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Can we please talk about how not all Hufflepuffs show the obvious Loyal and Kind traits? Personally, I had a pretty even balance of the traits from the other three houses, but I'm not wise enough for Ravenclaw, or brave enough for Gryffindor, or ambitious or cunning enough for Slytherin. Hufflepuff gave me a home when the others told me no. I am so proud to be in a house that will welcome anyone, even if we don't display the stereotypical traits of that house. I love Hufflepuff

Exactly, everyone is welcome!
And even if you are a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor just come around and spend some time with us, we’re mostly really nice people.

(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Gif Request Meme: Final Fantasy + Favorite Platonic Relationship (8)

Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia & Gladiolus Amicitia // I’ve made my peace. Still… Knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take. Well… What can I say ? You guys… are the best. (requested by @nix-stiria)













the exchange • monty de la cruz

a/n: hi guys, thank u soooo much for all of your requests and positive feedback. i’m currently working on writing all of them to the best of my ability so stay tuned!

warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

 you and your best friend, clay jensen, had gotten called down to the front office. you were pretty sure that neither of you were in trouble, but you couldn’t help but to be nervous. why did they need you? both of you?

 you walk into to the office to be greeted by the counselor, the baseball coach, jeff atkins, and montgomery de la cruz. “oh fuck.” clay mumbles. you giggle and bump him with your elbow. “be nice!” you whisper to him before giggling again. jeff is staring into space, while monty takes the time to look you up and down before smirking. you turn your attention away from him and tug at the hem of your skirt that suddenly feels shorter than you need it to be.

 "y/n, clay, have a seat. i assume you know why i’ve called you down here?“ mr. porter says. “uhhh no. we don’t actually. please enlighten us, because we’re not psychic.” clay says as we sit down. you nudge him with your knee and give him a look that screams, “shut up!” he sighs and slumps down in his chair. 

 "well,“ the coach booms, “these two knuckleheads are my star players.” he says motioning towards jeff and monty. “the team is nothing without them, but they can’t seem to get their heads out of their asses and into their books.” you gasp at his use of language and then clear your throat. monty adverts his gaze to focus on you and jeff is still staring at the same spot on the floor. 

 "yes, what coach cole said.“ mr. porter speaks up. "since you two happen to be the smartest in your class, i’ve decided to assign you to be their tutors.” “this is bullshit.” monty says standing up. “mr. de la cruz, sit down and watch your language please.” mr. porter says. “um, but coach cole just said a-” you start and porter gives you a stern look. “never mind.” you squeak at look away from him. monty looks at you with a smile on his face.

“it’s not bs montgomery, you know the rules. no pass, no play. got it?” porter questions. you try to focus on his words, but monty’s eyes burn holes in the side of your face. “yeah, got it.” monty answers without taking his eyes off of you. you don’t want to look at him, knowing that your cheeks are already burning hot under his gaze. “okay well then, that settles it. y/n, you’ll tutor jeff. and clay, you’ll tutor montgomery. no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. thank you all, and have a nice day.” porter smiles.

 you beeline out of the room and into the restroom. you let out a breath that you didn’t know that you were holding, and look at yourself in the mirror. your face was flushed and your eyes were wild. you took a few deep breaths, not knowing why monty had this affect on you, and then silently thanked god that you weren’t his tutor. you inhale sharply, take one last look at yourself, smile, and exit the restroom. clay was waiting on you with a pout. 

“monty? out of everyone in the entire school, i get montgomery de la cruz.” he complains. “i mean it can’t be that bad,” you start. “plus, he’s kinda cute.” you say and smile to yourself. “never say that again. that’s like saying a scorpion is cute, and then it kills you.” clay scolds you. your laugh rings through the hallways. “c'mon clay, you can do this. it’ll be a great experience for the real world.” you tell him, suppressing another laugh. “you’re only saying all of this because you, little ms. lucky, get to tutor jeff atkins. he’s honestly one of the nicest kids in school.” clay says. you sigh as you approach your classroom. “this is my stop jensen. goodbye and good luck. i’ll see you after school.” you say to him as you hug him. “love ya.” clay hugs back and rolls his eyes. “yeah yeah love ya too.” he answers you. you walk into the classroom and close the door behind you.

