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Jen just issued an apology about the Hawaii incident in her Facebook. Damage has probably already been done and people are still going to hate her regardless, but I'm glad she apologized at least

Well to be honest, it didn’t read as sincere to me.

I think I audibly sighed when I read “From Jen, to the internet” it just comes off as annoyed.

The people who hate her will always take whatever she says as negative. I see it in the reblogs of people who don’t outright say they hate her but everything is always negative. But they’ve already formed that opinion…so, they’ll never change it.

I am not entirely sure how this entire thing slipped through all these fingers. Jen has people, she has a well respected publicist, two actually, a third if you count that dude but he’s not with her as much, and it’s a crazy thought that that story was passed by all of them and okay’d and okay’d at rehearsals for Graham and then pushed into the media as this funny story and then not addressed when it got super ugly and then again Jen’s insincere apology was okay’d as well?


Not sure what’s going on with Jen lately but I’ve never seen this much negative press around her before.

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Jay's father is still alive. As horrific as it is that children lost a parent, a parent lost a child. A special thought for him as well today.

fuck i can’t deal with that. i can’t imagine. im so sorry. my dad and his wife have lost two children and it nearly ended them. i just. i have no idea how to process that. there is nothing in my life that is more precious than my children. my mother and father have been through it once and my father and stepmother have been through it twice adn i will never understand how we all somehow made it through. but we did.  by the grace of god or whatever greater power there there is out there. i can only hope i die before my babies. i cannot deal with anything less. 

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Yeah, I think people should keep in mind that 6x12 is a David episode. Whatever Hook is doing will be surrounding David - not Emma. This is Captain Charming development, not Captain Swan. It actually looks like David and Hook have most of their scenes together from 6x10 to 6x12. I'm excited for this!

Eh, I’m not here to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. But I like the idea of Killian and David bonding and having respect for each other and accepting each other as part of their family. We’ve been heading that way ever since they talked about how they reminded each other of their brothers, and I pretty much always love their scenes. Not to mention that I am ALL about the two of them working together to help Emma or back her up, and wanting her to be happy and doing whatever they can to ensure that she is. So I’m right there with you - I’m excited for this as well!

Sims 2 Story

So when I was about 10 or so, my little brother, his friend, and I decided to make ourselves in the Sims 2.  We gave ourselves a kickass mansion, we had parties every night we had the maximum amount of money, it was great.

But for some reason, despite having a personal bathroom we decided to use stalls instead of personal toilets, so we could all go to the bathroom at the same time without invading each other’s privacy, I assume.  It was a bit of an overkill because we had about 15 stalls for 3 people, but whatever.

Well even though we were having parties every night, my brother’s friend’s social level was very low.  If you don’t remember, in the Sims 2 if your character’s social level is too low, this creature called the Social Bunny appears.

This fucker.

The Social Bunny is meant to help the Sim get their social level up and only that Sim can see them.  Despite having two friends living with him, my brother’s friend got the Social Bunny.

After days of being followed by this furry, my brother’s friend (the Sim) had to use the bathroom.  He goes into one of the stalls and the bunny stands right outside the door.  Since the Social Bunny was only visible to him so no one else could move them and he couldn’t tell the bunny to move because he was blocked by the door, he was stuck in the bathroom stall.

So the three of us watched helplessly as one of our friends was crying out for help in a bathroom stall, pissing his pants, slowly dying of starvation while this goddamn rabbit stood outside the stall juggling.

Eventually the rabbit moved…when he died.  Everyone crowded around his corpse and his ghost was lead to the other side.  The Social Bunny had this look like “Yes, my work here is done” and went back to whatever crevice of Hell he came from.

If you’re ever unsure on if you should leave comments on people’s writing on AO3, just remember that I have made two of my most beloved friends by either me commenting or them commenting on my stuff. Comments are powerful things, man.

Also, if a writer puts in the notes that you can bug them on Tumblr, or email them, or whatever, that isn’t them just being idle. That is an ACTIVE INVITATION. I, for one, LOVE it when people come to my ask and talk story with me. If you ask the right questions, you might leave learning a lot more about a fic you may like. Seriously. 

Comments are awesome.  

Why Kids Are Terrifying

A story for sixpenceee, figured I’d finally share this.

So my mother told me this story on the drive home from our vacation, after we’d been talking about the afterlife and death in general (morbid topic after a vacation, yes, but we only spoke of it because my mother almost became fatally injured on the rocks jutting out from the beach) and I had brought up my knowledge of demons and hell, as I’ve studied demonology and demonic possession for a long time now. (A practice I advise against, mind you.)

As I talked about possession, she visibly became nervous. She believes in spirits being able to steal bodies, as well as…well, anything having to do with ghosts really.

And she told me the following.

