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I still stand behind my awkard starting but ends up working pretty darn well ('oh my god someone stop them') BFF relationship of mukuro and yamamoto. LOL they'd be pranking masters

Haha…thank you.

  • The innuendo battles these two have - all the while keeping everyone convinced that Yamamoto is just accidentally making them. 
  • Mukuro doing the actual pranks while Yamamoto keeps everyone busy - they stash whatever proof in Yamamoto’s room because no one’s ever going to think to look there.
  • INSIDE. JOKES.  This drives everyone else crazy.
  • Yamamoto is the only person able to approach both Mukuro and Hibari and not run the risk of being injured by the end of it.  (besides Tsuna).  Hibari is constantly trying to convince him that if he stops hanging out with Mukuro, he’ll finally enter the coveted omnivore status.

IWTV         X          The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary Fray: You play that piano as if you’ve lost your only love.

Jace Wayland: Unfortunately, my one true love remains myself.

Clary Fray: Well, at least you don’t have to worry about rejection.

Jace Wayland: Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting

Minghao, the hardworking chinese member

Nobody talks about The8 enough.

Like yeah I get it. He doesn’t really talk much and he’s a total mystery…but I think he needs some love.

As most people mention, Minghao is Chinese and together with Jun, the two of them make up the Chinese line.

Minghao came to Korea and became an idol with a year and a half of training…. This is amazing, and I think that he needs recognition for this and many other things.

Now, have you guys all seen the intros for Seventeen? The ones where they play the same music in every intro and they make the members stand in mist and do whatever they want to do.

Yeah well since they cant sing or rap in the intros, the singers and rappers sorta stand around and act cool. My friend literally laughed for 10 minutes when she saw S. coups and Vernon doing their intro.

But then we get on to the performance team. And did you see The8? Did you see Jun? They were amazing. And probably the least awkward.

The8 smirks and doesn’t waste a single moment of his intro. He immediately starts off with a few flips and catches your eye fast. Oh man, he’s good. My friend immediately decided that he was her bias.

Personally, I came to love Minghao when I saw a few videos of his brilliance. His aegyo completely wrecks the others, his self cam was cute, and not awkward at all. His smile is great. His hair colors are cool, he looks like he knows what he’s doing…And the list goes on.

But I’m not done yet. My love for him is still swelling.

Like I said, he works hard to learn Korean so that he can catch up to the other members, he works hard by himself to improve his bboy skills, he works hard to stand out in Seventeen (the hair colors make him stand out for a first impression, but I hope his skills make him stand out in general), and he works hard. Period.

Minghao needs more edits, posts and love just like the others, because he is talented and needs to be recognized among 12 other boys too.

So going along the theory of house builder Jack taking down Mogar’s woods and that’s why Mogar seeks revenge,

What if the Corpirate finds out and decides to fund Jack? Then he goes “oh wait i know a guy, kinda insane, but he can help us” So the two of them go out to find and recruit the mad king. I’d love it if the mad king lived in a legit castle but the castle was somehow on top of a skyscraper or like right downtown in the city.

Anyway, Jack and Corpirate find the mad king, and explain their plan on how to get revenge with whatever crazy doomsday scenario it will be

the mad king replies “Well I was just planning on suing them for assault and property damage, but I like your way better.”

And they just kinda exchange a look like “wait he wasn’t going to build a giant death bot until we suggested it?”

It never ceases to amaze me when people message me on my blog to tell me that they don’t like when I post certain things or when I talk about something they don’t enjoy. Um excuse me, who do you think you are? I’m all for constructive criticism but when you come to a person’s blog, that they’ve made for themselves, and you tell them you don’t like how they run said blog, well that is your problem not the admins problem. They don’t owe you anything. You have no ownership or control over their blog.

So, if you see something you don’t like on someone else’s tumblr, you have two options, and only two options, a.) scroll past it or b.) unfollow. 

