your soul in one otherwise you won’t function for days and it’ll be like a slow blunt knife twisting in your chest. Some people take a break at Aberforth’s  final hiding place, right? But not me. Rip that thing off, cry for a week or two and then go back to starting Philosopher’s Stone again, hoping that this time, maybe this time, the pages will change into something you can actualy cope with.

Or maybe I should’ve typed it all in first person heh. I’ve been putting off Gringotts for four whole days now. Shell Cottage is a nice place to rest. But I’ve used up all excuses now. See you on the other side, tumblr. D:

honestly i can only love pearl more now

i would never have guessed i’d be able to relate to her as much as i do now and honestly? it’s a relief, really, seeing a character dealing with the same stuff you do, you know? it’s good

i’m an extremely jealous person and i’m embarrassed about it because it’s obviously not a good trait to have, but i’m trying to get control over it, rather than letting it get control over me, which i’m not proud to admit it has before, to the point of it physically hurting

but that’s why it’s so important for me to see a character like pearl dealing with jealousy like she clearly is, and slowly getting over said jealousy

because even though she’s just a fictional crystal gem, and i’m a real human, it just,,, gives me hope that if she can, then so can i?

idk i just never expected to love and relate to pearl as much as i can now

thanks guys ^^, yeah Im basically using like all the line tools and that and cutting out shapes and bending them to make it :o and honestly I wish I could turn the guidelines off cause they get in the way a lot so its kinda guess work

and yay thats what I was hoping with the top one, Idk which I prefer now, like I like both *yhinks*