*time skip to 2 weeks later*

 "yes, i do remember when you poured chocolate milk on bryce walker’s head for me in second grade!“ jeff exclaims and you both crack up. "well someone had to do it, he was bullying you. plus i may or may not have been still mad at him for ripping my coloring sheet like 3 days before that.” you say as you and jeff walk towards your locker. “well i have to go y/n, but we’re still on for that test review after school right?” he asks. “yeah, definitely.” you answered. “ok then, i’ll text you.” jeff says while walking backwards down the hallway and pointing to you. 

you laugh to yourself and put your combination in your locker. clay comes up to you and closes your locker. “well good morning to you too, angel.” you say with a confused laugh. “switch with me.” clay says bluntly. “what?” you question while opening your locker again. “please y/n. i can’t be around him for one more second. it’s been 2 weeks and he hasn’t even bothered to learn my name. he’s called me every name in this world that starts with a ‘c’ but not mine.” clay rushes.

 "okay woah dude, chill, it’s monty we’re talking about. the only name he cares to know is his own.“ you snort. clay grabs your shoulders and shakes you. "switch with me PLEASE. you’re literally the nicest girl in school. monty’s like a tiger, and i’m just the helpless gazelle with the broken ankle. he’s just waiting to pounce on me. you? you’re a like a fuzzy, cute, baby tiger. he wouldn’t lay a hand on you.” you laugh at clay’s comparisons.

 "please y/n. i’ll do anything.“ your answer was already yes, but you stare into space like you’re contemplating. "go on…” you tell him with a smirk. “i’ll give you half off of movie tickets and free snacks at the crestmont for a year.” clay says. you squeal and hug him. “i’ll do it!” you exclaim. “you’re the best y/n, i mean it!” clay tells you. you laugh at him and flip your hair over your shoulder. “well what can i say, i try.” you say laughing even more. you both go into a fit of laughter only to be interrupted by yelling.

 "hey caleb!“ monty yells to clay from down the hallway. he approaches you guys and speaks again. "i got practice today so my place at 5, okay cameron?” monty says. “it’s….it’s clay dude.” clay says to him, but monty is on his phone texting away. “uh yeah whatever, conrad, i’ll see you tonight.” monty says before looking at you. he watches you for a second, winks, and then heads to class.

 "goodbye and good luck.“ clay mocks you with a smile. you roll your eyes, hug him, and then walk towards your class, which monty happened to be in. you muster up every ounce of confidence that you have in you and walked to the back of the classroom, away from your usual spot in the front, to sit right next to montgomery. he stares at you with his eyebrows raised and then grins. 

 "y/n, right?” he asks with his signature smirk. you nod your head and look him in the eyes, taking a moment to admire his freckles. “montgomery, right?” you mock him. he pauses for a second before responding. “to most, yes, but a pretty girl like you can call me anything that you’d like to.” he says to you, still smirking. “okay look dude, clay got….reassigned to jeff, so i’m your tutor now. i’ll be at your house at 5, like you said. okay?” you say while writing. “okay.” monty tells you with a smile while nodding his head. he watches your pen fly across the paper while you copy the notes. “monty?” you ask. “yeah?” he replies. “do your work.” he laughs, and then answers you. “no thanks babe, i can do you though.”

 throughout the rest of the lesson, monty cracks numerous jokes just to hear you laugh. your heart was swelling but you’d never let him know that. at one point he rested his hand on your thigh and began to inch upwards. the bell rang and you both got up to leave without a word. the spot where he came in contact with your skin tingled for the rest of the day. 

 *time skip through the rest of the day* 

 you start watching people’s snapchat stories when you catch a glimpse of the time. 4:45. it was gloomy outside but your energy was high, and you were ready to see monty. you hadn’t stopped thinking about sitting next to him. you grab your stuff and start walking to his house.

 on your way there, the skies decide to open up and pour down on you. you run the rest of the way to monty’s house, banging on the door when you arrive. you hear a voice yelling and then someone rushing down the stairs. “welcome to casa de la cru-” monty starts until he notices that you’re drenched. “y/n get in here! are you crazy? you’re gonna get sick.” he exclaims while grabbing your wrist and pulling you into his house. 

