Time Magazine Lists Their Top 50 Video Games of All-Time

Time Magazine Lists Their Top 50 Video Games of All-Time

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Time, the well established and respected magazine, have listed their 50 greatest video games of all-time. While no list is perfect, Time’s countdown does include many of the most beloved video games. As always, many Nintendo games made the cut. The top ten are below, but you can read the whole list here. Do you agree with the rankings? Tell us below. 10. World of Warcraft 9. The Oregon Trail 8.…

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So literally the perfect Stiles Stilinski song has been sitting in front of my nose this whole time (it’s a song I’ve been obsessed with for the past six years, but I always associated it with Harry Potter so I never thought about using it for a teen wolf video), but I can’t make the video yet because it goes way to well with his Season 6 storyline, so I need to at least wait until Season 6 is underway, but if I was a good video creator I would wait until Season 6 is done…


I posted that lord of the flies project drawing right? Well that was my rushed plan B bc my ideal idea was to do the MASSIVE art video to the song A Taste For Adventure which is like 8 minutes long mind you, but SERIOUSLY, I remember listing to this for the manyith time and having this revelation of “.. Oh my god,. Oh my god this is perfect I can illustrate the whole story to this song!!!!” It would’ve been amazing. The beginning low introduction with a hazy view of the island, shots of the leaves and growth, then one boy, then the next. when the DUN dododo DUN DUN happens that’s when they blow the shell and then there’s this dodledodoledododod do dodledadododoo thing which is perfect for an image of all the boys scrambling out to the sound. I can just see the imaginary with the emotion of the song, there’s this one part that is really really fast and intense which is great for the scene where the crazy kids are having that rampagey group moment and then suddenly it stops and becomes soft and I swear I could hear some water idk? But I could see the night sky and moon light on the waves as they washed over Simons dead body, softly pulling home into the sea. I mean that’s just some parts I really wish I coulda done this but it was too big of a thing but god damn it would’ve been so cool
the song is a gr8 song too y'all should check it out 👀