To people who get messages from others trying to dictate the content they put on their blog, you don’t owe anyone anything. You are not obligated to post or change your blog according to whatever anon wants. You keep running your blog the way you like (as long as you’re not doing anything criminal or inappropriate) and let those people unfollow. /end rant

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hi there! I just saw your giveaway post. how is it that at 17 you're able to freely spend that much money for something like a giveaway? by my calculations, your giveaway totals to over $500 and I can't understand how a 17 year old can just do that?

I don’t think it’s over $500 actually? But I do understand it’s a big haul, so I’ll break it down a bit:
The bath bombs were a gift; I was given 7, so I’m giving away 3. I can return any three to the store and exchange them for whatever kind the winner wants.
I received two Forever 21 gift cards as graduation gifts; I already have lots of clothes, I don’t need to take much with me to college, so might as well give away one of the gift cards to someone who is going to use it.
I bought the eyeshadow palettes on an awesome discount where they had been marked down to $30 each; I already have the palettes though, I just wanted to buy them so someone else could have the opportunity to use them.
Go Set a Watchman was also a gift, but I had already preordered my copy and there’s no sense in having two of the same thing. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book; I want to be able to share that giddy joy of a sequel.
I just had the mascara on hand, still in its box. I have plenty of mascara, so I don’t really need another right now. Ditto for the eyeshadow primer; I have an extra tube on hand already.
I’m using my own money for the socks; it’s really not very much to me right now, and I have lots of art socks and I love them and want other people to have art socks too.
TL;DR I’m not especially wealthy but there are some generous people in my life who have made this possible for me to do and I want to pay that generosity forward a bit.

cupcake wars - liam dunbar

a/n: y/l/n = your last name
requested: no :)
word count: 1,163
rating: idk, it’s cute and fluffy but also includes some hot and heavy makin’ out
things: baking with liam. well, trying to, at least.

“where are the sprinkles, babe?”

you turn your head at the sound of liam’s voice and roll your eyes, stifling the giggle that you almost let out.

“they should be on the counter with the rest of the toppings,” you call out, furiously mixing your chocolate batter by hand. “did you misplace them again?”

you two had earlier agreed to spend the entire saturday night at home, mostly in the kitchen, baking whatever you found possible in the house.

so far, you’ve made five batches of cookies - two peanut butter, one chocolate chip, and the others, sugar - and twenty-four confetti cupcakes. but you weren’t prepared to stop there.

“no,” liam blushes, “i just wanted to make sure you remembered where they were.”

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This is obviously a no brainier but please whatever you do, if you break up with your POTs/SD for any reason, make sure you do it on GOOD TERMS. You never know when you need them back in your life.

I was texting one of my old POTS on my phone and I said “ I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between us. I hope all is well with you.” You can always customize it to your liking but long story short, this man wants to see me on my birthday in two weeks. CHA CHING!

All I’m saying is, never burn bridges.

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Prompt: Bucky and Steve are on a mission and Bucky goes missing, meanwhile Darcy finds out she's pregnant. Months later Bucky is found, comes home and finds his girlfriend is huge with child and she awaits his reaction.

The Tower was already abuzz with Baby Fever. Jane had just given birth to the twins, and Pepper had just revealed that she was expecting as well. As a result, two Avengers were on paternity leave. While Matt and Elektra offer to pick up the slack, they hasn’t exactly been with the team long enough to really gel.

Darcy tries not to blame them when Bucky goes missing. They don’t deserve her anger, and neither does five-year-old Alex who nearly lost her parents. She tries not to be bitter when Thor tries to figure out whether he’s holding Hale or Jax (he’s gotten it wrong so many times he automatically assumes it’s whatever child didn’t come to mind first) or when she sees Tony coo over Pepper’s belly.

So she sulks. She avoids interaction, wary of what she may say or do in a fit of anger or sadness. Steve, Nat, and Sam call in every now and then to check on Darcy, joking about how it’s so similar to the way things were just a few years ago. Their laughs don’t have their heart in them. Still, they try to stay positive, especially when they find out Darcy is pregnant.

The next six months are a blur. The found family gushes over the mother-to-be, the media chatters (they always chatter), and the search for Bucky continues.