“why did you walk in the rain? you could’ve texted me. i would’ve picked you up.” he says while looking at you. “you see the thing is: 1. i don’t even have your number, and 2. it wasn’t raining when i left my house. i walked because you only lived a street away but now i see that that was a terrible idea.” you explain to him. “take your shoes off and follow me.” he tells you rolling his eyes. you walk up the stairs and into the bathroom with him. he puts a shirt and some shorts on the counter for you. “thanks.” you tell him, hardly above a whisper. 

 you start to peel off your wet shirt when you realize that monty is still at the door, watching you. “um, can i help you?” you turn around and say with a laugh. “i’m just enjoying the show, baby.” he says. your cheeks start to burn again and monty starts walking away. “you know, you look cute when you blush.” he calls out to you with a laugh evident in his voice. you shake your head and roll your eyes at his comment. 

 the shorts that monty gave you kept falling down, so you walked into his room wearing nothing but the shirt that he gave you. given the height difference, it stopped mid thigh on you. he looks up at you with wide eyes before licking his lips and smirking. you hand him your wet clothes and he walks next to you before whispering in your ear. “you know, my clothes look good on you, but i bet they’d look better off.” he casually strolls downstairs to put your clothes in the drier and the blood runs to your cheeks once more. 

you sit on the edge of his bed, taking in your surroundings. his walls are covered in movie posters, band posters, and his baseball pics. you move to sit criss cross on his bed and you open the history book. monty runs back up the stairs and then stands in his door frame admiring you. “what?” you ask him. he responds by walking over to your spot on his bed and then sitting in front of you. you look at each other in the eye and monty tucks a piece of hair behind your ear gently. “monty?” you ask innocently. “hmmm?” he hums in response, focused on your lips. “if you’re gonna kiss me, then do it already.” you say with a cheeky grin. 

his eyes light up and he smashes his lips against yours. your hands rest on his chest, and you move your lips to his neck. he groans and shifts himself to lay you down. “god… you’re so sexy,” he says as you look up at him. he climbs on top of you and starts kissing you roughly. you fumble with the buttons of his shirt and take it off. “someone’s impatient,” he mumbles while smiling against your lips. “shut up de la cruz.” you say to him. “make me.” you kiss monty with even more force than before, and you reach down, gently grazing the waist of his sweats. monty pulls away from you and you whimper.

 "not so fast, princess.“ monty says while tugging on the hem of your (his hehe) shirt. he pulls it over your head and stares at you in awe. "damn i was right, they do look better off.” he tells you. monty begins grinding on you while kissing from your jawline to your neck. “you have no idea how long i’ve been wanting to do this baby.” he says into your neck. monty reaches down to grip your thighs and spreads your legs slightly. he dips into your wetness with his fingers and starts moving at a slow, steady pace. his touch gave you a feeling that you’ve never experienced before, and it drove you crazy. you try to hold back your moans, but a few escape.

 "let me hear you,“ he whispers into your ear. you moan his name and buck your hips against his fingers to create more friction. monty chuckles darkly and starts moving faster. he curls his fingers inside of you and you’re about to lose it. "f- fuck oh my god.” you moan breathlessly. your eyes screwed shut as you were coming up on your high, and monty suddenly pulls his fingers out. you gasp and then turn angry. “what the fuck was that for?” you say and he smirks again. “i couldn’t let you have all the fun now could i?” he says as he pulls down his pants. 

you smile as you stand up in front of him, pushing him back on the bed gently. you straddle him as you kiss all the way down his chest, getting slower and sloppier as you reached the waistband of his boxers. you place a kiss on the waistband, and then move back up his neck. you grind slowly against his erection, and the feeling of the cloth against your naked sex caused you to moan. “shit y/n, stop teasing.” monty says. he grips your hips to stop your movement, so you reach into his boxers and start pumping him. monty throws his head back and grunts in pleasure. your hands glide up and down smoothly while monty groans your name. he grips your wrist and looks at you with dark eyes. 

