A sickness lies upon that treasure hoard. A sickness which drove your grandfather mad.


The Amazing SpideRadcliffe at Comic Con 2014. (x)


Congrats to Kim Jaejoong for winning Best Male Newcomer at MBC Drama Awards 2012! (trans cr: amouryoonjae)


Get to Know Clara - #8  Traveling with the Doctor for the first time changed her perspective on her own world. We know Clara has spent her life dreaming of traveling, but never actually had the opportunity to go to any of the places she dreamed of. Her home used to be her whole world and suddenly she’s seen so much more and home seems so much smaller.

The Fuck's This (What's This Parody)
  • The Fuck's This (What's This Parody)
  • dirkxcaliborn

The fuck? The fuck?
The fuck is in the air?
The fuck?
There’s white shit everywhere~
The fuck?
I must be fuckin’ baked
And this shit’s pro’lly fake
The hell, Jack, did we take?
The fuck? 

the fuck? the fuck?
there’s somethin’ fucking wrong
the fuck?
these bitches singin’ songs
the fuck?
the streets are lined with sketchy creatures laughing
why the fuck is they so happy?
goddamn these things are creepy!
the fuck is this?
the fuck!

I saw this post and I thought I’d give it some audio hehe




It’s okay Liam, we got that Zayn is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen the first time you did that. Or the second. Or the third. Or the fourth. ASDFGHJKL

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Heart Pirates for Rhae-chan