Darcy is nearing month eight when the apartment door opens and Bucky stumbles in, Steve supporting him. “It’s alright, it’s alright,” the blond says, patting his best friend’s back.

Bucky’s eyes are hazy for a moment before they settle on Darcy, zeroing in on her stomach. “You’re…” He doesn’t finish his sentence, instead falling flat on the floor.

Steve gave Darcy a nervous grin as she got up and went to her boyfriend’s side. “He’s had a long few months,” he declares. “I’m sure he’s excited.”

Darcy brushes a strand of hair away from Bucky’s face, worry in her very being. Her shoulders are tense, eyebrows furrowed, hands shaking. “Hey,” she whispers as Bucky’s eyes flicker.

Bucky opens his eyes and smiles at Darcy. “We’re havin’ a baby,” he says dreamily before going back to sleep.

“I’ll get him into bed,” Steve promises. “You go relax.”

“I finally can.”

Theatre Tech Problem: Actors who need to get off their high horse

The call time for actors is 6, tech call is 5. Actors can come in early if they need make up and costume stuff (Shrek the Musical). I came in 30 minutes early in hopes of getting the lights done even though I doubted I would. Tomorrow is the last rehearsal and then the show starts on Thursday. Anyways its 4:45 right? I’m the only person who was allowed to be in the building before 5 because I work for the high school, and these people are only renting it. Doing my job, programming lights. Its going fine except for a couple of glitches in the lights because I wasn’t able to program them right the first time because of previous post rant. Anyways, two actresses walk in. At first I’m just like okay whatever. The stage is fully lit so they can see right? Well I get to a cue that is a blackout, so naturally I take the stage lights down. I didn’t really care that the actresses were there because they weren’t supposed to be, it was before five, and they’re not main/secondary characters. All they have to do is put on costumes so they really didn’t need to be there until 5:30. I take the stage lights down and one of them VERY sarcastically says “thank you.” Not only did she say it, she said it loud enough for me to hear. Like, excuse me you’re not a main character in any sense, you just have to put a costume on and minimal make up, you aren’t supposed to be here until after 5 but in reality you don’t NEED to be here until 6. You need me if you want to have good lighting, get off your high horse and let me do my job.

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Greek myth AU with Korra as Hades and Asami as Persephone

Prompts currently closed.


“There’s a lot of new souls that were sent to the wrong god” Korra frowned at the skeleton in front of her and sighed.

“How many?” she asked, pinching the bridge of her nose. The skeleton looked back down to the clipboard and counted silently to itself for a moment.

“Well, it seems we got fifty meant for Yama, forty-four meant for Shinigami, one hundred and two meant for the Judeo-Christian-Islamic afterlife, and ten meant for Kanaloa” it read off.

“How did they get so messed up? It is literally impossible for these numbers to- whatever. Just send them where they need to go and figure out if we’re missing any, because let’s be honest, we probably are” She waved the skeleton away and fell into her throne with a sigh. When she’d ‘taken’ the job all those years ago, she hadn’t expected to work so much. Dead people were dead, there shouldn’t be much to do there. But then mix-ups happen - apparently - and she had to figure them out.

“Long day?” If she had a heart, it would have stopped right then. Asami (who she flat out refused to refer to as her captive) gazed around the large dark cavern, her hands clasped loosely behind her back.

“Yeah. You wouldn’t think dead people could be disorganized but-” She waved her hand around in lieu of choosing a word. She was tired.

“I never would have thought that before, but now, yes” Asami replied. Korra watched her as Asami inspected each of the little skeletons that passed her by. She knew it was a strange sight for mortals, even if Asami’s mother was a god, that didn’t make it any less odd.

“Asami, I-” The woman froze and turned to face her with steely eyes. Korra chewed her lip. “I don’t want you to hate it here. I know the circumstances of your arrival were a little less than 100% consensual-” She ignored Asami’s scoff “-but if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable, please tell me”

“Flowers” The abrupt answer caught the god of the underworld off guard.

“Flowers?” Asami nodded.

“Not that you’ll find any, but I like flowers” It was clearly a challenge as Asami’s mother killed all of the flowers the moment she realized her daughter was gone. Finding any now would be near impossible.