 "i need to be in you. now.“ he growls. he flips the two of you over and positions himself at your entrance. monty slides into slowly and you hiss. you had been with a couple of guys before, but monty was definitely the biggest. he rolled his hips and started thrusting into hard and slow. with every thrust, he went deeper and deeper. "fuck mont, faster.” you moaned. “you like that huh, baby girl?” he teased you. you tried to arch your back up off of the bed, but he held you down. he was still moving excruciatingly slow and you couldn’t take it anymore. 

you were whimpering and monty spoke up again. “look at me y/n. tell me what you want me to do.” you make eye contact with him while he moved in and out of you slowly. “i want you to fuck me montgomery. fast and hard.” you begged him. your dirty words made him twitch and groan.

 he propped your legs up on his shoulders and started speeding up. “fuck, you feel so amazing babe.” monty tells you. your eyes roll back as you curse his name. “you’re mine y/n. no one else can have you. no one can touch you like this.” he tells you, bringing his hand to rub circles on your clit. “y- yes monty. i’m yours. oh my god.” you say with your eyes closed. “look at me baby. come for me.” he tells you. you look him in the eyes and feel your walls clench around him as your orgasm approaches at his words. after seeing you come undone, he comes too. 

 he rides out his high and pulls out of you. you whimper and he lays next to you, caressing your cheek. “remind me to thank clay for having no patience.” monty says with a smirk. you raise your brows and start stuttering. “remi- you- what?” you question. “i knew his name the whole time. i just thought that if i annoyed him enough, i’d get to work with you, and i was right. he took longer to crack than i expected him to though.” he says still smirking. “montgomery, i hate you.” you tell him with a laugh.

“your mouth says that, but your body said otherwise.”

 a/n: i feel like i always say this, but that was so fun to write. i genuinely enjoy writing and making these scenarios come to life for you guys.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Dashing Duke and Pirate Lord of Tatooine

This is for you @jerseytigermoth

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, know aliases Ben Kenobi, Ben Kryze, Old Man Kenobi, Obes Kenobes?”

The Jedi Master/Pirate/Rebellion General smiled at the befuddled expression on the Prosecutor’s face opposite of where he stood, hands cuffed and resting lightly on the bar in front of him. He chuckled. “Ah yes! That alias was given to me by a very lovely woman. She was quite nice.”

Shaking his head in a mix of confusion and disgust, the Prosecutor continued on. “Also known as Captain Kenobi, the Pirate Lord of Tatooine, High General Kenobi, the Dashing Duke and the Sass Master of Mandalore?”

“Is that all of them?” Obi-Wan asked. “Are you certain you haven’t missed any? That list seems a little short. Did you include the Scourge of the Outer Rim? Oh! For a while I was calling myself Arulas because someone thought it sounded cool.”

There was a snort from back in the gallery of criminals and a sullen, “It did sound cool.”

Flabbergasted the prosecutor tried to reassert his authority. “Your list of crimes against the galaxy are…”

“Ah! Rako Hardeen!” Obi-Wan nodded, reaching up to scratch his nose. “I knew you forgot one.”

The presiding judge banged his gavel and leaned forward, peering down at Obi-Wan. “That’s enough out of you, traitor! You’re far too old for such childish antics.”

“Quite right, your honor,” the Jedi Pirate Rebel nodded with great dignity. “Please continue, Tanver.”

The Prosecutor stammered out a puzzled, “What?! How… how did you know?!”

Winking, Obi-Wan replied. “Jedi Secrets. Also your name was included on my arrest documents. You have a most artistic signature, Counselor.”

There was a low-level snicker coming from the gallery and the Judge hammered his gavel.


“My apologies, your honor,” Obi-Wan smiled and turned to look back over his shoulders at the assembled criminals, hoodlums, rebels and pirates behind him. “Do be quiet, dear friends. Prosecutor Tanver Seabright is trying to charge me with grievous crimes against the Empire.”

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Sucked Back In

Prompt: Batmom is secretly a well known street racer? One night the boys and/or Batman see Batmom racing and confront her. Or she gets arrested for illegal racing and has to wait until morning to call Bruce to bail her out of jail.

Words: 465

“I can explain.”

Bruce smirks a bit and crosses his arms, “This should be good, please do.”

You scowl a bit, if these bars weren’t separating you, you’d pinch your husband. It just figures, he’s a freaking vigilante, and he NEVER gets caught, but you come out of retirement for one little race, and suddenly you have to make bail.

“I might have, kind of, been a street racer back in the day.”

Bruce just stares before saying, “Excuse me?”

You shrug, “My brother used to street race, and he’d take me with him. I grew up learning everything about cars, and how to make them faster. It’s how I got into engineering. I mean you had to know I had an obsession with cars, I designed Sharone after all.” Bruce’s lips quirk up a bit at your name for the batmobile.