It was around 2-3AM and my parents were still awake for whatever reason, had a baby monitor near them, and heard movement within my room, and static on the monitor for a brief moment or two.

After hearing this, it sounded like I got out of my crib, so my mom went upstairs to see what was wrong and check on me. Normally I’d scream bloody murder when waking up in the middle of the night, but I made no sound. None.

When she saw me I was sitting in the pitch black, in my tiny rocking chair, rocking back and forth as quickly and aggressively as I could. Needless to say, this scared the hell out of my poor mother. I didn’t speak, I just kept going as if she wasn’t there.

She ended up making me stop, picking me up and placing me back in my crib, not hearing another sound from me that night. She was scared shitless, and so was my dad, who turned as white as a sheet. A similar reaction was received by my mom’s friend, making her decide that she shouldn’t tell anyone else because that really is legitimately horrifying for a child to do.

I never did it again since then.

I love this part, okay? Where the Gladiator is running at Shiro and he freezes because in that moment he has a flashback and he finds that he can’t move.

And Keith knows. He doesn’t know exactly what Shiro’s been through, but he knows it’s a lot. Shiro doesn’t even get hit, Keith is the one who’s crossed swords with the Gladiator and yet Keith is worrying about Shiro because he knows, that whatever happened it him is enough to make him hesitate, when he never hesitates. Keith had already been knocked over and could have just let Shiro fight alone for a moment. He must know that they aren’t going to defeat this thing with just the two of them. But he still runs to Shiro’s side, not because he’s worried about Shiro’s physical well-being, but because he’s worried about his mental state.


You know when someone or something really gets on your nerves? Even if you wanted to let it go, it seems to just stick in your gears…maybe you could go leave anonymous hate for them or spend endless hours complaining about whatever bothers you.

Or maybe you could build a bridge and get over it.

Card One is for what is bothering you in the first place. “But Jasie, I already know what’s bothering me. THEIR FACE BOTHERS ME.” you might say. Well, what about their face? What is it you’re really annoyed by?

Card Two is why that bothers you. Of the first two cards, I’d argue this is the more important one.

Card Three takes the cake, however – it tells you how to get over it and move on. It might be an action to take or a different point of view to consider, but following the advice of this card should help you figure out how to let it go and get over it.

Teacher’s Personal Assistant

Agdar was growing impatient. It was parent-teacher conferences and he was one of the last appointments for the teacher, and then he had to go to the pharmacy and pick up his kids’ allergy pills, go to the store, and then make dinner before tucking his son and two year old daughter to bed.

After that, he had to do whatever else needed to be done at home before going to night school online and then take the dog out before getting a few hours sleep. He had to then get up, drop his daughter off at her day care, and then drop his son off at school, and then going to his minimum paying job to work for six and a half hours, pick them up and then redo everything. Well, that’s what happens when your ex-wife is a whore who refuses to see or even help out with her kids, leaving Agdar to care for them both in every way that a responsible parent can.

It didn’t leave much, if any, time for him. In any sense of the word. Some days he’d be so caught up in the pattern, he would forget to eat, change, shower, or shave or sleep. Today was the later, and he felt dead on his feet, but he was still here for his son.


I’ve been drawing a lot of my Gaster interpretation (code named:Creepster), but there are actually two Creepsters, a Pacifist and  No-Mercy version.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the No-Mercy Creepster because I like drawing angry raging monsters, so I decided to shift a bit and explore Pacifist Creepster.

He’s a very sad goop, who misses his boys and tries to do whatever he can for them, even if all he can muster is tucking them in while they catch a few zzz’s on a bench in Waterfall.  Well, at least Sans is catching some zzz’s.

Tried to capture some of the utter darkness that actually is the Underground with this one.

I don’t know if Wendip is still a thing that people tag and freak out about, but I freak out about it all the time, so.

This is a little moment from the opening theme song that I didn’t even notice until I was making icons, and it’s just like a perfect two-second summary of their relationship.

He’s obviously freaked out, but is trying to play it cool so he doesn’t seem like a lame little kid and he’s worried that she knows, and she’s totally on to him, but is way too awesome to call him out. And she thinks it’s pretty cute. Well, that eye roll could be at whatever story Stan’s spinning, but I choose to believe she’s rolling her eyes at Dipper’s little “I’m not freaking out, are you freaking out” glance there.

It’s adorable. Just look at them. I am in love with these dorks. Uggg.

Imagine if Kanaya took an uncomfortable interest in the continuation of the human species as well.

She keeps guiding John and Roxy into bedrooms and then leaving them alone like oh don’t mind me Biologically Mature Humans I’ll just be in the other room. You two just get up to whatever you feel like. Don’t be alarmed if you hear romantic music, this speaker system is a little glitchy. Whoops, didn’t mean to drop all these rose petals. Isn’t it funny how things just happen like that?