“Okay” But Korra didn’t back down from challenges. Asami narrowed her eyes but said nothing. With a stiff nod, she disappeared into another chamber.


Two weeks later, Asami had forgotten all about her conversation with Korra. She spent her days milling around and having awkward (if sometimes cute (not that she would admit that)) conversations with the god.

But the bursting vase of flowers on her breakfast table brought the conversation to the forefront of her mind. Each of the flowers were colorful and alive looking. She brought each and every one to her nose for a deep breath. The smells invaded her senses and warmed her heart. Maybe Korra wasn’t that horrible after all.


This is the first of many massive hair dumps i will be doing…most of these in this section are Sintiklia and Alesso,,,,i do not take credit for any of the hairs in this file…all i did was recolor them or edit them to my liking…i have decided to share with anyone who wants them…they are all stand alone files so you can either keep both Sintiklia’s and Alesso’s versions as well as having my recolors/edits…

the hairs pictured as well as others…anyway enjoy!! i dont care what you do with them…recolor if you want…whatever floats your boat…

This is the first of many massive hair dumps…i am now on Alesso hairs so the next massive dump will be loads of hers …. then onto bflys… i am going in alphabetical order..right now [Sintinkia] is first due to the brackets…

This file is 146 mb so it will take a minute or two to download so have patience…

Click to download

Prumano Week 2015

Hi guys!  So, I was amazed (and pleased!) to see such interest in a Prumano Week for this year.  

I was thinking, maybe we could schedule it for Aug 16-22, 2015

hopefully that won’t interfere with back to school stuff?  I don’t know when the semester starts for a lot of people… o.0


This is the blog I’ve made for the event.  Maybe we can make it an annual thing!

Two weeks in advance, I’ll post the rules and a sign-up for the activities that I have planned (because we’ll need lots of organization for them to go smoothly).  This is separate from the prompts, so don’t worry if you don’t feel like doing any of these or miss the sign-up.

And one week in advance I’ll post the daily prompts.  There will be two prompts/day and they will be for both artists and writers.  Or, well, whatever medium you choose.  Hell, throw on some cosplay or write a song or something, if you’re so inclined.  You can either submit them to this blog or post them to your own and tag them with “Prumano Week 2015”.  Either way, I’ll publish or reblog all entries and tag them appropriately into their respective categories.  Don’t worry if you’re a day or two late for prompts–post them when you get to them.  Just don’t post ahead of schedule!

For the prompts you can participate as much or as little as you want!

As for the raffle, if you participate you are automatically entered in.  If you do all days of the prompts, you get entered in twice.  Just make sure you tag your entries “Prumano Week 2015” so that I see them!  I’ll make an excel sheet with the names of participants and use a number generator to choose a winner. It’ll be a small prize (20 usd max).

I’m trying to work out a method that will be inclusive of winners outside of North America, in terms of me ordering something from a wishlist.  Would amazon wishlist services allow this?  Otherwise, I’ll order something cute in advance (either Hetalia related or an arkapasso plush) and ship it myself.  Would love input on this from someone who is more experienced.  If the winner is uncomfortable with giving out their address, a fic request is also an option.

Thanks!!  <3


I hate how we let our families get away with little jabs. 

Every time I go home to Virginia with my mother, with out fail, someone mentions to her “well you sure aint lil’ Linda any more.”

They’re commenting on the fact that she’s not under 100 lbs anymore, because  y’know birthed two children and lived her fucking life. Keeping in mind she looks really good for her age, even by black don’t crack standards. 

Every time someone says that I hold back unleashing the wrath of 1000 demons on them. Yeah you’re my cousin/uncle/aunt/whatever - but if you don’t stop talking shit about my mother I swear to God…

Lil Linda got the fuck outta here and did something with her life, despite all the odds. She fucking did it. 

Lil’ Linda makes 6 figures.

Lil’ Linda has two daughters that are successfully contributing to society, and a husband who sees her as an equal. 

If you had a heart attack right now, Lil Linda could keep you alive until an ambulance arrived. 