“And tonight?” He asks

You shrug, “Couldn’t help myself, the guy beside me started revving his engine, and he looked so damn smug, and well … what can I say? I made him eat my dust.”

Bruce full on smile this time, “And in a Minivan no less.”

You grin at that, “I might have made some adjustments to it.”

Bruce just nods and says, “To reach over 100 MPH I would think so.”

The sound of footsteps draws your eyes to the door as a uniform cop comes in and opens your cell door, “We’re letting you off with a warning this time, Mrs. Wayne. “

You smile and say, “Thank you officer, it won’t happen again.”

He gives you a small smile as Bruce wraps an arm around your shoulder and asks,“Which brother?”

You grin, “Bobby.”

Bruce pauses at that, “Your DA brother used to street race?”

          You nod as you get him walking again, “Yep it’s how he and I paid for college. We both managed to graduate debt free too.”

“But he drives a Volvo, and I’ve ridden with him, he goes 5 mph under the speed limit.”

You smile at the confusion in your husband’s voice, “It’s very easy to get sucked back in Bruce, and Bobby knows that. He’s a smart cookie.”

Bruce just smiles and kisses your forehead before saying, “I can’t believe I married a street racer.”

You kiss him back and say, “If you really loved me you’d let me take Sharone out.”

He shakes his head before saying, “Not a chance pretty lady. Remember it’s really easy to get sucked back in, and I don’t want you racing the other carpool moms.”

You scowl and say, “Haha very funny,” before taking the keys out of his hand and waving them back and forth, “But now, I’m the one driving home.” You can’t help but smile as he groans.

72 Hours

In which Bucky asks you to marry him, and you make up a small bet instead.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Angsty..I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me. 
Author’s Note: I saw a prompt for this lying around here somewhere, but I can’t find it. @buckys-fossil, please don’t cry~

You were attacked by a coughing fit before you could try and contain it. Within seconds the sound of your boyfriend’s concerned voice was drifting through the hollow door, but his questions were drowned out by the harsh pants, and brutal coughs climbing out of your throat.

They eventually stopped, and your shoulders sagged with exertion. You clutched the handle of your bathroom door, and your body protested as you flung it back open. Your back ached as you straightened, and your mind chastised you for plastering a believable smile on your face.

“Sorry, I don’t think I heard you right,” you said, casually leaning on the doorway. The simple action looked so effortless that Bucky’s suspicion eased.

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“The cost would have been my soul.”

-James Kirk, ‘The Search for Spock’

Well, what can I say? I’m in way too deep. I just watched the first three movies one after the other and TWOK broke my soul into tiny little pieces (again) so I had to do this to fix it back up.

BTS Reaction: Their daughter says she want to marry them when she's grown up

Jin: “Awwww”. Jin would coo at her, his whole face turning red (including his ears). “Of course you do.” He shouts blowing a kiss and laughing with you.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jungkook: “Shhh, don’t say that too loud, mummy will get jealous!” He ‘whispers’ (actually shouts making sure you hear). He turn to face you see your reaction with a huge grin on his face. You jokingly pout and he gets up from where he is sitting and grabs you in a hug before pulling your daughter in for one too.

Originally posted by jeonify

V: Omg he would be so cute. He’d be playing tea party with your daughter when she would tell him. His whole face you immediately light up and. “Ahhh, thank you.” He’d whisper squeezing her cheeks. He would be so happy that his daughter loves him that much and it would get rid of any doubts he had about not being a good father.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jimin: As soon as she says those words he’d look over at you with a smirk. “Did you just hear that?” He’d say chuckling lightly. “Yeah, she’s too cute.” “She can’t resist my charm just like you huh?” He’d smile at you giving you a kiss on the cheek.

Originally posted by chimchams

J-Hope: He would get so excited. “Really? Me? Really?” He would question her so much that she’d get confused lol. “Hobi, just accept it.” You’d say laughing as you stand in the doorway watching them. “Thank you so much!” He’d shout squeezing her in for a hug.

