How to write your book Step 204


There is no such thing as universal good advice. What works for some people will ruin others. The best advice in the world is no good at all if not heeded. 

Only you can write your book. Only you have the ability to take those words out of your mind and create them into a story. The next step in the process is always very simple, keep writing. Just relax and do it. Self direction is a terrifyingly powerful thing. Focus yourself into your novel, your words, your book. Write it all down. Heed the advice in the back of your mind. You know what you have to do. 

Have faith in yourself and your abilities. You’ve got this. 


Prince your Hylian bf isn’t as good at swimming as you, you can’t just leave him in the middle of a lake while you go catch fish!!

A-spec people with PTSD??? Beautiful
A-spec people with chronic pain??? Amazing
Autistic A-spec people??? So Rad
A-spec people in wheelchairs??? Literally the Best
Disabled A-spec people??? The most beautiful and lovely humans on this earth, they deserve nothing but the best


get to know me: [1/20] favorite artists → halsey

I’m open about having bipolar disorder, I’m open about being of mixed-race, I’m open about being bisexual, and I have this wantingness to talk about it, and for me, it’s about more than being a role model for any specific community. I think it’s about wanting to be a role model that’s comfortable with myself. That’s unafraid of being myself.


Avengers/Inception AU:

Steve Rogers is a highly respected Extractor in the dream infiltration business, but his past work as an Architect was truly unparalleled. Only Sam and Nat, his closest comrades, know the true reason he stopped designing dreams.

When King T'Challa of Wakanda calls Steve in for a job, it’s time to recruit some new team members: Wanda - a talented artist fresh out of design school, and Scott - a master thief with a specialization in chemistry.

The mission: perform inception on notorious weapons manufacturer, Tony Stark, widely known as the “Merchant of Death"

What could possibly go wrong?

Toast Prompts

Cheers! Prōst! Sláinte! Salud! Kanpai!

  1. May we never regret this.
  2. Here’s to love and unity. Dark corners and opportunity.
  3. If you cheat, cheat death. If you steal, steal your lover’s heart. If you fight, fight for freedom. And if you drink, drink with me.
  4. May we always part with regret and meet again with pleasure
  5. Here’s to your health! You make age curious, Time furious, and all of us envious.
  6. May you live all of the days of your life.
  7. Here’s to you and here’s to me. The best of friends we’ll ever be.
    And if we ever disagree, well, f*** you, here’s to me.
  8. Do you love me or do you not? You told me once. But I forgot.
  9. To goodbyes: that they never be spoken. To friendships: may they never be broken.
  10. Wise, kind, generous, sexy…but enough about me. Here’s to you.
  11. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
  12. May misfortune follow you all the days of your life–but never catch up.
  13. Here’s to this water, wishing it were wine. Here’s to you, my darling, wishing you were mine.
  14. May we get what we want, never what we deserve.
  15. To absent friends.
  16. May love draw the curtain and friendship the cork.
  17. Always remember to forget the things that made you sad. But never forget to remember the things that made you glad.
  18. Here’s to you, my honest friend, wishing these hard times to mend.
  19. Don’t worry about the future, the present is all thou hast. The future will soon be present, and the present will soon be past.
  20. May your coffee and slanders against you be ever alike: without grounds.