Lil’ Linda got that diamond membership card. 

Lil’ Linda came to visit you and paid to fix your air conditioner because family comes before anything. 

Lil’ Linda drops serious money at the family reunion scholarship fund, because education matters. 

And even with all this class, Lil’ Linda still aint forgot where she came from and her people.

…but your broke ass is fixated on her weight…


life is strange ep 4 symbolism

one of the things i noticed in episode 4 that i think some of you might have overlooked were the two moons. like i’m sure you’re aware of the two moons, but not the meaning behind them. i did a little research and supposedly two moons symbolize choices, changes, and decisions. and what has this entire game been about? you guessed it: choices.

another thing that happens is that, toward the end, one of the moons disappears and the one that remains seems to stabilize. what could this possibly mean? you’ve had the entire past 4 episodes to make decisions that, whether major or minor, affected your gameplay. you’ve had all this potential to do whatever it is you thought was best. well, as with the disappearance of one of the moons, you’re endgame path has been finalized. there’s no going back. now it’s time for you to face the consequences of your actions, whether they were good or bad.

episode 5 is endgame. the moons only emphasize that.

Serious talk to my Muser buddies

Earlier today I was asked about Chris making an appearance in Moriarty’s music video Bones (was it Bones? I don’t remember).

I must admit that I had heard the name of the band before but I never listened to them. I watched the video and saw Chris. I answered about how it’s okay for Chris to play in another band, because he’s an adult and he can do whatever he wants.

Now, I didn’t know that there were people who said that Chris should stay more loyal to Matt and Dom.

First, I want to clarify that Muse aren’t a relationship. And Chris is not cheating on them for playing in another band as well. It is okay, believe me.

Once Alex Turner (Arctic Monkey’s frontman) recorded an album with Miles Kane (The Rascals’ frontman) because those two happened to be musicians and very good friends. That album they recorded (by the name as The Last Shadow Puppets) didn’t affect at all either of their bands. Unfortunately The Rascals are no longer together (but that’s because of other reasons I don’t know and have nothing to do with this) but the Arctic Monkeys are still together.

Did The Last Shadow Puppets affect the Arctic Monkeys? No it didn’t.

Will Moriarty’s affect Muse? I seriously doubt it.

Chris is close friends with Moriarty, and the band was missing a bass player. So Chris is filling up that space. And it’s totally fine. He’s not replacing Muse, he’s just helping his friends. Look at it like this: Moriarty had been blessed for having a fantastic bassist in their band.

Guys, don’t get mad at Chris. He’s not doing anything wrong. Don’t be scared if you think that Chris playing for Moriarty might somehow affect Muse, no it won’t. Chris is a grown up, as well as Dom and Matt, if there’s ever any problem between them, they get over it without involving Muse in it. Believe me, everything is fine, and everything will be okay.


I made some Marauders fan patches!! ( ≧∇≦ ) Available in my store in two flavors, single and a 2 patch bundle. They turned out super well, I’m so happy with them, they’re the perfect size to put on jackets, bags, or whatever.

All right here in my my shop.


“When Manuela sleeps in my arms or smiles at me upon waking up, saying “Hello Mami”, I fall apart. The touch and feel her skin against mine makes me feel complete happiness. Expressing her greatness is one of those feelings that is hard to describe. It’s like falling in love all over again.

And what joy! I’m pregnant again. My partner and I were very clear that we wanted to give a little brother to our daughter Manuela. I have two brothers and growing up in our large family was hilarious, I’m still very close to them now as adults. But it was not until I was told it would be a girl that I realized I really wanted a son. We had talked many times that we would feel the same way whatever came, which made my reaction really surprising. I don’t know… maybe it was the desire to experience the mother-son relationship. But after reflecting well and thinking of the complicity and confidences that I have with my sister, I realize that Manuela will be given a complete gift, considering she will be only two years older.

Ay! What will this little sister be like? Will she be so curious, energetic, funny, hungry, and blonde like her?”

- Vanesa Lorenzo on her daughter Manuela & her and Carles Puyol’s 2nd daughter expected in January [x]