Originally posted by panwithoutaplan

Rap Monster: “Really? Can you say that again?” He’d say after pulling out his phone. “What are you doing?” You’d ask confused. “I need to record this to show it to her when she’s older and starts to not spend as much time with me.” He’d be completely serious but you’d burst into laughter. “Wow, you really think ahead huh?” You’d reply before giving him a kiss. “Don’t worry, she’ll still love you.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

Suga: “Well what can I say?” He’d reply as he shrugs his shoulders. “I am the best man you’ll ever meet.” But once he stopped joking he’d pull your daughter in for a hug. “Thank you, princess.” He’d say kissing the top of her head, a small smile on his face as he can’t stop thinking about how adorable she is.

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Better Than a Book (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

741. “Do you want to stay over tonight?”// 125. “I need you to forgive me.”// 511. “Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

Warnings: Slightly nsfw, cursing

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked my last fic! I had a lot of fun writing it and decided to write another. Once again, I will literally write anything you want me to, so don’t be afraid to request. I wrote one for Jared cause I got a soft spot for MemeBoy. Hope you enjoy!


You were laying in your bed reading the new book you got from the library. Your friend, Alana, recommended it to you after you finished all the novels on your shelf. You had been meaning to read it all week, but school and friends got in the way. It’s currently Sunday night and you just want to enjoy the rain pattering down on your window while you curl up in your blanket on your bean bag with your book and green tea.

The moment you opened the book, your phone buzzed with a text lighting up the screen. You reached over to your desk and looked at the message.


What are you doing?


Trying to read


That’s hella boring, you should come over and hang out with me instead


I’ve been trying to get started on this book for the past week now


But (Y/N) I’m bored


Poor you :p. Okay, but seriously, I’m trying to read


Jesus christ and you call ME the nerd

You didn’t respond to his last text, but you did laugh. You felt bad for saying no, but you really wanted to get started on the book. You delved into the book and read for the rest of the night.

You were grabbing your books from your locker when Jared walked up to you.

“You missed a pretty good meme making session.”

“Oh, darn. Isn’t that just a shame?”

“That’s what you get for reading books all day.”

“Believe it or not, books actually make you smarter. You know, they expand your imagination, creativity, and your vocabulary. If you actually gave it a chance, I think you would like the books I have.”

“First of all, if I cared about my vocabulary, I would’ve done all those assignments for Miss Price back in first grade. Second of all, why would I wanna spend time reading when I can make memes and be just as depressed?”

You playfully rolled your eyes as you walked into class with him.


The last bell of the day rang and all of the students began piling out the doors. You grabbed your bag and started to head for the doors. Jared bumped into you with a smile on his face.

“Hey, wanna stay over tonight?”

You bit your lip. It’s not that you didn’t want to hang out, you were just so close to finishing your book. After you didn’t say anything for some time, Jared rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe it. I’m being replaced by a book.”

“Please, I don’t think anything in my life could replace you.”

“God, ever since you started reading that book, you’ve become more gay by the second. I want my friend (Y/N) back.”

“Well, if you’re just going to be mean, then I’m definitely staying home to finish the book.”

“Oh my god fine. I’ll be nice. Don’t make me beg, (Y/N).”

“Jared Kleinman begging? I’d like to see that.”

Jared spit in front of your shoes after that comment and you stopped in your tracks and just stared at him. He shoved his hands in his pockets and smirked as he headed for his car.

“Wow, very mature. You’re disgusting.”

He opened the passenger side door.

“So, you coming?”

You smiled and got in. He closed the door for you and grinned. He started the car and drove you both to his house. You walked in and he followed, closing the door behind him.

“My parents are still at work, so we’ll be alone for a little while.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Probably won’t be the last either.”

Your parents and Jared’s had been friends for a long time before the two of you were even thought of, so you staying over at his house wasn’t anything new. However, your father started becoming weary when you two began maturing and hit puberty. He is convinced that you and Jared are pretty much fucking every time you are alone at his house no matter how many times you tell him you aren’t. You got so fed up with his constant checking up on you via texts that you only tell your mom when you’re over at Jared’s.

You followed Jared into his room and sat down on his bed. You grabbed your homework out of your bag and spread it out on his bed.

“So not only are you replacing me with a book, but you’re gonna deliberately ignore me through homework, now?”

“Oh my god, Jared. Why are you so needy?”

“Because you’re my friend and you’re way more fun when you aren’t being responsible.”

“And you wonder why you’re almost failing every class.”