The condom stash starts to mysteriously disappear.

Jane makes an offhand comment that she wouldn’t mind being a mother someday and wakes up to a package containing no less than 17 human baby onesies.

At one point Dirk has to sit a very distraught Kanaya down and explain to her that him and Jake aren’t going to be making babies anytime soon. It’s a very uncomfortable discussion full of terrible Dirkisms for sex and Jake’s face gets so red at one point he has to excuse himself.

Rose is laughing through all of this btw.

i just realized that at least for pacifica and robbie, holding hands on the cipher wheel was the first time they’d ever seen and maybe even heard of ford, so for them its like, out of nowhere there’s this guy that looks exactly like stan pines and stan is just REFUSING to hold his hand for some reason and then they start fighting

and earlier like everyone in the town was freed from bill’s throne they must have come to and seen two stans and been like “well this isn’t the weirdest thing thats happened to me today, so whatever”

Anonymous said: Oh! You should so do a Sterek fic where Stiles convinces Danny to help him make Derek jealous and it works. Too well. I just really love jealous Derek k thx bye

[Hope you like my little twist on your prompt. Also, sorry it took me so long. College, you know? ;)]


Derek didn’t think much about it at first. Stiles was making out with Jason, Derek hated Jason, it was just a simple case of not liking the guy. Not a big deal.

Two weeks later, it was a blond guy (Harry? Larry? Perry? Whatever). The moment Derek walked in on the two of them on his bed he thought he was going to break the door knob. But that wasn’t a big deal still, it was his bed. Come on, boundaries.

Another two weeks and it was a red haired asshole from Stiles’ class. Then a tattooed guy Stiles met at a coffee shop, then, then, then… It just kept happening. Guy after guy would make their way into Stiles’ pants and day after day, Derek just kept breaking cell phones, getting angrier and never understanding why.

Until Danny happened.

Derek never liked Jackson, couldn’t understand why Lydia would ever date someone like him, but he’s always been friends with Danny. He helped him scare some bullies away, danced with him at their Prom, he likes Danny. How Derek went from going to the movies with him to punching his face because he saw him kissing Stiles? He will never know.

“Whoa, whoa, hold up.” Erica blinks, waving her hands around. “Danny put that black eye on your face?” She questions. “Danny?” When Derek only nods, she asks “What did you do to him?”

Derek huffs. “Sure, take his side.” He stands up, words just spilling out of his mouth without his permission. “I provoked him, he’s just another nice guy. Saint Danny. Yeah, why don’t you go make out with him too?”

Erica’s eyes widen immediately and even Boyd looks up from his book to give Derek a confused look. “What. The. Fuck.”

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Hold up guys...I just had a thought. Well, two actually.

What if kwami are incapable of harming their hosts/wielders/whatever you want to call them? Like..what if they literally cannot physically hurt (or kill) whoever wields their Miraculous?

I mean, we don’t know what powers the kwami themselves have yet (apart from some sensory abilities on Wayzz’s part) but they’re still physical beings who can interact with their world. They live in close quarters with their humans and are able to phase through solid objects, making caging them impossible, so it’d be quite easy for one of them to…say…arrange for an accident to happen. 

What if kwami can’t take their Miraculous away from the wielder? Like, only the wielders themselves (or other people, outside forces) can remove the Miraculous but the kwami themselves can’t–at least with the intention to remove it from the wielder’s possession permanently.

My point being: why the fuck hasn’t Nooroo tried to escape, steal his Miraculous back, or done something to Hawkmoth when he clearly does not support what the guy is doing?

What if he can’t?

Tutorial: When Tumblr won’t let you mention people!

Don’t you hate it when you try to @ a blog and the person you want to mention doesn’t show up? Well there is a way around this tom foolery and I’m here to show you how! I am going to show you two ways, its actually pretty easy and you will probably kick yourself about it.

*note I’m using nebraskasnice

as  an example as I know Tumblr doesn’t let me mention them (hope you don’t mind!)

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Elainejamin | Daisies and Roses

Ben rode his horse next to his father. Today he was set to meet the girl that the two families wanted him to marry. Ben was a proper man, and would do whatever is best. If he married her, the two families would own the largest plots in the town, making them the most powerful. In his bag contained apples grown on his land as well as other goods. 

As they rode up, the Corbin house had a very beautiful garden surrounding it, he could tell the family cared for the land and their property, it was a very welcoming place. He got off the horse and walked up, starting to feel nervous. 

I love how Jade’s just like ‘Dave you can whine about using the sword all you want but we all know that as soon as shit gets real you’re going to go right back to being an idiot and not thinking about the consequences’

and she was right