“Who said I was wondering?”

You rolled your eyes at him as he went over to his Playstation 4 and booted up a game. You never said this out loud, but you enjoyed Jared’s company. Even though you’re working on homework and he’s yelling at his game from his beanbag chair on the ground, you can’t help but smile at how homey this feels.

You looked at the back of his head and grinned. Before you could stop yourself you closed your book, set it aside, and started running your fingers through his hair. He frowned for a second and his hands stopped moving. He leaned against the wood frame of his bed and started leaning into your hands. Jared was actually enjoying the feeling of your nails raking through his short hair.

You noticed his character on the screen began running around again. You snapped back into reality and realized what you were doing. You quickly removed your hands from his hair and shoved them into your lap.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I… it was kinda awkward, right? I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know what I was thinkin-”

“You didn’t hear me complain, did you?”

“You want me to keep doing it?”

Jared awkwardly cleared his throat and swallowed.

“If you want.”

You moved closer to his head and continued stroking his hair. Was it weird for you to enjoy doing this while watching him play his game? You laughed at some of the things he said while playing. You removed your hands when he tried to pop the muscles in his neck. You placed your hands on his shoulders and began rubbing at the tense muscles. You felt him stiffen under your hands and you heard him sigh. He leaned his head on his bed. His face was now upside down looking up at you.

“(Y/N), you are treading on dangerous territory.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“If you feel like you can’t forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what?”

He smirked before grabbing your face and crashing his lips on yours. Yes, this was a cliche spiderman kiss, but you didn’t care. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about what it would be like if you and Jared had started dating. You can’t imagine it’d be any different than what it already was. You sitting on his bed doing homework while he played his games.

Just then, Jared cupped your face and pulled away with a big grin on his face. You bit your lip and smiled out of excitement.

“Fuck, don’t give me that face. It’s so cute, I might not be able to hold back.”

“Who says I want you to hold back?”

Jared turned off his game and crawled onto the bed. He shoved the text book out of the way and kneeled in front of you. He kissed you fervently and gently pushed you back against his pillows. You let him rest his hips between your legs. You once again ran your fingers through his hair as he kissed your neck. You gently tugged when he found your sweet spot. He moaned into your neck and grinded against you. You could feel how much he was enjoying this through his shorts. You gasped and wrapped your legs around his hips to pull him closer. He rested his forehead against yours, breathing hard. You giggled and pulled his glasses from his face and sat them on his table. He smiled.

“I guess your dad was right about this eventually happening.”

You stared at him for a long time before opening your mouth.

“You finally get the balls to make out with me and you’re thinking about my dad?”

“Well, what can I say? He’s got those pretty blue eyes that just get me going.”

“Jared, you’re ruining this.”

“My bad. Let me make it up to you.”

He kissed you again and grinded his hips into yours. You moaned with every thrust of his hips. His hands started roaming your body and slipped under your shirt. He looked at you, worried that you were going to reject him. You put your hand on his wrist and guided it up to your bra. He hesitated. Jesus, he was a nervous mess, but of course this is Jared, so he has the bright idea to say something.

“I can’t believe you were planning on ditching me today to finish your book.”

“Jared, I swear to god-”

You both stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the front door open. He quickly got off of you and turned his game on. He sat in the bean bag once again. You hurriedly grabbed your textbook and opened it, pretending to read it.

His bedroom door swung open and his mom walked in. You were sure that your red faces would be a dead giveaway, but you hoped for the best.

“Hey, (Y/N), how have you been?”

“I’ve been really great, Mrs. Kleinman.”

“That’s nice. Jared, sweetie, why are you trying to play with your glasses off?”

He stopped playing and snapped his fingers.

“And here I was, confused as to why I couldn’t see.”

He stood up and retrieved his glasses. He put them on and put on a fake smile.

“Ah, all better. Thanks, mom.”

He closed the door and let out the breath he was holding in.

“Smooth, Kleinman.”

“Shut up, if it wasn’t for me, she would’ve noticed that you’ve turned into a literal tomato.”

“As if you’re any better.”


Meanwhile, Jared’s mom tapped her husband on the shoulder.

“You owe me twenty.”


“They were totally making out while we were gone.”

“Damn, they couldn’t wait until one more year?”

He handed her the money and returned his attention back to the newspaper in his hands.